View Full Version : DCL Transportation Pick Up From Poly?

12-28-2010, 05:44 PM
Does anyone know what time the DCL transportation picks people up from the Polynesian to take them to Port Canaveral/the Cruise? Thanks.

12-28-2010, 06:25 PM
When we did it from the Poly it was 11:45. All WDW resort pick ups are between 11:30 and 12:30. You will get a precise time the night before you leave. Normally each bus serves 3 resorts in the same area before heading to the port although this can vary somewhat depending on how many cruisers are staying at any given hotel.

Your luggage will be picked up about 8 am, and you will be asked to check in with the DCL CM before the bus time. (they will tell you an hour before, but....there's nothing to do after you check in but sit around the lobby).

12-28-2010, 06:46 PM
They all leave around noon, give or take a half hour or so. Be aware that in most cases you'll be picking up at other resorts. For my cruise in September, I was on that bus for over 3 hours and was among the last people to get on the ship. I vowed to never use DCL transfers again! Next time we're renting a car :)

12-28-2010, 08:22 PM
OP, prior to our last cruise we were picked up from the Poly lounge at about 11:45/12:00. The DCL bus we were on was only scheduled to go to one other resort--can't recall which one now, but I think it was Ft. Wilderness. We arrived at Port Canaveral at about 1:15 p.m.
It was all good.

12-28-2010, 09:41 PM
Anyone have any experiences with the transport from AKL?

12-28-2010, 10:47 PM
It works exactly the same way. On my last AKL stay, they were doing cruise check ins at AKL, so you had nothing to do except go thru security and walk onto the ship when we got to port. Luggage pick up a few minutes after 8 am (we were told to have it ready by 8). Told to be in lobby an hour before pick up was scheduled. I talked to CM the day before and she said she could do the check in any time on the morning of the departure, and could even check documents the day before (but not issue KTTW, etc. till the morning).

We hit one resort after AKL, then on to the port. Quite painless. I don't like arriving at port at 1:30, but it makes sense sometimes.....

12-29-2010, 12:30 AM
This has been very helpful, we'll be using the DCL transfers for the first time from Boardwalk next week.