View Full Version : DDP- what fun- what a DEAL!!!

12-19-2010, 10:58 AM
wow- Just got back from a WONDERFUL 8 days in the world :lovestruc used the dining plan ( I had some massive reward cards discounts to use) but even just paying the regular DDP price was a good deal for our family.....this was our first time going whole hog on the dining (literally) and it was great! we even switched a couple of ressies last minute and got to eat....(weather changes)
quick breakdown, cost of DDP, 1175 for 4 'adults' cost of food we ate,including snacks and all meals.....1320.00!!!!:banana:
granted.....we ate a LOT. way too much actually. but it was fun!
so many of the QS meals,if you do your research ahead of time are a great deal-and I think we got only one of those icky cake in a plastic box things(ew,Pecos Bills)
ate TS every night,- I think I'd do it again! (after my diet;))
with some planning, we used every single credit over 8 days (7 night stay)

12-19-2010, 11:08 AM
Glad to hear you enjoyed the DDP. We have never used it always prefering to pay OOP but in planning our vacation for this past November which we had to end up canceling :sad1: I looked at the restaurants we wanted to eat at and realized it was going to cost around $1000 for just DH and myself :scared1:

So when we rebooked for 2011 we decided to take advantage of the FD, since we are staying deluxe we recieve the DDP free but were able to upgrade to DxDP for only $33.00 pp a day. We are majorly excited since we will be trying many restaurants that on other trips we never made it to, where we eat has always been a big part of our vacation plans