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12-13-2010, 09:16 AM
We'll be at WDE at the beginning of January and just decided to upgrade to the DDP from the QSP. :scared1:
I booked based on the 2010 guide, but just noticed that Via Napoli is not on it, it is Tutto Italia. Will try to change and fingers crossed that they will be on the plan, but barring that, any suggestions for Epcot? if they are both on the list, then is Via Napoli good? I'm Italian but like both authentic and american-italian versions of food.
We have ADRs for Coral Reef on our other Epcot day and have boys, so no Princesses. :rotfl2:

12-13-2010, 09:20 AM
don't change! Via Napoli is on the plan this year and I'm sure they'll be on next year too (every year the list in December is "short" because the contracts with the non-Disney restaurants don't always finalize until end of December, so the 2011 list available now will not have many of the non-Disney places...but come January, they'll all be back on there.)

We really like Via Napoli...if you like wood-fired pizza, this is the place. It is not American-style pizza though. We also like Tutto...but of the two, I'd say we liked Via Napoli better (maybe because we can't get wood-fired pizza at home, so it was a treat.)

12-13-2010, 09:34 AM
Oh, and I'm an idiot...I did book Tutto Italia. :blush: I've been staring at the spreadsheet and the menus for so long that I'm seeing things.
We get wood fired pizza here at our grocery store, believe it or not. My local store has an oven and you can order when you walk in and bring it home on your way out.
But agreed, it is the best pizza going. Well, except for NYC pizza!
We booked based on foods and menues we liked as well as closeness to the park we'd be in, here's my list:
Hollywood and Vine (lunch) - never been
Crystal Palace - did this once and am a big Tiger fan!
Coral Reef - been once and am going back for the aquarium and kids love fish
HDD - a must for us!
Sci Fi (late lunch) - never been
Tutto Italia - never been
Chef Mickey (breakfast) - been before, kids love the monorail

I'm thinking of switching the CM and the CP around if possible as the only breakfast times were 7:30 and 11 am. I'm not sure if we'll be up for a 7:30 breakfast and we hate to leave the park after 1 hour just to go for breakfast. (oh, and dh is GRUMPY without food in the morning)

if there's a restaurant close to DS (we're using disney transport) that would provide no more than a 2 hour break from the park I'd consider it too.

Note; - there are a few buffets above, simply because my kids are not "kid food" eaters and it's a way for the younger one (who's still a child to disney) to get some variety without stealing all my food. :laughing: But we're not tied to buffet only, worse case scenario we order some appetizers to help him out and just pay oop.

It's been 3 years since we've been to WDW...can't wait!

01-01-2011, 08:01 PM
I just changed our hollywood and vine reservation to 50's prime time. We ate there last time we were at Disney and although the food was good the server forgot to place our order and dinner took over 2 hours. :eek:
But been reading the reviews here and decided a slower meal might be better than a lousy one. ;)