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09-09-2002, 10:19 PM
August 27 - Breakfast in the room and off to AK where we met Rafiki, Baloo, King Louie, Jane, and Pochahontas outside. Once inside we went straight to the lounge and got PS for Parade and the Lion King show. We went off and rode KS with a 20 min wait for standby. Had lunch at Pizzafari with AK meal coupons. Went to ITTBAB and as we circled the Tree of Life, Jordan kept saying "I don't want to go to this one." Now he had done this the whole time for Body wars, and TT, and loved it so we pretty much ignored him and told him to be brave. By the time we neared the entrance (I was up ahead of the boys by this point), he had stopped stock still and was hysterical crying. Rob told him don't worry, you don't have to go if you don't want to. We had sworn to ourselves that we'd never force him to do a ride or show that he was truly scared of. I had missed the crying part and wanted him to get his picture with the chimp at the theatre entrance. He didn't even want to come round the corner as he thought we were going to trick him and force him to go in. He must've really thought we were great parents, eh? I snuggled with him and assured him I just wanted a picture and then he and dad could wait for me at the exit. He settled down enought to have his pic taken and then got upset again when the CM told him they should just go through the theatre when the doors opened to wait by the exit. He was sure he'd end up trapped in there. He wasn't taking any chances. I sat through the show sitting forward in the seat of course and then met them afterwards. We then went off to Dinoland to ride Dinosaur, but when we got there it was shut down and by that point Jordan had read the warnings and decided he couldn't handle this one either. We came out of the Dinosaur and met Goofy, Mickey and Donald. Jordan hadn't met Donald yet so his got an autograph and a picture. Then we headed back to the lounge to wait til our PS time for the parade. We went back at about 3:35 and staked out a bench in the roped off area. It was in full sun, however, so I didn't last there long. Jordan and the CM selling the balls had starated a catch/basketball game with the other kids outside the PH area. They had a blast waiting for the parade to start. I moved over to a shaded section of bench further back and struck up a conversation with a lovely couple from St. Pete's. The lady (Penny) and I chatted while the men took pics and video of the parade. It was a good parade, but after ToD and SDCT we were a bit jaded. We quickly joined the line of traffic after the parade and headed to FOTLK. We were the first PH to arrive so we had our pick of seats. Jordan and Rob got front rown in the lion section and I grabbed a seat in the middle just behind them after the wheelchair rows. Our new friends from St Pete's came in just after us and joined me. Penny and I chatted some more before the show started. I was telling them what we'd done and where we'd eaten and they told us their experiences. I think they might try Boma this trip after me talking it up from what you've all told me here at the DIS. We enjoyed the show again and Jordan got a lot of interaction being up front. We said goodbye and headed off to the AKL bus for our PS for Boma. After dinner we went to DD to catch our resort bus. We stopped off at Pin Traders and got 4 Star Wars pins as we'd never seen Star Wars pins again. We then checked out Once Upon a Toy. It was a great store (bring your visa though). We bought Jordan a big stuffed Stitch that he fell in love with and we hadn't seen anywhere else. We must have been at least an hour in there. We went to the photo album store and bought the album we wanted and caught the bus back to the resort and off to bed.

August 28 - Slept in again this morning, showered and off to MGM studios. We saw the Indiana Jones show. It was as awesome as we remembered. Then we went to the Art of Disney Animation where Jordan and Rob went to meet Stitch and I got in line for the tour. We loved it as usual. Rob especially, as he hadn't seen it yet this trip. When it was over we headed to MM for our PS. We passed Al's Toy Barn and Jordan and Rob waited in line for Buzz, Woody and Jessie. I waited in the shade for a while and then went off to check in to MM. They seated me and I ordered our drinks and the boys joined me about 5 minutes later. After dinner we tried to see the parade, but it was too late to stake out a spot and we couldn't see anywhere to see it. Unfortunately, this will be our last chance to check it out as tomorrow is our last full day (BooHOO). We then took advantage of almost everyone being at the parade and did WWTBAM. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. The skies were looking pretty menacing by that point, but not raining yet. We went to One Man's Dream and got choked up again. When we left it was pouring rain so on with the ponchos and off to VOTLM. We haven't seen it yet and it was out of the rain. It was a really cute show, but it was spoiled partly from other people in the show who had only gone in just to get out of the rain and had no intention of enjoying the show. I hate it when people talk not even in a whisper during a show. We then headed back out in the rain and down to the exit for the Fantasmic show on the off chance it was still going to run. We went in and sat down and JOrdan and Rob had a pretzel. It was lightning and thunder really bad and after about 20 minutes, I told Rob that there was no way that they're going to run this show during a storm. We left to get a head start on the crowd when they did cancel. As we reached the exit, they confirmed that it was cancelled. We headed to guest relations to see if they would give us another voucher for tomorrow's show since this was the second time we hadn't got to see the show. We got there and explained and they issued us a new voucher for tomorrow. They had just gotten a whole slew of them in anticipation of the crowds coming behind us. We'll just come over after our 1900 Park Fare PS tomorrow. We then headed out to get into the huge line and waited for 3 buses until we finally got on the 4th one. They were very efficient though and we only had to wait 10 minutes or so. We got back to the resort after a fun ride with a fun driver, picked up our photos and a package and went up to the room. The package was the photo album we bought yesterday so I put the pics into it and then off to bed. Tomorrow is our last full day.:(

Marla Hellwig
09-10-2002, 08:01 AM
Did you enjoy your dinner at Boma? - I did - what a group of characters you also ran into - fun two days you had - hope you get to see Fantasmic too - thanks for posting!

09-24-2002, 02:38 PM
Like Marla said, how was Boma?

A fun filled two days!

Thanks for posting!

09-24-2002, 07:02 PM
We absolutely loved Boma. I plan to do a dining review on the Restaurant page of all of our Disney Dining, but have been suffering from a migraine for the last 2 weeks and haven't even been able to type out our last 2 days of Trip Reports. I promise I will get to it as soon as the brass band with ice picks stops banging in my head!!

09-26-2002, 07:34 AM
Take your time Lezah, & I hope your headache gets better SOON!