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09-09-2002, 09:45 PM
August 26 - Slept through our wakeup call at 7:30 and got awakened by mousekeeping at 8:45 am (gotta remember to put that do not disturb sign out each night). Got up and dressed and headed back out to Belz outlet. I had fallen in love with a watch there and after pricing them all over WDW and DD, it was cheapest there. We drove to Belz as we have PS for 12:30 at R&C at Epcot. Rob bought himself a great rain jacket from with Test Track and I got the watch I wanted. It has Mickey on the face with 3 interchangeable bands and bezels. I had seen it for $95 and I got it for $47.99. Rob's jacket was also $95 and he got it for $42.99. We headed straight for Epcot and once there went straight to the R&C. After lunch, it had started to rain, but by the time we had gotten our ponchos on, it was teeming. Within seconds of getting outside the rain had stopped. Gotta love Florida weather. We walked around WS. In France we met Belle and the Beast and enjoyed the beautiful movie, Impressions of France. We stopped at the American Adventure and enjoyed Voices of Liberty and the show again for the last time as we'll probably not get back here again. We checked out the rest of the showcase and rode El Rio del Tiemp. We went to Journey of Imagination again and then headed to the Land. As we walked up towards it we met a really nice gentleman who was a serious pin trader. We sat and were instructed by him on good trades and bad trades. We made 3 trades with him and I think we ended up with the better end of the deal. He was really helpful in teaching Jordan how and what to trade. We thanked him and headed into the Land. Rob went and got up a FP which we really didn't need, but we wanted to hang out at the Lounge for a while. We went up and had a drink and Jordan coloured with Chip n Dale who were there for a visit. We wanted to change our PS for the Fantasmic Dinner Package so we could catch the parade at MGM. Rob went up front and called. He changed it til 2:30 which of course is not a dinner time, but a lunch time so of course he had to go and change it again. While he was doing this, Goofy and Mickey came to visit. I had wanted a picture with them, but oh well, Rob has the camera with him. Our FP time was almost over and the lounge was going to close soon. We got Jordan from the children's area where he was enjoying being the only kid there. We stopped and said goodbye to the CM at the from desk. She told us that there was a passholder seating area for Illuminations again at Italy. We decided to stick around after Tapestry of Dreams to see Illuminations again. She then asked us if we'd done TT yet today. We hadn't and she handed us 3 re-entry passes. We thanked her profusely and heading down to ride living the land again. We enjoyed this one again and it's still Rob's favourite. We left and went straight to TT. The re-entry passes were even better than FP's. We didn't think we'd get to ride TT again, so it was an unexpected bonus. We then headed back to WS to check out our spot for TofD. We stopped between Mexico and Norway just past where it begins and chatted with a family beside us who were just starting their vacation. We told them about Fantasmic and the dinner packages, etc and then the parade started. It was the only time we'd ever seen it. It was beautiful and Rob got it all on tape. We headed off to Italy to check-in for Illuminations. When we got there, the CM who had been manning the passholder lounge was there (Stephen). He told us that the area was for VIP's only not PH (as we already knew from here at the DIS) since June. We told him what we'd been told and he told us to sit tight and he'd see if there was anymore room after the VIP's checked in. We had joked with him all afternoon in the lounge, so he had recognized us as we had walked up. We sat on the steps off to the side and waited with a drink and a snack until 8:55 pm. By this time at least 20 other PH had come and been told the same thing. Stephen came over to us, asked our name and let us through as at this point only 6 other people were in it even though he had 25 names on his list. He let most of the other PH's in who had been sitting there. We got major, major dirty looks however, from those people behind the rope ( I almost felt bad and felt that I should explain, but didn't). We settled in and enjoyed the great seats. It was just as spectacular as before, but it was nice to be closer and to the opposite side than on the cruise. As we left we thanked Stephen profusely for allowing us in and he gave Jordan a good luck bracelet with Japanese writing on it which was so nice of him and we thanked him again for that. When it was over we headed back to the front gate stopping at Pin Central to replace 2 of the pins Jordan had traded as I still wanted to keep them, but had gotten 2 good trades for them. Caught the tram, drove back to the resort, had a snack and then bed. Tomorrow - Boma dinner.

Marla Hellwig
09-10-2002, 07:54 AM
So glad you were able to watch Tapestry - it is one of my favorites - another great day all around for you - thanks for posting!

09-24-2002, 02:29 PM
Originally posted by Lezah
As we walked up towards it we met a really nice gentleman who was a serious pin trader. We sat and were instructed by him on good trades and bad.

Was this a cast member or guest? It wasa nice of him to help!

Was this the Belz outlet the one on I drive? I've only been to the one just north of the big mall.

Sounds like a great day!

Thanks for sharing!

09-24-2002, 07:00 PM
Hi John,

This man was just a pin trader that was very kind, not a cast member. The Belz outlet is the one on International Drive right at the end and the Character warehouse that we went to was in Mall 1. We're hoping to win the lottery tomorrow so we can go back and buy lots more!!