View Full Version : How do you redeem Kohls cash online?

12-03-2010, 01:44 PM
I received my Kohls cash for my online purchases. I usually just print out the email and go to the store; however, our printer is not working so I need to do the purchase online.

How do I redeem my Kohls cash online? I keep re-reading the email and can't find any information regarding how to do this.

I need jeans for my kids and they're on sale this weekend so this is perfect timing.

Thanks. :goodvibes

12-03-2010, 02:09 PM
when you get to the end of your order, where you put in the promo codes, there is a separate space for Kohl's Cash. I saw this last time I made an order... I think that box only appears during a Kohls Cash redemption period.

12-03-2010, 02:18 PM
I just did it last night for the first time. It was pretty easy. When you check out, it asks for the Kohlscash number and then has a blank for the pin number. Don't forget to go thru ebates and then to use your 20%off code (NEXTORDER20) and also a free shipping code (can't remember that one but you can google it). It lets you use two codes. Or, if you are spending over $50, it ships free anyway.

12-03-2010, 02:44 PM
I found the free shipping code which I needed to use. Once all the discounts were applied, I owed $1.00 and it was going to be over $10 in shipping without the free shipping code.

Thanks for all the help!