View Full Version : Help!! Should we change from Cali Grill to Narcoossees?

11-24-2010, 02:10 PM
We are on the dining plan, and i am thinking of changing our reservation from Cali Grill to Narcoosses. We love some of the menu items, such as the Scallops or Whole Maine Lobster. Opinions?? We have never dined at any signature restaurant.

Also, since we are entitled to a drink on the dining plan, can we use it to get the hot specialty teas at Narcoossees?? Does anyone know if this is allowed?

11-24-2010, 02:15 PM
I don't know if the teas are on the plan, hopefully someone can fill you in on that.

And I haven't eaten at either but I can say my friend raved over Narcoossees. She said it was the best meal.

My thoughts are go where you think the menu suits you better.

11-24-2010, 03:12 PM
Thanks! I'm hoping other people can tell me about the Tea as well. I'm glad your friend had a great time!

11-24-2010, 03:26 PM
We have enjoyed both. We have had great meals at both. The view from CG can't be beat.

11-24-2010, 03:49 PM
DH and I love Narccossees, we go every time we are in WDW. With that said, DH has never ordered anything but the surf and turf (excellent steak, lovely potatoes)....I have tried other options and always been happy. Had one of the best desserts I've ever eaten in WDW there many years ago...it was a chocolate cup filled with fresh berries and some kiwi/champagne foam on the plate. So simple, yet so delicious.

11-24-2010, 04:00 PM
Our family loves Cali Grill, we love the food, ambiance, and service...plus having the awesome view of Cinderella's Castle doesn't hurt either. This restaurant has become a must do for us. However, when we are there in May we do have an ADR for Narcoossee's which will be our first time going here (we will be dining at Cali Grill too :goodvibes). I have read a lot of very good reviews on this restaurant and can't wait to try it out. Good luck with your decision.

11-24-2010, 04:57 PM
Well-if you like the menu better, I guess that should be what you do.
I had the surf and turf lobster at Narcoosee's some years back--tasted like rubber. The steak wasn't much better.
California Grill is much the better restaurant.

11-24-2010, 05:07 PM
i've been to both and i love both but i would do cali grill cause the menu is a little bit bigger. both have great views but cali's is better!

11-24-2010, 08:49 PM
My opinion: NO WAY! Keep CG...it has much better food and service than Narcoossee's.

But this is just MY opinion. If the menu REALLY appeals to you more at Narcoossee's, then go for it.

11-25-2010, 12:20 PM
Been to both... it really depends on your preferences. Cali Grill appeals to my parents and family the most. Just the concept of getting to ride in an exclusive CG only elevator to the top. We like the atmosphere a lot at CG- the view of the MK is to die for. We've always gotten a window table (knock on wood) and the view of Wishes with the fireworks piped in over dessert are moments that I will always remember. Narcoosee's resembles a typical New England restaurant on the Atlantic Ocean. It's quaint and nice. The fireworks here are great as well. We had a somewhat good view of them from our seat; however, I don't think the view is as good as it is at CG.

In terms of the menu- we like CG because of the sushi. It's very fresh and tasty. One of the best places to get sushi at the World. We also like their extensive menu. Narcoosees, as previous posters have mentioned, has lobster. However, I was not a fan of the surf & turf lobster. It wasn't bad, but it was definitely on the lower end of the lobsters I have tasted (keep in mind that I'm from NH and know my lobster).

We've gotten good service at both restaurants all the times that we've eaten at both. I think that both restaurants have very professional wait staff who have been with the restaurants for a very long time. I can't imagine the tips that they make.

ice cube
11-25-2010, 12:29 PM
No...We have dined at both and CG is far better is every way.As others mentioned food,presentation,service,view are excellent and when there you feel like your in a special place.

11-25-2010, 12:37 PM
Well-if you like the menu better, I guess that should be what you do.
I had the surf and turf lobster at Narcoosee's some years back--tasted like rubber. The steak wasn't much better.
California Grill is much the better restaurant.

I'm siding with uncleromulus. I had the surf and turf earlier this year (since it seems like a good value for the free dining credits), but it just wasn't that good. We ended up leaving most of our lobster which tasted a little sweet, but was quite rubbery in texture. The steak was okay, but not as good as the one we had at Jiko's. The one thing that was amazing was the dessert, we had the almond encrusted cheesecake.

The view of the fireworks is nice, but not as good as from California Grill.

11-25-2010, 11:35 PM
we really like both california grill as well as narcoossee's so i'd say pick it based on which menu you like best. if having a great fireworks experience is your aim the cali grill beats narcoossee's. i think the california grill for the meal plus fireworks is a must do at least once.

11-27-2010, 07:13 AM
we like both, but if you've never been to either then Cali first and Narcoossees the next trip...an excuse to go back!:thumbsup2

11-27-2010, 09:25 AM
We have eaten at CG a couple of times - nice experience. We tried Narcoosees last month for our anniversary. DH had the Maine lobster and I had the surf and turf. Surf was nothing special - wouldn't order it again. DH ordered the Maine Lobster - it was the best lobster we've ever had and we are from Maine - so we've had our share of Maine lobster! We were able to go outside to view the fireworks while we were waiting for dessert. BTW, the almond crusted cheesecake was fabulous! :thumbsup2

11-27-2010, 03:50 PM
I've been to CG many times and always had good food and good service. I've been to Narcoossee's twice. The first time I got the surf & turf; the turf was good but the surf was incredibly bland and the service was horrible. The second time I just got a steak (which was good) and the service was ok.

Personally, I like CG much more than Narcoossee's. The only reason to make an effort for Narcoossee's is for the almond crusted cheesecake.

11-27-2010, 06:21 PM
I've been to both, and I definitely prefer California Grill for all the reasons others have mentioned.

Ron from Michigan
11-30-2010, 02:15 PM
No way would I change restaurants. CG is our favorite place to dine at WDW.

11-30-2010, 02:19 PM
keep california grill!!!!

it is the best meal we've ever had at wdw and we've had LOTS!!

we didn't care for narcoossee's at all. our steak was awful and the potatoes were gross. the lobster tail wasn't bad, i will say that. we're giving it a "last chance" on our may trip, but only because we're staying at the gf.

you'll be happy with the california grill... i promise!!

11-30-2010, 03:52 PM
They're both nice restaurants, so I think you should go with the one where the menu best suits your family's tastes. We've had very good experiences at both, though the service at Narcoosees can be a bit on the slow side (even by signature standards).

Of the two, I prefer California Grill. They have some of the best sushi I've had anywhere, and overall the menu is more appealing to me. But I don't especially care for lobster, so Narcoosee's signature dish doesn't interest me at all. My DH, on the other hand, would choose Narcoosees every time over California Grill, because he loves their whole lobster. He doesn't eat sushi, so that aspect of CG doesn't appeal to him at all, but he loves seafood. So on our last two trips we ate at both!

11-30-2010, 06:01 PM
Well-if you like the menu better, I guess that should be what you do.
I had the surf and turf lobster at Narcoosee's some years back--tasted like rubber. The steak wasn't much better.
California Grill is much the better restaurant.

ITA with this assessment. Our family has dined at both locations. At Narcoossees, DS's surf and turf lobster was rubbery...he's just a teen and it didn't bother him too much, but I wouldn't have been satisfied with it if I had ordered it. CG is a better restaurant, in terms of both service and food, IMHO.

11-30-2010, 08:37 PM
Thanks for all of the helpful replies!! I think i will be sticking with the California Grill reservation. ;)