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11-05-2010, 10:45 PM
share my excitement as we are going on our first DCL next year on May. It will be on the Dream a short 3 nights to the Bahamas.....lol ( I already anticipate that it will be too short). I am sure that we'll book another one right then.

I love this board and I apologize from now if I drive you all crazy with questions....lol

I usually research first and ask if can't find my answer like now...:)

I see the FE hanging on the doors.

Where do you get them and what are they for? I have an idea but not sure.

Also do you guys allow the kids to decorate the door or do you tell them it was Mickey Mouse.



11-05-2010, 11:47 PM
Hi Barbie. I share in your excitement. DH, DGS and I will be taking our first Disney cruise on the Wonder to Mexico this coming March. We've done lots of other cruises but so exited to be taking our first one with Disney.

FE is a gift exchange. FE stands for fish extender. There are several threads on here that explain and actually show pictures of the "fabric hangers" people hang from the fish outside your cabin door. I don't sew and will either purchanse one, maybe from ebay, or get real brave and make the "no sew" version.

What you might want to do is go to the "meet" section and find your cruise date and check out the FE info there. People bring small gifts to put in the FEs from there cruise group. I think I may make CDs with Disney and beach theme music to distribute.

As far as the door decoration goes I plan on letting my 9 yr old grandson help me with the decorating. I've read that some folks with little ones have told them that Mickey did that for them.

Have a great cruise!

11-05-2010, 11:57 PM
Thanks so much.

Its sounds like a cute idea. I will for sure check out the "meet" group tomorrow.

My son is 3 so I am going to think about the door decorations. I think he'll love to help me out decorate it. I might just do a surprise gift to leave inside the room for him to get from Mickey either everyday or once for the 3 days...

SO excite....:)

Thanks again and you have a wonderful cruise as well.