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08-29-2002, 05:13 PM
I was wondering what kind of experience people have had with using Mears to return to the airport. (I have transpo from the airport to Disney, just worried about getting back.) I know lots of folks have had bad experiences with the trip from MCO to WDW, but what about the other way?

It's just me, so I'm hesitant to spend $40 + tip on a towncar, but if it's going to be an end-of-vacation nightmare, I'll bite the bullet. What do you think?

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Totally unrelated question - I know towncar drivers are tipped, but do you tip the Mears driver? How much?

Thanks everyone! 36 hours and counting!! :Pinkbounc

08-29-2002, 05:29 PM
Mears is OK. You could be picked up as much as 3 1/2 hours before your flight. They have scheduled pickup times at the various resorts. It is very possible that you will visit multiple resorts on your way back to the airport.

You tip the Mears driver $1 per bag that he/she helps you with.

08-29-2002, 05:34 PM
I've taken Mears one-way to the airport several times, and will probably do so again in December. I haven't had any problems so far.

08-30-2002, 07:31 AM
We have taken Mears our last 7 trips and it has been fine except for the ASSp. It was a nightmare getting a bus back to the airport. There were so many people waiting and no organization. The bus pulled up and took who ever was up front. We only got on because we happen to be waiting right where the bus stopped. Most of the people were left to wait for another bus. (This was the last week of August-Value season)

At the Dolphin they know what time you ride is suppose to come. When our ride was 5 minutes late they called to inquire about it. We had no trouble at all with Mears this April.

If you are leaving from the All Stars give yourself extra time.

08-30-2002, 08:49 AM
Hmmm... I'll be coming from the All Star Music... 3 1/2 hours??? Eesh. I think that might be worth the $40. I'll try calling Mears today to see what pickup time they give me, and then based on that I may change to a towncar. Anybody have a strong preference for one towncar place over another?

travelin' tigger
08-30-2002, 11:24 AM
I've taken Mears a few times from ASMu to MCO and never had any problems. The last time they said they'd pick me up at 3:05pm for a 6ishpm flight. I wanted to be picked up later...they said they would do it BUT they were not responsible if you missed your flight. So I just ended up on the earlier shuttle. Still the best transportation for the money ($15 one way)!!! :smooth: