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09-01-2010, 11:31 PM
Hi everyone!

I've been reading and reading all of the posts that I can find about AKL & AKV. :surfweb: But, I still need some help!

I'm trying to decide between 2 rooms at AKL (with 'real' beds for everyone) vs. the 1 bedroom villa at AKV. My DH and I definitely want a king bed...no queen bed for us! ;) My sons are both over 6'2". The priority for us would be comfy beds for everyone to sleep in every night.

Will we use the extra space in a villa...especially the kitchen? I can tell you right now...I will not be cooking on my vacation! ;) We will have snacks in the room and use the fridge for drinks, but that about all we will use the kitchen for! We typically get up early for rope drop at the parks, come back mid-day for a pool break and then head out again to go to the parks in the evening.

If we get 2 rooms at AKL, we will all have 'real' beds to sleep in (no sofabed/chair bed), 2 bathrooms (one in each room), 2 tv's, and 2 balconies. I realize that we may not have adjoining rooms - although, it would be nice to have an adjoining room...our kids are 17 & 22 and they would be fine if our rooms aren't right next to each other.

I'm also considering a pool view instead of the savanna view...mainly because I don't want a huge hike to the savanna rooms, lobby and pool. In addition, I like looking at the landscaping at the pool...I know, its weird...but, that what I like! ;) It just feels like I'm on vacation when I can sit out on the balcony and see the lush grounds and the pool! :thumbsup2

Last time we stayed at AKL, I really enjoyed the public areas for viewing the animals more than the the savanna view room we had! :confused3 (I think we had a savanna room on the Kudu Trail - we were pretty close to the lobby, our view of animals was kind of limited) We also did a split stay and didn't really stay long enough to enjoy the resort.

I'm really torn...everyone raves about Kidani and how awesome it is there! But, I keep thinking that AKL would be best because of the 'real' beds instead of the sofabed/chair bed issue...we would consider getting a 2 bedroom at AKV - but, I'm don't see that they're available via a cash reservation? :confused3 Also, at Kidani - can I get a pool view? It looks like there's just standard (parking lot) views or savanna views? :confused:

Sorry for all of the rambling...hope I can get some great feedback from everyone! :surfweb:


09-02-2010, 05:06 AM
If you have never stayed in a villa, I would go for a kidani 1br since they have 2 full bathrooms.
Your boys can live with the sleep furniture so you can have some real luxury. When you walk into the master bath you will understand what I am saying. With a discount a 2br Villa is only about $100+/nt more so you might consider that also.

Pool view is a request with a standard villa, so no gaurentees but there is a reasonable chance.
Try looking at renting points from a DVC member, IF you pick someone who is a long time (high number of posts) disboard member is is resonable safe nad typically a lot less espensive for a standard villa.


Deb & Bill
09-02-2010, 08:08 AM
Even if you get a pool view - you will view the pool from across the parking lot at Kidani Village.

09-02-2010, 10:05 AM
I can't speak to the sofa beds at Kidani, but we just returned from a stay at a BCV one bedroom. The sofa bed was uncomfortable in the extreme -- and that was AFTER we had them come and replace the sofa bed mattress. The mattress that was on the sofa bed our first night was so old and lumpy we got no sleep at all.

Prior to this, dh and I have stayed in a one-bedroom villa, and it's been fine for two. This time, we had our teenage boys along. Our thought was to give them the king bed and we'd take the queen sofa. That way, the boys could sleep as late as they wanted, and we could get up, have breakfast, shower, do some work on our laptops, etc., all while the bedroom was fully closed off. It didn't work out that way due to how uncomfortable the sofa bed was. We ended up checking out early and moving over to Portofino Bay Hotel, where we all had beds.

All I can tell you, we will not stay in a villa again, unless it is a two bedroom, with beds for all of us. We tried to book a two-bedroom, but couldn't get it for all nights of our stay, so we settled on a one-bedroom thinking, "How bad could the sofa bed be?" Well, none of the villa benefits -- the kitchen, the washer/dryer, the jacuzzi tub, the two tvs, the extra space -- outweighed the discomfort of the sofa bed.

So, I highly recommend two regular rooms with beds for all!

09-02-2010, 12:12 PM
We get at 2 bedroom at OKW. My DD and my mother always take the 2nd bedroom. My DSs sleep on the sofa bed int the living room. They were 21 and 19 the last time we went and in all the times we have gone they have never complained once. Although once when they were fighting one of them took the cushions and slept on the floor. They tend to stay out later then us though, so usually they just pass out when their heads hit the pillow. It takes a bomb blast to wake them.

09-02-2010, 12:29 PM
Although, for my family I love Kidani 1BR. I really think 2 rooms at AKL or a 2BR would be better for you. I loved having the washer/dryer in the room at Kidani, I loved the master bathroom, and I loved the kitchen for snacks. But if you don't really need the kitchen or washer/dryer, then I really think everyone in "real" beds would be better. My older girls slept on the sleeper sofa and chair, but I really think they would have been more comfortable in regular beds.

09-02-2010, 12:57 PM
It seems to me there are more cons to the 1BR then pros. If you aren't planning on using a lot of the amenities why not get 2 rooms at AKL so everyone can have their own bed and sleep comfortably? AKL is a beautiful resort and I love the rooms. Since your boys are older they may enjoy their own space too - and a real bed!

Deb & Bill
09-02-2010, 06:31 PM
...Prior to this, dh and I have stayed in a one-bedroom villa, and it's been fine for two. This time, we had our teenage boys along. Our thought was to give them the king bed and we'd take the queen sofa. ...

What did those boys put in your morning beverage to make you think this way? No good DVC member gives up the master bedroom, especially to a couple of kids. ;)

My son always gets the sleeper sofa - been that way since 1997. He thought the ones at BCV that flip over from the back and are supported by the cushions at the end of the bed were more comfortable than the platform style ones with the memory foam mattress like at SSR and OKW. But the older lumpy ones were probably the best as long as you could find a comfy spot in the middle of the bed.

09-02-2010, 09:09 PM
Even if you get a pool view - you will view the pool from across the parking lot at Kidani Village.

Hmmm...having a hard time picturing that...thanks for letting me know! That's not quite the idea I have in mind with a 'pool view'.

Thanks for all of the great replies! I knew I could count on you guys! :thumbsup2

It sounds like I'd better go with 'real beds' for everyone...I guess I knew my answer already...but, its always good to ask the 'experts'! :goodvibes

As soon as I can secure good airfares from CA for June '11, I will probably see if I can get a reservation via renting points for a 2 bedroom - instead of a 1 bedroom...or, just get 2 rooms at AKL.

Now, I need to resist the urge to do a split stay! :lmao: BLT and BWV's are really tempting me! But, my younger DS really wants to go back to AKL.

Thanks again!

09-02-2010, 09:23 PM
Two large 15-year-old boys in one queen sofa bed never seemed like a good idea to us! It turned out the sofa bed was useless for more than one person. The thing slumped in the middle meaning two people rolled to the center no matter what they did.

And, also awful was the bar around the edge of the bed (which someone apparently thought was a better design idea than a bar across the bed). As I hoisted myself over that bar on the last morning of our stay (since we'd already decided to check out early), I thought to myself "never again".