View Full Version : Safari Mickey Birthday Shirt Needed

08-28-2010, 09:53 PM
Unfortunately, I am in a bind. We're having a birthday party at Rainforest Cafe in Downton Disney for my son this Sunday and I don't have a shirt for him to wear. I originally ordered a shirt with a safari Mickey from Etsy but after 5 weeks, it still has not arrived and I am starting to get worried. The seller is not even responding to my emails at this point.

Now, I find myself without a shirt, without other patches that we were using for my husband and me for the party, out the money until I can file a complaint and running out of time. :sad2:

Can some please help me with a design.

His name is Phillip and we are celebrating his 3rd birthday. We're doing a safari theme so I would like something to go with that theme if possible.


08-28-2010, 10:35 PM
hope this helps!

http://i387.photobucket.com/albums/oo319/RustManFan/Disney%20Stuff/Other%20Requests/08August/th_3rdSafariBirthday.jpg (http://s387.photobucket.com/albums/oo319/RustManFan/Disney%20Stuff/Other%20Requests/08August/?action=view&current=3rdSafariBirthday.jpg)

08-30-2010, 10:05 AM
I love it! Thank you! :worship: