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08-26-2002, 03:18 PM
:smooth: I am not good at a narrative type of report so I will try my best. The weather was like this: t rained like all afternnon and evening for our first 4 days.. then it got better. by rhe second week we only had occasinal showers.
We live 25 miles north of NYC.. and since Dw hates to fly.. and since we have driven 5 times in the past 6 years to WDW. We decided to take the Auto train from Lorton Va. to Sanford Fl. about 45 minutes from WDW. We invited my BIL and his two kids for a week in a 2 BR at OKW. We decided to stay in a studio for the other 6 nights at OKW. We were to stay at a studio at BWV but we had to change weeks for my son had his marching band camp this week. so here we go...

Aug 10. We got up at 5 30 am and started on the road at 6:30 am. We stopped at the McDonalds on the Garden State Parkway for breakfast . We then took the New Jersey Turnpike, over the Deleware Memorial Bridge. We avoided the huge traffic on I95 near Wash. DC. by taking the I 495 beltway around DC. It worked great no traffic until we merged at that bag of worms the Spingfield interchange at 12pm . We arrived in Lorton VA. at 12:30pm and decided to eat at a Mickey D's to avoid the dearth of food choices at the Amtrak station and it's high price. We checked the car at 1:45 pm ... got our seats and confirmed out meal time for 7 pm. We borded the train at 3pm and got underway at 4pm.. Both of my ds's met boys their ages and becames fast friends. They told us it will be a hour behiond b ecause of the speed restictions because the heat.. ( in reponse to the derailments in july). Anyway the seats are wide and mega leg room the seats recline to 45 degrees and the legs can go up to 60 degrees. The ride was uneventful. The lounge car had comp. snackies and soda, beer and liquior for sale. They showed Spiderman the movie at 7 pm and 9 pm. We had reservations at 7 pm in the dining car. The menu is the choice of Baked Cod, vegetable lasagna, breaded chicken breast. the kids get chicken fingers, mac and cheese and veggies. they have cheesecake,key lime pie or ice cream for dessert. They serve sangria, or ice tea.. The food is not bad. actually pretty good. after the kids ate and watched Spidrman.. we went to sleep. It is hard to fall to sleep for me because I work nights.. but I noticed all the the Adults were sleeping by 1 am.

Aug 11
We arrived at 9 am our car was about the first to come off. We had 10 45 am Ps at Chef Mickeys' so we got there at 11am (there was a huge accident on I4 they told us to take a back way) but still they seated us The Characters came around. We then took the monorail to MK and saw the castle took the train... went on the mountains , CP. Then we went To OKW to check in. Our room was tready at 3 pm. We had bell drvices take our bags from the car to the room. ( A first.. because my back was really bothering me that day). Since we joined the DVC we never stayed in a "room" before.. we are spoiled) sorry. We lawys stayed in a 1 Br.. anyway we decided to eat out in a Premier WDW rest. each day eat breakfast in our room and eat counterservice the other meal until we could cook in the 2BR. Man we spent a .lot on meals.. the more the reason we bought into the DVC... we "cook" ableit simple stuff.. in our full kitchens. So we decided to eat at le cellier for dinner.. the steak was great.. the cheese soup was ok i thought it would be cheesier. We went to world showcase saw the show.. i forgot the name grrr.. a senior moment ..lol. the one in front of the American pavillion.. It was great do not miss it!!! DS plays the trumpet and was he was so impressed.. We did test track 3 times in the AM .. did Universre of energy the Wonders of Life.... we caught Illuminations in the reserved place for AP passholders... the best place yet.. right across from Itlay.

Aug. 12 was the MK day and it was i think E night.. so we got there early did the park went home to swim... got back to the park at 7 pm after eating a late lunch at the Coral Sea Rest. in Epcot.. My yougest loves the tank.. we waited a extra 20 minutes to sit right near the tank. they obliged to my request. Again it was pricey but it not too often to eat near a the biggest saltwater tank on the east coast not even in NYC...lol. We saw Spectromagic in Liberty Square got seats on the stairs of the stocks. like 10 minutes before. great luck!! I noticed the crowds were bigger than last year there were like 45 min waits for the mountains. thank God for fast pass. We get one say for 11:05 -12"05 and then I would run over at 11:07 to get another for the one next to it for another.. so we had two FPs in our hands We did space Mountain.. Buzz.. the TTE, CP , the speedway all in a in 2 hour span. span without waiting!! We did the same for Splash and BMR and HM and Pirates. We did E night for a hour ... but DW did not feel good so we decided to to do it another night .

Aug 13 was the day at MGM. we did the shows in the mornings .. then the rains came.. it rained like 6 hours a day. so we went to DQ for the first time that afternoon.. DQ was cool. we decided to go back later in the stay. We ate at the Brown Derby to get the package for reserve seating for Fantasmic.. we ate late and the hostess said we may have missed the deadline.. but she checked and found we were Ok.. YAY!!So we finished our meal at 8 :15 pm walked over to the service station and walked into the stadium at 8 45pm and sat down at 8: 50 pm. only a 10 min. wait.

Aug 14

Since we noticed the forecast was like the same every day.. early sunshine turning into showers and Thundrstorms in the afternoon. We decided to go to Typhoon Lagoon. We love thw wave pool. We both lgrew up near the ocean.. and we think the waves are perfect.. ( and no sand gets into your suit when a wave knocks you down. LOL) Although it still a bit strange to smell chlorine instead of saltwater when you body surf. I went on Cowbonga slide ( against my better judgement) and did the sewer slides. WE went home watch it pour ... We decided to eat 1900 Park Cafe in the GF. We just pigged out .. We love that Buffet. the baked fish is great!!!! Saw the charcteters and my Digital camera went on the friitz. darn... We just decided to hang out after dinner there.
Aug 15.. - the 17th.. I decided not to write any more journal type of notes.. We did AK in the morning .. ate breakfast at the Breakfastsaurus.. met Donald Duck.. mickey ... Goofy.
We went to the new rides at Dinoland.. not impressed... but I did manage to hit the bell at the midway game ( Impressed my two sons...lol and the cute lady who were watching .... DW was not amused by that...lol. we went back to the room right before it poured. Ate lunch in the room. We decided to go to DQ. and we enjoyed the Alladin ride my two sons both did the Rollercoaster thingie twice.. I did not fit into the harness.. my shoulders and thighs did not fit.. a few more pounds.. We all did the pirates ride... we thought that was the best.. We sunk the boat all 3 times... we also did shopping at DT Disney and at the Charcter outlet in the outlet mall of of I 4. We also went to Mass on Sunday at the huge Catholic Church, seated over 2000 people that morning !! right next to that outlet mall.. ( they no longer have Masses at the Poly) we did MGM again.. and epcot.

Aug 17.. It was a day off for the parks.. I decided to play golf at the Lake Buena Vista Golf club. This course runs right through OKW resort. I got a 1004 am tee time used my AP for a discount 45 bucks for 18 holes and cart... not too shabby. I played alright.. the last time I did hit building 25..lol I parred two holes I Shot a respectful 98. without cheating!!! I played with a retired Disney exec. He had to check each unit of OKW
for Disney before they ok'd with the developer..!!! Dw went to the Disney Institute for her day at the spa when Ii got home. She reciceved a facial, massage ... aroma thearpy. got her hair done. nail s done.. Still can't understand the big deal of the spa. but she loved it!! She spent a lot more than I did .. but she would not divulge the price.

My BIL arrived on Sunday .. I picked him up at the MCO ( orlando airport) at 6 30 pm. We asked on Sunday morning if our 2 br was ready and it was!! So we had bell services bring all our stuff.. again we were spoiled we went to unit. 3613 a great view the golf course but right next to a small body of water. So when MY BIL came were settled in .. we decided to eat at Spoodles to give him a idea of what the BW was.

Monday-Wed. we did the parks.. My niece who is 5 really made my DW happpy .. We only have two sons.. So DW took her into fantasy land and all. My nephew age 10..and BIL and us went on the mountains.. using Fast pass to it's limit. My dw and Bil and niece went to the Princess Breakfast in Norway on Tues. My niece was in 7th heaven. meanwhile the boys. and I did Test Track like 3 times. and we did the World Showcase that day. We stopprd taking breaks during the Day because we were trying to cram all the stuuff in for my Bil's family.. My dw still went back to the Villa though. MY Dw and I went to the BW and went to Jellyrolls one night and the next night my BIL an I went to PI. My BIL who is divorced had a great time dancing with every lady who he asked at 8 Trax. WE did the comedy Warehouse and got completlety trashed at the Adventuers Club.

Thursday... We met my other BIL and His family who stayed at the Hilton Vacation Villas near Sea World. We decided to go to Universal/ IOA.. MY other BIL is morel like my dw.. not a park commando.. This was my first time there.. it was fun to explore a new park. because of our difference in touring philosphies .. We ended up splitting up. So we hit all the big rides at Universal Studios.. Terminator, ET, Back to the Future. AT Men in Black was 90 min wait. So my BIL works for Sony is MR . Smooth.. iso he goes up to Jerry at the fast pass entrance and whips out his SonY Badge and sys he helped build this attraction and asks "what can you do for me?' Jerry says wait a second.. meanwhile I see he is from Long Island., NY on his badge.. Since I grew up on the Island.. I asked him where did he grew up and he said East Islip.. since I grew around there too , we started to talk about the old days.. so he says "ok follow me so he took us to the the door for the baby swap walked us arond the rope and right up to the front!!! So Mr. Smooth was outsmoothed by me!!!!
We went to Jaws and Walked doen the New York Street singing with Frank Sinatra NEW York NEW York .. we wew just having a ball. Then we went to IOA.. want on the Hulk, Dueling Dragons, Spiderman, the Tower thingie, Ripsaw falls , Popeyes and Blutos barges. We noticed the these parks were like 50% less crowdwd then Disney. AT 8 30 pm we left. mEt up with my other Bil and all of us went back to our OKW Villa and met up with Dw who had dinner all ready.. We all ate and went swimming at the main pool. I felt great having my DW 's brothers and familes togetrher at our piece of Disney. I was proud.

Friday was our last full day at disney it was also a E- night.. So we slept in.. got out to MK at 2 pm and stayed until 1:30 am. My two sons my Bil, and nephew rode Splash Mountain 4 times in a row until they closed..
Sat. My Dw packed and I took my ds's to MK to have their portraits done by the artist in chalk. One was perfect likeness the other not even close oh well.... MY BIL would leave the next day ..so he invited his brother for dinner when we were already gone. We had to be at the train station at 3pm the latest.. it was a 45 min. drive So we left at 1pm.. and we hit majorttraffic on I 4 ... we got there at 250 pm. we checked in... had to board right away.

We got home on Sunday at 5 :30 pm. Ate out at Macaroni grill in the Mall where there A Dis meet .. went to Disney Store.. and went home to unpack

08-26-2002, 03:37 PM
good report sounds like it was lots of fun , can you tell me the location of your Studio - I am arriving in Dec for 4 nights.. Thanks

08-26-2002, 04:06 PM
we stayed in Bldg 47 . right on the curve into south point.. Close to the Bus Stop

08-26-2002, 04:17 PM
Sounds like you had a <b>magical</b> trip, despite the rain. I know how your dw feels about having a little girl around, I only had one child, a boy, and I always wanted a little girl. I'm a pushover for little kids anyway :)

Thanks for posting this, I had fun reading about your trip :)


08-26-2002, 04:39 PM
Joe, we want your two BR for a week in October, okay?;) Just kidding. Great report, I could "hear" your pride when you talk about OKW. If you DW really needs a little girl, you guys can adopt me.....never mind that I'm probably older than her.LOL Thanks for sharing with us!

08-27-2002, 12:30 AM
Great report, Joe!
My BIL who is divorced had a great time dancing with every lady who he asked at 8 Trax. WE did the comedy Warehouse and got completlety trashed at the Adventuers Club.
Has your wife read this part? ;)

08-27-2002, 07:24 AM
You did a great job with the trip report. I remember that feeling when family members see OKW villa for the first time. I have to admit to feeling proud too. Thanks for posting.

08-27-2002, 08:51 AM
i can't wait to see it !!! is it DECEMBER yet !!! oh my its 93 more days :(

08-27-2002, 09:28 AM
Nancy.. yes she does know..

08-29-2002, 10:48 AM
We were at OKW the same time as you (it was your first week our second). We stayed in bldg. 64!!! DH was contemplating playing golf, but didn't!!

As always, we had a great time!!