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05-01-2001, 09:41 PM
OK. I went out and bought a blender. Now I need you all to help with Smoothie recipes. I did a search on the old board and came up with 2 or three. PLEASE post a smoothie recipe for me. Thanks so much. :D

05-01-2001, 11:43 PM
I know there are a lot of better smoothie recipes out there, but this is my recipe that I use when I don't have any berries on hand.

1 cup vanilla rice milk (reg. milk would work too)
1/2 banana, sliced
1 TBSP jam or preserves, any flavor (I like strawberry and cherry best)

I like to keep vanilla rice milk on hand because I don't like normal milk much, especially when I think about all the steroids that are in it, so this is the only kind I will drink. It's also good with fruit syrups that are made to be stirred into coffee.

05-02-2001, 09:00 AM
:) Thanks Kermit! This sounds good!

More! More! I need more smoothie recipes! :)

05-02-2001, 09:56 AM
Smoothies are basically just a combination of a liquid mixed with fruits. So go to the store and stock up on concentrated juices that you enjoy, and frozen fruits you enjoy. Then, if you would like a thick version, grab some good yogurt in more complimenting flavors.

When you go to make one, add frozen fruit (this makes it really slushy and you don't have to crush ice unless you want to. (One of our favorite combinations is Strawberries and boysenberries.) Make the blender about 3/4 full for 3 drinks. (all fruit total)

Next, if you want to add banana, add it now, then add any yogurt you may want. About 1/4 cup.

Next, add either concentrated juice and about 1/4 the same amount of water (that way you have a great intense flavor) or you can keep a big jug of apple juice which is always good in a smoothie. fill blender about 1/2 full and whip it up.

You can also add honey if you think it needs to be sweeter, it dissolves better than sugar.

If you want a milkier version, try vanilla soy milk, (we use "Silk") it's got a great taste, and it's available at Meyers in the half gallon size. An added plus is it's full of calcium and isoflavens...which is good for you! ;)

I've been making smoothies on a weekly basis since I learned how 15 years ago...my son loves them and thinks they are some kind of treat...hehehehe...if only I could stick broccoli in one!

Good luck, and just have fun with it experimentation for your own tastes is half the fun!

There is a really good one with ice, chocolate soy milk and bananas that is thinner, and yummy, that you may want to try too!

Also, if you want to add extra nutrients, your health food store has powders that give you all kinds of goodies!

Ok, please let us know if you come up with any doosies! I love a new idea!


05-02-2001, 07:48 PM
This was an excellent post. I am SO impressed and am not being sarcastic if that sounds like it! See, I know nothing about smoothies and now, I feel so informed. I don't really care for friut but like about any kind of juice so I figured I may like these things. You gave so many ideas. I think you should receive the "Best Reply" award. Thank you for a great answer. I think I'll even print it out! :)

05-02-2001, 10:02 PM
Well, if there were a blushing smiley, I'd use it! :eek: I think that's as close as it gets...thanks Buckalew, I just hope it really helps!

And I'm serious, if you come up with some masterpieces, please post them! :D

Also since you aren't a big fruit person...try just the concentrates with one type of fruit, and make it thinner, then add crushed ice...you may like it better...

And don't forget the chocolate milk...that one is really good!

:D :D :D Have a great night! (thanks again, you made my night!)

05-04-2001, 11:36 AM
At a Vita-Mix demonstration, the salesperson made peanut butter in the blender. After removing as much as she could, she made a drink to "clean out" the blender. I don't remember the exact ingredients (I think it was ice, milk and some type of chocolate syrup or powder) but the result was like a liquid peanut butter cup. I would think you could get the same results with the chocolate Silk soymilk (maybe frozen a bit first to give it "shake" consistency) with peanut butter added (and maybe a banana for added thickness).

05-08-2001, 12:45 PM
Even though you aren't a big fruit person Buckalew, I'll still post mine. I make this twice a week for breakfast for DH and I to drink on our way to work.

16 oz. nonfat vanilla yogurt (don't get plain, yuck, IMO)
1 small can pineapple chunks in own juice
1 med. banana sliced
2-3 strawberries sliced

The night before I just throw all of this in the blender and blend. I then just place the whole blender jar in the fridge. In the AM, I add a handful of ice cubes and "re-blend". I like mine very cold and refreshing. :)

You want to avoid putting sugar in your shake, otherwise it defeats the purpose of being healthy. The juice from the pineapples is a natural sweetener. Apple juice and honey also work well if it needs to be sweeter.

I'm not a big banana person, but when the shake is blended smooth, there aren't any chunks.

Good luck with your smoothies!


ps. sorry if you already have my recipe, i know it was over on the old boards.

05-09-2001, 07:59 PM
I have a VitaMix blender and I love it! I use Loosa juice (sold in glass in high end stores, imported from Belgium) as a base. These are fabulous juices in exotic flavors. Two favorites:

Loosa passion fruit juice (1/2 - 1 cup)
5 frozen strawberries
1/2 orange or tangerine
1 banana
ice cubes

Loosa mango juice
vanilla yogurt
1/2 fresh mango
ice cubes

05-09-2001, 11:42 PM
Yum! I just discovered this board and think now I will be hooked! I love smoothies!

Sheree Bobbins
05-10-2001, 10:04 PM
I found these two links for smoothie recipes:




I have yet to make a smoothie, I never seem to have all the ingredients on hand.

05-11-2001, 10:17 AM
I just got this recipe in an e-mail. Sounds pretty good, I'm going to have to get some yogurt and strawberries today and try it!

Strawberry Smoothie

You can substitute any fruit (or combination of fruits) in
this recipe.

Serves 2-3

1 1/2 cup Strawberries, capped and halved
3/4 cup Yogurt, plain
1/8 teaspoon Vanilla
3/4 cup Ice, cracked

Place the fruit, yogurt, and vanilla in a food processor
(or blender). Run until smooth. Add the ice and run until
smooth. Serve cold.