View Full Version : Houston/San Antonio driving to WDW?

Simba's Mom
08-25-2002, 09:06 AM
We've always flown to WDW from South of San Antonio, but DH is considering driving next summer. Any tips on route, how far, where to stop, etc? Thanks

08-25-2002, 12:09 PM
We have driven from Orlando to San Antonio 4 times, 2 of which were with 4 kids! I have found that stopping in Baton Rouge for the night is best for us. Its about 8 hours from San Antonio and 9-10 hours from Orlando. We usually can get some pretty good deals on Priceline for the nights Im there. Since Im just there to sleep it really doesn't matter to me where I stay as long as its clean, of course!

One other tip, if you already haven't planned on taking Floridas Turnpike (you get on just south of Ocala) into Orlando, I would recommend it. You will pay a couple of dollars in tolls, but you also avoid tons of traffic and save about 2 hours driving time versus going down to Tampa and getting on I-4 there.

Hope you have a great trip! :p

Deb & Bill
08-25-2002, 07:49 PM
From Houston, it's about 14 hours (plus you lose an hour due to time changes). We leave from Shreveport and it's also about 14 hours. If we leave after school, we stop at Daphne, AL, on the east side of Mobile Bay. (that leaves about 7 hours to go) There is a Comfort Suites and Hampton Inn there. Both are pretty good. If we leave in the morning, we can get all the way to Tallahassee or even to Lake City. Also lots of good hotels there, but if you get there on a football weekend, you better make sure you already have a reservation.

When you get to BR, make sure you go on I-12 and don't go I-10 to NO. You pick I-10 back up at Slidell.

If you take the tollway, get off at Leesburg and take 27 to 192. You will totally bypass I-4 which is a mess most of the time, plus save some tolls. You come in the gate back by AKL if you are staying on the property.

One time we left about midnight and got to WDW about 3PM. Just in time to check into the hotel and take a short nap or swim.