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08-05-2010, 12:59 PM
If we check our luggage at the RAC desk the morning that we depart, then how does paying a luggage fee work at the airport? I mean, does the airport simply take our word for it that we have 3 bags (since we don't have the bags with us)? Or do we pay the luggage fees at the RAC desk?

Also, we will be gate-checking a small stroller... I'm assuming that we will need to take this gate-check item with us on Magical Express to the airport (instead of check it at RAC), and simply gate-check it when we check in at the airport?

And one more question... I was reading through the ME/RAC threads and saw a couple of suggestions about taking the yellow ME tags off of the bags before making the return trip home. But I didn't see any mention of new tags for the bags -- when we check in at RAC, will they give us (or put on) new tags that tell where the luggage will be going?

Much thanks for a ME/RAC newbie! :)

08-05-2010, 01:12 PM
The last time we went, we didn't have to pay for checked bags, so I'm not positive about the first question, but I think I read here you can call a number (given w/your checkout documents) and arrange to pay for your bags. I *THINK* the bags must be paid before using RAC, otherwise bring them on the bus with you.

A "gate check" is exactly what it sounds like, you're checking the stroller at the gate to the airplane. What you'll do (generally) is ask for a gate check ticket at the check in desk at the gate your plane is leaving from. They'll give you one ticket to put on the stroller, and a stub to keep with you. You take the stroller with you all the way to the door of the plane and leave it just outside (right at the turn of the jetway usually). It will be returned to the same spot (basically) after the plane lands.

When you check into RAC, they'll put new tags on the bags to show flight info returning home. The yellow ME tags are so Orlando baggage workers know send your bags to the ME area (and those handlers to know which resort to deliver them to) when your plane arrives. Once you have the bags back in your possession, the tags don't do anything.

08-05-2010, 05:10 PM
Paying the luggage fee: one of two things will happen. Either the paperwork you get will have instructions telling you to call a provided toll-free number to pay your checked luggage fees (and telling you to write down the confirmation number you'll be given); or that paperwork will tell you you can pay the luggage fees at the RAC counter when you check in for your flight. You can also just stop by the counter some morning when you have a couple of minutes and it's not busy, and ask.

sam gordon covered gate-checking, so you're all set there. She also answered your luggage tag questions, but I'll go just a little deeper :teeth:. The yellow tags are (a) bright yellow so DME CMs can easily separate out that luggage on the tarmac at MCO before any luggage appears inside the terminal; and (b) printed and coded for transit between there and your Walt Disney World resort. These tags have nothing to do with getting your luggage from your home airport to Orlando.

On the way home, ALL RAC-checked luggage is going to MCO. There's no need for individual Guest luggage tags. Instead, the employees* at the RAC counter put destination tags on the luggage. These are identical to the tags attached to luggage checked at the airport. The luggage is caged, trucks pick it up periodically, it's transported to the airport, sorted by airline then flight, then 'magically' appears on the luggage carousel at one's home airport!

*Note: these people aren't Cast Members, they're airport employees, i.e. Skycaps. Resort Airline Check-in = Curbside check-in, except the curb is thirty miles from the terminal :rotfl:

08-06-2010, 04:38 PM
[QUOTE=kaytieeldr;37695916] She also answered your luggage tag questions, but I'll go just a little deeper /QUOTE]
"He", not "she".

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