View Full Version : Pins at WDW WoD??????

08-22-2002, 04:19 PM
are there still pins in the villains room in WDW WoD? A friend told me she just saw a few rack pins...locals/afficianados, can you tell me about the changes?
Thank you!

08-22-2002, 06:10 PM
Your friend is right. The only pins left in WoD are a few common rack pins. No limited editions will be sold from WoD, only from Pin Traders. And surprise, surprise, Pin Traders does not recognize the Disney Club discount.


08-22-2002, 07:14 PM
The Pin Tower and Once Upon A Toy do not accept any discounts except Cast Member.

I think this is the wave of the future.


08-23-2002, 09:46 AM
Do they recognize the American Express discount when the amount purchased is over $50.00?

08-23-2002, 10:10 AM
Guess that just about eliminates the need for membership in the Disney Club. Between AmEx and FL Res discounts, I probably won't get much use out of it anymore....

08-23-2002, 11:58 AM
They don't recognize the other discounts either! Full price for one and all. (except CMs, according to Lisa. I'll have to take her word on that one.)