View Full Version : ********-Return Trip-Luggage, Luggage & more Luggage!

08-21-2002, 12:13 PM
After our wonderful visit my only concern was getting my daughter home from the college program with all of her luggage, 7 months accumulated alot! Rabbit left us a message the night bef. our departure with his number & our pickup time. He was waiting at the BW when we came out. We had arrived with 3 bags but had 14 bags to get back home. Rabbit just smiled & said he would be happy to get it to the airport for her as she was riding with a friend & he had a small car. We had a pleasant trip to the airport & I thanked him for giving me peace of mind for my daughter's transport who had travelled alone. I was esp. grateful that I now know of a service I can depend on whenthey travel alone to visit during college breaks. If you have a child in the college program it is very helpful to know they will have a safe trip & have transportation waiting for them to relax their nerves. So we are thankful for Rabbit's great service & patience & will be in touch again soon for her next trip!:cool: