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08-21-2002, 06:46 AM
Will we got to the Orlando airport about 1 1/2 hr. late. I was really worried about ******** not being there waiting on us. But as we were coming down the escalators to get our luggage
there was our driver holing a bright pink sign with my son's name on it. As soon as my 12y/o son saw it he started to yelling "Dad look"..When I saw my son's face that made the hole trip!!! We walk over to him and it was Rabbit. As we were getting our luggage there was another family looking for there driver. And after waiting a 1/2hr for our luggage because of a bad storm. Off we go. But the other family was still waiting for there driver. The farther from the other family walk over to Rabbit and ask him were would his driver be meeting him. So he tolled them. Rabbit ask him who they were waiting for it was "Happy Limo". Boy am I glade that we went with ********!! So now we are at Disney in all the rain, Till next week..Robert

08-26-2002, 10:57 PM
Will we just got back from our land and sea vacation. And it was great. Rabbit from ******** meet us at the airport with a nice Big White Van. And had movies for my kids. But when he meet us at Riverside to take us to the Disney Boat and pulled up in this Big Beautiful White Ford Excursion I though I was in Haven. It was just like riding a Limo. My kids Loved it and it also had a DVD player. Every were we went people looked just like we were movie stars.. When we got off the boat Rabbit was right there waiting on us to take us back to the airport. I would highly recommend ******** to every one that is coming to Disney or going to Fla. I will answer any question that you want .Robert