View Full Version : How long to redeem vouchers for GAD FP?

07-15-2010, 07:11 PM
We're going next month and would like to redeem our vouchers for FP before park opening at Epcot and Studios. How long should I allow for this process?


07-15-2010, 08:34 PM
It generally only takes a few minutes, depending on the line in front of you. If you want to be near the front for rope drop, I'd say get to the park 60 minutes prior to be sure. However, on some EMH mornings when there are no ADRs earlier than rope drop, the Will Call window may not open until 30 minutes prior.

07-15-2010, 08:36 PM
Will Call opens 30 minutes before any guests enter the park (so about 7:30 on a 9:00 opening day). Most people have reported waiting only a few minutes at that time. There was a report of longer wait times on a Saturday morning at MK, but most reports have been that it only took a few minutes of waiting and a few minutes to redeem. I would expect it would take less than 15-20 minutes total, but we plan to arrive about 30 minutes before our ADR just in case. :)

07-17-2010, 05:44 PM
Thanks for the replies. Anyone else have recent experience with this?


07-19-2010, 03:44 PM
Thanks for the replies. Anyone else have recent experience with this?


we exchanged our GAD vouchers for FP's at all of the parks last week. The only park we had to wait any amount of time was MK.

07-20-2010, 08:49 PM
In early June we redeemed GAD vouchers at AK, HS, and MK. Each took about 10 minutes with no one in line ahead of us.

I'd like to add I wouldn't worry about getting the GAD FP before the park opens. In our experience, if we were at a park for RP there wasn't much need for the GAD FP. I would wait to redeem when you can't/or don't feel like being at the park when it opens. The special FPs were AWESOME. They made it soooo easy to ride what you want when you want. I'm dreading the next time we go and don't have them!