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08-19-2002, 08:03 AM
Hey Tyler:

Perhaps you can answer some transportation questions for me???

I'll be staying at the Polynesian 11/27-12/1. What's the best way to get from the Poly to MK and from the Poly to Epcot?

Does the Monorail go right from the Poly to MK (with a few stops along the way?? but I don't have to change monorails??? ) but I do change monorails to go to Epcot? or can I just walk over to the TTC and get the Epcot monorail???

I haven't been to WDW for about 3 years and then someone drove so I wasn't really paying attention to the transportation system, I just followed..

Thanks for your help!!!

Chip 'n Dale Express
08-19-2002, 01:03 PM
Transportation to the Magic Kingdom is fairly simple. Just hop on the monorail, and the MK will be the 2nd stop. Another alternative would be to take the boat to the MK.

For Epcot, you have a choice. Depending on your building location, it's sometimes advantageous to walk to the TTC, and take the Epcot monorail from there. (5-7min walk from Great Ceremonial House) Alternatively, you can take the monorail to the TTC (but it goes alllll the way around first), and then transfer.

For the Disney/MGM Studios, Downtown Disney & Typhoon Lagoon, and Disney's Animal Kingdom & Blizzard Beach, there is bus transportation provided from the Port Conchere area.

08-19-2002, 05:24 PM
Thanks Tyler!

from my research and reading, reading, reading, I was hoping it would be simple to get around "the World".... I wanted to have a head start before I get there.

I've never stayed on site before, so this side of the transportation system is all new to me.

thanks for your help!!:D