View Full Version : Sept. Event - Recruiting Reporters - Got A Digital Camera?

08-16-2002, 02:47 PM
I have recruited a couple of traders to send me photos and captions of the event while it is going on. I want the people back home who couldn't go to enjoy some of the action through your photos and descriptions. Almost as fast as you can email photos, I will be placing them on the Pin Clubs' site

I know that some folks add photos to their message board posts, but they eventually get pushed down the line by other posts. The photos and descriptions that any "reporter" emails back to me will remain as long as there is a Pin Clubs web site.

If anyone is interested in being a reporter, please send me an <a href="mailto:BuddyBear@pinclubs.com?subject=September Event Reporter">email</a>.

Have a great weekend,

Jeff (Buddy Bear) Langdon