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06-22-2010, 05:18 PM
Does anyone know who did this new version? I saw this commercial last night and thought it was pretty catchy.


07-16-2010, 08:41 PM
I LOVED it! I saw it yesterday and I hope it does really well because I haven't had that much fun at a movie in a while. I went with my mom and when it was over, we agreed that not only was it good...it was Pirates good. It felt like the first time I ever saw CotBP in the theatre. I just loved every single thing about it. I also want the dragon ring and I mentioned to my mom how a lot of people would also probably want Horvath's cane and she replied, I think a lot of people would want everything that was in the movie.

Because it really wasn't addressed in the ads, but it has to do with Merlin and Morgana le Fey which was exciting and then, you have main characters who are smart and use science to defeat evil...SCIENCE! They even say science and magic are basically the same thing which was like exciting to infinity.

Then, you have dragons, metal eagles coming to life, cars that can shape-shift, mirror worlds, magical jewelry, a bulldog, a metal bull coming to life, cute mops, true love and a Buzz Lightyear alarm clock and it's like, what isn't there to love? It has basically everything except swordfights...well, there was a tiny one at the very beginning.

I admit I have had a HUGE crush on Jay Baruchel for almost nine years, but I've never liked Nicholas Cage that well. Big Daddy was the first role from Cage that I really liked so it was a very pleasant surprise that I loved him in this movie. He was perfectly cast, very understated...you could tell the pain of his character's past just in the expression on his face.

I want this to do well so badly...maybe a sequel?

OH! PLEASE STAY FOR THE WHOLE CREDITS! There's a scene at the very, very end that fans of the original short should appreciate.

07-16-2010, 10:21 PM
We went tonight and loved it...all three of us. Also stayed to the bitter end and were rewarded! Thought there were some great moments that hearkened back not just to Disney but medieval times as well. Really enjoyed it and highly recommend it. I expect there will be a sequel.

07-17-2010, 11:26 AM
Disney Pictures-

Hi there. I felt the trailers gave away a little too much, but thank you for not doing like the competition and showing scenes that don't even wind up in the motion picture itself.

I understand the time lag tween production completetion and promo and you guys did a great job on this one.

In other words, I loved the movie. I can't stand Nick Cage, but he was great in this.

07-18-2010, 08:03 AM
Saw it last night. Feel like Disney has a sleeper hit on their hands. It was really good, IMO.

07-18-2010, 07:54 PM
In other words, I loved the movie. I can't stand Nick Cage, but he was great in this.

ITA. I can't stand Nicholas Cage either, but he was perfect in this movie. And the only other time I've liked him was in National Treasure. Disney movies must bring out the best in him. :teeth:

I really enjoyed the movie, I may even go see it again. I hope it does well too, because I would love to see a sequel.

07-18-2010, 09:19 PM
I saw it last night and enjoyed it..Very good movie!

07-22-2010, 03:57 PM
Hiya Disney Pictures...

Okay, if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a film grad. My favorite parts of the movie start with "These are not the droids you want" and continues into the whole idea of magic vs. real world. The whole mirror image world was AWESOME!

A little secret of my that I will share is that when I am not in Chemo Treatment I'm guiding balloons through Times Square. It looked incredible.

Alice Krieg was beautifully cast. Alfred Molina as well.

It wasn't the formula films we're seeing now.


07-25-2010, 10:48 AM
Hehe, I saw it again yesterday and it was just as good the second time if not better!

I'd love to see how Becky copes with her new knowledge and how Veronica copes with this very strange modern world and how Balthazar, Veronica and Horvath will now start to age.

If we can't have a movie, could we please at least have a book?

Which reminds me, is there any merchandise whatsoever for this film?
I can't even find a pin at the parks and what I'd really like is the dragon ring.

07-26-2010, 04:08 PM
I saw this movie over the weekend, and was pleasantly surprised. It definitely feels to me like it will be a long-term sleeper hit, like Jay Baruchel's How to Train a Dragon did earlier this year. I work in movie licensing/merchandising (not Disney :upsidedow), and am also very surprised personally at the lack of follow up Disney did with this movie. The Dragon ring and/or as a statue would be a huge hit; I know I would love one. This movie has much more of a fun family-movie feel that caters more to teenagers and adults then to those with young children, which I'm particularly happy about. There's not many movies being made that appeal across gender/demographic lines or that parents and adults can enjoy with their older kids without flinching.

Spoiler warning!

What I loved
- The chemistry between Jay and Nick. Their Dave and Balthazar were pitch-perfect and they fed off of each other extremely well.

- Magic is and is not science. I liked the little throwaway bits that alluded to this like the shoes not being rubber soled, and the rings helped focus a sorcerer's electrical impulses from their body. The fact that it wasn't over-explained for 15 minutes or mentioned over and over again like some other movies would do was wonderful too. Just a simple - "this is how it works" and then moved on to visual displays and small details (Balthazar hunting down the doll by displacing biometrical energy, Dave's climax scene with amplifying his power) that reinforced the idea behind it without beating it over our heads verbally. Show, don't tell!

- Drake Stone and Becky. Drake was a hilarious character, and perfect for a modern day entertainer, while Becky's character had the right tone of "incredulous but going along with this". Actually, all of the Morgannians were pretty good. They felt like individual characters, with stories behind them, which is a sign of really good storytelling as those characters had a minimum of screen time.

- The Tesla Coil music scenes. Beautiful, and with a purpose.

- The music and cinematography in the car/mirror scene. Loved that.

What I wanted to see:

- I would have loved to see more exasperated mentor scenes from Nick and some discovery scenes from Jay in which he plays with magic for the sake of it, like how he played around with the Tesla Coils to learn they played music. Something to segway into the fact that Jay's character is supposed to become a more powerful sorcerer than Balthazar. Speaking of..

- The Broom scene from the original Fantasia felt too forced and out of place. It makes you spend more time reminiscing on the brooms and the original segment than realizing the meaning behind it of how great Dave's power is and how easy it got out of control. Substituting in something similar in scope and tone but without the heavy-handed "look, we replicated the scene!" would have felt much more natural to the film and still could have been a homage. It could have helped give a smoother transition to the Sorcerer Dave of the finale in that we've seen that he is capable of magic that exceeds his Master's.

What I disliked. Mostly me just nitpicking.

- Prime Merlinian? Was it too hard to say "Merlin's heir"? I had a giggle-fit every time someone uttered the word. Also, the ring. If it's Merlin's dragon and it signifies the heir by liking that person that much.. what's the point of having that plot point if the goal is that the heir's goal is to do the magic without the ring anyway? If there is a sequel, I'd love for there to a better purpose for the dragon. Would it continue to change shape and interact with Dave as a familiar, rather than a useless piece of jewelry by the end?

- The first ten minutes aka the narration segment. I almost walked out that quickly. There was no need for that entire segment, as Balthazar tells Dave about what happened with Veronica, Horvath, Merlin, and Morganna anyway later in the movie. What I said earlier about being hit over the head by a movie is case in point here. It was sloppy and a waste of time that could have been better spent elsewhere to shore up the Balthazar, Veronica, and Horvath love triangle which isn't addressed in the narration, and yet is a key part of the backstory for the three apprentices and why Horvath turned on them in the first place.

End Spoilers!

Despite my nitpicking, I really did enjoy this movie, and I'm taking a friend to go back and see it later this week. Me going back to see a movie is pretty rare. :goodvibes

07-27-2010, 02:03 PM
Yeah, I agree that the narration at the beginning was kind of jarring...I'm not used to that at all, but then, it wasn't as bad the second time, plus...

I LOVED getting to see Merlin and Morgana fight. I had no idea they were in the movie so that was my first clue that I was going to really like this film.

I love your idea about the ring having other secrets to it and since he is powerful enough to control brooms and anything, it would follow that he could have the dragon do things for him. Also, I agree about the realization that Dave is actually more powerful than Balthazar. The audience knows it, Balthazar knows it, but Dave definitely doesn't and that would be interesting.

Did you notice how Horvath has a spider motif? He has spiders on his lapel and his hat. Someone told me Balthazar's pin is the sun which makes me wonder if Veronica has anything similar...and I want a dragon ring so much...he doesn't have to move, he could be stationary. pirate: