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06-13-2010, 01:47 PM
Here is our new page. Let's hope summer and lots of outdoor activities make for healthy eating and lots of weight loss!!

06-13-2010, 01:51 PM
Yes, clicking on the the link from the old post works. See you all on the new thread.

This was to have been on old thread!!

06-13-2010, 02:07 PM
I sent an e-mail out - hope everyone gets it and that we get a "hello" from our missing friends.

Looking forward to "seeing" everyone.:yay:

06-13-2010, 03:04 PM
:wave2:Hi everyone!!

Thanks for creating the thread and sending out the notice Jocelyn!:hug: I already have it saved to my favorites.:goodvibes

I can mention my eating! :yay: It seems to be the only thing I have total control of these days! I'm just starting my third week back on Step I. It's so easy this time. I've even gotten my green tea in every day also..are y'all listening?:laughing: I can't remember where I read to do it..but I've been taking about an inch of ginger and quartering it and letting it seap <sp> in the tea and I actually like the flavor it brings to it. I've not weighed and don't intend to, so I can't offer any pounds loss but I do feel good! :goodvibes
My MD26 started up a family bet (kind of like the Biggest Loser) to see who could be the first to take off ten pounds. This should be an easy win for me, I can't wait to see how much cash is involved! :woohoo:

Lisa, I can't wait to hear about the end results of your lazer treatments. I bet you're so excited, I know I'd be. How about some before and after pics on facebook?:idea: I have several people asking me for before and after pics of my weight loss..I keep telling them.."It's not after yet!!" I was babysitting at my older daughters house yesterday and was going through her wedding photo albums, ohhhh my gosh, I was huge! I don't think I even realized how big I was at 230lbs. I now know which one I'm using as my before pic! Gads!

It's been horribly hot and humid here and the frequent thunderstorms hampering yard work more than usual; flowers are loving it though. I told DH this morning that the heat here makes me think I don't want to go to Mexico for the month of August, at least here I can go inside to A/C...no A/C in Mexico!:scared1:

Thanks again for the new thread!

You all have a great rest of your weekend. See you all soon!

06-14-2010, 05:42 PM
Hello everyone!!
Jocelyn, thanks for the email with the new link. Don't know if I would have found you all or not!!

Lisa, I am about to give up my ice cream for you LOL. It has been so hot and humid here the last few weeks, I eat some in the evenings to help cool myself off. But honestly, it is a small bowl I use. It is one of the small Coronet bowls. The night I posted that on FB, it was sooo stinking hot here, and I just couldn't get cooled off LOL.

Pam, so good to see you. I know you'll do well on step 1.

I honestly need to get my mind set back to MM. Had a really bad experience this morning. I was doing a few errands for the lady I clean for (the 4 day a week one) and I didn't get to eat this morning before I left at 8. So I grabbed a sausage mcmuffin and hash brown from McDonalds. That was around 10. I had to leave work around noon, and on the way home, I got sooo nauseated. I actually had to pull onto a side road, thinking I'd just throw up in the high weeds along the road. I didn't even have enough time to get out! As soon as I opened the door, I was throwing up. It really scared me. I never throw up unless I drink way too much alcohol.
Long story short, tomorrow morning will start my step 1. Or a version of it at least. I am still reading the adrenal fatigue book, and a lot of what he says seems to go hand in hand with MM. So I want to follow his ideas and try to incorporate MM into it. I really need to do this, and I know I will with all of you pulling for me :love:
Ok, have to go to the grocery store as they are saving me a bunch of boxes. I am packing up some of Tris' stuff and Michael's as well. He is no longer living here. He is welcome to visit, but not live here. He is still doing his cough medicine unfortunately. I found a receipt from 6/1. Mike threw him out (for lack of better words) on 6/3 but we didn't know about the cough medicine then.
Ok, enough rambling. Some things never change LOL.

:grouphug: Love you all!!

06-14-2010, 06:14 PM
I made it to the new thread! I have to run to the office to write an offer so just dashing off a big Hello to all of you! Pam, it's my second day 'out' after laser seclusion, lol! I'm in the awkward stage of peeling and breaking out. I don't get pimples any more, but this makes them happen for about a week. I can't stand it! The texture is nice, though, but I am still swollen and red. I'm too afraid to post before and after pics with no makeup, lol! The doctor has them in her file so I can see them if I want. Places where I used to dab extra makeup don't seem to require the extra any more, but as I said, I am swollen so the true picture isn't really there yet. It will be 6 months before I see the full benefit of the treatments.

Tom and I are taking a mini trip to the beach via a town where we are picking up some outdoor teak furniture on Wednesday. Kate, if you're out there, we're going to probably swing over to Half Moon Bay for the afternoon with Bonnie. Wanna play hookie?? I'll be the one in the big hat, lol!

Kathy, I did break down and eat ice cream one day when my face was so hot, but it didn't really make me feel any better after it was over. I'm renewing my resolve today. Summer is easy with grilling and all the veggie choices. We love the new grill. The food seems really moist. It's infrared technology. Got it at Lowes. Going out in the yard after the heat is gone for the evening is nice, too. Makes us more active. I sure do love summer.

Hugs to you all! More tomorrow.

06-14-2010, 07:36 PM
Glad to see you have found the new site. Hope to see some of the other people back too.

Just got back from playing bridge so have to decide what to do with my afternoon. I spent all afternoon yesterday in the ocean. It was sooo nice and there were no children jumping on me as they do in the pool in the afternoon.

Kathy - sorry to hear you were ill. Hope you are feeling better today.

Lisa - I'm so envious of your bar-b-que, but we do survive with our electric one, but just not quite the same.

Hugs to ALL:grouphug:

06-15-2010, 08:56 AM
Hi everyone! Not much going on again LOL.

Lisa, so glad you were able to get the link and find the new thread. Your grill sounds so nice! We will probably get one like that when ours finally bites the dust. I don't really like going to Lowes because of knowing everyone there. We can't make just a quick trip. We usually end up talking to a bunch of friends and being a couple hours. But I do miss all the coworkers I had to leave behind when I quit.
Enjoy your day with Bonnie and Tom. I know you will. I so wish I had a beach closer than we do. I would be there all the time. If I could live somewhere where the beach was in front of me and mountains behind me, I would be such a happy camper!! I love them both.

Jocelyn, glad to hear you had a good time at the beach. Kids can really put you through the wringer sometimes LOL.

Off to work. I did eat some scrambled eggs this morning and about a cup and a half of coffee. The eggs just didn't seem to sit right either. Hopefully it won't be a repeat of yesterday. In the book about AF, he says to eat before 10, so I managed to do that. But one of the "side effects" of AF is not being hungry in the morning.

Ok, I'll catch you all later. :grouphug:

06-15-2010, 01:31 PM
Another beautiful day here. I'll head to the pool early after I make some eggs for us.

I was perusing different sites on the computer last night and came across one where the gal met the fellow who wrote the new Atkins book. She has been on a stall for a bit after losing a lot of weight. He said to go back to strict induction which would be the same as Step 1 on MM. Carb creep can be too much if you are really sensitive to carbs. I think I will start writing down what I am eating and see just how many carbs I am eating again. The inches and the scale do not seem to be budging and I think I am doing well!!! Guess not!!

Kathy - hope you get to feeling better.

Lisa - we used to go to Half Moon Bay all the time when we lived in Menlo Park. We would go and get fresh salmon during the salmon season.

Have a great day everyone.


06-15-2010, 01:42 PM
Kathy: My sister lives where the redwoods meet the sea. Can't get much prettier than the extreme north coast of CA. You'd love it! My nephew has AF and was told to eat 2 eggs every morning because he also has hypoglycemia. If you get caught out again rather than McD, can you go to a Subway? They have a new low fat breakfast sandwich that looks much healthier. Hope you feel better soon.

Jocelyn: I wish I could spend the day in the ocean! It will be pretty tomorrow, but as you know, we don't have the warm sea you get to enjoy. We could live in Hawaii in a heartbeat. I liked your note about carb creep. I think it happened to me as well. I'm trying to be strict for awhile. We'll have to take an ice chest for fish tomorrow. That's a great idea! Not sure if there will be room with the patio furniture in the SUV also, but we'll try.

Another beautiful day in the 80's today. My yard is so full of birds since I feed them every morning. We even have quail. So cute!

Grilled chicken and grilled veg Tom made last night was better than any restaurant meal we've had in a long time. I made sure to give a lot of compliments to the chef in the hopes he will continue!;)

06-16-2010, 06:07 PM
Tom's getting braces on his lower front teeth tomorrow morning. I said, "We should kiss hard tonight." He replied, "Heck, if I'd known we were going to do that I'd have gotten braces a month ago!" LOL!:lmao:

06-19-2010, 02:29 PM
Another beautiful day here - hope everyone else is having a lovely day and getting ready for Father's Day.

I just put a corned beef in the crock pot for dinner tomorrow. Bob loves corned beef as well as some other friends so that is our meal tomorrow with sautťed cabbage.

Have a great weekend:grouphug:

06-19-2010, 09:23 PM
Ok guys, had to share this with you. Went to a reunion today, and the kids were playing on the slide. Mike's nephew took this video for us:


It was such a fun day!!

Diane W.
06-20-2010, 11:15 AM
Kathy - That is adorable! How did you get him to the top of the slide?

I am having another low time. I am getting so disappointed in my job search and it's taking it's toll on my overall mood. I am still walking every day, but other than that I am laying on the couch. I can't wait for bed time so the day is over. It really sucks.

Lisa - How are your husband's new braces? Are they the clear kind?

I hope everyone has a great day!

06-20-2010, 02:36 PM
Diane - here is a web site for RealSimple magazine. There was an article in our newspaper about how some ladies found jobs and I was able to find it on-line for you.


I don't know what kind of volunteer jobs are in your area, but apparently some people are able to make some connections that way that turn into paying jobs.

I can only imagine how hard it is to want to work and not be able to find a job.

Hugs for you:hug::hug:

Happy Sunday Everyone

Diane W.
06-20-2010, 10:58 PM
Thank you Jocelyn! I really appreciate the info. I didn't know I could post my resume on Craigslist. I check it everyday, but didn't see the resume section. I am going to post it tonight. I have to edit it to remove my address and phone number. They said in that article to have a dedicated voice mail, but I'm going to use my email address that I use for job hunting only. I can't volunteer without putting my unemployment insurance at jeopardy. I know that's stupid, but true. Thanks again! :hug:

06-21-2010, 11:59 AM
Diane: Tom's braces are clear brackets and metal wires. I think he looks cute! He's doing pretty well with his eating - slows him down but not too bad. I'm so sorry you are discouraged about your job search. I really believe in networking for everything you want or need. Try to tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know about your search. There is power in reaching out. I know you have exhausted yourself with sending out resumes, but try not to get down. Your perfect job is out there!

Jocelyn: I love cabbage! We've been grilling extra veggies at dinner to add to lunches and left overs. Sure makes it easy! I had a taco (lc) last night with a few grilled yellow pepper strips. Made all the difference!

We had a really nice drive down the Delta yesterday. (Where the Sacramento River meets the ocean water from San Francisco area). It had been years since we did that. We set out on an adventure to explore and find lunch. We had lunch on a riverboat in Isleton. Lucky for the iphone I was able to find it, lol! I'm in a training today, sister-in-law descending on us tonight with no notice and a septic inspection for a place I'm selling tomorrow. Wonder which is worse??:rolleyes1

06-22-2010, 08:03 PM
Hi guys. My internet went down Sunday, and I was on the phone with them last night for 2 hours getting up and going. So I am back LOL.

Diane, he actually started going down the slide last year. He was watching the kids go up the ladder and down the slide, and he tried climbing up a couple of the steps. So Mike would stay at the side and bottom of the slide and I would walk behind him holding his butt so he wouldn't slip. He is now an old pro at it LOL. Last year he did fall off the slide at the top just as he started to slide down. Thankfully he didn't get hurt.
The video was taken after he went down about 4 times before, so he was starting to get tired of it. Bailey also went down, but we didn't get a video of her. They both had so much fun that day.
I am sorry you are having a hard time. I will continue to pray for you. I agree with Lisa. Let everyone you know about your search. Even at church, talk with people about it. Word has it that there will be no more extensions, so Mike's unemployment will be done at the end of next month. He didn't pass his test for his CDL license, so he takes it again on his birthday in 2 weeks. He missed passing it by 1 point.

Lisa, take good care of Tom while he has his braces on. I hope his mouth doesn't hurt too much! The drive you took sounds so nice. I am wanting to go to the beach so bad this year. I just keep thinking about it! It has been almost 2 years since I had a vacation, so next year I will be more than ready!!

Off to the shower. Had a really busy, exhausting day. Going to hit the hay early tonight.

See you all in the morning!!

Diane W.
06-22-2010, 11:50 PM
Kathy - Sorry Mike didn't pass - Yikes, 1 point! Dam. He'll definitely pass next time. My unemployment is up next week, but on the website it says: "Legislation is still pending to extend eligibility dates for benefit extensions. Unless you have claimed the maximum 99 full weeks of unemployment benefits or have received instructions to file a new claim, you should continue to claim weekly benefits in the usual manner."
If it passes they pay retroactive. I really hope it passes.
I applied for a job at a non-profit organization right here in Beacon - it's called Clearwater and the folk singer Pete Seeger is on the board. He lives here in Beacon. I can't even believe I've been unemployed this long. It really is bizarre.

06-24-2010, 03:11 AM
I didn't see the second page and assumed no one had responded after my last post!!!

Lisa - I know where you had lunch. We used to take our sail boat up the Delta from San Francisco and then we finally left it up there as it is so much warmer and nicer to use there. It was finally donated to a youth group so we do not have it any more.

I got a short note from Robin:

"Hi Jocelyn, I know I havent been around much! Im so sorry, just so much going on with the man, the job has gone sour so I am frantically looking for a new job, just lots of STUFF! Please tell everyone hello and I will try to get over there to check in later on tonite or tomorrow! I dont want to lose track of you guys! Hugs, Pony"

It sounds as if she is in the market for a new job, too. I thought things were supposed to be getting better!!!

Take care everyone one and hugs:grouphug:

06-24-2010, 01:56 PM
Yikes about Mike, Diane and Robin on the job front. Sounds like we all need to continue to pull for them to find a better place soon!

I need support having just restarted Step 1 yesterday - finally! It wasn't a good day healthwise, but I don't think it had anything to do with Step 1. I had a meeting at work and couldn't eat lunch on time so I had a bunch of almonds. That should have held me over. In the meeting, I got really hot, clammy, nauseated and dizzy. I felt really faint so I thought I needed to get cooled off and go home for a proper lunch. I tried sitting with my ac on full blast in the car, but I got worse and worse until I knew I couldn't drive. Luckily, they just put in a walk in clinic next to my office. I have Blue Cross so I can go where I want. By the time I got in there my hands were numb and it was going up my arm. I actually had an episode of very low blood pressure 111/60. They did an EKG and kept me there for an hour. I still don't feel quite over the headache you get when you almost faint. I guess it's because I have vericose veins and I take a diuretic to keep the swelling down in my legs, especially when it's hot. That isn't good for my blood pressure since I tend to run on the low side. The doctor said to cut my sodium in half and to continue to work on weight so my veins will cause me less trouble and to not take the diueritics ever again. I've been drinking a lot of water today and doing Step 1 again to improve as quickly as I can. I seem to be less happy with the choices, but I'll manage. Any support from Step 1er's is welcome!

Hugs to all!

06-25-2010, 09:59 AM
Day 2 was easier. Where is everyone?

06-25-2010, 01:54 PM
Glad you are feeling better, Lisa.

Our poor group seems to have gone by the wayside.

Are you following Diane's Facebook page where she answers questions to get inspiration for going back to step 1?

Have company for dinner tonight and was out all day yesterday so have to get busy cooking - roast pork, spinach casserole, roasted red potatoes and yams for the carb lovers and maybe coleslaw for salad.

Have a lovely day everyone and I hope the job finding fairy shows up soon for all who need him/her!!

06-25-2010, 04:09 PM
Jocelyn: If I leave now, I can just about make it to your place by dinnertime! Yum! Have fun with your friends. I'll have to reconnect with Diane on FB. I'm technically connected, just haven't been reading her lately.

06-26-2010, 03:12 AM
Dinner was great - all the potatoes went home with one of the guests who loves them so we are not tempted. The roast and spinach will be great for the next couple of days.

It is too bad we are so far away Lisa - would love to have you for dinner and any others who would like to come, however that big pond separating us is a bit BIG!!!

Have a nice weekend everyone.


06-26-2010, 06:37 AM
Lisa, I am so sorry you had such a frightening experience!! I hope you're feeling better today. I also have low blood pressure, so I know how scary it is when it drops lower. Maybe keeping a bit of celery with peanut butter in your purse to snack on before a meeting may help. I'm glad day 2 was a little better. Just be sure to take care of yourself!!

Thank you all for the well wishes for Mike. We pretty much have the attitude whatever happens, happens. Nothing we can do to change it. We have been looking in the paper for jobs he will be able to apply for. I know whatever happens, it's in God's hands, so there is no sense in worrying about it. Easier said than done sometimes LOL.

I'll catch up with you all later. Have a great day!!

06-26-2010, 09:47 PM
Hi everyone!!:wave2: I thought everyone had just gotten busy with summer, I haven't bailed! Promise! :goodvibes

Diane, chin up girlfriend, you're right and the perfect opportunities will come. How's the walking/hiking going? We've either had storms or blasted hot and humid weather, it's too miserable get out to do anything. Leslie Sanson and my Biggest Loser DVD's are my new best friends, once again.

Jocelyn, I can't imagine living where you are. I bet it is the most beautiful, enjoyable place there is. Everytime you tell what you're doing I try so hard to visualize it..even the foods!;)

I'm so happy for Robin and her new male friend, I wish she'd get back and share some. I'm still waiting for biker and vacation pics on facebook!

Lisa, I'm here on Step I with you, once again. I can take about two weeks of it then I fall somewhere between what I imagine would be Step II and III. I've gained 12 lbs!! ...and my size 12's are getting a wee bit too tight. I've bought all my new clothes in 10's and 12's and there's no way I can go out a re-buy everything again. I started this morning and will continue until we leave for Mexico the first of August, I sure hope it's enough to get me back on track. When I first started reading your discription of your low BP episode, I thought for sure you were having a panic attack, my symptoms are exactly as you descibe when I've had them. (thank you menopause) And since it was your first day back on Step I, could low blood sugars have brought that on? Please be careful, even if you have to ease back into Step I a little bit slower.:hug: So glad you were able to get help quickly!

I'll check back in with you all over my morning coffee tomorrow. I, like Lisa, think I'm going to be needing some extra support staying on track until vacation time. The facebook MM is very helpful and I like reading it, but it's not as effective as our group right here! :grouphug:

See you in the morning!!

06-27-2010, 09:24 AM
Good morning everyone. A very hot humid day in store for us today again. This weather is sooo hard on me!!
Had such a nice time last night. We went to Kittanning, and they had a summer concert by the Allegheny River. It was such a nice time!! I posted some pics on FB. There were easily over a 1000 people there. It was hot and humid until the sun went down. There were huge house boats there on the river, and I imagine many of them came down the river from Pittsburgh. Some of them were huge! Like you'd see on TV. Saw a friend from high school. Haven't seen her in 25 years!!
Well, got to go to Walmart and get sweeper bags. In a house cleaning mood, so need to get there before the mood leaves me LOL.
I'll try to get back later.

06-27-2010, 09:56 AM
Hi girls!

I got Jocelyn's email and thought I would check back in.

I had been working a modified Step 2 and started to gain weight back, and then I went off track completely and gained more weight.

So as of yesterday I have gone back to Step 1. Other than missing fruit and milk, I feel better on Step 1 and need to get back to a good place. Of course yesterday I had the crabbies, so my family won't be thrilled to know I am back on Step 1.

We leave on our cruise in one month and I am really concerned about making that work, but all I can do is try.

It has been really hot and humid and rainy here, so my exercise has been non-existent.

I guess I am saying that I have been a very bad girl in every part of my diet life, but I am back, and plan to stay here!

I'm sorry I have missed out on everyone's life. That was my favorite part of being here (that and losing weight). Lisa, sorry that you didn't feel well. I can also attest to the idea that it sounds like a panic attack. I have missed most of Pony's updated life. I saw on FB that she had a new bike, and it sounds like a new man as well.

I will add prayers for all those who are looking for jobs.

Well, I am going to fix some bacon for b-fast, so have a great day everyone!

Diane W.
06-27-2010, 11:36 AM
Hi Pam! I am still walking the trail everyday for an hour or more. It's wooded and I go at 6pm, so it's cooler. The only thing is the deer - either I startle them or they startle me! They're not afraid at all, they just keep munching and stare at me. If it's not too hot, after I walk on the trail I go on the 'road' to the barn which cuts through 2 fields. The rail fence has bluebird boxes on it and now that the babies have hatched some of the moms/dads feel the need to dive-bomb my head! Sometimes I swirl my keys over my head and other times I run. It's only one bird at a time, not a whole flock! :)

Lisa - That must have been scary for you. I'm happy you're feeling better!

I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!

06-27-2010, 01:09 PM
Good day everybodies! :wave2:

It's so good to see you Bev! It looks like we're going to be taking off on our vacations around the same time! :woohoo: So it's been you sending all this tropical weather over here to Indiana!? Miserable isn't it? I can handle anything around the 80's but once is slides into the 90's with high humidity, I want to be anywhere but here! Next week is calling for much less rain and lower temps, I can't wait, we need a break!

Okay, so we have myself, Bev and Lisa rededicated to Step I, once again...anyone else? Lisa, I bet you'd do fine with just a one month (or even less) clean up. You always did so well on Step II didn't you? Step II for me is a killer, I must be a real carb junkie, after just a week or so on it I'm all carbs or nothing. I enjoy the food choices but then I just seem to slide back into too many. Hate that!

Wracking my brain last night for some self motivation, it hit me that when I stay truly busy, even with the most mundane of tasks, I've always been more successful on Step I. This week should be very easy, we've made last minute plans to have the July 4th party here. Now if I can just get past that one day with all the food temptations! Hubby finally started building our picnic shelter, I can't say it will be finished by then, but am hoping!

:dance3: Yay for your continued walking Diane! I did laugh about the birds dive bombing you though.:laughing: When we first moved out here, I would be out mowing and half a dozen barn swallows would start, what I thought, was bombing me. Freaked me out gave me the creeps so bad! :laughing: It took me a while but then realized it wasn't me they were after, it was the bugs I was stirring up as I mowed. I had three with me this morning as I was mowing our back two acres. Now I consider it feeding the birds.:upsidedow

Kathy, what a lovely evening you had! I envy you!

My foods were good yesterday and so far today, but I've stayed super busy working out in the yard. It's started to rain so I'll go in and polish the hardwoods or something, anything...but eat! :rolleyes1

You all have a pleasant rest of your weekend. I'll see you all tomorrow!

06-28-2010, 03:18 PM
:::Is that crickets I hear::: Hi everyone! Where y'all gone off to? Maybe I just know how to clear a thread and just don't know it yet? :rolleyes1

Day three of Step I and my energy and good mood has returned, headache, grumpies, hungries, and cravings have all gone! :cheer2: I think this is a record for me, it's usually not until the fourth or fifth day that I get detox relief. I love it when I get to the point where I have to remind myself to watch the clock to make sure I eat, that's when I know I'm good!

Ah! We've also finally gotten some relief from the unbearable heat, sunny, breezy and low humidity, my kind of weather! I'm now actually looking for things to do outside for a change. I have several things thawed for the grill tonight so I'll even be able to be out on the deck while getting dinner. Love it!:goodvibes

I just had the best laugh with my DD26. She called wanting to know if I'd go to Indy with her on Wednesday, take the grandkids and meet DD29 and her two sons and go swimming for the day. My only response was to laugh. Me? In a swimming suit with my all over my body farmers tan? :rotfl: Not a chance..not on your life..not in a million!! ..I offered to go sit in the car and watch..or to drop them off and take myself shopping! She said, no deal! lol

Lisa, are you feeling better? I just saw your request for a reflexologist<sp> was that it, on facebook. Yikes! Is that for yourself or Tom? Every single person on my side of the family (except me) has issues with reflex or gallbladders being removed or something going on all the time and are just miserable with problems. (I'm knocking on wood here) My brother and his wife both have been checked recently for esophagus cancer. They were telling me that it's the end result of cronic reflex for a lot of people. They both got the all clear but have to be checked regularly. I hope all is well with you!

Bev, how's Step I going for you? Starting over it such a pain, come and yell, stomp and hollar at us if you need to!

Off to putter once again, everyone have a nice afternoon!

06-28-2010, 03:31 PM
:lmao: Lisa! You said reflexologist..and as you probably guessed.. my mind went right to gastric reflux disorders!! I thought the "me in a swimming suit" was my laugh for the day... now I really can't quit chuckling! ;)

Diane W.
06-28-2010, 05:13 PM
Hi Everyone!
Lisa - How do I post a photo on here? I thought I could just paste it in, but that doesn't work. I finally got my photos loaded on this new netbook and thought I would share one.

We are expecting thunderstorms tonight. The humidity is terrible today.

06-28-2010, 07:08 PM
Bev: What a relief to see you back! I was just thinking of you yesterday! I thought Iíd click on our page just to see if anyone was there to support me and my rebirth to Step 1. Iím doing fine, too. I really miss my fruit, but itís manageable. I had done great on Step 2 for many months, but had a few off things like frozen yogurt twice, popcorn and a hamburger so Iím going back on Step 1 before I do any more damage. I gained maybe 2 lbs. That said, I need to lose a lot more. Lack of exercise has been a big problem since I got injured. Iím able to walk again, but not with any incline yet.

What really happened to me was that I take diuretics because my legs swell from varicose veins. Since I usually have low blood pressure anyway I found out someone like me should never take diuretics because it can crash your blood pressure. I was afraid the opposite was happening Ė a heart episode. Thank goodness it wasnít. Iím researching herbs and looking for a reflexologist, which is what my research tells me I need to try.

Pam: You are so funny with the bird feeding! Thatís a creative way to look at it, lol! Stay strong! I did a bunch of yard work, too, and kept the munchies at bay. My problem is that I was on my feet too long in the heat and without my pills my lower legs are swollen. The ankle I sprained gets huge. So today I put them up on an exercise ball when I noticed signs of swelling. Better, but how long can you stay on the ground, lol??

I just saw your newest post. My birth father had esophageal cancer. It was horrible. He had to have a huge surgery and have his stomach moved up to take the place of most of his esophagus. I have found no acid reflux when I am on MM. You might want to tell them about the program. Itís a change in diet they need, not prevacid, etc. I want the reflexologist to target areas in my feet silly! To get rid of the swelling.

Diane: I went to photobucket, uploaded the photo and pasted the link here. It's pretty easy.

Stick around everyone! We're getting close to our anniversary together and we need each other!

06-28-2010, 09:16 PM
Hi again everyone! So good to see everyone returning!! I hope this helps me get motivated to get the heck on step 1 again!! I have a high school reunion coming up in a month and I'd love to lose more weight for it. I have gained and bloated, but still in my 14's. My best friend's daughter is getting married in Sept. and I'd like to be in a 12 at the least for that. If all goes well, maybe a 10.

This adrenal fatigue has me going crazy. Had such a great "up" weekend, and even got the downstairs dusted and cleaned well yesterday. Today I could barely get out of bed. I know I need to get this eating under control.

So, I am here once again asking for help. I need a lot of support this time I think. I need to get my head around this WOE as I know my health really does depend on it. My body can't heal itself with lots of carbs and sugar. I have taken a vacation from taking care of myself, and it's showing it. I need to get off this dang pity party I'm having. My heart palpitations are back, nausea, and headaches, and shakiness. And that's not counting the mood swings. This is mostly the AF and I need to realize it in my head that low carb and s/f is the only thing that will help. I think I'm trying to convince myself and not all of you :confused3

So, starting tomorrow, I am going to start again. I am not going to view this as a failure. It is a learning process. I know our group is smaller than it used to be, but that's ok with me. I still love you all as much as ever :lovestruc
Ok, getting mushy isn't a good thing right now :sad2:

I am a bit tired this evening, so I am going to bed now. Have sweet dreams everyone, and tomorrow will be a new day with a wonderful new beginning.

Sorry for the rambling and the rant. I'll be back in the morning.

Diane W.
06-28-2010, 09:19 PM
Thanks Lisa for the instructions. Let's see if I did it right.
This should be some photos of the place where I go walking every day.
They are pictures of the beginning of the trail, a bird ready to dive-bomb at my head and the 'road' I take to walk to the barn and back.
Let me know if this works.




06-29-2010, 01:34 AM
So nice to see some posters again. We had broccoli and enchilada casserole with left over pork roast tonight. Came out fairly well.

I went to physical therapy today and they gave me some stretches and exercises I had not been given before. She said my hip area needs strengthening. We will see if they will help. I have been seeing a scoliosis specialist and he is quite pro active so hope this all helps.

Of course, getting rid of excess weight is also very important so I am not carrying it around!!

I was looking for an article I saw on veggies and how some of them have more goodies in them than fruits, but I can't find it right now. I did find the following though and thought it was good to share.

I start over every day.

Every day is a NEW opportunity. Every day is another clean slate. Every day! I have NOT been perfect with this way of eating... HEY I HAVEN'T BEEN PERFECT AT LIFE EITHER!! But I'm still living.. and I'm still trying.

I have binged. I have stalled. I have whined. I have pushed. I have cheered. I have cried. I have jumped for joy.

I have had some awesome perfect days. I have had some "squeaky" barely get by days. I've had some REBELLIOUS days! 

I AM NOT ASHAMED TO ADMIT THAT I HAVE STARTED TOTALLY OVER MORE TIMES THAN I CAN COUNT ON BOTH HANDS. That is the key. I REFUSE to give up. I REFUSE to think about what I did yesterday or last weekend. I try very hard to keep looking forward.


The "weak" days are getting fewer and fewer AND ... farther and farther between them. Would you beat your child for not walking perfectly within the first months of learning how to take their first step? Would you use as harsh a language with a beginner "reader" as you would for yourself for not doing it perfectly? Would you toss out your child for not brushing their teeth because you have told them at least a dozen times what to do? I THINK NOT! Give yourself a break!!!

If you struggle with "perfection" -- determine to be ONE OF "THOSE" PEOPLE ....... start over every morning. I love a new day!

New day = new chance to get it right.

See, we just have to think of each day as new and go from there. Good Luck!


06-29-2010, 11:28 AM
Diane: Your pictures are so gorgeous! I had to chuckle over the bird.:lmao:

Kathy: It's ok to have a two minute pity party. I hope you're feeling better today because the negative feelings will only make you want to eat poorly. Is it possible for you to see carbs and sugar as poison? They really are for us MM'ers. I told Tom I needed his help to keep me healthy and mentally strong so he's helping me not to give in to temptation instead of being the one that would indulge me. He loves me so much that previously if I craved ice cream, he'd grab the car keys, lol! Could you tell your family to help you also? Try it.:wizard:

Jocelyn: I'm glad you are seeing the physical therapist. A good one is worth their weight in gold. I loved the quote you shared! I'm sure it's what Kathy and all of us needed to hear today.

I've lost the extra pounds already, but wanting to make a lot more progress so thanks to all of you for being here. I got new natural supplements yesterday for my adema (swelling) and seem to be back to normal today. We'll see how I hold up with 100 degrees again. Showing a house at the hottest part of the day today...

06-29-2010, 08:13 PM
Well, I see I need to get myself back here and catch y'all up on my life! LOL, such a nosy bunch we all are...can't let anyone get away from us for too long without someone checking in and dragging us back here! :thumbsup2 I seriously have just not had the extra time lately...no excuse, I know I know...

First and foremost, I am not on any particular plan, just watching the carbs, and trying to avail myself of the summer veggies in the garden and farmers market and getting into the gym a couple times a week...lost a couple more, but nothing huge, and for right now, I guess I am just going to keep trying to stay healthy and not freak about the scale...and here's why...

Jim doesnt care one bit how much I weigh, and says if I want to lose some for MY benefit, then go for it, but if I want to lose it for any other reason, he couldn't care less! He isnt the healthiest eater in the world, in that he eats at irregular times like I do, and is likely to cave in and have a pizza or a dish of ice cream now and again, but for the most part he eats pretty normal, doesnt like junk food, and is all about salads and the grill, so that makes it easy to stay on track most of the time. He is back from his 2 month motorcycle trip across 29 states, so its been great having him closer. He lives over the West Virginia border, about 90 minute drive, so he has been putting on some more miles coming back and forth to the farm to stay a few days here and there when I have time off. He is the GREATEST and all my friends and family adore him...and of course NOW THEY TELL ME, that they never liked Ken and thought he was kind of uppity and that he was just trying to throw money and numbers around to impress me...LOL, I told them if they have honest opinions about Jim, I need to hear them NOW, not later! :) I mean seriously, what good does it do me to hear this all after the fact! I actually heard from Ken a couple weeks ago, just checking in and wondering if there was a possibility of him coming over to talk...I told him NO and was so proud of myself for sticking to my guns...I had doubts and reservations myself all during that time...he just always seemed to be trying to impress me with his job and his money...then of course the whole thing about disappearing to foreign countries half the year...I think I was being a bit naive about him! :confused3

Jim bought me the motorcycle as I have been riding all my life, but havent been able to afford one since moving down here...he is an avid regular rider, and was thrilled to find out that I rode too...we are so excited to be able to ride together, and are planning several long trips in the future. We are going to ride the Blue Ridge Parkway here in Virginia right to the end in NOrth Carolina this coming 4th of July holiday week, as I am off that whole week on vacation. and YES MOMS, we always wear our helmets!

My job has turned into somewhat of a nightmare, due to the company putting new CEO in place several months ago, and all the new directives and changes in policy have just really thrown all the tenured employees into a tailspin...they are now messing with our money, our health care, our schedules...its just ugly and dumb stuff that sometimes happens when a company transitions to new upper management...Jim would love to have me out of here and into something more "normal" as far as hours and stress levels, so Im now interviewing with a couple of local agencies, so I could stay licensed as an agent, but get out of the call center environment.

OK Nosy ones! All caught up? LOL I love you guys so much and dont mean to be missing in action and out of touch with whats happening with you...I promise to be better about my communications from now on! I dont have time to catch up with whats going on with you guys, but will try to get some back post reading done in the next day or two...month end is upon us here and thats always a crazy time...

I have spoken with Kate recently, hopfully she will get here soon to catch up too!

:grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug::grouphug: :grouphug::grouphug:

06-30-2010, 06:56 AM
Robin, so good to see you!! All I can say is WOW!! lol. I am so glad you and Jim are getting along so well. I would love to go riding! Mike said after he gets his CDL license, he wants to get his motorcycle license. I told him if he gets his, I'd get mine. But I think he needs to get a job before we can get a motorcycle :lmao: When I was little my one neighbor would take me and my sister and our friends (we were all friends) for short rides. I loved it!! Just be careful of the other drivers!!

Diane, your pictures a beautiful!! I would love to have somewhere like that to walk. We do have a wooded area a few blocks from the house, but it doesn't have very good trails to go by. Bombing birds don't sound like much fun though! Post more pictures when you get them!!

Jocelyn, thank you for posting the article. It really helped me see things a bit differently. I am going to print it out, make a few copies, and put them around the house and in my purse. I guess you hit it on the mark. If I can't do it right, why do it? I need to remind myself that yes, believe it or not, I'm human. I goof up. But I need to learn to view it as a learning process and not a failure. Failure is giving up. I don't want to ever get to the point where I feel that is my only option. It isn't. I can get up, dust myself off and resume where I left off. I can be proud of myself and what I've accomplished.

Lisa, I think Mike is starting to understand just how crappy I have been feeling all these years. Yep, years!! He has been helping out around the house and making sure I'm getting the rest I need. He is a lot like Tom. If I mention something I'd like to do or try, he goes and gets it or takes me to it. One time I was just talking about wanting to go somewhere, more or less talking to myself out load, and the next day he took me there as a surprise!! If I mention I think something would taste good, even in just theory, he gets it for me. So, I have to be careful about thinking out loud LOL. I need to change my point of view regarding this WOE. It's not a diet. It's a choice to change my life and how I feel.
After the rant the other night, I am feeling better. I haven't weighed myself in over a month. I have gained 20 of the 30 I lost :scared: So I am going to start step 1. I may need to tweek it a bit for the AF, Dr. Wilson suggests eating a little bit every 2 or so hours, but I will use as many freebies as I can when I do eat like that. He said to use a bit of protein, fat, and carb so I need to figure out something. That is for the hypoglycemia part of AF. I had a major crash yesterday. Forgot to grab some nuts or something and had a melt down around 1pm. I had eaten breakfast around 8. Too many hours between meals and no snack. I was shaking, sweating, heart pounding, just crazy.

Yesterday was Carrie's birthday, and I did have a tiny piece of cake with everyone. It was like a slither. I just didn't feel like eating any of it. Had a nice evening with everyone though. Small party with 8 of us LOL.

Ok, off to get ready for work. Have a great day everyone! It's a nice sunny COOL day here today. Sooo perfect.

06-30-2010, 10:00 PM
Kathy: Are you keeping snacks in your purse? Tom and I went for a drive on Sunday and even though we knew we'd have lunch we took some string cheese, turkey slices and water in a little cooler. It made all the difference! We both were so glad to have the snacks. When we finally did have lunch, we were in control and not starving. We're learning!

The weather was gorgeous today. I planted some plants before dinner and got into the pool after the sun left it. Actually got cold! That's a novel feeling around here this time of year. It's been a mild season so far. It will be in the upper 90's for the weekend, though. Glad we're going to the forest on Saturday hiking. We'll be up where the streams are full of snowmelt. Freezing water and sunny hills. Yummm! 48 hrs. and counting til J-P lands!

06-30-2010, 10:51 PM
Good to see you all!

What beautiful pictures. I wish I had somewhere that beautiful to go walking.

Lisa - what are you using for the swelling in your legs? I have one foot and leg that is always swollen. I have injured it in the past and it his something to do with the fluid not being able to move back "up." I would love to find something that works for it. The high BP meds they gave me as a diuretic did nothing for the edema, and I don't have high BP!:lmao:

I am on day 4 or 5 of Step 1. I don't remember if I started Saturday or Sunday. the memory issues are starting to scare me. So far so good. A couple times I have eaten 1/2 cup of blueberries for my 5 g of carbs. I know I shouldn't, but I love frozen blueberries. I think they are all gone now, so that is good. I am feeling better. I had eaten poorly on Father's Day and noticed that I started getting the shakes, etc. I never have problems with that when I am lc.

Well, I am off to bed. I was up from 1:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. this morning with my allergies, so I am pretty tired.

I'll try to catch up tomorrow!

07-01-2010, 06:59 AM
It has been so nice the last couple days. It has been down in the high 40's low 50's at night, so the air conditioners are getting a break. It is about 75* during the day with low humidity. Perfect weather. It is to warm back up by the weekend. I believe they are calling for highs around 85* with high humidity.

Lisa, I didn't have anything to pack for a snack because I didn't get to the store to really start step 1 appropriately. I picked up stuff yesterday evening, so I am pretty good to go now. I did ok yesterday. I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich yesterday. I forgot to get natural peanut butter, so I did use Jiff. But it really filled me up. And I did use 2 slices of bread. It is the light bread and was 6 n/c per slice. Not great, but it's ok. I had some left over shepherd's pie, so there was mashed potatoes with that. I had no sugar at all though, until I got home. I had a small piece of birthday cake (cake is my huge downfall and will be the death of me for sure!) and man did I get nauseated!! So I know now that sugar is a huge culprit in my symptoms of AF. There is still a couple pieces of cake left, but I will be throwing them out this morning.
So, today starts my official day 1 of step 1. Tomorrow is Mike's birthday, and although I will have no cake, not sure what he wants for supper. So I am playing that day by ear. I will probably try to eat something before he gets home so I won't be hungry for his supper, and maybe just have a couple spoonfuls of it. He may end up wanting tacos, and that would be great!!

Lisa, so glad J-P will be home soon. I know you'll enjoy your time with him!!

Ok, need to take care of a few things before getting ready for work.

07-01-2010, 12:17 PM
Good day everyone! :wave2:

Lisa, I love how thrilled you get when JP gets to visit! None of my kids have ever been far enough away or for long enough for me to get the opportunity to miss them, but it's easy enough for me to imagine. I hope you have a great visit with him, I know you will. Here's my most recent example,... daughter number three with two kids just left her home and moved back in with us on Monday. :scared1:<<this is how I feel about that! She left her fiance and told him that she'd return (to the house she owns and bought herself!) when "he decides he's done and leaves." Now my normal quiet, perfectly organized house and life style has been turned upside down, I now have a 20 month old and a 5yr old back in my charge. I'm far too old for this! :eek::eek: I love all three of them to death, I just happen to love them just a itsy bit more when they're in their own home!:laughing:

Other than the aboved mentioned...I've had a truly awesome week with my foods and stress level. We all know how erratic the scale can be for us, so I'm taking this for what it's worth, but from Sunday until this morning, I'm down four pounds already and feeling at least ten pounds lighter! My happy thought and motivation for today! :cheer2:

It's great to see so many of us once again! Love it! Mindset ladies! We all know this works. If you goof, don't beat yourself up, just move right on. :grouphug:

Diane, your photos are so pretty! I'm shocked at how much it looks like our Celery Bog walking path!! It's so easy to understand how you've become so dedicated to walking it. Awsome!

Robin, thank you for posting for us nosey butts!!:lmao: You're fault we like you so much and are interested in how and what you're doing!! Sounds like things have really fallen into place for you and it's so good to hear, very happy for you! Humor us some more as soon as you get the chance...pah'lease? ;)

Bev, I hope you're feeling better today, all rested and ready to go again. If you and/or Lisa find something natural for reduction of that swelling would you please post it? My sister suffers from the same thing and nothing the doc or she does seems to reduce it.

Kathy, keep at it, everything will fall into place for you soon.:hug: I'd never be able to resist cake either, I don't even try anymore. I consider it a slip and just move on. I don't feel deprivation should be a part of anyone's WOE or WOL.

Jocelyn, everyone is right, that is a great article! I copied and pasted it to a word doc to print out for my fridge. Great find and thank you!

You all have a pleasant rest of your day! Lunch time!:sunny:

07-01-2010, 10:39 PM
Good Afternoon,

Been nice and busy the last few days and eating the proper foods. Does make me feel like I have accomplished something!!

My cousin and I went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch today. I ate half of my Cobb salad and brought the other half home for dinner. We watched the cheesecake slices go by, but did not indulge. I found a recipe on line that is supposed to be their low carb cheese cake. I haven't tried it, but have the ingredients so will try it for the weekend.

It is so nice to "see" more faces here.

Robin, so glad you checked in. Your trip this weekend sounds great, too. Have a safe ride on your bike.

Hugs to ALL:grouphug:

07-02-2010, 12:30 PM
Hope you all have a great 4th weekend...I am leaving work early tonite to go pack, then we are leaving inthe morning for a week long motorcycle adventure!

Glad so many of you are starting over and happy about it....I cant do it true to plan, but am kind of adapting with a combination MM/Jorge thing...mostly no sugar, trying to kick the splenda habit and switch to stevia, and low carb...seems to be keeping things stable so I know the only thing that will kick start the losses again is back to the gym REGULARLY, instead of this hit or miss thing....sigh...what to do? Hang out with the man, or make him sit at the gym with me and hand me towels and water? LOL, he would do it, thats the funniest thing!

Continued prayers for jobs, weight loss, and health ...Love you all!

Diane W.
07-02-2010, 03:56 PM
Robin - Have a wonderful & safe trip! Sounds like you've found a great guy.

07-02-2010, 06:56 PM
Bev: Iím taking Natureís Way Leg Veins (2 twice a day) and Michaelís Naturopathic progames Water Balance Factors (3 a day) for the swelling. I was skeptical, but honestly they seem to be working to about 90% of normal! I took my best friend all the way to Murphys (Joeclyn!) yesterday so along with shopping the little towns we were gone for 8 hrs. and I did all the driving. I then rushed home to meet some kids to show them houses in the heat until 9 pm. I was only slightly swollen in the ankle that was sprained. Much, much better than the week before. I think these preparations are working better even than the prescription was anyway. I lost 4 lbs. right away on Step 1. Stuck to the exact rules for a week then had a planned bite or two with my friend for her birthday. Two bites of bread and about two of bread pudding we shared. Hmmmm, I had a massive headache in the night. I cannot eat any sugar! Do I hear myself?? OK good. Bev, I just noticed you are getting all of my musings under your name, lol! I also wanted to tell you that on Dianeís blog she says you can have ľ cup of blueberries, not Ĺ for your 5 carbs in 5 hrs. ĺ = 15 so ľ = 5.

Pam: Iím sorry some of the family has descended on you again, lol! If you didnít make such a lovely homeÖLOL! Just kidding.

Robin: Iím so glad you found a man that loves everything about you! I did want to whisper that the main benefit as I see it to all of your success with your health this year is that you have your blood sugar in great shape. Your doctor probably has your picture on the wall as a poster child! So keep it up! Have a great time on your trip!

Iím going upstairs to put the finishing touches on J-Pís bathroom. We told Bonnie today that heís coming home and she ran around sniffing everything. So cute! Weíd take her to the airport, but if the plane is delayed sheíd get too hot in the car.

I want us to be cooler, active parents that suggest healthy activities so weíre going hiking all day tomorrow. Sierra City and beyond, Jocelyn. Plumas County Lake Basin. There should be a lot of wildflowers, waterfalls, lakes and streams. Iíve been reading a website with blogs where people post their pictures, etc. I bet there will be a lot of people, but weíre going to try to leave early and take a picnic.

Happy 4th if I donít get back on here til Monday!

07-03-2010, 12:30 AM
Lisa - your hike should be lovely, one of the many beautiful areas of California.

Robin - have fun.

We will have friends in for a casual dinner and then watch the fireworks that are off the Ala Moana beach park for those who know the area. They are always quite nice.

I am sore from my PT exercises!! They are making my knee a bit sorer so got a cortisone shot in it today. It feels much better - if only that would help my back! Oh well...........

Have a lovely long, safe sugar free:eek: weekend everyone.


07-03-2010, 08:25 AM
Hi guys!! So nice to see everyone again!!
Lisa, I did the same thing with the sugar. Mike wanted cheesecake for his birthday cake and I had a small piece. BIG MISTAKE!! I woke up this morning with a huge migraine. I did eat a piece of thin crust pizza (pepperoni) from Pizza Hut too. So I am sitting here waiting patiently for my throbbing head to stop.
I hope J-P got in ok yesterday. I can imagine how excited Bonnie must have been to see him!! I know how Tyson and Bailey are when they see Tris and Levi. Isn't it nice to see how happy they are to see someone they haven't seen for a while? If we "humans" acted that way, guys with white jackets would be coming to escort us out of our homes :lmao:
I know you'll enjoy your walk. I really wish there was somewhere close to us like that. On Father's day we took Tyson and Bailey to a place called Buttermilk Falls. It was soo nice!! I'll post a few pics of it. Bailey wanted to get into the creek, and I was going to take a picture of her. When I snapped it, then looked at it, she wasn't there. Mike said that as soon as I snapped it, she went into the deep part and went under. Scared her for a moment. She (like Tyson) swims like a huge 65* rock LOL. But she still wanted to go into the deep parts. I am thinking I'll need to get her a life jacket. The creek was running a bit fast, so we didn't let her go in too far.

Jocelyn, I hope your knee feels a bit better. My knee still acts up from time to time. The fireworks sound so nice there!! We can see fireworks from our front yard, so Mike and I usually just sit on the grass and watch them. Tyson doesn't like loud noises, so he stays inside. A 65* baby for sure LOL.

Going to have a busy weekend. Have a picnic to go to this evening (bon fire, fireworks, lots of great company), and Mike's niece is having a picnic tomorrow evening. Hoping the dogs can go with us tomorrow. They would have a lot of acreage to run on.

Have a great weekend everyone if I don't make it back before Monday.

07-04-2010, 06:09 PM
Hope everyone is enjoying their day. I'm going to the beach shortly.


07-05-2010, 05:27 PM
Just stopping in to say hi to everyone. It is a really hot and humid 93* out today :(
I'll catch up tomorrow morning with you all

07-05-2010, 05:57 PM
Just popping in to say Hi to everyone.:wave2:

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend! :goodvibes

The heat and humidity has driven me back inside, it's fine, I'm good at puttering and doing housework.:upsidedow

I splurged yesterday and did a piece of angel food cake with strawberry and whipped cream icing. Mistake!:scared1: I think it was just too much, I've been thrown back into a detox mode today with headache and tiredness. Blah! I know better!

I'm really having to resist getting on the scale for some reason, so I keep thinking about that piece of cake, if that isn't motivation I don't know what will be.:laughing:

07-06-2010, 01:29 PM
Hello Everyone!!! It is hard to believe that you all changed my life 1 year ago. Boy what a year it has been :goodvibes

I hope you all had a great 4th of July!!!

Why do I not see Nell??? :confused:

07-06-2010, 01:48 PM
Hi, everyone! I hope you all had wonderful 4th's!

Laura: It was especially nice to see you! It has been an amazing year with us all together. We should make a yearbook, lol!

We had such a great time over the long weekend. We got up early the first day with J-P home and headed out for the mountains. We first had a beautiful picnic on a river sitting on boulders like chairs with our feet in icy snow melt rushing by. It was so relaxing! Then we drove up further and hiked to a waterfall where you could hear the wind rushing through the pines and see a lot of wildflowers. It was so gorgeous I had a hard time believing it hadn't been professionally landscaped, lol! Then we went to the biggest lake in the region. It had clean sandy beaches and gentle ascents into the water. Paradise! Bonnie had such a great time.

I had asked Tom for a book on hikes within driving distance from our home for Christmas so we could begin to be more active in our recreation, instead of taking drives and eating out, for instance. This book had all of the above and a lot more we plan to do in the future.

In the Fall, we're going to plan a hike at Mt. Lassen, the volcanic mountain where there are also hot springs. It's about half way for J-P and us to meet there. We can find lodging nearby and make a family trip out of it. Yippee!

I want him to remember us as the kind of parents that were fun and active instead of watching too much TV like my Dad does...:confused3

We had my parents over for a bar-b-que lunch on Sunday and I stepped on the wild side with some strawberry pie and a piece of olive bread. Trying to be back on the wagon today. I'm like Pam - feeling afraid of the scale, but I don't think the news will be too bad.

Have a great day everyone! Email Nell and drag her back here. She had some events in her life and was accepted to nursing school, so she's probably overwhelmed.

07-06-2010, 03:50 PM
Here is an interesting video to watch by Jorge Cruise. He is a bit much, but do like some of his info. It is called Death by Sugar.


Busy day, will catch up later.

Hugs to ALL:grouphug:

07-07-2010, 12:37 PM
:wave2:Hello eveyone!!

Thanks for the link Jocelyn, that was interesting, it made me go on to more and more of his Youtube videos. What he advises really is a lot like MM. I went through his Belly Fat series. This is the second time I've seen that the key to the loss of belly fat is a constant fueling of mono and poly unstaturated fats. I now truly believe there must be a link, so back to more EVOO, olives, nuts and fish for me! Thanks again!

So good to see you Laura! I hope all is well with you! Come visit more often if you can!

Lisa, your time with the family this week sounds absolutely delightful, I'm sure you're enjoying yourself so much! Love it!!:goodvibes

Kathy, stay safe and cool!! This is suppose to be the hottest day so far this season for us east of the Mississippi!

Middle daughter called wanting me to go to the pool with her once again, once again, I laughed!:laughing: We decided on going to see Eclipse instead. She talked me into going to see the previous two so I suppose I should go with her for this one. I hate seeing movies after reading the books, the movies are always so disappointing in comparison.

I'm past detox once again, it took two days to recoupe from one single piece of cake...amazing! Feeling great and reenergized and back to my old self.:cheer2:

My MM anniversary is on the 27th of this month. For those of you that don't keep track on MM Facebook, you might be interested in knowning that Diane has opened her photo access tab for us to insert before/during/after photos of ourselves. I'm thinking hard about this one,:laughing:, I've yet to allow myself to get in front of a camera so I will have actually stand still for one to be posted. Maybe someone could hog tie me to a chair or something. :laughing: This will require some thought on my part. ;)

Everyone stay cool and have a nice afternoon!

07-07-2010, 01:41 PM
Pam: My MM anniversary is one day after yours! I say if you have those pics post them for sure! You've made amazing progress.:cool1:

07-09-2010, 04:59 PM
I hear crickets in here again!

HellooOOOoo everyone! :wave2:

Where'd y'all go?

Lisa, you're not posting... I Step, II Step...any step at all? ;)

Kathy, how are you doing, I'm still missing your morning posts....

Jocelyn, are you still swimming, I think about you then think about where you live and I get envious every single time! :laughing:

Diane may have gotten lost on one of her walks :scared1:...find Nell and send her looking for her!

I sent my daughter back home where she belongs and now I'm just kinda bored. I'd rather be this way that stressed over her business though.:rolleyes1

Lisa, I will post my before/during photos on Dianes facebook. I have a feeling I'll end up being the first to do it, and that makes me a bit nervous. :laughing: You know that means you have to do it too!!:laughing: It will be interesting for me to see as well. I don't think I've fully grasped how much I've lost. Standing still for a photo will probably do me good. I realized something ironic today, I have check in doc appointment on the 27th of this month, my MM anniversary date. I'm thinking it may be a good idea to call and have them write me a blood work order prior to the appointment. That way I can get it done and be able to post the exact one year changes with the photos. ...hum...must think about this one.

I'm still going strong with Step I, it's all clicked back in for me and am feeling lighter and cleaner on the inside., happy gal here!

Y'all come say hi! :wave2:

Diane W.
07-09-2010, 06:57 PM
I found my way back from the woods!:rotfl:
I was watching Man vs. Food and he went to a restaurant that served Horseshoes. Pam, was it you that said they ate one? I remember asking what it was, but not sure who ate it. They looked good! But I think anything covered in French Fries would be good. :)

I wish I could say something was new, but noooooooo.
I haven't really gone out all week because it was 100* outside. Tomorrow is supposed to be better.

07-10-2010, 12:03 AM
It was Bev and she even gave us a picture. Not on the plan, LOL!

07-10-2010, 12:09 AM
Hey, Pam! Step 1 with a few extras thrown in, but not more than 2 a week, I'd say. Once in a while I eat a tortilla with 6 carbs instead of 5, that kind of thing. Not really weighing or measuring but the clothes are fitting fine. Well, not buying any smaller ones, but you know what I mean...Still having a tough time with stepping up the physical activity. My injuries are holding me back. It's slow, but I'll be better soon, I'm sure. Feeling lucky just to take a walk after what we've been through. Tom's ankle is still really bad, poor guy. He's going to the gym and does a lot of sit ups too. I can't wait to see your pictures. I'm not sure how many before and afters I could dig up. Have a great weekend! I have events on both days with clients so I'll get back here as soon as I get a break. I've been working nights all week - kinda tired of it!

07-10-2010, 09:29 AM
Good morning!! :wave2:

Diane, I know it's been horribly hot here as well, the heat index of over 100 kept me in a few days the last couple of weeks. On those days I pull out my walking with Leslie and Biggest Loser dvds and have at in the AC. I'm sitting here right now waiting for my breakfast and one tiny tangerine to kick in so I can have a four quick mile walk with my buddy Leslie Sanson, I figure it has to be better than nothing because of the heat :confused3

Lisa, how about you, I was thinking that there is still an awful lot of upper body things you can be doing while waiting for your lower half to catch up with you. There's lots of core work help you can be doing (light weighs for arms, no impact leg work, balance balls for core, etc) If you've never been an avid exerciser, I'm sure it would be confusing on what you can be doing to help, let me know if you want or need some ideas.;) I can understand that it would be hard to work on clients schedules or whenever it is that they're available. But it sure sounds like things are picking up for you, that has got to be exciting! :cheer2:

It appears that today will be a mowing and errand running day for me. I've not gotten a single thing ready for our trip next month so I best be getting on it. My size 12 shorts and jeans are fitting perfectly once again, whew! I can relax about that now, but those size tens up in my closet are still calling to me that they want to go to Mexico too! :laughing:

You all have a terrific weekend! Keep cool!!

07-11-2010, 05:47 PM
Hi everyone!! Good to be back here with you all.
Mike's oldest DD was in the hospital again, so had no way of getting here. She went in on Friday, and got home this afternoon. They still have no idea what is wrong with her. They more or less told us next time to take her to Pittsburgh. So we told them we will. I'm not saying she's NOT sick, but I think she brings a lot of it on herself.
I am still so far off plan. I just can't seem to get my mindset back to where it was when I started. I am going to pull the book out again and read it once more. Hoping that may give me a jump start. My weight has been creeping back up, and that alone should give me incentive.
Ok, going to lay down for a bit. Really tired after spending all that time at the hospital doing nothing but reading.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Love you all!!:grouphug:

07-11-2010, 07:45 PM
I just typed a long reply and hit the wrong key and lost it, I guess.

Thinking of all you and will have to try to re-write it later.

07-12-2010, 08:42 AM
Good morning everyone!! I hope you all had a great night sleep. I slept like a rock, even with my hip being sore. I REALLY need to get to the chiropractor!! Maybe by Friday I can get there.
I have resolved to start step 1 today. This kind of makes me sad as I have a whole seedless watermelon on my counter. Not sure if I'll follow it 100% or do a little cheat in it. I could do the watermelon as a 5x5 during the afternoon or something. I just don't want to deprive myself because in the middle of winter I crave good watermelon, and if I don't have any this summer, I'll be kicking myself this winter LOL. Also, corn is in season here now, and the local farmers are selling it. This one farmer always sells it along the road, and his corn is sooo good. I may get a bunch of it, and blanch it and freeze it for winter. I will be able to have it on step 2, right? And it wouldn't be massive amounts.

Been so hot and humid here. I just don't feel like doing anything at all!! We have bad storms heading this way this afternoon. I just hope they don't get too severe.
Have a great day everyone. Sending you all a big huge hug.

07-12-2010, 11:32 AM
Good morning all! :wave2:

I hope you all had nice weekend! :goodvibes

We had our thirty year wedding anniversary this weekend...wow, just like the song says..."Don't blink!" ...no gift or celebration yet, I've had my eye on a few pricey pieces of jewlery in Mexico...so we'll see if he comes through..;)

I'm still spot on with Step I, but I did notice that my workouts were leaving me a bit weak and depleted, so I've had to add either half a banana or some natural applesauce before hand. It really seems to be helping. I've also started adding a teaspoon of organic ACV to a morning and one of my afternoon glasses of water, it believe it's helped balance me a some what. I'm down five of my 12 pounds gained, due to my wrecklessness.(yes, I went back to my regular Sunday morning weigh ins) I needed to see that for another week's worth of motivation. ;)

I'm thinking hard about trying to continue Step I while on vacation, My DH's mother is going to be in Cali with one of his sisters so that leaves the kitchen totally in my charge! This could be a very good thing! I can take my Atkins shakes with us and all the veggies there are naturally organic and the meat is far far better than anything we can purchase here, eggs are all from free range chickens. Everything is locally grown and sold. ... I've had so many people give me an "ewwww" when speaking of foods in Mexico, if they only knew!! If I lived down there (minus the wonderful tortillas) I'd be far healthier with their food choices than I'd ever be here!... we all would be.

Kathy! Great news about returning to Step I!! I would certainly consider freezing any or all of the fruits and veggies you can get your hands on this summer! You could easily freeze that watermelon, legal servings in those small ziplock baggies, yes? That corn could be blanched, quartered and put in some vegetable soup this winter, along with some zuccinni <sp> and squash. It would be easy to have all the freshness of it during our long winter days. Okay, you talked me into it, I'm going to hit our farmers market the next couple weeks and get me a few things to freeze!! :laughing: ...don't forget the tomatoes, blanche, skin, and freeze quartered...okay, now I'm just making myself hungry!

This humidity is really killing my desire to try to get any bike riding in and I am really missing my five mile walks on our walking trail. But I'm moving!!..in the A/C.;) I mentioned to DH the other day that this kind of weather is as bad as our winters in that it drives us back indoors just to survive the season!

Off to get my second set of my workout in! You all have a great start to your week! :grouphug:

07-12-2010, 12:40 PM
Pam: It's fun to read your chipper posts! I do so appreciate you! I hate to whine, but I also have a problem with my shoulder so I cannot do upper body weights. I can walk without problems and moving the largest muscles seems to be the best anyway. I'm going to try the chi gong (sp) tape I bought Tom today myself. I'll let you know if I fall down, lol!

I loved hearing about the fresh food in Mexico! Yum! I ordered a steak in Truckee last weekend that was from local, grassfed, free range beef. It was worth the price tag! Best meat I've ever, ever eaten and there wasn't even a hint of gaminess. I wanted to encourage Diane to try again because I think she got ahold of a bad batch with her son that time. I got to thinking - my grandparents raised all of their livestock with free range methods and the meat was wonderful. Cattle are not meant to eat corn. It causes them to have e coli when they do not on a free range diet. Once again, I encourage you all to watch Food Inc. It's got so much important information.

Kathy: I had a talk with myself yesterday about Step 1. The first time I did it I didn't have a single bite of anything that wasn't ok. It worked great and I didn't feel deprived because I knew it was for a set time. This time I started to make some exceptions. I felt like cr** when I did so it's not worth it. My talk with myself was to try to discover what's keeping me from going back to Step 1 with the enthusiasm I first had. I think it has something to do with being so comfortable with the portions in Step 2 and misssing some of those foods in moderation. I need to wrap my head around the temporary nature of Step 1 if I'm going to be successful with it again. That's where I am today.

You can have 1/2 cup of corn on Step 2, as long as you are not pairing it with beans, or another carb at the same time. I like to use 1/4 cup each of corn and black beans in Mexican salads on Step 2. You can have it again after Step 1 and frozen is really just as tasty:) I also fell into the watermelon trap on the 4th. However, it was a gateway to other cheats and I'd rather feel good in my clothes than taste something for a few minutes so it's not going to happen again for me. I gave the leftover corn to Mom to take home. If it's out of the house, I don't think about it.

Off to work, the plant nursery and the chi gong! I'll let you know how it goes!

Have a great day!:banana:

07-12-2010, 02:06 PM
:wave2:Hi again!

So okay, I googled http://www.chigong.com/english.htm because I had no idea of what is was! :laughing: Lisa, this sounds like some good stuff! You said you have a DVD of it? Where do I get my hands on one? This has really got me thinking, do you have any of Leslies walking DVD's? I bet you could also find some wonderful stretching DVDs as well. Muscle movment is critical to healing. I so wish I lived closer to you! I'd be on you night and day pushing your fanny to move!! :rotfl: "Knock! Knock! Knock!" "Omg Tom, it's that Pam again, and she has her walking shoes on!" "Hide me!"

Here's something I want to share that I found helps me so very much....do whatever your workout is going to be early in the day. It does two very important things for me. First, it keeps my energy, mood and pride up and secondly, when I think of how hard I worked it's much easier to keep my food choices correct. Sure don't want to undo all that hard work! huh?;)

I did see a lot of the Foods Inc. and some of another one on a special they had on the Discovery channel last winter. Sickening, to say the very least!! I phoned our two open to the public butcher markets and neither of them offer organic meats, can you belive this? One does sell whole free range chickens from the Amish though and that there was still no guarantee that they were not given antibiotics or steriods. That's it. They both suggested I contact the Purdue Ag Dept for further info or for a list of private organic beef and chicken producers in our area. At that point I decided to start using 2 Atkins shakes a day and I cut way back on all meats. I could so easily become veggan. I've never been a big meat eater to begin with, no appeal. Thanks for bringing that back up Lisa, a good friends of mines husband is the head of the Purdue pig farms and I intended to contact him and pick his brain for some ideas about organic available in this area.

:laundy:....time to move! :dance3:

07-12-2010, 08:03 PM
Hi everyone. Well, almost made it through day 1. Not feeling too well. My throat has been a little sore the last few days, along with my sinuses and headache. Today at work, it felt like a full blown cold or flu. I am so tired (could be detox) my head hurts (again detox?) my throat is really hurting (not detox) and my sinuses are hurting like crazy (again, not detox). So I will see how I feel tomorrow after a good night's sleep. Thinking I may take 1/2 dose (1 liquicap) Nyquil and see if it helps any. Thankfully a short day of work tomorrow. About 3 hours.
As for my exercise, I am still thinking of the calanetics. I have a dvd Pam mentioned, but my knee still gives me a bit of trouble now and again.
Ok, off I go to get something to eat. I am craving bacon of all things. Mike just went to the store to get some LOL. I'm not craving bread or anything sandwich wise. Just bacon. I may put it on some lettuce with a bit of mayo though.
Lisa, that is exactly how I am. I think 1 little cheat won't hurt, but then it turns into a huge cheat. My Saturday's are busy the rest of the month with summer parties, so hoping I keep a good frame of mind. My 25th school reunion is at the end of the month. If I get rid of the bloat by then, I'll be happy.
I got a pair of capri's today on sale along with a couple cute halter type shirts. They will be nice and cool for Carrie's graduation party on Saturday. I also go a nice Aeropostale' jacket on sale for $13!! I may get one for the girls for Christmas as well. You can never have enough jackets LOL.
I'll catch up tomorrow morning.

Diane W.
07-13-2010, 03:46 PM
Happy Anniversary Pam! I hope some jewelry from Mexico is in your future!

Lisa - My son says that a place in town has great burgers and they're made from grass-fed beef. I plan on trying one soon. The place is called Poppy's and the owner was on the show Chopped and actually won. I asked Owen if he could tell they were grass-fed and he said 'not really'. I'll let you know after I try one.

Kathy - I hope you feel better and enjoy your bacon! What are Mike's DD's complaints - does she have a chronic illness?

I have a resume submitted for a job that I am really excited about. I asked my old boss who knows the COO to send a note flagging (and endorsing) my resume and he did. I hope I get called for an interview!

I also wonder why I can't muster the enthusiasm for step 1 that I had last August. I found it so easy and so productive. I think I feel a need to 'reward' myself with food nowadays, since I don't have much else going on. I'm good about exercise, but diet is a challenge.

07-13-2010, 07:46 PM
Iíll write my reply in Pages - Macís version of Word and then if I lose it I will have a place to go back to!!

I totally understand everyoneís difficulty with step 1 or any low carb way of eating. I keep reading info about it to keep myself motivated. We needed to order some things from Amazon so I ordered the Good Calorie - Bad Calories book for myself. I also was able to get a used copy of Atkins original book. It is REALLY interesting as he talks about the overworked pancreas, insulin, hypoglycemia, etc. He was sounding like Diane and Jorge or do they sound like him, even if they wonít admit it??? This book was published in 1972 and the copy I got has that date handwritten in it. It is also in really good condition so who ever got it didnít use it much!! There are some quite good sounding recipes in it too.

He does say that some people are so carb sensitive that they really canít ever have them if they are going to physically feel good. And....this refers to a large number of people, not just a few. If eating is to survive and feel good health wise, then the ďtreatsĒ are really poison and not a treat at all. It is so hard, though.

He also said a lot of meds make it impossible to lose weight and diuretics was one of those mentioned. Estrogen replacement therapy is also a culprit. Anyhow, an interesting read and I am really watching the carbs again and it seems to help.

I got a nice workout in the water yesterday - a beautiful blue skied day. I wish I could give the people on the east coast some of our weather - it is really lovely with a nice breeze.

Diane - keeping positive thoughts for you and the job prospect.:thumbsup2

Kathy - hope you feel better soon. It is not fun to have a cold or anything else for that matter.:hug:

Lisa - hope you can get back to the things you like to do. Is the heat getting to you? I see that it is warm in San Andreas!

Robin - Are you out there??? Hope all is going well. We are glad your life is very involved, but we do miss you!! AND.....we miss anyone else who hasnít checked in for a while.

Pam - Happy Anniversary:love:

We celebrate our 42nd next month.

Hugs to ALL:grouphug:

07-13-2010, 08:33 PM
Kathy: You canít have Nyquil on MM unless you go to the pharmacy and get sugar free. I know they make sugar free cough syrup, but not sure about Nyquil. Hope you read this before you take it cause itís full of sugar and alcohol.

Pam: Happy Anniversary! I really liked the chi kung (which is spelled a few ways, lol). I got the DVD from Amazon.com. http://www.amazon.com/Chi-Kung-Health-Gong-Meditations/dp/B0008EN6L8/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1279067440&sr=1-4
I heard the scar tissue in my shoulder breaking up while I was doing it. No pain because itís very slow movements with deep breathing. Like a combo between yoga and Tai Chi. I need the breathing to help my circulation in my legs. When the fluid builds up nothing helps but to put them way up on an exercise ball. I canít get much done like that, lol! I always do my exercise early in the day also for all the same reasons you mentioned. Tom and I had another food talk tonight after watching the Dr. Oz I taped from yesterday with Dr. Andrew Weil talking about the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet. Everything I learned from Dr. Perricone 5 years ago. I feel a calling to try really hard to go back to that type of eating. OK with MM but harder in that you donít eat processed foods so no Atkens shakes, salad dressings, etc. I was perfectly happy with olive oil and lemon for a long time and something got me off of it. We want to go back to a more Mediterranean type of diet. We, too, feel the calling to cut down on meat. Mushrooms are so meaty and hearty; they are a good substitute. Weíre also going to dust off the juicer. There are plenty of greens we can juice.

Jocelyn: OMG! I was on diuretics and bioidentical hormones! Off them both now. I read Atkins back in high school. I bet I have that same book somewhere, lol! Iíve been gardening early in the morning and late in the evening til around dark. I redid an area thatís like a little dry rock waterfall with a bridge at the back of our yard. I did it all in succulents, mosses and ground covers with plants peeking out of rock formations, etc. Very, very fun and pretty! I hope they all survive because I can drop $100 at the plant nursery without much effort, lol. Today it was only about 87 but 100 is expected for the weekend. We went to Amador City on Sunday and had dinner in Sutter Creek. Very hot on the street, but a nice drive anyway.

I miss Bev and Robin and Kate and anyone else thatís missing!

07-14-2010, 05:02 PM
Good day ladies! :dance3:

Lisa, your gardening sounds fabulous, I love landscaping that encourages a natural setting. Does your humidity get really high there like ours here?
"I heard the scar tissue in my shoulder breaking up while I was doing it" ::shiver:::scared1: ..and you didn't pass out?:rotfl: You offically have my permission to sit yourself down, put your feet up on that balance ball, and never move again!! So how do you feel today after the workout? Thanks for the link!
I love that you and Tom can work together to plan your foods, that must be great and a great help as well. As long as what I put in front of my DH doesn't bite him back, he's good. Seriously, I believe the man would eat anything.

Jocelyn, loved your post today!! What you mentioned about Atkins saying that some people are so carb sensitive that they really canít ever have them if they are going to physically feel good. This thought has been mulling around in the back of my mind for months now. I've actually thought about addressing it to Diane on Facebook. Step II does me in every single time, if I use fruit for anything other than fueling workouts, my cravings go insane and my energy goes down the tubes. If I use grains, it's bad, but not nearly as bad as fruit that isn't worked out of my system right away. I'm wondering if what he's saying could apply to me, and how would I ever know or figure it out? It would sure explain why I thrive on Step I and fail at all attempts of Step II. I'd love to ask this of Diane, but am currently waiting for a response regarding the fueling of workouts. Maybe I'll wait until after vacation and bring it up... I'm open to any suggestions on how to present something like this to her. I'm leary because it would be seeking advice that may run outside her plan. Hum..what do you all think?

Diane, YAY! Got my fingers crossed for you on that job! :goodvibes
I have to believe we all remember how restrictive Step I is and how truly we are all addicted to carbs in general. I was one of the very few that didn't look forward to Step II, and being on it sent me spiraling right back to square one. I look at it as letting go of something that is poisoning me, the evil food that won't allow me to be heathy and content. :lmao:..did I trade one bad mindset for another? Oh well, anyway, that's how I stay content on Step I once I'm past detox, I really could live like this.

Kathy, such a busy lady! I too hope you're feeling better today! Sounds like you're in for a fun month! Just try to make the best food choices you can and enjoy the summer fun!

You all have a wonderful evening! :goodvibes

07-14-2010, 05:55 PM
Hello guys!! Been busy with work. Trying to get my evening work done so I can make pasta salad Friday night for Carrie's party Sat.
Feeling a little better. My throat seems to hurt more in the evenings/mornings. I have come to the deduction that it is my allergies and my sinuses draining into my throat. During the day it's not too sore.
Lisa, I didn't take any nyquil or anything. Just my sudafed sinus pills. I can't afford to be any more tired than I am already. Thank you for mentioning about the sugars in the cold meds. I remember the last time you got sick and took them then realized it had sugar in it. :sad2:
I have been doing very well and am now into day 3. Still not sure if the tiredness is detox or just working so much this week.
Well, got to go to work again. I'll try to catch up tomorrow morning as Mike has to be at class at 7.


07-14-2010, 07:04 PM
Pam: Oh, my dear, I hate to brag but people came West for the weather, not the gold, lol! We almost never have discernable humidity. Our evenings in the summer are amazing most of the time. We get a breeze from up the river and there have been plenty of 4th of Julyís when we wear a sweatshirt out to do the fireworks. There are a few nights in the summer we sleep with our air on because we have a two story house and Tom hates to be warm but it can easily cool off 20 or more degrees at night here.

No, actually, my shoulder feels pretty good today. I know my sister heard those noises in physical therapy for her shoulder, too. I think this is really going to be good for me. There was no pain. He explains on the tape that this practice used to be kept a secret in China. Now, itís a cornerstone of Chinese medicine. They know what they are doing over there when it comes to healing.

Well, there is finally one thing we arenít exactly the same about! Step 1 vs. Step 2, lol! I was fine with it the first time I think because I told myself I would never need to pass that way again, lol! I am a creature of habit so if I eat fruit itís the same amount and at the same time of day. Canít believe I admitted that. I plan my meals really well and shop well, too. Itís eating out or being really tired that sabotage me the most. I think youíd be fine to stay on very low carb forever, really. My dentist looks like Jack LaLane and heís been on Atkins for decades.

I wonder if my scale is broken? I havenít lost any more weight, but my clothes are falling off. Thank goodness! I am feeling really in control of my eating since listening to the author of Women, Food and God and doing my tape. I hope it lasts! Drinking more water too! Whereís that Laura??

Kathy: I'm so glad you didn't take that Nyquil! I was really on top of things until I got too sick to stand up and forgot that time. It was a big bummer to start over because of the slips!

Have a good night!

07-14-2010, 09:18 PM
Ok, quick question. I bought some unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Is this a freebie? I am thinking so, just need affirmation. :thumbsup2
I did try a small cup of it, put some splenda in it, and LOVED it!! I am thinking this could very well take place of my milk habit I've had ;) It is a bit expensive, but there is $1 coupons, so thinking I could freeze it?
Getting ready to hit the hay. Didn't make it to work. Hanna (Mike's DD) stopped in after her work shift, so talked to her for a while.
I feel as though my mind has finally wrapped around step 1. I have been faithful to it now for 3 days. Wasn't really hungry for supper, so had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was heaven :banana: I also found some 4 net carb pitas and some 4 net carb wraps. And they are big portions for a wrap and pita!!
I have a summer party to go to next Saturday. I need to take a covered dish. I am thinking of making low carb eggplant parm. At least I know I can have that. Not sure what I'll do Sat. for the graduation party. Nothing really legal there, and food I love to eat. There is going to be fried chicken (can pick the breading off) cheesy potatoes (love these:() pasta salad, and hot dogs with sauerkraut, and cake. I think I may eat before hand, then pick at the chicken. May make some veges from the pasta salad for me so I don't have to eat the pasta. I'll have to see what I can come up with.
Ok, off to bed. Have a good night everyone!!

07-15-2010, 08:08 AM
Good morning guys!! I hope all is well with you all. Another hot and humid day here in PA. High of 91* and high humidity. And these aren't even the dog days of summer!! Been having problems with fleas and Bailey. She is like a magnet for them!! This hot humid weather isn't helping any either. I pick them off her, and put them in some water with Dawn detergent and they die instantly. I have been sweeping my floors daily trying to make sure they don't end up in the house. She seems to be getting them outside. About 2 weeks ago, she had almost 15 of them on her!! I've got it down to when I see them, there are only about 3 maybe 4. Soo nerve racking though. We did spray the yard a couple times within the last month. I really don't like using chemicals though. I need to get some Diatamacous Earth ordered!! It is completely safe for the dogs/humans if you get the food grade. They can even eat it and helps prevent worms. It is also called fossil shell flour. I actually tried a bit of it, and it tastes just like flour!!
Day 4 is going well. I had 1/2 cup of V-8 (freebie/asked Diane on FB and caused an uproar LOL) and getting ready to eat some bacon and eggs. Getting tired of eggs, so need to find something else.
I broke down and got some almond meal. $10/bag!! This will be something I buy occasionally and use sparingly. The bag said that you use 1/4 cup of that to 1 cup of regular flour. If that is the case, I am thinking it may last me a while. I just couldn't believe how expensive it was at Walmart. I will price compare online and at some of the stores around here.
Well, off to get some breakfast and get ready for a very long day of work. Glad tomorrow is Friday. Been a really long week.

Lisa, thank you for the article. I may have to check into it. I know my hot flashes come from the AF. I currently take Ashwagandha which helps you with stress, and also hot flashes. Not sure if it's helping with the hot flashes as it is so hot and humid here. I have the bedroom air conditioner turned down to 63* and I still only cover with a sheet, and then it's my legs. The a/c is on my side of the bed, and I don't like the cool air blowing on my legs :eek: But I find I am not roasting or cold either.
Have a great day everyone!! I'll try to catch up later, but can't guarantee I can with work tonight :guilty:


07-15-2010, 10:57 AM
Good morning everyone!! :wave2:

Kathy, it sounds like you're doing very well! So proud of you!:hug:
I saw that V8 posting on Facebook, made me laugh! Have you guys noticed on there that Diane isn't giving anyone heck over weighing like she used to do to us?:laughing: She probably figures it's a lost cause. Kathy, I may have a very simple solution to your pup's flea issues. I read that a daily teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in their drinking water repels fleas, and ticks won't latch on either. Might give it a try, my daughter is using it on her puppy, but no report back from her on if it's working or not. Stay cool! It's suppose to exceed our season's hottest day here today with the heat index. Blah!

Lisa, yes I'm jealous of your weather! The older I get the more it and the cold bothers me. I keep telling myself, "We always have Mexico, we always have Mexico." :laughing: Sounds wonderful, you're so lucky! Yay, to feeling better with the workout! I'm going to get it, I checked it out and the reviews are really good on it. It sounds so good for us. Thanks for the confirmation of staying low carb. At this point I don't believe I have much choice, I'll continue my research to further educate myself on it. I'll start with trying to find that 70's copy of Atkins. Any other suggestions? Anyone?

I'm going to spare you guys my rant and frustration over fueling workouts..but....
Where's that Zumba Laura when I need her!?! Laura if you're keeping an eye on us, please respond. I'm frustrated and nearly angry with a response Diane put out about fueling intense workouts on Facebook. Help!!!

You all have a terrific day, ..excuse me while I go look for my sons old punchng bag!:idea:

07-15-2010, 01:51 PM
Good Morning Everyone -

Pam - another good book to read is Gary Taubes ďGood Calories Bad CaloriesĒ. He read all the studies on low carb and has compiled them in one place. It is a bit technical at times, but it really reinforced, for me anyhow, that carbs are not necessary in great amounts. I originally got it from the library and then decided I wanted my own copy and got it in paper back from Amazon. The Atkins 72 book is great, also.

Kathy - Yay for sticking to step 1. The Almond Breeze should be fine as it is made from almonds and only 1 carb per serving. I use it to thin out the the Atkins shakes to make them go twice as far. I blend them up with ice and instant coffee and get a nice big thing that is cold to sip on for the morning. A lot of the people on other low carb sites use it with a bit of sweeter as their milk replacement. The unsweetened chocolate one is good, too. I think it has 2 carbs.

I feel so sorry for all of you suffering from the heat and high humidity. We were in Washington DC one summer and I couldnít believe the oppressive heat and humidity. We had never experienced anything like it before and havenít since!! We actually cut our visit short. I donít like cold air conditioning blowing on me at all. Fortunately we donít need it often, but we do have it.

We went to dinner with friends at a place that has a great salad bar last night. I was stuffed after just eating the salad - fortunately that is all we ordered.

Lisa - your garden sounds lovely.

Hope everyone can keep cool and comfortable today.


07-15-2010, 07:45 PM
Pam, thanks for the suggestion. They actually already do the apple cider vinegar. I use the mother kind made by Braggs. I put it with their food because they won't drink their water with it in there LOL. It also makes their coats very shiny. And if you spray it on them, makes their coats shiny and soft and gets rid of any "doggy smell" on their fur. I am still trying to figure it out ;) The other thing I have heard works is the garlic and brewers yeast. Also heard that tea tree oil and neem oil works good to repel them. Just spray it on them before they go out. I do have some tea tree oil, so thinking maybe trying to spray it on her before she goes out. In this heat, that's not much. The tea tree oil will also help with any itching.

Jocelyn, thanks for the heads up on the almond milk. I still am in disbelief how much I actually liked it. And more surprising, Mike liked it too:eek: I am going to scarf up some of those $1 coupons to use at Walmart. They have it for a dollar cheaper than my Martin's store. So I'd be paying about $1.50 per 1/2 gallon. I am going to have a glass of it before bed with my 5x5 chocolate.

Just made a really good supper. I steamed some shrimp, heated up some alfredo sauce and cooked broccoli. It was really good!! Mike had spaghetti with his. I have enough for lunch tomorrow. Thinking I'll have one of my pita's with a little garlic butter on it to accompany it. I hope I can do this the whole 8 weeks!

I was thinking about this pasta salad I have to make. I know I'm not to have pasta, but I think I will make some whole wheat pasta for me to eat. I will only eat a small serving of it. I may forgo it completely. I'll figure it out when the day comes. I know I can always eat before I get there.

Off to take care of a few things before bed. Mike has to be at training at 4am, so we will be getting up at 3! I hope I can fall back asleep, as I have a long day tomorrow again.

Have a good night ladies!!

07-16-2010, 04:11 PM

I will be gone for the next few days and am not taking my computer.

Will catch up when I get back.


07-16-2010, 06:17 PM

I will be gone for the next few days and am not taking my computer.

Will catch up when I get back.


Have fun!! We'll miss you!!

07-17-2010, 07:56 AM
WOW, everyone must have left here!!
Just reporting on my progress. I have been doing very well. Did't get to really eat right yesterday. Ate breakfast, had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich around 11 (my 5x5) and nothing else until 3. I was sooo busy at work! I ate some jello and whipped cream I took with me at 3, then we got a big storm, and it just dumped rain for about 1/2 hour. Think torrential downpour, like rain forest type. They got about 3-4" of water in their basement. 2 outside drains were plugged, 1 in the basement (there are 3 total), and someone had unplugged their sump pump. So it took me over an hour to get that all cleaned up. Thankfully she and her son were home, and they unplugged the outside drains (in the rain) while I worked on the water inside. She called an employee from her 1 business and he brought a shop vac. That helped, but by then most of it was gone. We plugged in an extra dehumidifier (she already had 2 going to keep the dampness down) and 3 fans. Thankfully it didn't get into her game room. She is having her family (in laws too) over today for a party. So when I got home at 5:30, I was pretty hungry. I heated up my shrimp and broccoli with cheese and ate that. It wasn't as good as the night before, but did the trick.
Then I had to go to Walmart to get the stuff I needed to make the pasta salad. I dont know what was going on , but Walmart was almost out of all pasta!! I did manage to find 4 boxes of the tri colored spirals though. So I made my salad last night and finished it at 11!! Needless to say, today I'm tired, sore and just don't feel like doing anything!!
Ok, enough rambling LOL. I'll be back tomorrow.

07-17-2010, 12:46 PM
Kathy: So glad you like the Almond Breeze. Iíve been using it for months. Love it! Make very sure you get the one that says 40 calories on the front, not 60. Tom bought me the wrong one and I went ape nuts on him, lol! Instead of pasta try shredded zucchini. Itís plentiful this time of year and I swear youíll love it under your shrimp after you sautť it with some garlic and olive oil. Take food to the party! Deviled eggs go over big, especially with the men and you can make sure you have some for yourself. Also, a big green salad with even some cheese, if you want.

Jocelyn: Have a great trip! Weíll miss you!

Pam: Good to see you! Youíll really like the tape! Itís easy and you feel very restored afterwards. Something is making a big difference with my swelling today. Maybe the deep breathing??? From exercise, not the other thing, you bad girls!

07-18-2010, 12:28 PM
Hello!!:goodvibes I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!!

Kathy, I was going to tell you this, then forgot. When I'm on Step I and I have to go to an event, I've learned to do a couple things. I either eat right before I leave (to avoid temptation) then offer my excusses to the host saying I may have something a tiny bit later (if there's something there legal for me, then I do). Or I bring a loaded tossed salad with tons of different greens and veggies, cheese, bacon and grilled chicken loaded on top,(looking very fattening, but legal for us). Once I even excussed myself from a big pot of beef and noodles, mashed potatoes and all the southern stuff by out and out lying that I'd just ate and someone elses house! ;) I hope you had fun!!

Oh Lisa!! No doubt, there's nothing in this world that cures what ails ya like "deep breathing!" Mm'hum! :lmao: Very glad to hear the swelling seems to be going down! yay! I can't wait to get my DVD. I've been so bummed the last couple of days and I have no explaination for it, except I need a change of workout activity.

DH and I were shopping yesterday for a few things we need for our trip. While shopping, one of his brothers phoned and during the convo he told us that the last hurricane came inland so far into Mexico that they litterally had to cut big gullys (distroying many roads) across our route in order to let water run off and that it's nearly made road travel impossible. This could ruin our trip. I have a number for an insurance company that I will be calling in the morning to see if there's been any update on tourist travel from Laredo to Monterey. If we can get through that route, we may be able to go on with our plans. Otherwise things may have to be postponed until January. I don't mind so much, but it means DH will be missing his hometown religious events this year. He's a tiny bit more bummed over this than I am.;)

We had some really sever pop up storms yesterday, it settled over our house for what seemed like forever, with the lightening strikes right over us. We lost our A/C, phone lines, two of the garage door openers won't open or close and our TV, (can't decide if it's cable or the actual TV). But we lost power at least 16 times durning the strikes. It also downed a big tree over at the neighbors that fell across our lane. DH got to play on his Bobcat to remove it, he didn't seem to mind too much. lol We're expecting more of the same today. It's too blasted hot, this will be one grumpy lady until my A/C is restored. ;)

I'm going shopping to escape the "mugg" that has become my world over night, maybe it will cheer me up some! :yay:

You all have a restfull Sunday! :hug:

07-18-2010, 05:04 PM
Oh, Pam, I hope the roads in Mexico can be cleared for you all! Holding thoughts of you and many cute bargains today while escaping the mugg! We actually went in the pool together this afternoon. Kinda rare this summer what with my face and all. Felt so nice! Bought a couple of plants this morning and puttered around the yard until it got too hot. Had a gorgeous taco salad with lime and a bit of olive oil for the dressing. Delicious! Trying to blend MM with anti-inflammatory foods as well. So far so good!

Kathy: I hope you had fun at the party!

Diane W.
07-18-2010, 09:16 PM
Pam - I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the roads will be okay.

Lisa - How is your face? Is the treatment complete now?

I went to a BBQ at my brother's today. My nephew is home for a month from S. Korea where he has been teaching and my niece and her husband are up from Florida for a week. My brother & SIL are so happy to have both of their kids home. It was good to see them. It was hot out, but not too bad in the shade.

I hope everyone has a good night!

07-19-2010, 07:55 AM
I'm back!! LOL

The party was ok. My ex was there, and I can never have fun when he's around. But I did get to talk to his mom and brother for a bit. The ex just always like to be the life of the party and can be very shall we say, self important.
The heat really got to me and we left by 8:30 as my stomach was nauseated and I had a huge headache.
I had some of my pasta salad, some chicken, and baked beans. I did eat a little bit of the cake, but took the icing off as I knew it would be too sweet. It was a Walmart cake, and I don't like their icing at all. That is a good thing I guess LOL.
We got really bad storms that night around 10 or 10:30 so I hope everyone at the party, if they were still there then, got inside. They were going to set off fireworks, so I'm thinking they were still there. It's been storming off and on since Friday here, and they are heavy downpours. Like the rain forest kind of rain.
I am back on plan again as of today. I just sometimes can't get my mind to think straight. If I allow myself 1 cheat, I view it as a total screw up, and give up. Then a day or 2 later, I realize it's not a screw up, but an allowed meal off and begin again.
Ok, got to get breakfast and ready for work. I'll catch up later!!

Pam, sending a prayer that the roads are ok and you'll not have any trouble getting to your destination!!

Diane, it is so nice you got to see your nephew and niece!! It is always so nice when family is able to get together!!

Ok, later everyone!!:grouphug:

07-19-2010, 11:15 AM
Diane: It was good to see you! How nice for the extended family to have everyone together! My face is doing well. I'm still being very careful with the sun and I see the doctor for a recheck on Friday. I could go for more treatments - maybe one - if it's warranted, but I'm not sure I'll need it. I got a really great sunscreen with a high zinc level. It's tinted so it's perfect for summer. Can't buy it over the counter - just at my doctor's medispa.

Kathy: I'm sure the party was a bit of a mixed bag for you with the happy emotions and then the ex there. Hope your head feels better now. Congrats again to Carrie!

I have a very busy work day today so you all take care!

07-20-2010, 11:12 AM
I posted some photos of some of the plants in my yard that are the newest or best this year into a little album on photobucket.

All of the homes on the wetlands had a drain at the back of the property because we aren't allowed to create erosion into the wetlands. We had a moss rock 'dry waterfall' built with steps on each end and straddled the drain with a little bridge. Bonnie loves to lose her balls down there, lol! This year I planted new succulents and more thyme in the rocks and added some glass balls that have crystals that glow in the dark, along with a new frog and lizard to keep my rock-sitting fairy company. It's the grown up way to play dolls, lol!

Also included the morning glories on the back fence and my giant hibiscus, which Jocelyn will recognize:)

Here's the link:


Click on slideshow when you get there.

Diane W.
07-20-2010, 01:42 PM
Lisa - Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing. :)

07-21-2010, 06:46 AM
Lisa, what a beautiful yard. I want it!! LOL I love tropical type flowers. Is that a type of hybiscus in the first photo? I think for next year I am going to get some of the hybiscus trees and prehaps some of the vines. They are just so vibrant and pretty!! I have some moon flowers growing beside the house in the front. They are such a pretty flower and even though they come out in the evening/night, they don't close up until almost noon. They are just tiny right now, so hoping they grow enough that by winter I can mulch them really well and they will survive. If not, the one lady I clean for has them and I'll get seeds off her plants.
My MM is going ok. I have noticed as long as I don't put any splenda in my coffee, tea I do better during the day. I am thinking my body is responding to the splenda somewhat like sugar. I believe Jorge Cruise mentions this.
I went on a major carb binge on Monday. I just craved them. It was really bad. It hasn't been this bad since I began MM back last Sept. I couldn't figure it out. Then I realized around 8pm just how tired I was. I went to bed around 9 and slept in until about 8. Yesterday I felt great and didn't crave carbs at all. Thinking I sent my adrenals into shut down mode with not enough sleep and then the roller coaster effect took place. So thinking between the no splenda in my coffee, tea to getting my rest, I may have figured out what is going on with me!! I sure hope so LOL.
Ok, off to get a little bit of cleaning done before I head out to work. I'll try to get back later. Have to work tonight.

07-21-2010, 11:23 AM
A quick hello to everyone! :goodvibes

I'm waiting on my cable guy to come then I'm off to shop with MD26 for the day!

I finally got the info that the toll roads down to the ranch are all clear and passable! We had been hearing that some of the detours were adding between 3 to 8 hours which would have us traveling into the night. DH refuses to travel at night down there, at all. So it appears we've gotten a lucky break!!:cool1:

Lisa, your landscaping is beautiful, love it! Thanks for the photos! We need some pro help out here, five acres of flat land with no boundaries and boarders of any kind, unless you want to count the corn fields. ;) The only good thing about it is that it makes for some easy mowing! And Lisa, you were right, I did stumble onto a few great bargans shopping the other day, cute things for Mexico all on clearance, loved it. That's why I'm heading back out again today! :dance3:

Kathy, I too can NOT do any artifical sweetners of any kind, it does three things to me, stomach ache, headache, and cravings like mad. I even have to have my Atkins shake with other foods or it will affect me as well. I learned this long before MM. I've noticed a few articles lately that state if you're trying to go natural and your goal is a whole foods diet, to try and stay clear of them, that they will upset your system. Not too sure what that means,(chemicals maybe?) but no one had to tell me twice. :laughing: Keep up the good work, you're worth it!!

Diane, good to see you! :hug:

07-21-2010, 05:18 PM
Hi Pam!! Good to see you! I am on day 2 of no sweeteners, and it's going well. No cravings what so ever!! I asked Diane on FB about spenda and your body responding to it like sugar and the cravings. She insists that your body doesn't respond that way to it. I still disagree. I didn't want to discredit her, but I know how my body is responding to it.
I am going to try some truvia and see what happens. I need some type of sweetener in my homemade whipped cream!! Or perhaps I could use some Davinci or Torani s/f vanilla syrup instead of the pure vanilla and sweetener.
So glad the roads you needed in Mexico are ok. I want to see pictures when you get back!!
Ok, have to get ready to head back out to work.
Later guys.

07-21-2010, 05:23 PM
Kathy: I find myself worrying about you several times a day. I am so glad you figured out just how bad those artificial sweeteners are for your particular system. The other thing to remember is that carbs turn into sugar in your body so if you are hypoglycemic, you especially need to limit the empty type carbs like white flour, white rice, etc. Your body will crave what it is allergic to until you detox. I think it will take about a month of staying away from those things to detox. Not a scientific opinion, but just from pratice that's what I think. You should be eating small protein servings even as frequently as every two hours. Never go so long without eating that you get shaky.

Yes, those were hibiscus in my yard. I have two varieties of the giant ones behind my arbor just behind my porch swing. I love them! We get frost, but they have done ok - maybe because they are close to a structure.

Pam: What a relief about the roads being passable! I'm so glad your trip is ON! We'll have to try to see if any of us can meet up with you next year over there;)

I rented a beach house for a week over Labor Day and J-P is going to meet us there. It's about 2 hrs. for him and 8 hrs. for us. That's a Mom for ya; making it easy on the kid.:surfweb:

My clients are on their way to find out the sex of their second baby after their home inspection. What a fun day! They are going to call me after they call their parents. I get so attached to my clients!

Hi, Diane and love to all!:dance3:

07-21-2010, 05:27 PM
Kathy: I don't agree with Diane, either. I've read too much to the contrary. Did you know that the average person that gives up diet soda loses 23 lbs. in a year? That's pretty strong evidence. Listen to your body. Remember, the s/f syrups have artificial sweetener. I've made plain whipped cream for years! I think it's delicious just by itself, but some cinnamon is a wonderful addition, along with vanilla. Stay strong! Try to focus on what you can have and not what you can't have. You can do it!:banana:

07-21-2010, 09:40 PM
Lisa, thank you for the concern. I must have known you were thinking of me today LOL. I ate my breakfast around 8:15. I had bacon (I know fatty) and an egg sandwich (on 5x5 bread). It really filled me up. I knew if I didn't eat something around 11 or 11:30, I'd be starving by 1:30 (my lunch and 5x5 peanut butter and jelly sandwich) so I grabbed a Hebrew National hot dog to eat. I hope they are precooked as I just ate it cold LOL :scared1: That did the trick. By 1:15 I was starting to get hungry, so I had my sandwich. It is on a flax pita bread I found that has 5 n/c and is big. I only used about 1/2 teaspoon of Polaner s/f plus fiber jelly, so figured n/c wasn't even close to 1. It is 1 n/c per tablespoon. Then around 3 I ate a cucumber with some salt on it. I wasn't even hungry for supper. I got home from work around 4:30 and went to work again around 6:30. I just had a big glass of my almond milk with some sweetener in it and vanilla. It really hit the spot. I am a little hungry (needing a snack) so I'm going to have a quick 5x5 sandwich of some kind.
Diane is really upset me with her comment about the sweeteners. I know how my body feels. I am not hungry for a carb what so ever!! Usually if I have some splenda, I end up pigging out. Not the last 2 days. She keeps telling me it is detox. But I've been on this for over a week now. I think detox should be over. Even with me eating pasta on Sunday.
I told her about thinking I have AF (and reading the book) and she is insisting that it is Met. B. I am not saying it's not, but she just started upsetting me on this whole thing. I am going to see if the doctor will do some of the testing for AF to rule it out. If I don't have it, then I know it's Met B. She said my pain is also part of Met B. She never mentioned that in her book that I remember. It just seems as though Met B mimics many illnesses.
Sorry for the rambling LOL. Kind of tired and ready for bed. But not as tired as I usually am. I find I am sleeping soundly, and if I take an Advil before bed, by aches and pains don't seem to keep me up. I feel as though I am becoming clear headed again depression wise.

I absolutely love your garden. When Mike gets back to work (he takes his test again Friday, and it's the do or die. His last try) I want to extend our patio and have a lot of tropical flowers around it. At least it's humid enough here for them LOL.
Ok, I think I've talked your ear off enough!!
Later, and thanks again. It really is making a difference for me!!!

07-22-2010, 10:46 AM
Good morning everyone!! :wave2:

Lisa, I'm with you on not agreeing with some of what Diane advises, no two people are alike in what ails us or in what makes us healthy. I believe it's up to each of us to fine tune and tweak our way of eating until it works for us as individuals, exactly like medications. She sure has the perfect "blanket plan" but within it, we're all still different in our response to it. Her formula for fueling workouts does not work for me, and I resent that she insists that it should with no other options.

Kathy, I'm going to add a little more to the "sugar dialogue". For me, sugar or any sugar subs are just toxic to my system. The difference in how I feel or react to them never ceases to amaze me, so after I indulge in any small way, I regret and berate myself afterwards like crazy, I feel bad and I know better. This is me with no medical issues other than still needing to lose a good 20 more pounds. I have kept this way of eating as simple as my mind can possibly allow me to without nearly dying of boredom in my food choices. I have successfully managed to remove all sugar and subs from my life. I'm still eating stuffed wraps and a huge variety of veggies/meats and this seems to keep me satisfied far more than trying to insert some kind of sweet fake or baked item into my diet. The single thing that I did when on my original Step I was to have sf Jello with Reddi Whip. Might you please try to simply remove all the subs and "sugar free" items from your menu and see if you can gain some ground? My promise to you is that once it's all out of your system, you absolutely will not miss it. Worth a try? :hug: I hope so much that you can find a balance that works for you soon! :goodvibes

Shopping was a bust yesterday, (oh darn!) so I'm thinking I'll have to give it another shot today! :laughing:

You guys have a wonderful day!

07-22-2010, 01:55 PM

We are back.

How nice to see so many posts. I was trying to read some of them in the airport on my phone, but find I get a bit seasick scrolling around to read things on it!!!

We went to Calgary in Canada for a funeral. One of Bob's cousins passed away last Wednesday of a stroke. He is younger than us. His mother is still living and at almost 94 lives alone on the farm they have had forever. We have quite a few relatives there and were able to see most of them at the service. We stayed with another cousin. While the occasion was sad, it was great to see so many people. We hadn't been up for a couple of years and were trying to figure out how and when to get back there. This decided it for us so off we flew. We usually drive from California.

I am trying to cut back on diet sodas and other sugars as you know. They don't bother me at all in any physical sense as they do some people, but do know we don't need them. Jorge is adamant about doing away with them and people who seem to do well on his plan have managed to eliminate them all together. I wish they did bother me and then I wouldn't be tempted!!:laughing: Fortunately I am not fond of lots of sweets but hubby likes his low carb peanut butter cookies and do have to use some artificial sugar in them.

For me it is better to use a little bit than to give into the real thing, but not go overboard.

I also think Diane is a bit rigid in some of her thoughts and as said before, I wish they - the current diet gurus - would give more credit to Atkins as they are copying a lot of his original thoughts.

I know the current Atkins says no more than 3 packets worth of sweeteners a day and that is not a lot.

Lisa - your garden is lovely. I love the hibiscus picture. Kathy - they are very sensitive to cold so would take extra care in the winter where you are.

Pam - glad the roads are open for your trip.

Now have to go unpack, we got back late last night, and then get organized for the day. We leave in less than 2 weeks for a long trip and that will take quite a bit of organization, too.

I need to get back to the pool!!!!!

Hugs to ALL

Diane W.
07-22-2010, 03:06 PM
Welcome back, Jocelyn. So sorry to hear about your husband's cousin.
Sounds like you had a nice family reunion as a result - it's always sad when it's because of a funeral though.

Kathy - I live in NY and when I had my house I grew dinner plate size hibiscus from seed. They're very easy. (If I could do it, anyone can.) They grew over 5 ft. tall and had constant flowers. Give it a try next spring.

Pam - Yay for the roads being clear! Have fun shopping and I hope you get some good bargains today.

Today is my 51st birthday! I had lunch with 3 friends and later Owen & I are going to the Walkway Over the Hudson and then to dinner. I am definitely not on plan for the next couple of days. Tomorrow Owen will hike to the top of Mt. Beacon with me - that should burn a lot of calories. Then on Sunday are two more birthday celebrations. One with my sisters and in the evening with Vinnie. It's always like this because of all the different groups of friends and family. Except last year when I had a surprise party for my 50th. I'll post a picture of the view from the Walkway later.

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day!

07-22-2010, 05:09 PM
Dear Diane,



07-22-2010, 08:53 PM
Diane, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 51 YEARS YOUNG!!:woohoo: You and Mike are pretty close in age. He turned 53 on 7/2.
Enjoy your celebrations!!

07-22-2010, 09:05 PM
Jocelyn, good to see you back!! Sorry to hear about Bob's cousin's passing. It seems like funerals and weddings are the only times family seems to get together. It's so sad. Mike has a big family, so there is always a death (his cousin passed about a week ago and we have a funeral on Sat.) going on. Makes me a bit glad my family is small.
I did know hibiscus aren't cold hardy. I would be bringing them inside in the late fall before the first frost.

Diane, do they go to seed when the flower is done? If so, I would be able to get quite a few seeds off her plants. I hope so!! I plan on getting seeds from her moon flowers and big dalias also. I got some regular dalia seeds off a different plant she has. I put it in a zip lock baggie and labeled it.

Pam, I think I will do like you and just try to avoid all sugars and subs. I do love my s/f jello with whipped cream. I make homemade whipped cream out of heavy whipping cream, vanilla and a packet of splenda. I have some davinci s/f vanilla (actually 3 big bottles from sam's club) I am going to try in it. So far, I haven't had much splenda in 2 days. I've had maybe 3 packets in the last 2 days. I do have to have some kind of sweetener in my almond milk yet. But I am trying to either use davinci or splenda. Not both. I am slowly weaning myself off the subs.

Hi to everyone else!!

I hope I didn't miss anyone!! I am heading to bed directly. Had a long day today. Just got home about 1/2 hour ago, so it was a 12 hour day :(
Have a great night ladies!!

Diane W.
07-22-2010, 10:10 PM
Thank you for the birthday wishes!
Here are photos of the view from the Walkway over the Hudson. It was very breezy and a very enjoyable walk.
It's the second longest pedestrian bridge in the world. I can't wait for the fall to see all the foliage colors.

07-23-2010, 10:26 AM
I can't move my right arm - tendonitis again. I'll be back when better.

07-23-2010, 06:33 PM
Lisa - so sorry to hear about your arm. Take care.:hug:

I had a great workout in the pool this AM. Now to figure out what to have for lunch and do some ironing - my least favorite project.

Hugs for ALL:grouphug:

07-25-2010, 08:51 AM
Hi guys.
Lisa, take care of that arm!! Hope it is feeling better today.

Had a funeral yesterday we had to attend, so I tried to pick the better things to eat. Not easy as there wasn't much to work with :(
Then had a picnic last night to go to and filled up mostly on fruits. It was a balmy 103* yesterday and the humidity was really heavy. Tris was having some difficulties breathing with her asthma. When the sun went down, it cooled off down to about 85*. She did better then. There was a nice wind so that helped also.
Had bad news Friday. I went to work and the lady was there. Her husband called her about 10am and told her one of the gas wells they take care of (he owns gas companies and the maintaining crews) exploded. There were 2 men killed. Mike knew both of them. The one guy was responsible for getting him off the rigs and into the fabricating shop. Mike worked with him for about 3 years. He has known the other guy since he was a teenager. There was a 3rd guy there, but thank God he was unharmed. They were welding at the site. Not sure if that caused the explosion or what. It was pretty bad. I told Bill (the owner) how bad I felt. He had no prior accidents until now. He has owned the business for 12 years with no accidents. I just feel so bad for everyone involved. The one guy at the shop was talking to Mike and told him when Kevin came in (the one Mike worked with) he made the comment he just didn't feel right going there. But it was his job, so he did it. I know Bill will compensate the wives as he is very family oriented. Just please say a prayer for the families for me. Here is some pictures of it if you guys want to see/read about it. I just keep thinking of the guys and families. Just can't get my mind off it. :(
http://kdka.com/slideshows/Gas.Well.Explosion.20.1821459.html (photos)
http://www.wpxi.com/news/24376212/detail.html (write up and video)

On a happy note, Mike passed his CDL test yesterday. So, he can now drive a big rig (LOL) with explosives (hazmat) :eek: He did get his extension (oh crap, I need to file it this morning!! Almost forgot!!:scared1:), but there is a company just down the road about a mile and a half hiring. Levi just got hired there. It is a rock quarry opening up. They will be (if I have my facts straight) making big rocks into little rocks (LOL) to haul to the gas well sites for the Marcellus gas drilling that is going on. Just can't get away from the dang gas thing. Right now, that is the only thing really around. Mike said with his hazmat endorsement, and Class A license (big rigs) he should have no problem landing a job. There are many companies around here that are looking for that as most people will get class A license, but not the hazmat endorsement. He is going tomorrow to talk to the company and see what they have to say. It is an already established company that is "spreading their wings" so to speak.

Well, even with me off plan yesterday, I weighed myself and 2 weeks on MM I am down to 179. I started out at 187! I am thinking with the heat and humidity, I am sweating off most of the weight LOL. It is like a huge steam room here lately. It actually is clouding up right now and getting ready to storm. I need to get going as I am on house duty again for the people I clean for (the ones mentioned above). I need to let the dogs out of the garage and feed the cats.

Later everyone. I hope you all have a good day and a great rest of the weekend. I need to do some major house cleaning today.
Oh, my niece's due date is this week, and her doctor told her she is already 3cm dilated!! Looks like in the next couple weeks I'll be taking mom and dad down to TN!! I can't wait!!!

Diane W.
07-25-2010, 10:37 AM
Oh Kathy, what a horrible accident! That is so sad for their families. I will keep them in my prayers. I'm sure they'll receive large settlements from the owner's insurance company, not that it will make them feel any better. I hope they have attorneys, so that they get everything they're entitled to receive. So very sad. I'm happy that Mike passed his test. That is such wonderful news. He must be excited to get a new career started.

I was at a party yesterday also. I must've sweat off a couple of pounds too! :rotfl: My one sister never even came outside. I had a good time in spite of the heat. I ate some chicken with salad, a little bit of eggplant and a piece of cake that my sister had brought there for my b-day - chocolate with raspberry filling, really...how could I say no? :rolleyes1

Lisa - Hope you're feeling better soon.

07-27-2010, 07:29 AM
Hi everyone!! Not much going on here. Pretty much the same old thing LOL. Sometimes that is a good thing.
Just thought I'd stop in quick before getting ready for work.
Lisa, hope you're still on the mend!!
I'll check back later

07-27-2010, 12:41 PM
Hi, everyone! I went to the chirpractor yesterday and am going again today. From research, I learned ultrasound would be the best thing for my shoulder and bicep. She has her own machine. I was better by last night so I'm looking forward to seeing her again today. I aggravated my shoulder throwing the tennis ball for the dog while gardening every day. That's what I get for thinking I'm fine when I have limitations. No fair. It was so bad I was wandering around the house sobbing on Friday night it hurt so bad. I couldn't find any possible way to be comfortable. I've had to take a lot of pain pills and sleeping pills just to rest.

Kathy: I'm so very sorry to hear of the awful accident. Mike must really be shaken.

I'll be back when I can type more. I was finally able to brush my teeth with my right hand yesterday. I had to pay someone to dry my hair. It's been crazy. I can't even dry my back after a shower. :confused3

07-28-2010, 06:33 AM
Hi, everyone! I went to the chirpractor yesterday and am going again today. From research, I learned ultrasound would be the best thing for my shoulder and bicep. She has her own machine. I was better by last night so I'm looking forward to seeing her again today. I aggravated my shoulder throwing the tennis ball for the dog while gardening every day. That's what I get for thinking I'm fine when I have limitations. No fair. It was so bad I was wandering around the house sobbing on Friday night it hurt so bad. I couldn't find any possible way to be comfortable. I've had to take a lot of pain pills and sleeping pills just to rest.

Lisa, I had ultrasound done on my neck/back area and it helped sooo much. It took quite a few treatments before it began to "take". It was on the little bone right where your spine starts between the shoulder blades. That's the only way I know to describe it. They couldn't do it directly on the area, so they did it on each side. I still get a little pain there if I'm on my feet too long, but it's manageable now :)
I'm glad you're doing better. It is horrible to be in so much pain that you had to cry. Been there a few times myself. In fact, I did with my knee.

Well, got to throw some clothes in the wash.
Saturday is my high school reunion. 25 years!! This is the first one I've gone to, and I am a little excited. They are having it at the Eagles and it's right across town, so I won't have far to go.
I'm more excited about my trip to TN to visit my brother!! I got 2 nice suitcases at Goodwill for $6.99 each. They are the nice ones with the wheels on them. The one is really big and the other is the middle sized one. They were barely used!! I am going to air them out a bit before we use them. We will probably use the smaller one next weekend. Now I have luggage to visit my sister in CO next year for my niece's wedding too!! LOL
Later everyone!!! :yay:

Diane W.
07-28-2010, 10:41 AM
Kathy - Wow, great bargains on the luggage! Enjoy your trips. Anyone going to your reunion that you're really interested to see?;)
I had ultrasound done on my neck by a physical therapist for a herniated disc after I got hit by a car a few years ago. I loved that thing - so relaxing to me.

Lisa - I hope you're feeling better today. :hug: That must've been an awful night.

I went on a hike with the ADK group again yesterday. It was really nice. We ate dinner near the lake afterwards. Luckily the weather was good, not humid as it has been lately.

No job news yet. I have a few that I'm hopeful about this week. Please keep your fingers crossed that one of them pans out.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

07-28-2010, 02:56 PM
Lisa - so sorry to hear about your shoulder. It sounds awful.

Kathy - have fun at your re-union. We go to our respective re-unions in September and October - a much larger number than yours, though!!

Kathy - hope one of these jobs comes through. I just can't imagine how long this has gone on without a job!!

The physical therapist really gave me a workout on Monday. I hope all of this helps. I have been able to be in the pool everyday which is nice. It is quite warm here, but we love it.

I have also been playing more bridge - we are having a group in tonight to play bridge. They are bringing the food, so I don't have to do anything.

My weight seems to be on a downward trend!! YAY

Hugs to ALL:grouphug:

07-28-2010, 09:19 PM
Hi everyone!! Warning, in a mood this evening. Actually, most of the day. :(

We found out this morning Mike's unemployment may have run out. He is only getting a week on this reporting period. With the extension, he will get 4 more weeks. That was first thing this morning.

Went to my doctor appointment. It is official. I believe without a doubt I'm met B. I was there 3 months ago (still on plan) and weighed 170#. I went today and weighed 190!! I haven't been on plan most of the week. My own fault for not planning ahead and just being in a mood. So, since I quit smoking, he is telling me to lose weight and get my BMI down. It is 30. They consider overweight BMI to be 27.
I went to the store and got some step 1 stuff to eat starting tomorrow. Right now I am eating watermelon. :eek:

I am looking forward to the reunion. There will be around 48 people there. That is INCLUDING spouses LOL. My graduating class had 101 people in it!!

Ok, off to bed. I am beat tonight. I'll catch up in the morning.

07-29-2010, 02:36 PM
I'm feeling better today. What a pain that was! I think I might just be able to dry my own hair today. I'm going to try anyway, lol! It really reinforced to me that I have to stick to my supplement regime and stretch, stretch, stretch, especially when I am feeling great and get cocky. I get hurt much easier than the mainstream population and that's just the way it is. I'm looking forward to moving into rehab mode now. Need to get stronger. At least this time, I didn't fall, lol! I am a klutz and a half.

Jocelyn, have a great trip! Glad you were able to feel slimmer before you took off. I'm hoping to dedicate this coming month to being in better shape for shorts on the beach at the end of the summer.

Kathy: Good luck with your renewed dedication to the MM plan! I think a real key is to only focus on foods you can have and making them interesting instead of worrying about what you cannot have. There are a lot of possibilities contained within the arrow chart. Try to stay away from sweet choices. You know they just trigger you. I'd think about giving up the jelly if I were you for an experiment. Maybe for a month or so?? Happy menu making!

Diane: I'm sorry I missed your birthday! Happy Birthday and I'm so glad you got to have such a lovely walk over the bridge. Spectacular!

Is Pam in Mexico? I miss her but I'm glad she's off having a great time with her family.

07-30-2010, 10:49 AM
Kathy: How's it going so far?

I dried my own hair and did some chores yesterday. So grateful to be able to do routine things like make the bed, lol! I'm really looking forward to the weekend.

07-30-2010, 02:36 PM
Lisa - glad you are feeling better.

Kathy - hope your day is going better than the last couple of days.

Off to get my hair done and then play bridge this afternoon.

Hugs to ALL:grouphug:

07-30-2010, 05:45 PM
Hi guys. Been soo busy with work lately. It's going ok I guess LOL. Now that the weekend is here, it's better.
I went to the health food store and stock up on some Sammy lavish wraps. They are the flax, millet and spinach. 5 n/c per wrap!! I bought 2 packages. I am going to have 1 with some turkey and ham for supper I think. Sounds good, but I haven't tried those ones yet.
Getting some cds downloaded with music for our reunion tomorrow night. We are just being our own DJ's LOL. Could be interesting to say the least.

Just checked Mike's unemployment, and he did get the extension. Thank God! He is good until the end of Aug.

Ok, off to try my sandwich now. I'll try to check back later.

07-31-2010, 12:02 AM
We grilled burgers, watched a movie and puttered around the yard this evening. It was really nice! I am taking it slow per doctor's orders, but so happy to be on the mend. It was another gorgeous night.

Off to the hot tub. Tom has to work tomorrow so it's going to be an early night.

Have a great weekend! Kathy, have fun at your reunion!

Diane W.
07-31-2010, 08:54 AM
Lisa - So glad that you're feeling better! Take it easy or else I'll come over there!!

I'm meeting my sister today for some shopping and lunch and then we're meeting my other sister at my brother's house for a Sibling Scrabble Smackdown.:) We have a good time and we take a tray from my SIL's scrabble game and let her play too. Today we're going to include my nephew too, since he's home.

The weather has really cooled off - in the 80's instead of 100! Thank goodness, I was getting so sick of it.

Kathy, we want the whole scoop after your reunion! I'm glad Mike's extension came through!

Enjoy your day!

07-31-2010, 01:51 PM
Diane: Have a wonderful time at the Scrabble Smackdown! I love that you all do that together. J-P and I play every day on our iphones. It's a fun way to stay connected at a distance. He beats me most of the time, which is hard for a wordie, like myself to take, lol! I tease him and say I'm taking credit for the DNA that allows him to skunk me.

I swept up the arbor this morning, did a little clipping and played with Bonnie. Life is so good! Thinking shrimp on the barbie for dinner!:banana:

Have a great day!

08-01-2010, 07:21 PM
Good evening all.
Ok, not much scoop about last night LOL. It was a really nice time catching up with some old friends. I was on my best behavior. I only drank 4 beers LOL. The bar closed up around 11:30, so we came home. By then, there were only a handful of people there.
I slept in this morning until 10! I hardly ever sleep that late!! I was pretty tired, and the alcohol made me even more tired. Showing my age I guess LOL.

Diane, I hope you enjoyed your shopping trip. I am so anxious to see my brother this coming weekend!!

Lisa, hope your arm/shoulder is feeling better today. The girls and I live on texting. I since I got my Blackberry, I am always on Facebook. I need to stop that and work more. LOL.

Ok, off to find something for supper. It's been a lazy day, and I'm enjoying it a lot! It has also cooled down here for now. It is to get hot and humid again this week though :(

Later everyone!!

08-02-2010, 02:14 PM
Kathy: Glad you had fun at the reunion! Tom and I indulged in some dirty martinis Friday night. A little of that goes a long way, lol! and no carbs! I love olive juice, lol!

My arm is slowly coming around, but not great yet. I think I overdid it on the weekend with cleaning. Couldn't stand it anymore!

We're making our lists for the beach house a month in advance. We're too excited, lol! :yay:

Hi, ho! Off to work I go...

08-02-2010, 07:15 PM

I got this little note from Robin.

"Miss you guys too Jocelyn, got my computer fixed this week, so hope to be able to post from home again finally! Too busy at work during the day to post...tell everyone I said hello and will stop in soon to check in!"

I'll be off my computer for the next several weeks. Will check in when I can.

Hugs to ALL:grouphug:

08-03-2010, 12:15 PM
Jocelyn: Thanks for passing on the note from Robin. I miss her! We'll miss you when you're traveling. Have a wonderful time!:banana:

08-05-2010, 02:57 PM
Kathy: Have a great trip to TN this weekend! You deserve the time off!:yay:

Diane W.
08-05-2010, 07:02 PM
Kathy - Have a fun time in TN! Did your niece have the baby?

Lisa - Take it easy and get better. You want to be feeling great when you go on vacation. So - pamper that arm!!

Robin - Looking forward to hearing from you!

08-06-2010, 10:53 AM
Checking in. Lisa, thanks for the link!

I have been missing in action for quite awhile. Some/lots of stressful family drama since Memorial Day weekend. Plus, I have been busy, busy, busy with work. Which, I can't complain about but with the family stuff, I have had no time. The good news is that I haven't dealt with all of the stuff on my plate with food. I have kept off the 10/12 pounds I lost with MM - I'm not wearing my "skinny" clothes but I'm not wearing my "fat" clothes either. I haven't been following it to a tee but I am eating within an hour of waking up and trying to eat regularly through out the day.

My dad called a few days ago to invite me to wedding #4. Not very many kids can say that they have been to 3 of their father's 4 weddings. I like his fiance (she is my age as was the last wife). They are getting married Oct 30 in Maui (Lahaina). Which gave me a good excuse to go to Hawaii! It has been almost 4 years since my last trip - that is probably the longest I have ever gone without a trip to one of the islands. Brad and I are going and it is so nice to have somthing to look forward to.

I will try to read some of the earlier posts. I saw mention of Scrabble. My mom, my aunt and I play Lexulous on-line (it is basically Scrabble but they had to change the name). We generally have 8 to 10 games going at once. Scrabble games on family vacations has been a long tradition for us.

I book-marked the new page and will check in (hopefully more regularly).

08-06-2010, 06:15 PM
Kate: It's so great to see you! Great job on keeping the weight off! I'm at a standstill, too, but haven't gained any back. I need to up the physical activity as soon as I've recovered from the goofy injuries I've had this season. J-P and I play Words with Friends on our iphones, which is Scrabble, but with an online dictionary that's pretty flexible in my opinion. He's so good at strategy! It's fun for me to see him throw me a word because for that moment I know he's ok, lol! Tom laughs at how competitive I am against my own kid! We love Maui so much! That's great that you get to go and here's hoping it will be your Dad's last marriage:confused3 My parents got divorced, married other prople and got back together. All in time for my sister's wedding and all of the grandkids. They pretend the interim never happened and still celebrate their original anniversary.

Work is going well and my arm is better yet today so I'm hoping for a nice weekend. Hope you all have a great one, too!:banana:

Diane W.
08-07-2010, 06:26 PM
Hi Kate! Your dad sounds like an eternal optimist...if at first you don't succeed! :) It's great to hear from you. I'm glad you're keeping your emotions off of your plate. I'm working really hard on that. Thanks for the Lexulous info.

Today the weather is fantastic!!! This morning it felt like fall - which is lovely after this disgusting heat & humidity we've endured.

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

08-09-2010, 11:36 AM
Hi guys. Finally home!! It was such a nice trip but an exhausting one!! It was so nice to see my brother, SIL, niece and nephew. The baby is adorable!! He is only 2 weeks old. I was sooo afraid to hold him LOL.
My brother posted photos of our time there, so I'll cross post them on my FB for all of you to see. I was so off plan it wasn't funny. After seeing the pictures, I have anew resolve.
It took us about 10 hours of driving to get there. We stopped every hour to hour and a half for my dad to use the bathroom. He takes a water pill, and needed to stop.
We got in around 11:30 last night, so feeling wiped out today. The dogs went crazy when we got home LOL. You'd swear we left them for a month!!

Diane, yes, it was my niece who had the baby. She is a young mother now. A whopping 20 years old LOL. She is doing such a great job. And so is the dad. He is only 19 but is trying. He has really stepped up to the plate with this whole ordeal.

Lisa, hope your arm is healing ok. I didn't notice you were going on vacation also, but hope you have fun!!

Kate, so good to see you!! Maui sounds like a beautiful place to have a wedding. I would love to go to the islands!!

Ok, off to throw in some more laundry. I'll catch up later with you all!!

08-09-2010, 05:59 PM
Welcome Home, Kathy! Glad you had such a memorable trip.

My son is in a relationship, per his FB page, lol! We're not going on vacation til the end of the month. His girlfriend is going to come down to the beach house for a couple of days too - with her daughter! Oh, wow, if they stay together, we'll be grandparents. They met in college and have been great friends so they do know each other very well. It's been an off and on thing since he graduated two years ago but they seem to have become serious lately.:lovestruc

Diane W.
08-10-2010, 09:49 AM
Kathy - Welcome back! I'm sure your niece will be a fine mom. It sounds like she has a lot of support.

Lisa - Instant grandparents sounds good to me! I can't wait for a grandchld.

08-11-2010, 01:53 PM
Diane: From your mouth to God's ear, but in His own good time;) I wouldn't wish a young family on my son too soon, but he's had a lot of time to think and sounds very mature about his choice. We'll see what happens from here. At least the girlfriend has offered to make him soup when he's sick, lol! That's a big relief for me to have someone nearby that cares for him when I can't take care of him. I know he's a grown man, but I worry when he gets sick. I should say We worry. Tom's always about to run for the airport if I think J-P has swine flu symptoms, lol! We're all eally excited to meet together for lots of long walks, playing with Bonnie on the beach, bonfires, games and seafood. It will be wonderful. Counting the days til the end of the month!:cheer2:

Diane W.
08-14-2010, 11:38 AM
Everyone must be busy! That's a good thing.
I haven't been doing much except cleaning and going for walks. Boring!!
My sister and her 4 kids w/spouses and 6 grandkids are off to Jersey for 2 weeks. She rents a house every year for them all to be together. The first couple of years I went too, but as the grandkids kept coming I backed out. I love them, but parenting skills are so different than mine and I find it hard to just sit and watch. I will not argue with a 2 yr. old about eating dinner for 20 minutes - it drives me crazy to watch this. Soooo, I go with Owen for a day at a time. This week we'll go on Thursday and next week probably on Wednesday. My other sister rented a house too this year - only for one week. She doesn't really like the beach, so I don't know how that's going to work out. Her daughter, SIL and 2 grandkids are going to enjoy it though.

The weather is beautiful today. I'm going to the track to walk today, because the environmental center is having an event call "Bugs and Butterflies". I used to really enjoy their events when Owen was little. They draw a really big crowd there. The harvest festival is the best one. I still have candles that Owen dipped there when he was small.

That's all for now. Have a great weekend!

08-15-2010, 12:49 PM
Diane: So proud of you for the continued commitment to walking. It really does also raise your spirits, doesn't it? I'm sure you'll enjoy your time at the beach. I had to laugh about arguing with a 2 yr. old. I've shared a book with so many people called How to Talk so Kids will Listen and How to Listen so Kids will Talk. It gives such practical exercises and scripts which teach parents how to avoid power struggles and to administer logical consequences. I don't know how I could have lived without it! "I see that you've decided not to eat. You can get down and try again at the next meal." :rotfl: I made J-P leave his swim class once for not cooperating. He begged to return and I told him, "You lost your chance for today. You can try again tomorrow." He never disrespected the teacher again. It's hard at the time, but nips it in the bud, I found. I love to share the book because then I don't need to act like I've got something to say - the book does!:)

Diane W.
08-15-2010, 08:39 PM
Lisa, You're right - walking is helping my spirits. It's definitely a mood booster and it helps clear my head. I go for an hour in the morning and then again for an hour in the evening.

It started raining this afternoon. All I can think of is my sister and all those kids cooped up in the house. Yikes! Makes me glad to be home. :rotfl:

08-16-2010, 12:23 PM
Diane: You are so funny! I'm not looking forward to the rains returning. We don't get rain in the summer - not until later in October, but when it comes it lasts off and on for about 3 months. It could rain at our beach house vacation in Sept. because Oregon gets a lot more rain. I'm bringing games and we'll pack rain gear because Bonnie gets her beach time even if it's pouring! It's good for us to have her because we'd probably stay in from the rain if we didn't. A couple of years ago we were the only people on a beach in N. CA during a downpour walking Bonnie when I found a Japanese glass fishing float just sitting at the shoreline waiting for me! I collect them and it's the only one I've ever found myself! The rest have come from ebay, etc. Great validation for putting on the rain gear! Enjoy your quiet time with a good book, etc. today. It's going to be the warmest day of the week and I have a lot of fun things to do with work today so I'm off!:banana:

08-18-2010, 03:03 PM
Diane, are you on Facebook? It seems like no one wants to meet here anymore. I don't really understand why when we all loved the site so much. I get kind of sad when I check in here now that it seems to be dying on the vine. :confused3

Diane W.
08-18-2010, 05:11 PM
Hi Lisa, No, I don't have a Facebook page. I don't want one. I think this is a summer lull on our little site. Do you have Kathy & Pam's email addresses? I'm sure Jocelyn will check in when she gets back. I know, I check here during the day and I get disappointed when there's no new post.

I applied for a few jobs yesterday on craigslist and this morning there was a response from one of them. Unfortunately, it was a scam! She thanked me for applying and said it looked like I was a perfect match. She then goes on to say that they need a credit check because of the financial aspect of the position and once they received it she would like to meet with me next week. There was a link to click on that brought me to a site that offered free credit reports. I wrote back and said that I would like to meet for an interview and if she wanted to offer me the position I would be more than happy to supply any credit info. The email I sent was returned with the info that the email did not exist! Flags were raised at the request for financial info and then the returned email confirmed it. Isn't that terrible?!

When do you leave for your vacation? Is it this weekend?

08-18-2010, 06:30 PM
We don't leave until the 30th, but I can't stop talking about it, lol! Facebook's fun for seeing pictures and little blubs and you can still have private conversations with a person that no one else can see. It's a good way for me to see my son and his girlfriend a little bit during the week. I'm so glad you didn't fall for the scam! They are really getting crafty trying to get financial information from people. My son told me not to have the same password for my email as for my financial accounts in case a hacker gets into my email. I'm going to revamp some things just in case. Good luck with the job hunt!

08-20-2010, 08:24 AM
Hi everyone. I have only been partly MIA. I stopped in a few times before work to read, but no time to post. Haven't even been keeping up with FB. Just been busy trying to catch up with my missed work from our little vacation. I am really paying for it now. My body is sooo sore and hurting, and I am still exhausted. I did have a good "up" day on Monday and over did it a bit. I worked 9-4 and came home and mowed the grass. It was such a nice day out, low heat and humidity. Lesson learnt. I know part of my problem is my weight, and I am really trying to figure out if it is CFS, AF, Fibromyalgia, or MM. Mike's niece knows someone with Fibro so I am going to talk to her and see what dr. she goes to. It took her over 2 years to get diagnosed!!
I have been doing some major thinking and I think when Mike gets back to work, after a few months, I may let my "big" house and offices go. I just don't have it in me to do all that work anymore. I am hoping to get enough smaller houses to make up for what I am making now. I guess the kicker was when the gas well exploded and the 2 people died. The man never even showed up at the funeral home to pay his respects. No flowers were delivered either. This really bothers me that he never made an attempt to go. I don't really think I can work for someone who doesn't really give a crap about people. I was once told that his employees are nothing more than a number/employee to him. I can honestly see that now. He is really nice, but it seems as though if it interferes with something he wants to do, he doesn't do it. I guess self-centered is the word I'm looking for.
Ok, enough rambling LOL.

Diane, sorry about the job. Seems like there are lots of con people out there now :( Lisa is right about FB. It is a really nice way to keep in touch with friends and family, and you can PM people also. That is how I keep in touch with my brother and sister.

Lisa, I never realized that CA had such dry spells. No wonder there are so many fires out there during the summer!! You would never catch Tyson out in the rain LOL. He holds it as long as possible so he doesn't have to get wet. He even hates baths. He will get into the tub, but he sulks the whole time. Bailey on the other hand LOVES the water. Whether it's raining, the hose, the bathtub, or a creek LOL. I would love to take them to the beach though. Hopefully next year or so!

Ok, have to get ready for work. I'll try to get back here more often. Have a great day guys!!

Diane W.
08-20-2010, 09:20 AM
Hi Kathy - So happy to 'see' you! I'm sorry you're not feeling well. My friend has fibro and if anyone touches her shoulders it can send her through the roof. She went through a lot to get diagnosed. She has other health problems too - knee replacement, diabetes and she just had surgery for a torn rotator cuff.
I don't blame you for not wanting to work for someone you can't respect. Hopefully Mike will get work soon and you can give them your notice (or raise your fees drastically ;) ).

08-20-2010, 01:37 PM
Thanks for the welcome, Diane. If I misspell or anything please forgive me. I am doing this on my phone LOL.
I broke down today and bought some of the Fatigued to Fantastic End Pain formula. I really didn't want to spend the 23.00 on it but I have been really hurting. It said you would experience almost immediate relief. I thought "ya right." But in about a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes my back didn't hurt hardly at all! I just took my second pill. I am now thinking of getting the sleep formula also. Hopefully this is the answers to my prayers.
I'll check in when I get home. Having a hard time typing. LOL
Oh and yes, there were quite a few times Mike hurt me by just giving me a hug and he wasn't really hugging tightly. Felt like every bone was breaking. Even my skin hurts :( ok later :)

Diane W.
08-22-2010, 01:39 PM
Kathy - Hope you're feeling better today. That's really great that the pain reliever worked so quickly! Yay!

Tomorrow is our outing to NJ. We didn't go at all last week. I was going to go on Friday, but changed my mind. Sooo, we're going to sleep over tomorrow night and spend 2 days. I don't think the weather is going to be too great.

Talk to you later!

08-23-2010, 09:47 PM
Not much going on here lately. Been easing into my MM the last week or so. After the horrible migraine a couple Saturday's ago, I slowly eased off the caffeine and slowly added splenda to my diet. I was doing 1/2 splenda, 1/2 sugar. I am now all splenda. Been watching the carbs closer, but still not doing MM per say.
I have some Sami bread I got for Mike's DD and she doesn't like it, and it's like 13 net carbs, but millet and flax. It does have brown rice flour in it, so I am going to freeze some of it for step 2. It does have 2 gr. fiber in it so it's step 2 worthy LOL.

I am going to try to make some homemade decaf vanilla frappuccino with almond milk in it and s/f toranni syrup. That would make it legal for something different.

Diane, hope you had fun on your trip!!
Ok, off to bed :)

08-24-2010, 03:54 PM
Kathy: Where did you find the pain formula? I'm really having a tough time lately with the shoulder. Can't sleep...

08-25-2010, 08:38 AM
I got it at our local natural store. But I found it cheaper at Vitacost. It is around $15 for 90 pills with the flat shipping of $4.99. I found all of vitacost prices to be cheaper. It helped me until yesterday and I over did it with work and such. I worked at 2 houses, got home around 2:30 (started at 9:30) and scrubbed the living room floor (Bailey had a nasty poo accident the previous night). I scrubbed it really well then went to work at one of my offices until 8. My back and feet are killing me today. I would like to take an extra "go" of the pain pills, but it says only to take no more than 2 pills 3 times a day.

Ok, have to get ready for work and get going. I'll check back later :)

08-25-2010, 06:44 PM
Thanks, Kathy! Don't you love being on a site where you can say Vitacost?!! Do they ship pretty quickly?

I have learned about a procedure called cold laser therapy which we plan to check out. I'll let you know how it goes. Chiropractor that does it got rid of all the pain in my parents' neighbor's back. I heard of a lady today that is a naturopath that does it too. I'm calling her today to learn more.:thumbsup2

08-26-2010, 07:19 AM
You're welcome, Lisa! I personally don't know how quickly they ship, but I think I remember from LCF someone saying they shipped pretty fast. I will need to order some soon, Mike and his DD found them and are trying them. So they will not last me long at all now. 3 people taking 2 pills 3 times a day, I am thinking this will last me just over a week. His DD usually will start a med and quit taking it in a couple days if she doesn't feel better. She doesn't give them time to build up in her system. :confused3 They help me during the day but not so much at night. My back is really hurting now, so thinking I will be going to the chiropractor today. Let me know if you try the cold laser therapy!

I have been holding my own the last couple days. I have been drinking homemade Frappucinno with 2% milk, s/f vanilla syrup and decaf espresso. I want to get down to 1% milk and then skim milk. I only drink it in the afternoons as a treat. I am saving some 9oz bottles and pour it into those and just grab one and go to work. I know we've been down this road before LOL. I am not showing weight loss, but my belly seems to be shrinking.

This week has been really busy for me. I worked 11 hours yesterday!! I just need to get today in, and I'm home free. Starting to think I need to rethink my line of work. But I like making my own hours and having weekends off. I am contemplating quitting the offices so I have my evenings open also. Not sure what I'll do. Just feeling a need for change of sorts I guess.

I'll check back later when I am eating lunch. Have a great day!!

08-26-2010, 10:31 AM
Good morning everyone!! :goodvibes

I've not abandoned you all, never!;) We got back from Mexico last Friday, found my PC power supply fried by a lightening strike that also outed my phones, cable, a couple of outlets, TV's, coffee pot, etc. Ugh!! I have a super PC nerd for a bother in law and he managed to fix my PC and just got it back to me this morning! YAY! :yay: Sooo Hi! Hi! Hi! to everyone.

We left a week early for this trip, I had less than forty eight hours for final prep and out the door we went. DH finished up a contract and he was ready to go...I wasn't! :laughing: The trip was very long and we worked hard and each evening we visited the ranch plaza to join in on the religious festivities and eats...think bad county fair with lots of folks just walking around looking at each other and visiting. lol Not much fun for me but DH loves visiting with cousins and old friends he grew up with, as you can imagine. I like the working on the house part. We did manage to completely finish up the master, the large bath, and living room. Kitchen is next, then on to the two extra guest rooms. That "Guests Welcome" sign hanging is getting closer and closer! :goodvibes

We discovered his mother, 76 yrs old, has early onset Alzheimer's. She's had two mild strokes and though she's moble and very alert most of the time, she's doing things like leaving the stove on, forgetting or refusing to eat, and roaming off, she's still good at remembering her childrens names but can't seem to recall any of the grand kids already. Sad. This has thrown DH a curve ball and he has moved up our original plan to spend extended periods of time down there.

On an up note, I lost three and a half pounds while down there. Without a scale, I knew from my clothes that I was taking it off. It suprised me that it was only three and a half, it felt more like ten or fifteen! Not complaining, I'll take it! :cool1:

Lisa, sorry you're having troubles with your shoulder! :hug: I hope you continue to feel better. Your upcoming vacation sounds heavenly! I look forward to the time when we can go to Mexico and just relax and take care of daily chores or spend time exploring the country and tropical resort areas that we've not experienced yet.

Kathy, good to hear you're still plugging away and remain dedicated to returning to Step I. My small loss on vacation made it super easy for me to get right back on track as soon as I got to the grocery store, when we returned. I feel great and since I managed to keep low carb while gone, the return to Step I was a breeze this time! Keep it up! You can do it!:hug:

Diane, so glad you're still walking! There is something so psychologically right about it, don't you think? I managed to get two of my sister in laws to walk with me for about two and a half miles every other morning while we were gone. A couple of times they didn't show up, I dragged one of my DH's nephews with me a couple of times when they didn't show. He's ten and spent his first six years here in town so his English is fair and he's funny as a monkey. We worked on his English and he had me laughing the entire time. He was way more fun than my SIL's! :laughing:

Where's that Jocelyn off to this time? I remain so envious all her travels! Jocelyn, where ever you are, I hope you're having a terrific time.

The weather here has been amazing since we returned, yards a mess and I'm so very grateful for it. I actually mowed then had to hand rake over three of the acres. Can you imagine? :laughing: Good workout anyway! lol My planting beds have fallen to compete ruin. My plan today is to tackle those and see what I can salvage, so the place doesn't look like its waiting for a foreclosure to take place!! :lmao: (sure glad we have no broken windows!) Bah ha! Anyway, the high for today is only 78 with no humidity, so I'm off to take full advantage of it.

It's good to be back and catch up with you all!! :dance3: See you all soon!!

08-28-2010, 11:49 AM
Pam: So glad you are back! We missed you! :)Where in Mexico is your house again? We love that House Hunters International show. Sounds like you got A LOT done while you were there! So sorry to hear your MIL is showing signs of Alzheimerís. Has she been diagnosed? We found out there are many kinds of dementia. My MIL has the same symptoms and has had mini-strokes, but she doesnít have Alzheimerís. She has vascular dementia. Itís not as cruel as Alzheimerís, but itís been difficult none the less. Iím glad you can spend more time with her in the future

I feel like Iím going to get my life back physically so hopefully Iíll be back in the gang with you losing weight from exercising. :cool1:Iíve been walking but not having my usual zip. I saw the therapist yesterday with the cold laser. It was like a miracle! She has her degree in sports medicine and is a massage therapist as well as owning a cold laser machine. She does the intense kind of deep therapy where she moved the muscles and tendons back in to place and breaks up scar tissue. Then follows it with the cold laser to speed healing. I learned about her from some football moms. The type of therapy she does gets athletes back Ďin the gameí much quicker than physical therapy. I believe it! It was brutal while she was moving things around. I kept saying Sorry. She said, ďWhy are you saying Sorry, Iím hurting YOUĒ. I said because Iím Southern. She cracked up.

I slept for the first time without pain last night and feel so much more like myself today even though I am sore from the manipulation. Itís a different kind of sore than injured, if you know what I mean.

I donít know how on Earth you could rake 3 acres by hand! The way I think I really sent my shoulder over the edge was by painting my MILís house and then my own so be careful. Too much repetitive motion is bad for you.

The forecast says we might get some rain on the coast but only for off and on two days. I hope it moves on out and we donít get any! I bought my sonís girlfriendís daughter a kite the shape of a dragonfly and itís printed on white fabric so you can color it yourself. I got her some glitter paints and pens and jewels to decorate it. With two adult artists there she should have plenty of help! I hope she gets to fly it, weather permitting. Forgive me if I already told you this. I donít remember!

Iím trying to eliminate wheat. Read a lot about it lately. I think Iíll wait to do it 100% until we get back cause I feel some French bread with clam chowder coming on, lol! Iíve gone back to eating some oatmeal once in a while for breakfast and my healthy salads. I feel good anyway.

Hope you all have a delicious weekend! Itís very cool here after a brief hot spell so Iím heading out with Bonnie for a good walk.

08-28-2010, 03:55 PM
Hi everyone!:wave2:

Great to see someone post Lisa!:hug: I was beginning to wonder if this place had been abandoned!?

Ready for your vacation? Silly question huh. The kite sounds perfect, I'm sure she will absolutely love it, heck, I'd love it!;) I'm so happy for you that your treatments seem to be doing the trick!:dance3: I sincerely hope it returns you to your old self soon!:goodvibes Sooo funny about you apologizing for the pain she was causing you!:laughing: I have no physcial issues that deter me from doing anything, even raking three acres by hand. The only thing that happened was a slight sunburn and a couple of hand blisters.;)

The closest towns to Rancho Salazarez (where the house is) is Tlaltenango Zacatecas or Momax Zacatecas. Since there are wonderful toll roads a lot of the way down now, the trip from Loredo to the Ranch has been decrease by a few hours. I used to dread the Mexico driving part but now enjoy it the most. Here's a little bit of reading on it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tlaltenango_de_S%C3%A1nchez_Rom%C3%A1n_Municipalit y
This is the town we go to for shopping, food market and just about anything else we need. (it's about an 8 minute drive from the ranch) The ranch only has three very small stores that carry fresh breads, snacks, fresh fruit and veggies, and a few cleaning supplies. I think they're all kind of getting used to seeing me and my red/blonde hair walking about town now, I didn't get near as mean lears and jeers this trip down. lol Bummer!:laughing:

I'm not sure about the type of Alzheimers diagnoses. She had just returned to the ranch the day before we got there from Los Angels where she was diagnosed while staying with one of my husband's sisters. So much stuff get's lost in the translation when I'm pumping them for information I'm afraid. My maternal grandmother had it and now two of my mother's sisters have it, it scares me that it's that close in my family. Everyone here seems horrified for me over my MIL's diagonosis. It's a funny thing though, I have no ill thoughts when considering the fact that we may end up her primary care givers. It may be that my resolve is set that it needs to happen and we were planning to start spending much more time down there anyway. ::shrug:: The way of life is so peaceful and I seem to just fit right in there. Maybe it's an age thing, maybe it's just being so familiar with it all now.

Good for your cooler weather, enjoy, we had a beautiful week here. We're setting a record low rainfall for the month, the grass is dry and brittle and the trees seem to be a little wilting, far from the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

I'm planning a Fiesta style birthday party for three of my grandkids next weekend. Three birthdays in one month drives the thought of having one massive one and getting it all over with. It's been fun shopping for all the decorations this week. We picked up a horse pinata in Loredo that comes up to my waist. Should be fun, but am thinking of ways to keep it mostly inside because of how ugly everything is outside right now, even with all my efforts.

I do have some lighter news! I'm going to be a grandma once again! My middle daughter (27) got engaged and three days later found out that she's expecting! So we're planning an end of March baby and a huge September 2011 wedding. Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, they snuck down to the courthouse yesterday and got married by the JP. They, the judge, and I are the only three people that know about it. She was utterly distraught over the thought of having a baby and not being married, (guess I instilled something a little right in her somewhere along the lines).:laughing: I told them to just go ahead and do it and not let anyone know and proceed on with the big wedding plans with the thought that if no one knew they were already married then no one could poo poo the idea of the big wedding. Good thinking huh? :ccat:

I think I just wrote half a novel, lol, you all have a great weekend!!

08-29-2010, 08:43 AM
Ok, I did post yesterday, but it's not here. Hmmm thinking a conspiracy!! LOL

I will try to not forget anything, but if I do, please forgive me.

Lisa, glad the shoulder is doing better. It is amazing what sports medicine can do!! Just be careful with it and don't hurt it again!! Is your trip coming up soon? I am thinking you said the end of the month, and that's actually Tues.

Pam, so sorry to hear about MIL. It is such a difficult disease for all involved. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Mexico sounds like such a nice place!! I wouldn't mind the slower pace, that is for sure!!

I weighed myself this morning. I am down 9#! I am saying I have been on MM for 2 weeks. It's not 100% on plan, but pretty close. I did some retail therapy the last couple days LOL. Got some good deals too. Found a pantsuit to wear to my best friend's DD's wedding coming up on 9/18.
We had a serenade for Tris and Levi's first anniversary last night. Their anniversary isn't until 9/19, but this was the only weekend they could get all the people together. I'll see how the video turned out on my phone and post it on FB and link it here.

I'll check back later. Have to help Mike's DD (youngest) move the rest of her stuff into the house. Their mom is moving to AZ today. It's not going to be a fun day :(

Later everyone!!

Diane W.
08-29-2010, 01:17 PM
Hi Pam & Kathy! So happy to 'see' you both!

Lisa - VACATION TIME! I'm sure you've been packed and ready for days.:lmao: Have a wonderful time! Are you leaving in the morning?

We had a nice time in NJ with my sister and her family. The weather was perfect. We arrived Wed. afternoon and left on Friday afternoon. Her son and his family that have the 2 high-maintenance kids had left on Tuesday, so it was nice and quiet. :thumbsup2 Her youngest grandson is 3 and he is a really funny kid. We enjoyed him so much. I walked while I was there, but once it was to the ice cream shop. :confused3

08-29-2010, 02:52 PM
Just saying a quick Hi! I've been cleaning, paying bills and working before packing. Tom's worked a lot of emergencies this week and he is bushed! We need a vacation, but not until he catches up on sleep so I have to be quiet today. No vacuuming, bummer! I've got my office cleaned and contacted most of my clients so feeling pretty good about being ready in time.

John-Paul and his girlfriend had a falling out yesterday and she might not be coming now. Evidently, she's been angry a lot about how much he's had to work in the last two weeks. She may have a short memory because prior to that he only had to work 4 - 5 hours on a lot of days. That's the nature of his kind of work. It's not going to work out if she can't understand his commitment to his clients and career at this point. He's feeling like maybe they are at different places in their lives right now. Who knows though, they could make up today and work it all out, lol! That's why I was careful not to say anything bad that could come back to bite me. I did tell him that when he meets his soul mate, he will want to be with her all the time so maybe he hasn't met her yet. Time will tell.

Pam: I'm so glad you are feeling so strong and planning such a fun party! I'm very tender today with some bruising from the treatment, but able to do more and feeling very upbeat about my progress. Can't wait to walk on the beach!

I'll probably pop in before we take off one more time. Love to you all!

08-30-2010, 08:09 PM
Hello everyone! :wave2:

Lisa, great advice to JP. He may be needing this vacation as much as you and Tom do, might be the perfect thing. I hope you all have a terrific, relaxing time. ...walk on the beach..::sigh::..sounds heavenly.

Diane good to see you, glad you got in a couple of peaceful days and were able to enjoy the company.;)

I envy those of you that get to spend time near water, especially beaches. I married a landlubber pirate: arrrrgh! It's not much fun! ;) I grew up always vacationing near water, mostly Florida, and haven't been to a beach since I was eighteen. I miss it, but do have tons of good childhood memories of it..... I feel another sigh coming on. :laughing:

Today was a total bust for me, I'm tired and have been roaming the house, still in my PJ's, I even sent DH to the store for me while took a nap. I guess things are catching up with me and I need to be lazy for a day. I don't like the feeling, glad it doesn't happen often! lol

Once again, Lisa you have a great time, we'll see you soon. Don't forget to post us some great pics on facebook!

You all have a great night!

Diane W.
08-31-2010, 10:12 PM
Whew. We're having another heatwave this week! At least it cools down in the evening. We're supposed to get some rain on Friday from the hurricane. So far it doesn't look like it's going to be too bad. My son, Owen, is leaving on Saturday for a week in Martha's Vineyard with his father. It looks like the weekend might be dicey weather, but hopefully it will clear out during the week.

I hope Lisa is enjoying her vacation! I'm sure she's enjoying every minute with JP!

Diane W.
09-02-2010, 01:45 PM
I can't wait for the new shows on TV. :happytv: I'm getting bored.
Where is everyone today?

Diane W.
09-08-2010, 07:34 AM
Nothing new. Just wanted to say 'hi' to everyone who checks in today. It's way too quiet on here. Feels like it has outlasted it's usefulness - too bad, I liked it.

09-09-2010, 07:45 AM
good morning guys. Still here, sort of LOL. Just been really bogged down with work and then I managed to get a huge cold, so that laid me up a while also.
Not much going on here lately. It has cooled off quite a bit, thankfully.
I haven't been following MM too well again. I did some thinking about what Diane said on FB about the AF and not having it. Really upset me, and then I remembered, I actually went to someone who confirmed it. So I started taking my licorice again along with the probiotics. I have sworn off milk products (at least as best as I can) as I had a frappucinno one day and I got sicker than a dog. I was sooo nauseated I could barely work. Not sure if it was the sugar or the caffeine in it. But I then remembered the guy I went to a while back said to avoid dairy.
The scale is showing weight gain, but my stomach isn't quite so bloated now.
I will try to get here more often than I have.
Diane, I feel like you do, that our little world has fallen apart :( I really miss everyone too.
Lisa, hope your having fun, and you also Jocelyn!
I am still going to do low carb, but hold off on doing the actual steps in MM.
I'll see you all later!!

09-09-2010, 12:49 PM
:wave2:Hello everyone!

I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post! Sorry you guys, I'll be here as long as anyone is posting.:grouphug: It's good to see you all! Lisa I'm sure, will be back soon to join us and things have settled back down here and I'll be sure to let you hear all my struggles with Step I, once again.:laughing:

We too have been experiencing a lot of family drama. We asked MD(27) and her fiance to move in here and take over the care of the house while we go back and forth from Mexico and it opened a can of worms with her siblings that I just didn't expect. They have been house hunting for a couple of months and preparing to move out of my eldest daughter's rental home here in town. It's an adorable tiny little one bedroom that will only house one person comfortably. MD(27) is expecting now and planning a big wedding for next September. We thought asking them to postpone their house hunt and move in here would allow them to save more money for their down payment and save a little for their wedding. They loved the idea but the other three kids went balistic on us over it. They're the only logical choice, eldest daughter lives in Indianapolis and would never consider it, but are angry over them moving from their rental. Our youngest daughter owns her own home but still thinks she's the best choice for moving in here, NOT!. They both work over 40 hour weeks and their house never gets cleaned, yard is never mowed and they have laundry piled above their heads in their laundry room all the time, (this is the one I'm constantly cleaning for) they could never manage a house and yard this large. Our son couldn't even get our yard mowed once in the over three weeks we were gone this trip, not a chance we're leaving it to him, he's just too irresponsible. I finally blew a gasket with them all yesterday and told them we'd made our decision and they'd all have to just stay pissed or get over it and move on. The way we see it, MD and fiance are doing us a favor by stopping their lives to help us out, that we're imposing on them, this place is a lot of work and anyone would be hard pressed to keep it up. The other's see it as free rent or no house payment or a meal ticket. I've slid into something that I can only figure is some kind of depression over it. I've always taken great pride in how well they all get along no matter what gets thrown our way, this blew that out of the water. At this point all I can hope is that they realize they need each other as always and can move things back to the way they were with each other.

The birthday party went off without a hitch, even though you could feel an underlying tension between them all. At that point I decided if I heard another word from any of them about it, I would go off on them, I do believe they sensed this in me. :laughing: We ended up having a really good time. Built a bonfire and made margaritas and it lasted into late evening. Food was awesome and yes I ate more than my fair share, including the cake and ice cream. Problem is...it didn't stop with the party, I've spent the week since eating any and everything in sight. I don't dare weigh myself at this point, (it would probably send me spinning even further into this depressed funk I'm in) so I've started Step I again this morning and plan on getting outside or away from the house this afternoon to keep my mind busy.

I spent yesterday wedding dress shopping with MD, we had a wonderful time. Here's the link to her first choice at this point. It's very vintage looking and opens up all kinds of possibilities to my taste in wedding receptions, I love shabby chic and anything vintage as far as weddings go. It's over her budget but then has anyone ever stayed on budget when dress shopping? ;) http://www.allurebridals.com/index.php?id=3&product_id=646

The weather here has finally taken a step to the cooler side, especially at night. I love it! Fall remains my favorite time of year. One of our neighbors has a wood burning stove. Each year I look forward to walking outside in the mornings, smelling it and hearing the rustle of the leafs blowing across the yard. ..it should be coming soon! :goodvibes

You all have a great afternoon, I'll check back on you later this afternoon. :grouphug:

Diane W.
09-09-2010, 08:47 PM
So happy to see new posts!!! :goodvibes

Hi Kathy, What's AF again? I hope avoiding the milk products helps you feel better.

Pam - Isn't it something how family can react? Do they think she's your favorite? The gown is sensational!! What a gorgeous design! The party sounds like it was fun. At least they were able to be together and not start fighting. I think all big families have periods of tension and disagreement - I think it's like they expand and contract with emotions. I know my family does! At times I'm pissed at one sister and then someone's mad at my brother and so on and so on and so on...:) The majority of the time we're all fine, but every so often - bam. It's funny what can set people off. (including me)

I had dinner tonight with my friend from high school. It's so funny how we can go months without spending time together and when we're together it's like we've been together every day. She's been out of work for over a year also. She is going to have put her townhouse up for sale if she doesn't get a job by the end of the year. We both can't get over the fact that we can't get a job. It's really unbelievable. I've sent my resume out in response to over 150 jobs and have only had 2 interviews. I can't wait to finally say - guess what? I got a job!!! I hope that day comes soon!

09-09-2010, 09:28 PM
Pam: I think I saw that dress on Say Yes to the Dress! It's gorgeous! I don't think you should back down on the decision with MD and fiance, as it makes a lot of sense. Hopefully you can discuss with the other kids until they see the light! So sorry you had to go through that.

We're back but still very tired from the drive. We didn't get home til 2:30 am last night!

We walked for hours per day on the beach. It was so perfect! Wide, smooth and clean with perhaps 2 or so other people seen per day. One day I walked for 6 hours in 3 different stints. Thank goodness all the kids like to walk on the beach with us. I got into hunting for agates. Got a baggie full so now I'm researching jewelry making.

J-P's girlfriend did come and we all had a great time together. They seem to have worked out their tiff over his work. I had to work on myself not to fall too much in love with her daughter just in case, but the child is enchanting! I sat with her while she painted her kite. Tom put it together and we flew it the next day. I'm waiting for the 'kids' to send me the pics then I'll post a few. She is so artistic, athletic and beautiful. Loves her school and is a blast to talk to. She's never had a dog as they live in an apt. so she spent a lot of time with Bonnie in the surf. Bonnie was exhausted! I think we all passed the 'Meet the Parents' week with flying colors.

We got so sore and stiff from walking, but in a good way. The shoulder is better from the 'rest'.

Now the bad news: We ate like there was no plan whatsoever. Started off ok and then got worse, lol! A lot of French fries with the fish dishes, etc. Only had desert twice, so not too bad with the sugar. Just the carbs! Yikes. We're going to try to figure things out again tomorrow. Actually just having chicken and veggies tonight so doing ok now that we are home again.

I already reserved a house 3 down on the beach from the one we had this week for the exact same week next year. This new one has a hot tub and kind sized bed, which were the two things we really missed. With all that walking we were in need of a soak!

I need to catch up on work tomorrow. Tom and I are both happy with the cold laser therapy, etc. He goes again tomorrow. She moved our tendons and muscles til we both kicked and screamed, followed with the cold laser. We're both better for sure.

Time for a low carb dinner. Now, what to do with that left over pie filling?? Marionberry. Yikes!

09-10-2010, 06:24 AM
Lisa, so good to see you!! I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Sounds like such a nice time. I am soo wishing I could go to the beach this year. But just not in the cards for a couple years yet.
J-P's girlfriend sounds so nice too. I am glad they worked out their tiff and everyone had fun. I know what you mean about getting attached too quickly. Hard not to though.
Have fun making your jewelry. When I made my jewelry for Tristan's wedding, I so enjoyed it. I am thinking of making some more. I love some of the bulky stones that are being sold now.

Jocelyn, so good to see you also!! I am sorry your kids are giving you such a hard time. It is ultimately your decision and not theirs. They need to come to terms with that. My sister is the same way. My ex and I were going to buy some land off my parents to put our trailer on it, but she raised such a stink, we didn't. My parents have a huge yard (double lot) and we were going to buy the lower lot. I hope it all blows over soon.
Glad you had a nice time at your party. It's so nice to get together with loved ones and just enjoy yourself.

Diane, AF is short for adrenal fatigue. It is a difficult condition, but it is reversible for lack of better words. You also usually have Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalga (sp?) with it. Since I started taking the licorice again (supports the adrenal glands) I am feeling a bit better. Not sleeping well at night, but not too tired during the day. I will resume my sleeping pills tonight. I went to bed last night around 11 and woke up around 4. Couldn't fall back asleep, so came downstairs around 5. I have eliminated all caffeine from my diet, so I know that isn't keeping me up.

Ok, off to a nice hot shower to wake me up, or put me to sleep LOL. I'll check back later.
Had to reboot my phone this morning. Forgot my password I put on it last night, and it erased EVERYTHING!!! I have none of my videos, pictures, nothing :( I think I sent some of them to Mike's phone, so I'll have to resend them to my phone. If that's the worse that happens today, I'll be doing good!!

09-10-2010, 11:15 AM
Kathy: Have you had your hormones tested? Insomnia goes along with menopause for most people. Maybe you are in early menopause? Just a thought.

09-10-2010, 12:38 PM
:wave2: Good day to everyone!

Second day of Step I and I'm starving!! Ugh! I've already ate twice and my stomach is on fire, like I've not eaten in days! Yesterday was so easy and I foolishly thought this was actually going to be a cake walk this time, what was I thinking!?! :laughing: I keep telling myself, this works, this works, I have proof that this works and the misery shall SOON pass.;) I can tell this is going to be my "Oh I have a headache" lazy day!

Welcome home Lisa!:goodvibes Isn't it amazing how sitting and doing nothing while driving can wear you out the way it does? Your walks on the beach sound heavenly. I'm so glad you all had a good time. Sounds perfect. You and Tom have my vote to get yourselves right back on Step I with me!;)
I went and bought a handful of groceries just for myself yesterday. I thought I'd come up with some really good ideas for new meals if I shopped just for myself, but I was wrong. I spent nearly 120 bucks and don't feel like I got much of anything, and certainly nothing new.:laughing:

Kathy, I too suffered from sleep deprivation during menopause. Have you not been blessed with this event yet?:laughing: I agree with Lisa, you seem to have a few symptoms that I experienced when I went through it. I noticed that MM really helped to straighten out the last of those symptoms for me, at least I'll give credit to it.

Diane, glad to hear you had a good time with your friend. It is amazing how you can go for long periods of time away from friends and reunite as though only hours had passed. Sure sign of a true friendship. Wishing you both continued luck in your job hunts!:hug:

Thank you guys for your support with my family drama. It's been three days since anyone has brought anything up about it, at least I have the illusion that things have died down for the moment. I haven't spoken to my eldest daughter since the day I told her it was the last conversation we were going to have about it. I feel this isn't a very good sign, even on the days she works she will find time to call me at least twice. I texted her yesterday to ask if she would meet MD and myself in Indianapolis for some more dress hunting on Sunday and she didn't respond, another bad sign. ::sigh:: I'm just not used to this, it's hard to proceed as though nothing is going on when there is clearly still hard feelings. Diane, you asked if the others believe MD is my favoite, lol, they each think they're the favorite!:laughing: I thought this was a sign of some good parenting! MD (Millie) is the only single one and has always gone out of her way to make sure I'm very much included in her life, she will tell anyone that I'm her best friend. Abbie and I are the same way. The other two go out of their way to keep me out of their business. lol
Millie and her fiance will be moving in here at the end of November, that's the only thing I know for sure at this point. Maybe time will cool everyone off as they get used to the idea.

Nap time!! You all have a terrific afternoon!

09-10-2010, 08:36 PM
Made it through the first day of MM again! Craving all the good things from vacation, lol! It started with clam chowder and went downhill from there, but with all the walking we probably didn't do too much damage. LC turkey tacos planned for dinner tonight. I had another biopsy on my face today near my lip. Had a pre cancer removed before vacation. Drat all those years of abuse as a teenager! At least we are catching these things early. Long day back at work for the first day today, along with the doctor appt...Hope you all have a good night.

Pam: Stay tough and keep after the elusive daughter. I'm a firm believer that things need to be talked out before they fester. See if you can meet her for lunch and explain how this move for MD will really help you out and be a lot of work for MD, not a gift. Good luck!:hug:

09-11-2010, 12:06 AM

We are back from our wanderings in Greece and Germany. Had a great time. We won't even mention the amount of food we ate. However were were conscious of the carb intake. Not that we were always good about it though:rotfl::rotfl:

We are home for just a few more days and then back to the mainland for 7 weeks. We will be eating out most of that time - it makes losing weight difficult!!!

I will have my computer with me though, so will be able to keep in touch if I have an internet connection.

Take care everyone.

Hugs to ALL:grouphug:

09-11-2010, 12:01 PM
:wave2:Good morning all!

Good to see you Jocelyn, you globe trotter you!! If I was out traveling the way you do, I promise I wouldn't be the least bit concerned about my food choices!:laughing: I'd be trying everything in sight! I want to hear more about it when you get the chance to share, ...please?

Welcome back to Step I Lisa and Tom!! :laughing: I feel a whole lot more clear headed and energetic this morning. I thought I'd be in for another day or two of misery in detox. I sure wish I had someone here doing this with me, even just to brainstorm on what to have come meal time. Lucky you!

Very good advice Lisa thanks, it worked with the youngest two, once they realized what would be demanded of them, they backed off pretty quick. Abbie can only seem to focus on the fact that the rental house is hitting the market during the Fall. She's panic stricken over the fact that they may have two mortgages to pay. She keeps pushing for Millie to stay in it until she gets it sold. At this point Abbie has known that Millie was planning on moving out for three months. Millie argues back, "I've been house hunting for over two months already and she's still not bothered to contact anyone to get the house listed, or even have it listed for rent." Very good argument if you ask me. I think Abbie is just pouting, she wants to be ticked off, so I'm going to let her be for now. She told Millie that she'd try to make it dress shopping with us tomorrow, maybe this is a good sign.

Off to grill me some chicken! You all have a nice weekend!:goodvibes

09-11-2010, 12:58 PM
Pam: Have fun dress shopping! I hope the girls are feeling lovey dovey by then. It wouldn't be fun to have a pouty sister chiming in on a very special day. I love that program Say Yes to the Dress. Don't ask me why! I love everything to do with weddings. I can't watch the ones about cakes or I will crave the frosting, lol! They really pick on unsupportive friends and relatives when they air the episodes of the program. Some of these moms are awful, lol! My Mom wasn't there for me when I got married as far as the preparations were concerned. She and my Dad were divorced (temporarily) and I guess it was a hard time for her, but I could have really used her support. I guess I try to relive how it should have been when I watch the show.:confused3 I think I would have loved to have been a wedding planner, but oh the stress, lol! Anyway, have a great day and take snacks!!:lovestruc

Diane W.
09-11-2010, 05:38 PM
Welcome back Jocelyn! You are so lucky to have such adventures.

Lisa - Your vacation sounded lovely. I love walking on the beach. I'm happy that JP and his girlfriend worked it out. The little one is stealing your heart? :lovestruc:

My son is back from his vacation. I haven't seen him yet, but I see his bags. I was out this morning with my sister and her granddaughter and when I got home I was so excited to see he was home already.

Pam - sounds like things are calming down with your girls. Whew! Thank goodness.

Kathy - Hope you're feeling great today! That stinks about your phone. I don't have a smartphone, so I can't relate. Owen is always making fun of my phone. When I was calling 411 for the number of my car dealership, he said it into his phone and had the number before the operator gave it to me. Oh well.

The weather is perfect and is supposed to be beautiful all week. I love the fall! I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

09-11-2010, 10:13 PM
Sunday marks 3 years cancer free for Tom so we are going to go do something. We still have the vacation bug, lol! Have a great day!:grouphug:

Diane W.
09-12-2010, 12:44 AM
Lisa - What a fabulous occasion to commemorate! Enjoy! :woohoo:

09-12-2010, 07:06 PM
:goodvibes Hi eveyone!

Lisa, I'm with Diane, what a wonderful thing to be able to celebrate! Now I'm curious as to what you went off to do. :laughing:

Good news! Abbie was right there to meet us for the gown shopping! :dance3: Everyone was in the best of moods and we had a great day. Here's her newest choice.
I don't believe this is quite as pretty as the first one but it is more perfect for the wedding vision she has..oh yeah, and at a fraction of the price of the first one. She has 24 hours to schedule her fitting for it, if she does she gets 20% more off the price. She said she's more than likely going to be getting this one. It comes with the capped sleeves or you can remove them to make it strapless, love it, love it!!

Going to look for dinner now, you all have a nice night and a great start to the new week!

Diane W.
09-12-2010, 09:02 PM
Pam- Wow! I'm glad I don't have to decide between those two gowns. :confused3 I think I like this one a bit more though. How many did she try on? You must've been so relieved to have peace among the kids again. :hug:

Today it was chilly out. Yay! I had to wear a jacket this evening. I love sweaters and I can't wait to wear them every day.

I'm hoping to hear something this week from at least one of the jobs I applied to in a town that's nearby. Keep your fingers crossed. I keep thinking this can't continue much longer - but then it does. :eek:

09-13-2010, 11:54 AM
Pam: That dress is stunning! I can't wait to see pictures of her in it and you beaming right along side! Yippee that Abbie was there! Sounds like the wedding plans are coming along at the right time to bring them even closer together.

We went to Murphys - where I met with Jocelyn. The restaurant there has Tom's favorite menu and he loves the drive. I was very, very sad to see that several shops have closed since I was there in June. It's a historic Gold Rush town that gets a lot of artsy folks from the San Francisco area coming up for the day to visit wineries and shop so I had always hoped it would survive the economy. It was very bleak indeed so it must have been a bad summer for the retailers there. So sad. I wore my prettiest dress and bought a gorgeous shawl to help the economy a bit.:)

Diane: Oh, I do so hope this job is THE ONE for you! Keep us posted on the communication.:thumbsup2

My neighbor did a neat thing. She mesaged all of her girlfriends to see if we could meet her for lunch after her annual exam and mammogram. What a great idea to make it a celebration to look forward to. I'm happy to attend today and I might just steal that idea when it's my turn again.

Have a great day!:grouphug:

09-13-2010, 02:37 PM
It sounds as if everyone is doing quite well with families and all.

How great for Tom - lets hope the years just keep adding up.:yay::yay:

Sorry to hear about the demise of some of the shops in Murphy's. It really is a cute town. We fly into Sacramento tomorrow. Hopefully we can get together again, Lisa.

I'll have more time to write after we get to CA. It is a hectic day today.:eek:

Still not on an eating plan I like. We are out again tonight - have been almost every night for the past 2 weeks. I'll be glad to do my own cooking for a week or so at least!!!

Oh - to have the figures of the wedding gown models. The dresses are really lovely!!

Hugs to ALL:grouphug::grouphug:

09-13-2010, 05:31 PM
I ate wrong at the Cheesecake Factory to be polite to my neighbor and now I'm really tired! Sugar doesn't suit me! Phooey! Tomorrow's another day...

Diane W.
09-15-2010, 09:01 PM
Lisa - Hope you've recovered from the sugar surge. I get headaches from too much sugar at one time. One time I was making black & white cookies and they were so good I overate them. My head, neck & shoulders ached all night. I haven't had one since!

Nothing new here. The weather is still great. On Saturday my niece's baby girl will be baptized. I don't have to worry about the food - it's never any good at their parties. :scared1:

09-15-2010, 10:30 PM
Diane: You are so funny! I can usually plan and stick to my guns, but I had never eaten out with this friend before and I was the only one to show up to celebrate with her so I followed her lead in some ways, although I skipped the bread and had a sensible salad - then cheesecake! I was hoping she'd want to split one, but no such luck. I'll be paying penance for days.:scared1:

I worked so hard today Tom took me out for a steak. The veggies were great along with the salad. Back on track, I hope!

Hope all is well with all of you. Another busy day in the RE world tomorrow so I'll say goodnight and God Bless.:grouphug:

Diane W.
09-18-2010, 08:08 PM
Hi Everyone! I guess everyone is out and about.
I went to my niece's baby's baptism today. She surprised me and had the baby wearing the christening gown that I had bought for her when she was baptized 30 yrs. ago! I was her godmother. The baby was quiet during the service, but her brother was jabbering away. He's only 16 months old and the baby is 5 months old. At his christening she was pregnant with this one. I asked her today, Are we going to be doing this again next year? And she gave me a look and said 'no way'. :rotfl:

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

09-19-2010, 11:00 PM
Hi again guys. I have been sooo busy helping my friend with her daughter's wedding. It was this past Saturday, so hoping it calms down a bit again. I am sooo tired!! I made some cookies for her this past Tuesday, and had just a few of them. They were chocolate with caramel in the middle and I made some strawberry square things.
I have been getting pretty nauseated when I eat. I have started taking a supplement called NAC (short for something) and it has been helping some I just need to take it about 30 minutes before I eat.

Lisa, I get my hormones checked every year and once in a while twice a year. That is the only way to know when I will start menopause as I no longer have periods. This past spring they were right on. Go figure LOL. I'll just be keeping the air conditioner in the window until the snow starts flying again :lmao: Mike has been pretty chilly in bed lately. I have the air on 62*!! I'll wake up some morning and he'll have ice cycles hanging on his nose or something LOL.

I did check my phone out after that one post, and thankfully I didn't lose anything media wise on the phone. To be honest the only reason I got the blackberry was a special they were running at the time. If I bought it, I got another phone free, and Mike was due for his upgrade also at that point. So I got it. I do like it a lot as I keep up with everyone during the day.

Ok, pretty late and I need to get to bed. I'll be back later.

09-20-2010, 10:22 AM
Good morning everyone!:goodvibes

Oh Diane, how I wish I was out and about! :laughing: I managed to get saddled watching my youngest daughters two kids again, and oh man, they are a handful..or I'm just getting far too old for this, probably a little of both! Her DH was lucky enough to get hired on full time at our Local TRW Gear plant and now both their 12 hour shifts are through the night! Ugh! Something's got to give soon, shift change, or something. Gavin is in all day Kindergarden which is clear across the county from me. One full hour there and back, twice a day. The rest of the day I find myself protecting my household from the two year old.;) Love them to death, but love them more when I can smooch their faces off and send them home!! :laughing:

MD (Millie) Got her wedding dress ordered! (second dress I posted the link to, last week). We ended up only spending three days shopping for it, I guess it's true when they say, when you find the perfect one, you know it. It's ordered and the wedding cake has been designed, so we're off to a good start. She wants the reception here in the front yard under one of those circus looking tents (no red stripes):laughing:. We go tomorrow to check with a wedding consultant on the rental of one, along with every other thing that we'll need. I'm conflicted over wanting to have it here, it will mean tons of work for me. I kind of wish she'd have a change of heart about the venue, so it would allow me to just enjoy it all.

I weighed yesterday morning and I've taken off two pounds, finally!:cheer2: I was starting to think I'd hit a hard plateau once again. Eating remains easy for me, when I remember to do it!

Kathy!! A/C set on 62 !! Oh my gosh! :rotfl: I set mine on 73 or 74 and freeze us all out! lol

Diane, wonderfully sweet story about the Christeing gown! Aw! I love when people have the forethought to hold on to those kind of keepshakes.

You all have a great beginning to your week.

Diane W.
09-20-2010, 02:07 PM
Pam - Wow, that's a lot of travel for you. Are their shifts 3 days on/3 days off? Could they stagger their days?
That wedding dress is so gorgeous. Her husband is going to be speechless seeing her coming down the aisle in that gown.
I would be nervous having a wedding in a tent, because of the weather. Will people be using the bathrooms in your house? Seems like a lot of work. I would rather have it at a catering venue and let them handle all the food, and cloths, cutlery, plates, etc. I hope she changes her mind too, so that you just have to show up and enjoy! How many people are they inviting?
Congratulations on the 2 pounds! That's great.

Kathy - Your friend's daughter had a beautiful day for her wedding. I hope the NAC helps you to feel better. What is it for? Stomach issues?

Lisa - Hope you're happy & healthy & busy, busy, busy. (said like the magician in Frosty the Snowman cartoon) :laughing:

09-20-2010, 10:36 PM
Hi, all!

Kathy: It was good to see you survived the wedding prep and sounds like you had fun. I hope I can taste and spit while baking for the holidays again this year because it is confirmed that sugar makes me really sick. Not saying I'll never indulge again...We had ice cream in a weak moment and then both got depressed, lol! We keep our temp on 76 around here, or the windows open. Tom's a big fresh air freak. It's gorgeous today so we've had the windows open.

Diane: How lovely to be a godmother and to attend the special events for a young family. There's nothing quite like a baby!

Pam: That said, but not all day, lol! I hope you're not going to be too maxed out. My grandmother took care of me and my little sister when my Mom worked and she was in her 50's, which really gives me a lot of respect for her and makes me stop and wonder how she did it. I used to make Cootie Bugs all the time and whenever I hollered for her to come get the big bug she'd come running with her tissue. Never told me she was too tired or too busy. Grandma's sure are special people!

I might get to see Jocelyn next week one day. She and I are both pretty busy this week. She has family to visit and a big class reunion. I have a lot of appointments. Work is going well and not quite as killer this week as it was last week. My best clients got into contract just in time to leave on vacation so I have a bit of a breather while they are gone. Another offer might come in tomorrow. It's fun never knowing what I'll be doing, lol!

I had my second therapy on my shoulder/arm today. The results have been very nearly miraculous. I'm feeling so much more like my old self. Planted a bunch of new flowers yesterday for the Fall and did a lot of clipping in the yard. Tom and I had fun working together. It's taken me over 30 years to undo the damage his father did by making him do too much yardwork, but he's really happy to putter around with me now. I think it's part of the empty nest syndrome. We'd better like to spend time together, cause we're all we've got, lol!:hug:

Had a nice walk with Bonnie this am. I decided to walk outside since those days are numbered once the rains come. I'm thinking of trying to find a Bow Flex treadclimber on Craigslist or in a second hand shop. They are so expensive! I think it would be a great workout though.

Well that's about all for me today. Glass of wine and a hot tub in my future. No, I won't faint!

Love to all!:grouphug:

09-21-2010, 10:41 AM
Good morning everyone! Just a quick hello. Busy day with 3 houses to clean and offices tonight. Had problems yesterday but went to the chiropractor yesterday and I can walk without pain today. My left hip joint froze up on me :(
I'll try to catch up tonight if I don't pass out first LOL

09-21-2010, 12:49 PM
Hope your hip is better today, Kathy. Stretch, stretch, stretch and drink lots of water. Have a good day!:cool1:

09-22-2010, 08:00 AM
Hi guys. Hope all is well with you all.

Lisa, it feels so much better since he "unfroze" it LOL. It was such severe pain I actually cried. I couldn't even get Mike to help me. The air conditioner was on, so he would have never heard me yell for him. Tyson and Bailey took very good care of me until is subsided. They were very worried to say the least.
My chiropractor showed me stretching exercises to do and he said to ice it no more than 15 minutes at a time when I get home from work. I go back Friday for another "pop" and to see how it is doing.
Does this mean I am no longer a spring chick? LOL. I swear my body is falling apart!!

Not much going on here. Just warm out. It is to be around 85* today and around 88* tomorrow.
Tristan's sister in law is having a birthday party for some of the family (Tristan, her brother in law and father in law) on Saturday evening. It will be a nice time. I'll get to see the newlyweds, so hopefully they will have their pictures!! Oh, the bride's cousin got engaged at the reception. The bouquet toss and garter toss were rigged so she and her boyfriend would catch them. When he was to put the garter on her, he pulled out the ring box and proposed. The DJ got a video of it, so I'll post that. And Ken (my BF's hubby) and his DD (bride) had a unique father/daughter dance. I'll post that also :)

Ok, have to get ready for work. Not doing well with MM at all with all the parties and such going on. I need you all here physically to kick my butt (ya, it's getting big again) into this!! Diane, you're the closest, so you can stop down and do it :) LOL.

Love ya all!!

09-22-2010, 08:05 AM
Here are the videos. The first one is the proposal and the second is the dance.



Diane W.
09-22-2010, 01:09 PM
That wedding looked like it was fun! What a special way to propose. I am glad that the bride knew it was coming, otherwise it would've stolen her thunder. :cutie: The father/daughter dance was cute too.
I will get my boots on and start my way down there if I hear you're going too far off the path.

I got my hair cut and colored today. I've been touching up my own roots all summer. I told my friend that I'm waiting until I have an interview to get my hair cut/colored. She said if I wait that long my hair will be down to my waist.:rotfl: Soooo, I made the appt. and got it done today.
I heard back from the job I was so interested in. I wasn't chosen for an interview from the 150 resumes they said they received. At least they sent me a letter and didn't leave me in limbo about it.

I love watching the Biggest Loser and was so happy that it was on last night. Some of the contestants have such sad stories. Of course, I was crying like a baby.

Nothing else new. I'm going for my walk and will check in later.

09-22-2010, 06:54 PM
Kahty: The wedding surprises were really special. The friend that caught my bouquet was married one day less than one year to the day from our wedding. They are still married and have a ton of kids:)

Diane: Your friend gave you good advice to continue to treat yourself to simple pleasures like a good haircut and color. You'll be ready for the next interview that's coming soon! You really have exhibited so much patience and determination. I'm very inspired by you. You should be on the Apprentice this season, lol! He's got on all folks who were downsized, etc. I'm not too fond of the Donald, but he will help them all get jobs, which is nice.

Pam: I forgot to mention again how much I love the second wedding dress. It's exquisite!

Well, all, I need to ask for prayers in a big way. Tom had a not-so-good check up today. He has lumps in his groin. They will do a CAT scan tomorrow and we'll know on Friday morning what the results are and what the next step might be. Please keep him in your prayers. I am really hoping it's scar tissue from last year's surgery or something.

I'll try not to panic. I'll post on Friday afternoon.

Love to all!:grouphug:

Diane W.
09-22-2010, 07:09 PM
Lisa - Prayers & positive thoughts are on the way. I'm sure you're right and it's scar tissue. :hug:

09-24-2010, 05:08 PM
Dear Ones,

It's not good news at all today about Tom. He has cancer in his lymph nodes and will be having surgery very soon as well as radiation and possibly chemo. I know you all will be praying for him and us. I appreciate that very much! Please don't mention anything on Facebook, as some of his relatives are on there and they don't know yet.

I'll be in touch when I know about the surgery date. It will most likely be in about a week or so.:grouphug:

09-24-2010, 07:44 PM
Dear Ones,

It's not good news at all today about Tom. He has cancer in his lymph nodes and will be having surgery very soon as well as radiation and possibly chemo. I know you all will be praying for him and us. I appreciate that very much! Please don't mention anything on Facebook, as some of his relatives are on there and they don't know yet.

I'll be in touch when I know about the surgery date. It will most likely be in about a week or so.:grouphug:

Oh Lisa, my heart is aching for you and Tom. I will be praying for you both! If you don't mind, I will ask my mom to put him on the prayer chain as well. You can never have to many prayers. As the bible says, where more than one agree in prayer, it will be done (hope I quoted that one right) I should think he will understand and hear many, many prayers. I wish I were there to hug you both right now. Not sure you have my cell number or not, but I'll email it to you on FB. I won't mention anything about it on there either.

09-24-2010, 07:49 PM
Thank you so much, Kathy! Please do put him on the prayer chain. We appreciate it so very much. His surgery is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 4. The only reason we don't know for sure yet is the doctor is asking another doctor to assist him so when he firms it up we'll know for sure.

Diane W.
09-24-2010, 09:53 PM
Dear Lisa - I'm sorry to hear the news. I will keep you both in my prayers and add Tom to the Prayers of the People on Sunday. He will stay on that list for 6 weeks. Hugs to you - I wish there was something I could do. :hug:

09-25-2010, 10:40 AM
I'm so very sorry Lisa,:hug: All my positive thoughts and prayers as well.

09-25-2010, 05:24 PM
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers everyone! Did I tell you the surgery is scheduled for Oct. 4 at 9 am PT? I can't remember. I did some research online and it's going to be a rough procedure and recovery. His leg may swell forever after they remove the lymph nodes and it's a hard place to heal. That said, Tom is very strong and healthy so I'm sure if anyone can bounce back it will be him. We're having a bit of a better day today. In action mode now.

09-26-2010, 01:59 PM
Thank you so much, Kathy! Please do put him on the prayer chain. We appreciate it so very much. His surgery is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 4. The only reason we don't know for sure yet is the doctor is asking another doctor to assist him so when he firms it up we'll know for sure.

I spoke with mom last night and she is going to put both of you on the prayer chain. I only told her your first names, as I know our Good Lord knows who you both are :)

09-26-2010, 02:02 PM
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers everyone! Did I tell you the surgery is scheduled for Oct. 4 at 9 am PT? I can't remember. I did some research online and it's going to be a rough procedure and recovery. His leg may swell forever after they remove the lymph nodes and it's a hard place to heal. That said, Tom is very strong and healthy so I'm sure if anyone can bounce back it will be him. We're having a bit of a better day today. In action mode now.

I know you've been through this before, but please remember that you will need to vent also, Lisa. I think I can speak for all of us here when I tell you to vent here all you'd like. We are here for you and love you both. This is where we take over, hold out our arms to you and lift you up. :grouphug:

09-26-2010, 04:04 PM
Kathy, you are so sweet. Thank you so much for the loving words. We're trying to be brave, but waves of panic keep coming from time to time. Mom is making soup and I am cooking and cleaning while Tom watches football. Trying to enjoy this week before his operation as much as we can. He doesn't really know how bad it's going to be and I think that might be best at this point. The doctors will tell him what he needs to know. John-Paul is coming home next Friday for a week. That will be the best medicine. His girlfriend's daughter had her first gymnastics meet yesterday. I was fun for us to hear about all about it. She did really well! What a cutie she is. Thanks again for all the well wishes and prayers. It means the world to me.:grouphug:

09-27-2010, 01:20 PM
I want you all to talk to each other about everyday things. Let's try to be as normal as possible. I'll enjoy seeing what you are up to.:)

09-27-2010, 07:08 PM
Good day to everyone... well what's left of it anyway! ;)

Lisa, so good to hear that JP is managing to get to come to you.:hug: His need to be near you and Tom right now speaks volumes about his character, good work mom! :goodvibes

What a lazy day it has been for me, it's embarrassing!:upsidedow I had a bit of a headache, took a couple Tyenol and laid down on the sofa, waiting for it to kick-in, and fell asleep for five solid hours!! Yikes!:scared1: Day's gone! :laughing: I know why I did it though. I had the grandkids last night and Afton (2 yr. old) ran a pretty high fever all night long, she whimpered a lot and I don't think I ever fully went to sleep. I'm caught up now!! :laughing:

I did managed to get out this morning to start the process of hand painting "authentic Mexican tiles" for the house in Mexico. We have a ceramic shop up the road from us. I ordered the tiles to be poured and selected my colors. I thought doing it myself would be a fun way for us to add some color to the trim around the bottom of the main living and kitchen space. DH will cut 4x4 trim tiles from the floor tile that we just laid and I will place the hand painted ones sporadically among them. It's become a bit of a joke calling them authentic, makes DH laugh.;) They're pouring me four dozen to start with, I think it will be a fun reason for me to leave the house in the afternoons. I checked them out online and managed to find four stencil patterns at Hobby Lobby that will work perfecty for the designs.

Contracts are starting to come in again for DH. Every single proposal I sent out before we left for Mexico has been accepted. It's good and bad news, good that he's getting the work, bad in that it will most likely keep us here into the first of next year. I asked if he could please set up a couple months break so we can go down again, he shrugged and said "I might". ::sigh:: I wasn't minding the thought of winter because I just knew we'd be in Mexico during a big chunk of it! Poo!!

My eating has started to lean more towards Step II than one!! Dog gone it anyway. I weighed again yesterday, with no gain or loss. Ugh! I'm going to have to work hard at this once again.

Okay off to figure out what's for dinner. You all have a great evening. :grouphug:

Diane W.
09-28-2010, 09:55 AM
Pam - I wish I could sleep for 5 hours during the day. I can't sleep lately and I'm always feeling tired. When I try to lay down, I can never get to sleep. I think it's mild depression.
The tiles sound like a great project. What a nice personal touch to your home - I would've never thought of it.

It is raining again today. I will do a DVD later, because I can't go for a walk. Yesterday Owen went running even though it was raining - I'm not that committed, yet.

09-28-2010, 12:26 PM
Pam: Is Hobby Lobby online? I want to get into polishing stones in a tumbler sometime. I love the painted tiles idea! You'll have to send us some pics of the patterns.

I, too, am doing more of a Step II plan. There is so much to read and decide about how to take best care of Tom's body right now. We're going back to juicing for him and we won't be bothering to count carbs. He's staying very trim with his workouts so he's going into this phase in great shape at least.

Mom made the best soup and it was so comforting last night. I can say if you know anyone that's facing a trauma soup is a great way to say you care.

Have a great day everyone!


09-28-2010, 02:38 PM
Hi everyone! :goodvibes

Yes Lisa, you can shop Hobby Lobby online! Love this store. http://www.hobbylobby.com/ I also found a site where you can order real gold clasps and filler beads and such at resonable prices. I see I didn't save the site to my favorites, I'll look and see if I can link you to it. Get ordering so while you have Tom around you two can brainstorm on ideas for your jewlery. It could become good downtime therapy for you both. When I make jewlery for gifts, hubby is always over my shoulder with input and offering to help, gooooo figure! :laughing:

I will be sure to get pics of the tiles as I complete them, that's a promise. I can't believe how excited I am to be making them myself, seems kind of silly really, but I am. :cool1:

Found a new resolve this morning. I occured to me that my issue with my eating is just that, eating. I'm historically a non-eater. I realize that the part of this plan that I hate is making myself a plate of food, that I don't want, and is what's causing me to want to graze even more. I got in the shape I was in by not eating regularly, if at all, for days on end. I lived on stress, Pepsi, and the pressure of raising four kids and all that entails. So here's my thought, I've gone back to the very low end of Step I, making my meals tiny, tiny, and eating more frequently. This morning I first had an Adkins shake, followed an hour later by a slice of Healthy Choice bread with peanut butter. A couple hours later I had a quarter of a chicken breast dipped in lowfat ranch dressing. A couple hours later I had a medium mixed salad with V/O dressing. I haven't figured out the rest of the day, but I do feel better with no headache or energy loss yet. What do you guys think? I think this coveres all the bases on Step I. It feels like I'm grazing, which I don't mind at all, and am not thinking in terms of meals and planning them, which I hate! lol What do you guys think?

See ya all soon!

09-28-2010, 07:34 PM
Pam: I think you are on to something! The best part is that it suits your needs and desires as well as fitting into the plan. I eat a bit like that as well. Shake in the am that I make myself cause I have to have my flax seed, green salad with chicken, other things and a bunch of sunflower seeds for lunch, snack in the afternoon and small piece of something with veg for dinner, chocolate almonds if I want desert. Keep your stats and let us know how it's working. I've become addicted to an apple with peanut butter in the pm. It's Step 2, although I only do the carbs if I want them, not 5 times a day. Couldn't hack that...:rolleyes1

09-29-2010, 07:43 AM
Good morning guys. It's been raining here all week and it's chilly too. I guess fall is here now. I do love this season though. It smells sooo good out with all the leaves falling and such.
I have a bit of good news although I have been told sternly not to tell anyone. Tris told me on Saturday after the birthday parties that she is expecting!! I am going to be a grandma!! She didn't want me to say anything to anyone as she has only told me, her dad and her father and mother in law. She wants to tell everyone at Thanksgiving. Please don't mention it on FB as we have a lot of family on there. Her due date is May 20. I am so excited!!
Pam, those tiles sound so nice! I don't think I would have the talent or patience to paint tiles LOL. I know they will look great when you're done!!
There is a company I believe called Blue Mountain Gems that is to be pretty reasonable with jewelry making supplies (beads, etc)
Lisa, I agree, Tom is in good physical shape and that will only help him. I will continue to pray :)
Ok, got to get ready for work. I am completely off plan and really need to wrap my head around this!! I am so disgusted with myself I could just scream!!
Later everyone :grouphug:

09-29-2010, 11:58 AM
Congratulations Kathy!!:cheer2: It's good to see you! When my middle daughter found out that she was expecting she called to tell me and was crying and laughing like crazy, I thought something was seriously wrong with her! lol She told me before she told her fiance and I was furious with her! (But was laughing at her at the same time.) I insisted that she hang up and tell him immediately! :laughing: I told her it will remain our secret that she told me before him, silly girl!! I understand perfectly! This reminds me, when my eldest found out she was expecting her second baby, it was right before Thanksgiving. She brought Connor, her eldest, in that day with a tee shirt on that said, "I'm going to be a big brother". I thought that was such a cute idea, and it got Connor a lot of extra attention that day.:goodvibes Congratualtions once again!

Lisa, thanks for the confirmation on my grazing idea! lol Because I know the amount of food I'll be eating will be reduced, I think I'll back off a tiny bit on the workouts. I don't want to throw myself into any kind of starvation mode. I've done it again today and still feel so much better. This seems far more doable to me, like taking the pressure off or something, not so sure I can even explain it. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

Is anyone watching The Biggest Loser this season? I noticed there doesn't seem to be any standout aggressive players so far, I like it! When it gets to the stages where everyone get's into the game play of it all, I get upset. I know it has to happen, but I want to see everyone win!! ;) I also noticed that what little they've shown in the way of eating, a carb reduction is taking place!! Anyone catch where they showed Bob making turkey rollups? I would have high fived the guy if I could have! :laughing:

09-29-2010, 01:48 PM
Congratulations, Grandma Kathy!:cheer2:

Diane W.
09-29-2010, 04:49 PM
Congratulations Kathy! How wonderful and exciting! :cloud9: I would love to have grandchildren, but since Owen is only 23 - I can wait. :)

Pam - the food plan sounds like a really easy way to eat and not obsess about it. I did notice the turkey rollup 'commercial' for Jenny-O. I love rollups like that with roasted red peppers in them. I love seeing how much weight they lose in the first week. It must be so motivating to them and help them get through it.

09-30-2010, 01:01 PM
Thanks everyone! I have been sooo excited I can hardly contain myself!
Not much going on here other than TONS of rain from the tropical depression going Up the coast. We aren't getting as much as say Harrisburg or Philadelphia but it's been raining noN stop since at least 3:30am!
Got to get back to work. I'll try to get basck here this evening after work. :)

09-30-2010, 04:59 PM
Kathy: I'm crying over J-P's girlfriend's daughter's gymnastic videos because you can hear my son cheering for her as he films and because she's so adorable - and she's not even our granddaughter - yet, lol! You must be beside yourself with joy.

We're going to try to take off for the coast about 2.5 hrs. from here tomorrow morning and spend the night. Our goal is to walk the beach until we finally get tired enough to sleep. I can't sleep more than 30 minutes at a time and we're both exhausted. The waiting is the hardest I think.

I'll be back to say Hi on Sunday.

Have a great weekend!

10-01-2010, 12:06 PM
Change of plans - We didn't go away because yesterday the surgery was postponed and we were referred to the University of San Francisco (UCSF) hospital under the care of the Chair of the department there who was Tom's doctor for the reconstructive surgery before. He's the one who writes the text books and is reputed to be the best in the world so we will have the best care possible. The bad news is that we are going there because the prognosis is poor. I'll let you know when we are going and what they say as things develop. Please keep Tom in your prayers. This is going to be a long haul.

Diane W.
10-01-2010, 09:44 PM
Lisa - I'm glad you will have the best care possible. Is the hospital near your house?

10-02-2010, 12:02 PM
Diane: The hospital is in San Francisco and we live in Sacramento. There are plenty of people who commute to what we call the Bay Area daily, but it's a good 2+ hours away and traffic is a major component. You can only get into the city via one of two bridges so if you try at the wrong time of day, you will sit there for a long time. Sometimes we stop to eat and wait for the traffic to die down. It will all be worth it because we know it is the best care. They will advise me on places to stay close by the hospital and the public transportation is plentiful. We are looking into taking a network of trains and buses from our area at least some of the time. Parking is a major issue and I don't want to drive an SUV down there. If you've seen any movies showing the hills in San Francisco, they really are that steep! Doesn't faze my husband at all, but I have a literal panic attack if I get stuck at a red light at the top of one of those hills.:eek:

Maybe I can have lunch with Kate one day. That would be a bright spot. :love:

10-03-2010, 09:21 AM
Sorry I am just getting here. My laptop is down and I had to get my desk computer going. Still in the works with that, but wanted to check in today.

Lisa, I continue to keep you both in my prayers. I am sorry to hear the surgery is postponed, but grateful he will be in very capable hands.
My sister has shown us pictures on San Francisco and it looks so beautiful with all the hills. We have a town where we go shopping at sometimes called Greensburg. It is mostly all big hills and every time we go there, it makes me think of San Francisco LOL.
It is so nice that there will be somewhere you can stay while he is in the hospital. The larger hospitals around here (Pittsburgh, Westmoreland Co. hospital are just a couple) that do the same. Pittsburgh's Children's hospital has a Ronald McDonald house and many parents are very grateful for it.
Is there any chance your mom would be able to go with you? It would be some much needed support for you. Just being nosy I guess once again.
It would be so nice if you and Kate could get together! Just wish the rest of us were there physically too :(

Hate to be a pain, but Tris is needing some prayers from you all also. When she went to the doctor, she had a little cramping but he wasn't too worried about it.
She called me around 8:30 last night and told me she was on her way home from the emergency room. She had developed some bad cramps and began spotting. She said it wasn't tons of blood, but enough to alarm her. Her doctor wasn't on call this weekend, and the back up doctor (who is actually a pretty good one) told her to not worry about it. But when the cramps and spotting got a bit worse, Levi took her in. They drew 4 tubes of blood and her hormone level is ok they said. They said they couldn't do an ultrasound. That makes me a bit mad.
She will have an appointment with her doctor (all paperwork is faxed to him) Monday and I will be taking off work to go with her.
Her doctor is the same one I have been going to since I have been 16 and he delivered the girls, so I am very comfortable with him and confident also in his abilities. He was going to do an ultrasound on her next appointment, so he will do it tomorrow instead.
I know Lisa, you have a bit more on your plate right at this point, so thank you. I really appreciate it :hug:
I truly appreciate you all. I think you all know how I feel about our group as we all feel the same way.
I will be going up to Tris' house today and I think I'll hang out for a while and help with some of the housework or laundry if it needs to be done. I'm not sure if she said anything to her MIL, but I am going to try to convince her to if she didn't. She lives across the road and can be there quicker than I can.

Pam, how are those tiles coming along? Still waiting for some pictures of them!!
Ok, got to get a bit of my housework done and then shower and off to Tris and Levi's.
Have a good day everyone!!


Diane W.
10-03-2010, 02:02 PM
Lisa - At least the hospital is within driving distance - I hope you can stay with him the first night. How long of a hospital stay will he have? You all are in my prayers.

Kathy - Tris will be in my prayers also. I hope she's alright. Did she have a sonogram since she found out she was pregnant?

Nothing new here. It's a chilly, sunny day and I'm headed to Vinnie's house for a trip to the health store. I went for a walk this morning and it was actually very cold - not complaining, I love it.

Talk to you all later. Hugs to you all!

10-03-2010, 03:35 PM
Just a quick hello, just to let you all know I'm still breath'n :wave2:

Kathy, will for sure keep Tris and you:hug: in my thoughts and prayers. No tiles yet! I paid her a hundred bucks to pour them and for my paints, which was more than my actual bill was at that point and I've not heard a word back from her yet. I figured I'd give her until the middle of this coming week, then I'll either stop by or call her. I'm in no hurry really. I'm going to Kentucky this weekend. It's a trip I usually make each fall. Two of my daughters want to go down to shop and ride quads around my parents mountain. I keep telling them it's too soon for all the fall colors but this is the only weekend everyone could get off work, not complaining but will surely miss the fall color change on all the mountain sides.

I'm sitting here completely tickled at my overly predictable DH. :laughing: Yesterday I decided to get ready to move back into our old master bdrm. We're letting Millie and Chris have the new one at the end of next month when they move in. This entailed pulling the carpet out, (only room in the house without hardwoods) painting ceiling and walls in bdrm and bath, clean out the closet, and give everything a very deep cleaning. I started with cleaning out the closet and tossing just about everything in it. This morning I started removing the woodwork and after asking my husband for a carpet knife, he comes up to inspect what I'm doing. He ends up taking my place and I end up being his go'fer for the day. That tiny little move on his part to help... is landing me an entirely new master bath (very tiny) and my hardwood floors! He's at Lowes as I type this! Yahoo!!! :lmao: It is so funny, he can't stand to see me do anything around here, he has to jump in and help and I always end up with more than I originally planed. Of course I let him think it's all his idea as he mumbles.."Well now that you have this mess, I guess I'll just go ahead and finish it all right now." Me.."No, you don't have to! Paint and cleaning is all it needs for right now".. Him.."Nah, I'll start in the bathroom, empty it and I'll be back in a little bit" :dancer: Baahaaha!

Lisa, I know you said JP was on his way, I hope he arrived safely. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you all. :hug:

Okay, I have some carpet pieces to pick up off my lawn before it gets any colder outside... hummm..he really could have moved the dumpster over under the upstairs windows and saved me all this trouble. ;)

10-03-2010, 04:42 PM
Hi guys. Just a quick hello. Mike and I went over to Tris and Levi's for a while this afternoon. It isn't looking too good. She told me this morning she was passing pretty big blood clots. She isn't looking well either. She just looks like someone decided to run her over with an 18 wheeler. I am taking tomorrow off to be with her all day. Not sure if she wants me to be with her that long or not, so I'll play it by ear. :confused3
I am here on the computer looking up designs for dried gourds. We got some from Levi's mom and I also got a pumpkin to carve. I downloaded a boxer stencil for that one. I am thinking I may need to get another one, since I have 2 boxers LOL.
My heart isn't really into doing much of anything, but I feel like I need to do something, so decorating a gourd it will be. I have a tall one, and a smaller one that will work really nice for a vase. I think the tall one I'll use for kitchen utensils. When the gourds are dried, the skin is like wood, so you can paint them, varnish them, even wood burn them. Not sure what I'll do with them yet decoration wise. I did get them washed, so I need to get the tops cut off and seeds and pulp dug out of them. Then need to find my sandpaper and sand the inside out outsides.
Ok, off I go. Thanks again guys. I'll keep you all in the loop.

10-04-2010, 01:38 PM
Kathy: I am so terribly sorry to hear Tris isn't doing very well. Bless her heart. I was with my sister when she lost a baby on her 30th birthday. It was the one of the hardest things I've had to do to hold her while that happened, but I am so glad she wasn't alone. I'm not trying to scare you but she shouldn't be alone at all because my sister later that day lost a lot of blood suddenly and had to be rushed to the hospital. Thankfully her husband was home by then. Three months later she was pregnant with Olivia so we all know it was meant to be because our precious Olivia woulndn't be here otherwise.

I will pray for Tris and Levi and hope to hear good news from you next time you can check in. I sure hope she doesn't have to experience a loss. It is always a terrible sadness.

Pam: Have fun in KY! That's where I am from - Lexington, although I also lived a short time on one of my grandparents' farms in Valley View. Have you ever seen the ferry that carries cars across the KY river? It was the oldest licensed business in the state and the paper were drawn up by Henry Clay. That ferry was my grandfather's until he donated it to the state. We lived right there for an idyllic time away from the city when my sis was a baby.

You are very lucky to have such an industrious DH! Good for him! Your house will look amazing!

Kathy, you asked about the surgery. We don't have a date yet but I will let you know exactly when we know. Thursday at 12:45 is when we have our consultation in San Francisco. If you could pray for wisdom for the doctor and strength for us that would be wonderful. I am counting the hours until we can get going after this thing. The waiting is awful. Yesterday we had a really nice day for a change. We went to church and then to lunch at Mom and Dad's. Mom has been making Tom these big pots of healthy soups so we went to eat some and for a refill, lol! Tom grabbed my Dad and hugged him when we left. It was the first time they have ever done that. Not that they don't like each other; my Dad isn't very touchy feely. It made me cry. Tom told me in the car that he needed to do that. Sweet.

Then two couples showed up at nearly the same time at our house. One old neighbors to visit and my best friend and her husband with a huge basket of dinner. She made cilantro pesto from scratch and gave us appetizers, wine, pasta, sauce and chocolate covered strawberries. No we are not counting carbs this week, lol! We had a blast eating it all, lol! I was on the phone with her the other day while I was grocery shopping. Usually if I want flowers I buy them without a second thought, but I said to her something about not being the person who can buy flowers at the store anymore. (I'm scared about money.) So she put a huge bouquet in the basket too. All in our colors. Gorgeous. We are very blessed to have such friends. Visiting with them made us feel almost normal.:hug:

Kathy: Check back in when you can. I will have Tris on my mind all day. It's good to keep yourself busy with a project. I have been cleaning, although I'm not getting my usual pleasure out of it. Everything I touch scares me about how I would take care of it all alone. I used to care so much about the house and now it feels like a big object. None of it matters much. I console myself with thoughts that we will need it to look nice when the kids come home for the holidays. J-P's girlfriend and her daughter are coming right after Christmas. It will be a really special time. J-P is on hold with his plane ticket now that we have been transferred to San Francisco. He'll change his ticket based on the new surgery date. Maybe he will fly into SF instead and meet us there. Oh, I forgot to tell you: my SIL, her son and his wife live there so they can help me. Also, my sister is going to come home to be with me. My Mom isn't a good traveler and they are afraid to drive down there. I think my sis might drive them up and back one day. We don't know how long he will be in the hospital. I think a few days. The incision will be very large in his right groin area, which is difficult to heal. I sure hope they keep him long enough because he is too big for me to handle, lol! When they release him I would like to spend an extra night at the hotel just to make sure he doesn't go home too soon, but he will want to see his silly dog so that will be a fight, lol!

Try to have a good day and come back when you can.


Diane W.
10-05-2010, 11:52 AM
Kathy - Any word on Tris yet? I hope everything is fine.

Pam - Have a wonderful time in Kentucky with your girls. Sounds like a lot of fun! Your husband sounds like a doll and you've got his number, which makes it even better! :lmao:

Lisa - You're lucky to have such nice friends. I know that this waiting must be driving you crazy. It made me cry when you said you wonder what it would be like to take care of things alone. Try not to think like that. Once he has the surgery, you can focus on helping him to recover. It's so much better when you have a plan and work to do. Otherwise you can drive yourself nuts.

Is Jocelyn in California?

It's been raining on and off for the past couple of days. Yesterday I went for a walk during a break in the rain and it started to drizzle while I was there. But because I was on the path under the trees it didn't reach me - I heard it though. It was actually very nice.

I've started to do counted cross stitch again. I haven't done anything in years. I bought a coaster set. Each coaster has a leaf pattern. They'll look cute on my coffee table during the fall. I now use the two coasters I made a long time ago. They're lucite octagons that hold the design inside. One has a cross-stitch heart in a patchwork pattern and the other is actually a mini-quilt that I quilted when I was into that.

Nothing new on the job front. I got a 'no' from the job I was really interested in. I applied for another that is pretty close to my house - gotta keep on pluggin' away. Something's gotta give!!

Hugs to all of you!

10-05-2010, 05:50 PM
Diane: Good advice! I've been setting goals every day for some project or another. Tom asked me out to dinner tonight. He said I've been distracting him so he wants to distract me. Phooey! I didn't know he could see through my plan, lol! I had made a decision to try and reflect to him what I thought he would need to enjoy life at each moment - to feel comforted, happier and content, instead of thinking about my own fears. I wanted him to see in my eyes what he needs. It's really working out great for both of us since I made that switch in consciousness. Guess he's on to my method, but I know he appreciates it.

Kathy: I'm worried about Tris. I know you will post when you can. Still praying for her and the baby.:grouphug:

10-06-2010, 05:22 PM
Sorry I am just getting back to you all. I am afraid to report that she did lose the baby. I spent all day Monday with her going to the doctor, blood tests, ultrasounds, etc. I know in my heart that God only wants her to have a healthy baby, but it's still difficult all the same.
Tris and Levi are doing well and are on the road to the emotional healing. She had her D&E done today, so spent the whole day at the hospital. She was so afraid and worried about being put under. But she did really well. She is now at home recovering. Her MIL and SIL have been checking up on them and keeping me in the loop. I had to call her dad on Monday to let him know. One of the hardest things I've ever done.
She has given the go ahead to let a few family members know what happened as they have been wondering if she was pregnant. I called my mom a while ago to let her know. She also had a miscarriage, so Tris will be able to talk to her about it and she will know how Tris feels.

I will try to get back here tomorrow morning.

Lisa, I will be keeping you and Tom in my prayers for sure. I am glad J-P will be able to come and be with you.
Sending you all hugs and love :grouphug:

10-06-2010, 05:55 PM
Kathy: I'm so so sorry to hear about Tris and the baby. It sounds like with you and your Mom she will have a wonderful support network. I've read it's important to allow her to feel the loss because it's very traumatic and sad. My sister still dreams about her other baby sometimes. We will continue to pray for Tris and Levi to be comforted, as well as the rest of the family.

We are leaving early in the am to go to SF. We'll have brunch first so we can settle our nerves and not be driving too close to the appt. time. We can walk to a tea and crepe place close to the hospital. At least we know where we are going, etc.

I'll try to come back here on Friday.

10-06-2010, 06:49 PM
Hello everyone!

Kathy,:hug: So very sorry about Tris. That has got to be so very hard on you guys. You all will remain in my thoughts. Letting her grieve freely is the right thing to do. Again, so sorry.

Lisa, safe travels tomorrow. Nice idea to get there early. I know this has to be nearly unbearable for you both, but please take care of yourself. I love this post......Tom asked me out to dinner tonight. He said I've been distracting him so he wants to distract me. Phooey! I didn't know he could see through my plan, lol! I had made a decision to try and reflect to him what I thought he would need to enjoy life at each moment - to feel comforted, happier and content, instead of thinking about my own fears. I wanted him to see in my eyes what he needs. It's really working out great for both of us since I made that switch in consciousness. Guess he's on to my method, but I know he appreciates it. Lady, you're golden! :hug:

We've put off our trip to KY until Friday, my youngest ended up having to work Thursday night. Lisa I do remember you're from KY. I love Lexington, I loved spending summers with my favorite aunt and cousins in Mt. Healthy when I was growing up. Now we go down to just below Corbin, love the mountains. And what an awesome story about your grandfather and the ferry, I will have to remember to tell my mom about it. I haven't seen it but I'm sure my mom would know all about it. Thanks for sharing it!

Off for dinner, you all have a great rest of your week and weekend. :grouphug:

10-06-2010, 07:06 PM
Pam: You made me cry, but in a good way.:hug::littleangel:

10-07-2010, 10:53 AM
Testing 123 testing 123...Pony is trying to get back to you guys!

10-07-2010, 10:55 AM
Oh wow, looks like it worked! I finally had my computer flushed out and reloaded everything, so maybe now I can actually stay here with you guys and quit getting told my passwords are no good and my user name doesnt exist!

I admit things have been crazy and I now need to go back and read for days and days to see what is going on with you all...I am SO SORRY to have been out of touch...I think of you all the time and as always LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH...

10-07-2010, 11:02 AM
Thanks Lisa for dragging me back and for keeping me somewhat in touch...

Kathy, so sorry to hear about the baby...I went through many miscarriages and my heart bleeds for them as they go through this. Prayers for everyone, and know that Faith in the Lord will get you all through this.

Love you guys! :grouphug:

10-07-2010, 11:32 AM
Good morning everyone!!

:cool1: Woohoo!! There's Robin!! How the heck have you been? So great to see you! Still biking along?;) I have heard lots and lots of success stories with Weight Watchers, but I've never done it myself. Tell us all about it, I'm curious, and good luck with it! Thanks for dragging her back Lisa! :laughing: Anyone keeping in touch with Nell? I'd love to know how she's doing.

Okay, gone for now, I'll see you all early next week!:grouphug:

Diane W.
10-07-2010, 11:32 AM
Robin!! Holey moley - I've been thinking about you for the past couple of days. I'm so happy to see you.

Lisa - My thoughts are with you and Tom today.

Kathy - So very sorry to hear about the baby. I had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy. The worst part was people dismissing it like it wasn't a child. I will keep her and your family in my prayers.

It's beautiful out today. Fall has definitely arrived!

10-08-2010, 12:11 AM
I am in Tucson Arizona at the moment. We are attending a bridge tournament so it means playing hours everyday!! I'm not sure it is my most favorite thing, but Bob loves it and we have a great network of friends because of it. We did get some gold points this week - for those of you who know duplicate bridge terminology, this is a BIG deal!!!

It also means we are eating all our meals in restaurants. Not great for the weight - no matter how careful we are.

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter, Kathy. I know you are all there to support her.

Pony - how great to see you.

Lisa, I can only imagine what you are going through. I know you trust the doctor you are going to see. A big hug for you:hug:. We are all praying for a successful outcome.

Hugs for Everyone:grouphug:

10-08-2010, 12:28 PM
Great to be back here, and to see you guys too!

Pam - yeah, still riding the bike, although not as much as I would like, as I still have the occasional crazy weekend schedule...12-13 hour Saturdays, then so much to do on sunday after church...try to get out for at least a spin around the countryside every couple weeks. Its great for my stress level and its so nice this time of year!

Never did weight watchers myself either, so this should be interesting. MM just never got me past the 30 pound mark...stalled out and never lost another pound...like most other diets and plans! We have a girl at work who was almost 400 pounds and has lost 115 on ww in the past 8 months, so she convinced our company nurse to start a ww meeting at work, since so many others are interested in losing weight. It appears our company health insurance is even going to pay 75% of the cost, so I figured why not try it out! I have come to the conclusion that the safest and most healthy way to lose is probably to eat as natural and raw as possible, and that is so difficult when you have a crazy work schedule and are away from home as much as I am, so I am going to try hard to make the most of my ww "points" and still stay away from the processed stuff and white sugars and flours. I think with MM I was eating so low carb that I wasnt getting enough fiber, so hopefully will be able to combine those fiber carbs with things like vegetable soups and veggie based meals, with meat and dairy as a side instead of a main focus. As always I will let you guys know how its working out! We have a meeting on Tuesdays at 4:30 at work, so it will be so easy for me to stay focused, and no excuses for not going! Have several girls in the office who have had success with WW, losing 40-60 pounds and then being able to keep it off, so we shall see.

Lisa - There is not too much I can say, other than you know we all love you and Tom and that I for one have complete faith in the power of prayer, so as many as possible going out to you both...you are both so strong and determined, that the devil might as well just take his cancer and move along, because you WILL beat this!

Hi Diane and Jocelyn, its great to be back and I missed you guys alot!

Decided to reward myself for no reason other than making it to age 52 on Sept 18, so went yesterday and got a new tattoo! LOL, have several others, but always got them where they could be hidden with clothing...mostly so they didnt show when I was in police uniform (who needs that hassle) so now that isnt an issue and I had the new one put right on my right forearm!

6 months yesterday since Dennis passed away, and Rick and I were actually able to make it through the day without the tears...Rick is doing well and looking forward to each day again as a new blessing and open to all the possibilities.

Jim and I are a little uncertain these days...I believe he is a bit overwhelmed by what he calls my "busy life"....after all he was with the same woman for 37 years and never spent a single night without her...I have so many friends in so many places, and have been and done so much in my life that he gets a little insecure and then feels like he needs to run back to West Virginia (a couple hours away) and "think" about things....so of course that is just not working well for me, I try to be understanding of his feelings, and I wonder if perhaps he is just not ready for a new relationship yet...he says he has put her death in perspective and is ready to move on, but Im not so sure! We get along great when we are together, just the two of us, and we have taken a number of vacations and spent quite a bit of time together, but it seems he gets uncomfortable when we are with my friends, or somewhere I have been before and am familiar with...he says he is "old school" but I dont see how me having friends and a life challenges that for him! I guess he wants to be the "man" and wear the pants, LOL, and thats fine, but Im not sure he can deal with someone as independent, strong, and outgoing as I am...OMG I am too strong? NO WAY!

Diane W.
10-08-2010, 05:58 PM
Jocelyn - congratulations on your gold points. I have not idea what that is :rotfl2:. Sounds like a good time though. I've never played bridge. I should look into it. They have classes in the adult ed brochure. Last time I took tennis. Do you stay in a hotel the whole time you're in Arizona or do you have family there?

Robin - My niece lost 40 lbs. with WW when she was a teenager 20 years ago. She still follows the program and loves it. She's a 'lifetime' member since she reached goal and kept it off. She is always keeping track of her points. She takes her 7 yr. old daughter with her to her Saturday morning weigh-ins. When her daughter was about 3 I pointed to the words 'Weight Watchers' on the cover of the magazine and said what does this say and she said it. Pretty funny. She likes the Progress 0 point soups and if you have 1.5 pieces of Wh. Grain Melba toast, salad and lowfat dressing it can be a 0 point meal. I've learned from listening to her all these years.:)
Sounds like Jim is threatened by you. Just play it by ear. If you enjoy time together, maybe that's all that it will be.
I can't believe it's been 6 months since Dennis passed away. Time really does fly. I'm glad that Rick is celebrating life again.

Tomorrow I'm going on an 8 mile hike with the ADK club. It's rated B, so it shouldn't be too bad. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous.

Enjoy the weekend!

10-08-2010, 06:02 PM
What a difference a day makes! I feel like we are back where we belong!

Robin: We missed you so much. It's a delight to hear what's going on with you. Jim needs to learn what his 'new normal' is after those 37 years. I can kind of relate when I let my mind wander to that possibility (which I promise isn't often) I can't imagine how I would live alone or with anyone else. Tom and I know with every word, every touch, every song what the other is thinking. We have our favorite things to do, to eat, to say, you get the picture. It would be a huge adjustment. I hope I don't have to learn what that feels like for a very, very long time. That said, I hope Jim sees that he can have a new chapter that is the new normal and that new experiences will only enhance his life.

Jocelyn: Have you ever been to Kartchner Caverns? It's not far outside Tucson and was one of the major reasons we went there in April. It was a spiritual experience for all 3 of us. It's completely paved and even wheelchair accessible if you didn't want to walk the tour. Visit the website if you get a chance. We'd go back there in a heartbeat. I put the book I bought at the giftshop where Tom can reach it from his chair so he can feel uplifted from time to time by looking at the pictures. He loves it.

Catching you up on yesterday the best I can: The surgery will be Oct. 29. We'll go in a day early. In the meantime we will have appointments with oncologists and again with the surgeon. We know the plan, we're satisfied with his answers and that's the first step. This cancer doesn't respond well to chemo or radiation, but both of those things will probably also be employed in the fight. Tom will be in the hospital for about a week. J-P is flying down to SF to meet me the day of the surgery. I'll have our other nephew pick him up at the airport. He'll stay with me for a long 4 day weekend. He'll then be back at Thanksgiving while his Dad is still recovering at home. Tom will be home for about a month.

Mom's making the best soup and we have volunteers coming to walk the dog, etc. while we are gone so we feel very supported. We're eating lots of veggies and fresh organic food.

Have a great day everyone and come back when you can!:grouphug:

10-09-2010, 08:47 AM
Hi everyone!
Robin, so good to see you!! I was thinking you had left us!! So happy to have you back here. My friends have done WW with good results. I don't think it's too complicated. I have to agree with eating as close to natural/raw as you can.
As for Jim, he may feel set in his ways, and new experiences may be a bit difficult for him. Maybe he just doesn't do well with "crowds." I personally can talk with 2 or 3 of Mike's friends, but when there are a bunch, I pretty much just fall into the background.
I also can't believe it's been 6 months since Dennis passed. I am glad to hear Rick is doing ok.

Lisa, so happy that you are comfortable with this surgeon. I think of you guys each day and I am still praying. It is such a relief to know J-P will be able to be with you for those 4 days and again at Thanksgiving.
Your mom's soup sounds so good too!!

Jocelyn, good to hear from you as well. Good luck with your bridge tournament!! Sounds like it's a fun time. Enjoy yourself!!

Diane, hope you're having the same great weather we are!! Beautiful fall days and evenings!! The leaves are starting to look so pretty. May head up to camp and get some pictures of the elk and the leaves.

Tris has been doing well. A little pain from the D&E, but she is healing emotionally very well. I honestly think she knew from day 1 she was going to miscarry and prepared herself for it. Carrie went up last night to check on her. I will be calling her today also.

Today is IUP's homecoming, so getting ready to head to the parade. Bailey did very well last night with all the police around. Even the horse mounted policemen/women. She did do a quick bark as to say hello LOL. Tyson seemed to keep reassuring her that everything was ok. He is a seasoned pro now as this is his 3rd homecoming.

10-09-2010, 11:23 AM
Good Morning Ladies - LOL, the usual Pony stuff...working 13 hours today, wishing I was out on the bike instead! It is finally Fall here, after the most awful, hot humid summer we have had since I moved here...I was like a limp dishrag all summer long between the humidity and the ever-present hot flashes! Too bad I didnt sweat off 50 pounds though...hmmmm, what the heck is with that anyway? :confused:

Kathy - Missed you too Girl, and so glad to be back...forgot how uplifting and positive you guys make me feel! Glad Tris is able to deal with this and hopefully look forward to another attempt...I'm sure God has a wonderful baby in mind for her. Sounds like Bailey has settled in so well with your household and Tyson doesnt mind being big brother. I dont mean to be nosy, but how is everything else with you guys? Mike is working? What about Michael...any news on that?

Lisa - sounds like you will have everything set and ready for the 29th...you KNOW I wish we could all be there with you for a group hug...you KNOW we love you!

I feel so bad to have been out of touch for so long...like so much has happened with everybody and I have been such a lousy friend! Hope y'all can forgive me and give me the run-down of whats been going on lately...I tried to read back, but OMG, it will take me forever to get caught up!

Just found out I can have potato soup on WW...1 1/2 cup serving is only 1 point...mmmmmmmm I LOVE potato soup, especially now that fall is here...maybe I can just make soup all winter.....yum! Except of course our latest steer just came home from the butcher, so I have a freezer FULL of fresh beef! Just have to make beef barley soup I guess!

10-09-2010, 08:57 PM
Hi, guys! Just popping in to say Hi. Tom had to go to work again. He's on call this weekend. We're trying to stay normal and work when we can until the surgery. I got a great rate at a Holiday Inn 3 miles from the hospital. They offer 20% off to families being seen at UCSF. Very nice of them. It has a restaurant too so if I'm alone some of the time at night I won't have to wander about.

Robin talking about soup - that's what we are living on! Dr. Oz had 5 foods that help the most to cut off the blood supply to tumors so Mom is trying to feed them all to Tom. She's been making soup with tomatoes, bok choy, artichoke hearts and tons of other vegetables. She then brings him artichoke hearts to put on his salads and big containers of fresh strawberries. The other food is fish oil, so he takes that in a capsule. The soup is so comforting. I'm having some soon, as he went off to work again, but he ate soup on the way out the door, lol!

Today I tried to go out and do a few small errands. I felt like I was someone else outside my body. Almost scary. I finally came home and took a nap and now I feel normal again. I think it was the after affects from being so brave on Thursday. The doctor gave us pills to relieve stress and to help us sleep. I cut mine in half last night. Maybe I won't need any more until we have the big ugly oncology appt. That one I am dreading. We're going to take the train to the city for that one. Traffic was horrible on Thursday. I bet I've said all of this before...

Last night Bonnie and I walked for an hour around the neighborhood which has a lot of hills. I'm sure it helped me sleep so I'm going to do that as much as possible.

Getting my winter clothes together to live a week in SF. It can be so cold there! You never know about October. It's usually the best month at the coast so it could be nice. Dress in layers is what we do. I'm really hoping I could see Kate for a small visit while I'm there.

Seen any good funny movies lately? I could use a good belly laugh. Already saw Date Night and Death at a Funeral. They are both very funny.

Have a nice night and Happy Homecoming, Kathy!:grouphug:

10-09-2010, 11:46 PM
Hey, Ladies.

Checking in. Robin is right - this is an uplifting group. It is amazing to have the kind of support that we have here.

Jocelyn - my mom and her significant other play tournament bridge. She and her sister have been playing since high school. Do you ever play on-line? They play something called Ok Bridge?

Kathy - so sorry about Tris.

Robin! So happy to see you here.

Lisa - I know that feeling. The one where you feel like you are watching yourself from outside your body. Sending love to you, Tom and Bonnie. And J-P. And your parents.

Diane - how was your hike?

Pam - your tile painting sounds like fun. Are you making progress? What are the colors?

I always feel good when I check in...

10-10-2010, 12:22 PM
Dear Family and Friends,

To keep you up to date on Tom DeVries, I created a CaringBridge website. You can follow Tomís progress and show your support.

Visit Tomís website in two easy ways:

1. Visit the CaringBridge website by clicking the link below.

2. Enter the website name, tomdevries, at www.CaringBridge.org.

When you visit youíll be asked to log in, because Iíve chosen to keep the site private.

Show your support for Tom
ē Visit and keep up to date.
ē Leave a message in the guestbook.
ē Receive e-mail notifications when the journal is updated.

Thank you.

10-11-2010, 10:20 AM
Good Monday Morning Everyone, gorgeous day here in central Virginia again and I'm off to work...:( LOL

Lisa - I cant wait to check out the website...what a great idea, I didnt even know something like that existed! I too know that out of body feeling...I think when we are undergoing great stress, our bodies kind of take over and get us to a place where we can disassociate from the stress for awhile. When I lost my first son at 7 months old, I think I retreated to that place for about a month...I still dont remember much of that time, and then one day I just sort of woke up from the fog and life went on. Be kind to yourselves and let your bodies and God get you through this. There are plenty of miracles left!

Hi Kate!! - Glad to see you are still here and checking in...I missed you! I swear one of these days I am getting on a plane and coming to visit you guys! Of course there is still plenty of room here for one and all...I did end up with two new kittens, saved from being dropped off at the shelter, so Ruthie and Billy have now joined Barney in the barn...took about two weeks for them to figure out how to get up to the house, so now when I come home at night the three of them are hanging out on the front porch. Geez, now I guess I have to figure out some "cathouses" to put out there as the nights get colder...LOL Pony's getting a cathouse! All are spayed and neutered so no funny stuff going on, and no risk of a million more cats!

The fluctuating weather is happening here too..70-80's during the day, then 40-50's at night....cant ever decide what to wear to work...will the AC be on, will the heat be on? So I am living like a homeless person out of my car...just in case clothes everywhere! Sweater, sweatshirt, t-shirt, shorts, hat...might have to throw in a pair of gloves soon if its any colder when I leave the office at night!

WW meeting Tuesday afternoon at the office...been scoping out some WW recipes and making soup like crazy...here we go again, off on another " way of eating"....cant wait til they come out with the bread and cheese diet...MY way of eating! :laughing:

10-11-2010, 10:43 AM
Good morning!

Robin: We've got those extreme temp fluctuations going on too. This week it will be in the high 80's during the day, which is warmer than usual for this time of year. I am ready for the heat to go away and I'm hoping I won't hate Fall forever after this year. September seems to be a bad month for us. I've always been a bit melancholoy in the Fall, even though I like the feel of the air. I think it's the marker of an end to summer and another year that gets to me. I feel it more than I ever would at New Years. Tom first got sick in Sept. and here we are again. Let's hope this is the Fall where we get a miracle and I can turn my thinking around!

I can't even imagine how you coped with losing your baby boy. Did you have your daughter at the time? It's dreadful to think of losing a spouse, but losing a child is just too cruel. Tom tells me we are going through this so we can help other people some day. I know that has been true for you, Robin. You are so kind and giving of yourself. The depth of your grief has been translated into the depth of your love for others.

Awwww, about the new kittens! I do love them, but I'm afraid Miss Bonnie would maul them with too much attention. She tries to herd everything. She and I are taking very long walks at night. I'm preparing for the time Tom is recovering and I will be solely responsible for wearing her out. Perhaps he can still sit and throw the ball out back. She'd be happy with that. Walking is good for me and her though.

Kate: I will love you forever for inspiring the 'no time traveling' mantra. :hug:

Still have some of Mom's soup left and tonight I'm making ratatouille with barley and tofu. Tom is still eating poultry and fish. He might go all veg after he gets home from the hospital. At least he will be juicing more then. I feel thinner but I don't want to weigh, lol! Soup is like a big warm hug. We can't get enough of it.

People are leaving really kind messages on our Caring Bridge site. It will really help me not to have to email or call individuals too much. At first, I cried at every phone call and it was exhausting.

A friend gave me a 2-hr. massage GC. I should use it this week. I could never go that long without having to go to the bathroom, lol! :rotfl: I can barely make it through a movie.

I hope you all have a beautiful day. I have a lot of goals. We'll see how far I get...:surfweb:

10-11-2010, 08:29 PM
Good evening everyone!! :wave2:

Kate, good to see you!!:wave2: I plan on starting my tiles tomorrow, she just phoned me late Thursday to let me know she had a dozen done for me in green ware. It took her almost two weeks to pour them, can't figure out what's up with that..but anyway. I'm going to try and keep them as close to authenic colors as I can, cobalt blue, yellow golds, greens, deep rusty red, with a little extra browns and tans to tie them in with the kaki I've painted the walls. If nothing else, this should be interesting.:laughing: I'll be sure to post them for all the world to see, the good, the bad and the ugly!

Robin, so good to see you posting, I know I said it already, but it's so good to have you back! It's funny how we can pick right up on here where we left off, just like we never left...guess that's what friends do. You should have married my husband :laughing: every time I see the man he has a slab of cheese shoved between two (or four) pieces of bread and is knawing away at it!! I've modified my MM way of eating, I'm grazing most of the time. Every once in a while I'll sit down to a full meal, but mostly I just snack, it suits me much better.

Lisa, you and Tom remain in my thoughts and prayers. I visited the Caring Bridge site. What a wonderful idea that is. I can certainly see how helpful it would be.
All the soups you guys are having is making me hungry! My son asked for beef and noodles and mashed potatoes today. I told him, it's 85 degrees outside, what are you thinking? He said he's ready for "winter foods". Then Millie called and said, "I told Chris how good of a cook you are and how I can't wait to see how fat you're going to make us this winter." It must be in the air. The only soup I crave is my mothers potato soup, one of the biggest "no no's" for me right now. ::sigh::;)

The old master bath and bedroom update has turned into a major home improvement project. Noooo couldn't be simple, as I type this DH has removed all the drywall from it and is using the reciprocating saw to cut through the existing plumbing. He's decided no tub and is putting in an all tile shower and floor. I did have fun going and picking everything out for it though, that's where the fun ends! I keep that door shut when he's not here and pretend nothing is going on! :laughing:

You all have a great evening and an even better tomorrow! :grouphug:

10-12-2010, 05:13 PM
Good evening everyone! Trying to catch up on work with being off 3 days last week. Been feeling pretty good actually.
Kate, HI and good to see you!

Lisa, I will check out that site this week when things slow down a bit or maybe after work this evening if time permits.

Pam, glad some of the tiles are ready. Slow progress I guess is better than none.

I am finding myself getting to the point where I am wanting to start MM again. I keep thinking back to this time last year when I went off it. I was just getting into a 12. Now my 16's are getting small! Have to go for now. I'll try to get back this evening after work and supper.

Diane W.
10-12-2010, 07:39 PM
Hi Everyone!
I'm glad to see you Kate! I didn't make the hike. My insomnia was kicking in and I was still awake at 4:30 am, so I turned off my alarm which was set to go off at 7:15.

My health insurance runs out this month. I have to go to the dr. for a PAP and mammo before the end of the month. I also want a prescription for Ambien. I had it once before when I had a brain injury and 1/2 tablet really helped me to sleep. Now with anxiety, etc. of being out of work I think it would help me to get a good night's sleep. At least, I hope it will.

Lisa - I think that website will be really helpful for you to keep friends and family updated on Tom's condition. Our friends used it last summer. The husband, Kenny, had an accident with his motorcycle. He had a really bad infection in his leg and was in and out of a coma. They didn't want any visitors and the blog was a wonderful way to keep everyone informed during his very long hospital stay.

Robin - How as your meeting today? Let me know if you find a 'Pizza and Chocolate" diet! :rotfl: That would be my dream diet! How old are your new little kittens? You're so lucky to be able to have all those animals!

Can't wait for Biggest Loser tonight. I love that show.

Have a great night everyone!

10-12-2010, 07:49 PM
Diane: I think it was on Dr. Oz that they talked about how to get free PAP, etc. You should check out those resources. I am terrified about the bills to come, but we will manage somehow. We do have insurance, but we have to pay a percentage and if they order really expensive drugs, etc. Lord knows what it will cost. Good luck to you with finding some free care.

My parents are taking such good care of us. Mom has made food that lasts for days at a time and is really healthy. We literally haven't bought anything but lettuce, cheese, that type of thing.

Kathy: It was good to see you! MM is a state of mind. Once you get back there the other stuff will make you sick to your stomach. Sugar is supposed to be bad for cancer, so we're sticking to our guns around here. I told Tom I'll make him a carrot cake when he gets well.