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06-12-2010, 10:05 AM
Hi, my name is Anna and I work as a travel writer. I stayed at Pop Century June 2-7 recently and was on the DXDP plan. Here's my thoughts on where I ate:

Best steak--California Grill. So good, it made me cry. (No pics uploaded yet, but they wouldn't do the meal justice anyhow. LOL) The staff was wonderful about my onion allergy and the chef helped me plan my meal. I had: oak grilled filet of beef with roasted potatoes and asparagus. The steak was cooked to perfection! It was medium well, with just the right amount of pink. Amazingly delicious!!!! My dessert was the Valhorna Chocolate Cake which was to die for, seriously. :yay:

The bill came to $94.00 plus tip, worth every penny on the DXDP plan. I felt kind of guilty spending that much on myself for dinner (I'm a solo traveler), but it was worth it!

Second best steak: ESPN Club. I had the sirloin steak with fries and mac & cheese.


I don't quite remember the bill, but I do believe it was 24.00, plus tip. Not bad and on the DXDP too.

Restaurants that lived up to the hype:

Crystal Palace and Le Cellier

Crystal Palace was where I went for breakfast on June 3. It was amazing! The staff was great to me and I could have so much to eat! I got chocolate Mickey waffles, plain Mickey waffles, bacon, and special made eggs and pancakes!!!!

Plus, I got lots of fun time with the characters:


Le Cellier

Oh, Le Cellier, how I love you! This was a fantastic place to eat! I had the filet mignon (dry) with fries.

http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk93/DisneyWife_2008/6-9-201015658PM.jpg Very good indeed.

My dessert was the Chocolate Whiskey Cake, so divine!!!!!


Best pizza:

House of Blues. Sadly, I have no pics this time. But it's very good! I took my cousin and her gf out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary/cousin's b-day. I had the pepperoni pizza and they split a salad. Plus we had soft drinks. The meal came to $44 for three of us which surprised me, I figured it might be more. Not too bad. I paid oop.

Best seafood:

Raglan Road! I heart this place and it's become a tradition with me and also with my hubby, just like HOB. The staff was great about my allergies and I ordered the fish and chips. Soooo yummy!


My dessert was the Dunbrody Kiss. Just as good as I'd remembered it. http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk93/DisneyWife_2008/6-9-201020314PM.jpg

And now the not so good:

Chef Mickey. :sad2: The food was eh and honestly, the reason I came was to see the 'fab 5.' It took an hour to get to me. Plus, they tried to sell me a photo of myself next to a Mickey statue for $30 something dollars! If you've been to D-Land and seen the wonder that is Goofy's Kitchen and think CM is like it, it's not....at all.

50's Prime Time. I thought this would be a good one honestly. I'd heard so many good reviews about it. Well, it may have been an off day or maybe it was just too hot, I don't know. I ordered the fish sandwich plain, the fries, and smores. The fish and fries tasted bland and the smores tasted microwaved. The only thing I really liked was the root beer float. That was pretty good.

Honorable mentions: (still uploading pics)

Beignets at POFQ.....yum!!!!!
Pop Food Court, always a winner
Riverside Mill food Court.....perfect.

06-12-2010, 12:33 PM
I agree the steak at the Cali Grill is amazing and tender. I also thought Le Cellier lived up to the hype, it was wonderful!

06-12-2010, 08:15 PM
joining in. Enjoying your review. We must try California Grill for our next trip.