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06-08-2010, 08:00 PM
I am going to a write a short review of our last trip. With three small kids (sometimes more b/c we dined with my brother and his family at times) it was impossible for me to keep track of pictures and everything but I will be glad to answer any questions. We did the deluxe dining for the first 5 nights than spilt our stay and paid out of pocket for the last 2 nights. We hae done the deluxe dining before and loved it and I have to say doing it this way we liked it even more b/c we were tired of eating by the end of the week.

Me~ Loves crab cakes esp ones from Disney! :)

DH~ Loves going do Disney to eat! Raves to his friends and coworkers that his wife is the best Disney planner ever.

DS9 ~ Glad that this is his last year as a Disney Kid b/c he loves adult food so we shared a lot with him.

DS4~Will eat anything and I mean anything!

DS1~Spent 11 days in the ICU in heart failure a month before our trip so we were just thankful that he was better. :cheer2: He also loves to eat but really isn’t back to eating as good as he was before he got sick.

We have been to Disney many times and have some favorites but we did try some new places that we might have to add to our fav. list!

Where we ate:

Day One
Lunch Yak and Yeti
Dinner Flying Fish

Day Two
Lunch Kona
Dinner Narcoosees

Day Three
Breakfast Crystal Palace
Lunch Pinocchio Village Hause
Dinner Boma

Day Four
Breakfast Tusker House Donald’s Safari Breakfast
Lunch Flame Tree
Dinner ‘Ohana

Day Five
Breakfast Akershus Princess Breakfast
Lunch Biergarten
Dinner Cape May

Day Six
Breakfast ‘Ohana Character Breakfast
Dinner Whispering Canyon Cafť

Day Seven
Lunch T-Rex
Dinner Columbia Harbour House

Day Eight
Lunch Earl of Sandwich

06-08-2010, 08:20 PM
Subbing - can't wait to hear your reviews. How did your youngest do? My daughter is about the same age as your son.

06-08-2010, 08:23 PM
I'm in too! Can't wait to hear more !! You have quite a few on here that we're going to in Sept, that are new to us. :woohoo:

On another note, I'm SO happy for you that your DS is doing better. What a blessing that is.

06-08-2010, 10:01 PM
Subbing - can't wait to hear your reviews. How did your youngest do? My daughter is about the same age as your son.

He did great. We have been before with little ones so we just take it easy. I was prepared to take him back to the room as needed but honestly it was so hot while we were there that we were all ready to go back to the room after lunch. The only thing I had to do for meals was take a little snack in my bag b/c he would be so hungry by the time we sat down that he couldn't wait for the food to get there.

06-08-2010, 10:03 PM
Day One
We had lunch ADRs for Yak and Yeti for 1:30 for 8 people since were eating with some friends. By 12:30 we were starving and hot so we checked in and were seated within 15 minutes. For appetizers I had lettuce cups and dh had chicken wings (I donít see these on the menu). We loved them both and the kids shared since they did not get appetizers here. They were huge portions.
Dh had the Shaoxing Steak and Shrimp. This is what I was going to have also since we both had it last time we went and loved it but I decided to go for the Baby Back Ribs. These were delicious fall off the bone good well what part of them that I got and DS9 didnít eat!  The sweet chili slaw was also delicious. The kids got the chicken bites, fried rice,and jell-o. It was okay but the kids choices here are very limited and my kids would prefer the adult food. Good thing the portions are so large so it isnít a problem to share with them.
Dessert Dh had cheesecake (donít see it on the online menu) and loved it, I had the mango pie and it was okay I wouldnít order it again. The kids both had sundaes.

Total was 105.00 used 4TS credits
Paid 2.00 for the baby a cup of milk none of the rest of the restaurants charged us for his milk but they did.

We had dinner ADRs for Flying Fish. We had never eaten here before but we really enjoyed it so I think we will try it again. Appetizers ~ I had the crab cakesÖ.these were amazing and you will see a reoccurring theme in my ordering. It had a nice spicy bite to it. DH had the Yellowfin Tuna Tartare and Crispy Tempura Tuna-Vegetable Sushi Roll and he didnít love it. He ate it but he said he much preferred my crab cake. For an entrťe, I had Oak-grilled Maine Diver Scallops these were amazing and the risotto was a nice accompaniment but there was way to much for me to eat. Dh had a bass and shrimp meal that I donít see listed online but he really enjoyed everything about his meal also. Everything was very fresh!
For dessert, I had A Trio Celebration of Florida Sweet Peaches and it was delicious very fresh peaches. I could only take a couple of bites of all 3 types but they were so good. Dh had the Rustic Spring Crop Black and Blue Dark Berry Tart and he really enjoyed. I think he even managed to finish it. I tasted a couple of bites and the berries were nicely prepared and not overly sweet.
The kids choices here were much better which we have found to be true of most 2TS places. For appetizers, they had Seasonal Fruit Skewer and Honey Yogurt and it was different melons and grapes with a very tasty dipping sauce. For dinner one had the grilled beef skewers and the other chicken skewers and they got fries as a side instead of the veggies. IF you have kids that are not big eaters the meals here could easily be shared there was so much food. DS9 had no problem finishing his steak and we ordered it medium and it actually came out that way normally we find they way over cook kids steak. The little 2 shared the chicken and fries and I am not sure they were even able to finish it all.
For dessert, they both got the Mickeyís Chocolate Puzzle and spent a lot of time decorating it. I would recommend ordering this while you are still eating b/c they spent a lot of time on it and that would be something to keep them busy if you have children that eat fast like ours. They were both so full though after they decorated it we go to go boxes and they ate them later.
Everything was very good here. They also served bread that was good but I tried not to fill up on bread so I could save room for the good stuff. It is quite noisey here so that makes it fine for dining with kids but I wouldnít think it would make a very romantic dinner. They also have a candy store next door so you can look around in there while you wait for your table. We didnít wait long maybe 5 minutes.

Total here was 190.00 used 8TS credits

06-09-2010, 12:26 PM
I'm in, can't wait to hear about some of the places we are going to.
Glad to hear the baby is doing good! :)

06-09-2010, 12:39 PM
We'll be dining in a lot of these places in July/August, so I'm really looking forward to reading more. Can't wait to try the crabcake at FF (I'm a big crabcake fan myself).

06-09-2010, 04:15 PM
Im in I see a few places I have ADR in Sept

06-17-2010, 10:35 PM
Day Two
Lunch at Kona
We love Kona for dinner but had never been there for lunch. We originally just thought we would have a quick service lunch today but changed our minds that morning and it was no problem getting and ADR. Actually we probably could have walked up there wasnít much of a wait.
I had the crab cakes in the past they have been my favorite but this time I think Flying Fish might have beat them! I still really enjoyed them lots of crab meat and the salad they serve with them is relishes. I also had the Barbeque Tacos. I was really leery of this but I had heard great reviews so I gave it a shot. These might be one of my all time Disney favorite foods! My dh tried them and wished he would have ordered them also. I asked for the JalapeŮo Lime Sour Cream on the side but they put it on them but it was so good so I didnít say anything. I was afraid it would be too spicy but it was a very nice compliment. It came with a side of pasta salad and I almost asked for something different but I am glad I didnít b/c it was very good. Very light not too much mayo. For dessert I had the white chocolate cheesecake and I really enjoyed it but the others in my family didnít care for the white chocolate taste to the cheesecake.
My dh had the crab cakes also since the night before he loved mine so much he had to order his own this time. He had the Polynesian Plate Lunch with the teriyaki steak. This is very similar to what they serve at night and he really enjoyed it. It came with rice and the same pasta salad as my lunch. For dessert, he had the Kona Kone and the last time we were there they had taken away the cotton candy around the edge of it but this time it was back!
The only bad thing I can say about Kona is that the kids meals stink! They both got the chicken noodle soup appetizer, hot dog for their meal (which comes with no sides), and the make your own sundaes. This is a huge disappointment in the kid meal department. We had plenty of food to share with them so it wasnít a problem but I think I restaurant with this good of food choices for adults can do a little better for the kids!
Total 74.00 used 4TS credits

Dinner at Narcoosees
This is one of our favorite restaurants and we were super excited to eat here!
My dh and I had the exact same things. For apps we had the crab cakes (see a theme here haha) and it was wonderful very light and full of crab meat. For dinner we both had the surf and turf and I have to say it was only okay. The food wasnít quite hot enough esp the steak so we complained and they did bring out some more steak but by that time we were almost finished with the other things so we didnít really enjoy it like we would have at the beginning of the meal. I love the potatoes here and they were just as wonderful as I remember. The lobster was also very good but not really as hot as it could have been. For dessert, we both had the Almond Crusted cheesecake and it was a delicious as my dreams have made it out to be over the past year!
The kids had the chicken noodle soup app and it was 100 times better than what they had a Kona. It had Mickey Head Pasta and had great flavor. DS9 had the Filet with fries and he loved it. DS4 had the cheeseburger and fries and I tasted it. It was a great Cheeseburger but it was huge if your kids do not eat very much they could probably share. He did share some with his baby brother and still had a lot left. For dessert they were both stuffed so we go the Nemo cupcakes to go. They ate them later that night but they were not very good. The cake part was really gritty almost like cornbread instead of cake. They ate a few bites and we tossed the rest.
We had a wonderful waitress. She was very attentive. We also had that we were celebrating our Anniversary on our ADR and she brought out Champagne. I donít really care for Champagne but this was actually pretty good. We timed things perfectly to watch the water parade and see wishes. It was a great dinner even if the food wasnít quite as good as the last time. We will try it again!

The total was 235 and we used 8TS credits

06-18-2010, 10:20 AM
Thanks for sharing your reviews! Disney food always sounds so good :cloud9: I can't wait to read more!

06-18-2010, 05:43 PM
Great reviews so far! I am bummed that I can't fit Yak n Yeti into my plans as I keep reading great reviews! Keep 'em coming. Thank you!

06-20-2010, 10:25 AM
Great reviews so far! I am bummed that I can't fit Yak n Yeti into my plans as I keep reading great reviews! Keep 'em coming. Thank you!

Yak n Yeti was one of our best meals this time. Last time I thought it was okay but this time it was really great!

06-21-2010, 09:16 PM
I love to read deluxe dining reviews of parents of young kids! We'll be going with the DxDP in September with our two kids (my DS will be 5 and my DD will have just turned 3) and are going to multiple places that you are reviewing.

06-22-2010, 10:38 PM
I love to read deluxe dining reviews of parents of young kids! We'll be going with the DxDP in September with our two kids (my DS will be 5 and my DD will have just turned 3) and are going to multiple places that you are reviewing.

This is the second time that we have done the DxDP and the last time our children were similar in age to yours. We have done the reg. DDP and liked it but the DxDP works better for us. Our children are used to eating out so it isn't a problem and it is much easier to sit down in a cool area and eat than it is to stand in line at QS place and try to find a seat with them. Plus a lot of the choices at the QS places for kids are just yuck and my kids prefer to eat a a bigger variety of food.

06-22-2010, 10:41 PM
I am sooo glad to hear your 1 year old is better! It sounds like it was a true miracle that he recovered! I am just sooo happy for you and your family! :goodvibes

06-24-2010, 10:25 PM
I enjoyed reading what you have reviewed so far. I have 2 small kids also (a 6 y.o. and a 1 y.o.) so no pics in my reviews either, too much going on at meals!

that's great that your son is feeling better!