View Full Version : Airtran Questions

08-13-2002, 01:08 PM
To any Airtran vets: As a former USAir FF who no longer has that privilage, I went with a cheap fair for September on Airtran. I've read both bad and good about their service, enough to know they probably have no better or worse record than most discount flyers.

My question would be fairly specific and with regards to BWI. Has anyone ever attempted standby flying out of BWI to MCO with Airtran? We've a Friday 5:30 flight in September and are now able to leave first thing in the morning. Fridays, in my business experience, can be tough. Supposedly the 5:30 is a more coveted ticket than the 8:30 AM, but Airtran none-the-less won't make changes without the $50 per ticket upcharge. Any chance anyone has experience with this strange scenario?