View Full Version : HKDL: Stitch and Friends Summer Hangout

05-31-2010, 06:54 AM
HKDL has a brand new "event" this summer, based around that crazy blue alien and some characters you don't often see! The press release can be found replicated here:

The HKDL Source : Stitch and Friends Summer Hangout (http://news.hkdlsource.com/story/323)

not to mention a selection of promo pictures:

Stitch and Friends Summer Hangout Gallery (http://multimedia.hkdlsource.com/gallery/cat/36/)

If I don't get my hands on one of those penguin Stitches, there may be hell to pay!

http://media.hkdlsource.com/image/gallery/3118-M.jpeg (http://news.hkdlsource.com/story/323)

http://media.hkdlsource.com/image/gallery/3123-M.jpeg (http://news.hkdlsource.com/story/323)

http://media.hkdlsource.com/image/gallery/3128-M.jpeg (http://news.hkdlsource.com/story/323)

http://media.hkdlsource.com/image/gallery/3124-M.jpeg (http://news.hkdlsource.com/story/323)

http://media.hkdlsource.com/image/gallery/3125-M.jpeg (http://news.hkdlsource.com/story/323)

More photos on the site :) Nice to have something to report on...