View Full Version : Do you prefer photos or video?

05-30-2010, 09:23 AM
This is a regular dilemma and I know many people are concerned about they amount they carry which often sparks this dilemma but I was just wondering preferences?

Personally I like both. For me video is the best for a parade. While not of a wonderful quality I can always do instant photo capture on my video camera. And the best part is getting the music to go along with it.
Plus it is a HD video camera we have now so the video quality is great.

For everything else though I love having a camera. My hoard of photos that I'm still sifting through demonstrates this :rolleyes1 but I will always favour a video camera over camera for a parade. Unless it is a second viewing and I'm happy with the first recording.
[I'm a big fan of the trash can support device for filming ;) ]

So...we carry both :rotfl2:

05-30-2010, 05:34 PM
I take a slr camera and a small digital camera (just in case) and now i have just bought a sanyo camcorder fits in the palm of your hand and does not take much space in your handbag. quality is good plus i bought it for less than half price and it is waterproof. When i go travelling i tend to take alot of photos. for example when three weeks in china i took over 2000 and also display alot on the computer.

05-30-2010, 06:14 PM
We are carrying a minimum of 3 devices with us.

We have an Olympus point and shoot that has a cuisine mode in it. I've been using that for all my food porn in my TR (yes, another shameless self-promotion here :rotfl:). We also purchased a dslr Canon 550D for this trip and I'm really happy with the quality of the non-food porn photos (where else - but posted in my TR :rotfl2:). This camera has video capability at HD quality; and we've been fooling around with this as well.

We also have a little video camera that belongs to my son. We brought that along with us and used this to film shows and parades. Quality isn't that great but it's good enough for us.

05-30-2010, 09:30 PM
I much prefer photos. I took my video camera last trip and did not use it, but I did take around 5000 photos with the DSLR camera. I find with video we never get around to watching it. Anything the kids want to see again we watch on you tube.

05-30-2010, 10:02 PM
I like photos, but only b/c I've never had a video camera before. I am considering buying one for our January trip, and am very open to suggestions!

05-30-2010, 10:39 PM
Because our previous wonderful Hi-8 tape video camera was stolen from our hotel room on our 07 trip :sad::sad: we got a new one (travel insurance helped) for our 08 and 09 trips.
It is a HD widescreen HDD and flash drive (memory stick) Sony.
I LOVE it. I looked around quite a bit and what drew me to this one was that it had a movable viewfinder as well as a screen. the viewfinder is just wonderful. The screen being open is wonderful in some situations but there are others where if it is windy you can brace the camera up against your face and look through the viewfinder.
Whether you can get a viewfinder today...it is very uncommon now (which I think is a shame). :sad2:
One time the screens can be quite inconsiderate it in dark situations so this is where I'm also happy with the viewfinder.
I highly recommend Sony. Both our original and this were/are Sony and I've been very happy.

A great time to have the video camera was in Venice. We took a ferry loop around the island and I had a seat up front looking all around capturing everything.

I'm still very undecided about photos vs video for Disney.

I COMPLETELY agree about not watching the video very often....but...I also like having them.

I don't have a dslr so it can be tricky doing night shots with a smaller camera (it is 10MP and great zoom...but it needs time for a good night shot)
So the electrical parade can be a better result with the video camera.

But at the same time I have some nice captures from the paris parade that I got with my photos ::yes::

I love hearing people's opinions about this!!!! :thumbsup2 :thanks:

05-30-2010, 10:42 PM
Hi, We purchased a Flip Mio on our last trip, it takes great video. It is recharged and downloads simply by plugging into usb point. We always take our laptop anyway. It is the same size as my mobile phone. The kids love watching video of themselves. We download it all onto a hard drive when we get home, and every now and then they watch it.

05-31-2010, 03:17 AM
I like a little video as I feel that too reminds you long after the event...however as much as I'm tempted to buy a small camcorder prior to our trip, I think I'd rather spend the money in the US, and don't want to see Disney through a viewfinder.

That said, DH will look after the pics on the DSLR, and I'll carry the point and shoot which has a video function with limited capacity.

We'll also be bringing the lappy so we can download daily.

05-31-2010, 07:45 AM
Heidispidi I purchased our sony xacti Ca8 waterproof video camera at Camera House for only $249 .I only have just started using it and so far so good. It takes the same memory card as my Cannon slr 550d which is great so no tapes are needed. It fits in the palm of the hand and very easy to use.

05-31-2010, 08:44 AM
After so many trips to WDW & DLR, my biggest recommendation is to make sure that you "experience" the parks with and without a camera in front of your eyes.

My recent trips have allowed me to leave the camera equipment at home and really soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the company of my companions.

Photo's and video are important, but never lose sight that the real magic is what you experience within the park, when you are there.

Now, that being said, even when I leave the hotel without the expensive equipment, I always carry a good quality compact camera to capture those unexpected moments. :goodvibes