View Full Version : Our lunch at Chefs de France

05-28-2010, 01:11 PM
Remy was adorable! I am glad we did this just to see him! However, he would not be enough reason to bring us back.

French onion soup--best we've ever had


ham and cheese sandwich--DS23 said it was exactly like the one he had in Paris a few month ago--but bigger. He loved it! I wish I would have ordered that!

Profiteroles--not nearly as good as they look. Rather stale. My son makes them much better.

Creme brulee--if you are one of the folks that thinks this is the best vanilla creme brulee you've ever had--I feel sorry for you. Honestly, my kids make much better creme brulee and most WDW eateries make a tastier version. It was very weak and tasteless.

Cappucinos were good--DH ordered two. Yummy. We would go again and be smarter in our ordering. Chefs deserves a second chance.