View Full Version : Our dinner at Boma

05-28-2010, 12:16 PM
Almost tied for best restaurant of our trip. We have dined at Boma many, many times and we felt it was better (by far) than ever. No longer are the Zebra domes the only show in town. The dessert bar has really been beefed-up and has many, many desserts to rival those zebra domes. Everything we tasted was fabulous!

Our service was just ok, but great service is not really necessary at a buffet (but poor service won't work--you have to have those drink refills)

French presses of Kenya AA were a big hit, as usual!

We will be back!

05-28-2010, 12:21 PM
i love boma. aside from incredibly rude hostesses this place is awesome. We stayed at AKL on our trip and ate there 4 times.

05-28-2010, 03:00 PM
eating at Boma July 17. Can't wait to hear more!!:cool1::cool1::cool1: