View Full Version : Dream come true pre dining report

05-23-2010, 02:27 PM
So I made all my ADRs back in March and added two this week. We are staying at the Poly(anniversary) so we will eat most breakasts at Capt Cooks and a couple lunches. Is it bad to already know what your having at each restaurant? LOL

We are on regular DDP so we are paying OOP for Trex, Afternoon Tea and Cali Grill which for that meal we will share everything but drinks

Narcosee, Cali Grill, Tonys and Afternoon Tea are all new restaurants for us

Trex-chicken fried steak

Kona-pan asian noodles, banana creme brule

Tonys-mushroom ravioli, spumoni ice cream

Narcossee-share crab cake. then filet and lobster,almond encrusted cheesecake

Calli Grill-sharing Kazan Roll and shrimp flatbread, banana and caramel

Mama Melrose-sharing calamari, then chicken parm, tiramasu

Afternoon tea-sharing buckingham and gentlemans tea


Le Celliehr-mushroom filet w/cream cheese potatos, maple creme brule

Capt Cooks breakfast-TONGA TOAST, fruit platter
lunch-adult grilled cheese, pan asian noodles

Pecos Bills-cheese burger

Sunshine Seasons-grilled salmon platter

Yak and Yeti (CS)-honey chicken

Yakatori House-Sushi

WGPE for breakfast-cornflake encrusted french toast

EOS for the road-The Hawaiin

Im sure there will be more I am missing some CS..lol

I NEVER eat like this at home..You see what the DIS does? LOL:lmao:

Ill have to eat brown rice and veggies until our trip in Sept and then walk, swim, walk, swim to keep the weight off! It will be worth it!