View Full Version : Any prescription deals out there?

05-21-2010, 12:52 PM
I have 3 new prescriptions to fill and was wondering if anyone knows of any gift card or other deals out there? I have Walgreens, Target and CVS in my area.



05-21-2010, 04:27 PM
Don't know of any deal like that going on at the time, but we love Target. I opened a Target card to use only for RX and once you fill 10 you get a 10% off coupon in the mial. you also get the coupon for every thousand ( I think) dollars you spend. We have 7 RXs that get refilled every month and we will often have others when needed so this plan works we for us.

05-21-2010, 06:35 PM
https://a248.e.akamai.net/f/248/47562/14d/ig.rsys4.net/responsysimages/kmart/__RS_CP__/20100521_KM_Solo_FC.pdf?sid=IOx20100521KMSoloFC_KY 3FFCR&eml=&rioptype=KC&ruid=1000858

kmart coupon..cvs will take competitor coupons

05-22-2010, 08:46 PM
My Kroger ad had a prescription offer - I think it was this past week. Target had one in their Sunday circular a couple of weeks ago. I think it expires 5/24.