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08-11-2002, 09:49 PM
Ok, I've stayed at the GF (non-concierge) for my last 3 visits. This year I'm going at Christmas for 16 days. I've booked the Grand Plan at the Lodge Concierge (which I'm "told" is not in the main building. My "problem" is I don't know if I should try to upgrade to the main building's concierge or stay where I am.

My quandry is after listening to all the problems others have experienced at RPL........

I am going with an open mind and am hoping that the "magic" of Disney will REALLY be shining, given the time of year and all, but I would appreciate any advice and why.


08-11-2002, 10:14 PM
I'm not sure if sugar loaf has any lagoon views but I don't think it did. As with you my family and I went with an open mind and were disappointed. However, if you do decide to stay there, it is a beautiful resort. We had rooms 4414, 4415, 4416, and 4417. We were down the hall from the lounge area.

I was in room 4414 and was only able to see a small corner of the fantasy in the sky fireworks, I think if you were on the balcony to the left of mine,(4413), you probably wouldn't have seen them at all. The farther down you went to the right, ( to the higher numbers), the better you can see them, although there were not many more rooms going down to the right as it opened up into the lounge, I think it probably went up to 4419, or 4420, but I am not certain about this. It was a lagoon view, and you could see the lagoon and the polynesion off to the right, even though the balcony itself faced the courtyard pool and the building behind it. Over the building behind the pool you could also see the wilderness lodge. To the left of the balcony you could see the castle in the corner (not very good though) and space mountain.

Like I said, we read negative posts before we left also. We also went with open minds. I think I would've been happier there in a standard room though as the problems we had with the concierge staff were numerous.

hope this helps

08-11-2002, 10:40 PM
Sugar Loaf is lodge building #6 - an excellent location. You can choose between a quiet pool view or a marina view. I really like the marina views. :)

08-11-2002, 11:03 PM
To Cali:

Thanks for the info. Another question comes to mind - are all the concierge rooms in the main building also the same as the concierge in RPL? Or is the RPL concierge level separate? I know there are distinctions between them, and I feel rather inept not knowing, so I appreciate the info.:D

08-11-2002, 11:06 PM
It is the same. :) Good question, though. Disney doesn't make it real clear.

08-11-2002, 11:10 PM
All the rooms are in the main building are RPC concierge. The rooms occupy the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors. The concierge staff is on the 3rd floor and the lounge is on the 4th floor. (The 5th floor had some nice places to sit and backgammon).

The Sugar Loaf building is by the pool. The main differences in the 2 concierge levels is with the night time service, I believe that the Sugar Loaf does not have cordials.

The view from my room, 4415, (main bldg) was of the courtyard pool and gardens. I could see the lagoon beyond that. I'm not certain on other views. Cali, what room(s) have you had at RPC that have a good view?

08-11-2002, 11:15 PM
Anything from 4301-4309 & 4401-4409 have great views (marina/MK/fireworks). My personal favorite is 4409, but, the deluxe concierge room #4420 is the best of them all.

08-12-2002, 12:01 AM
Disneyispi, I hate to say this but I must. Please book all your important PS reservations yourself by dialing WDW-DINE or WDW-PLAY. That way you will be assured that the PS reservations were made correctly. I have Grand Planned twice at the GF and had lovely vacations, however, I have had two other Grand Plans booked (which ultimately I had to cancel due to family reasons) and there were mistakes made by the pre-planning staff (which is who makes the PS reservations for the Grand Plan guests recently). I cannot stress enough that if you have your heart set on something, leave nothing to chance and personally book those reservations yourself (make sure to write down PS reservation numbers and such).

Okay, now that I have said that, have a lovely vacation!