View Full Version : Poly Concierge,Yacht or Beach Club Concierge???

08-11-2002, 04:26 PM
We booked a Lagoon View concierge at the Poly for Nov.30th-Dec.4th and now that I've read a few posts on concierge I just had a few ??. Last December we stayed at the Beach Club concierge with a great view of the lake and Boardwalk. However even though the cast members that worked there are great, we thought the lounge was kind of small. Is the Yacht Club's concierge lounge any bigger? We have also stayed at the Poly with concierge so we know what to expect there. I guess what I'm asking is out of these 3 which would you chose and why? Thanks, Chip.

08-11-2002, 10:21 PM
We have stayed concierge at both the Polynesian and the YC. The YC has just been redone and is supposed to be bigger now. It was smaller than the Polynesians. We will be at the YC concierge in Dec. and will be able to look at the size of the redone lounge then. We found that we liked the CM's at the YC lounge better than at the Polynesian. The YC ones really went out of their way to make our day. The Polynesian ones weren't bad, just not as nice. Hope that helps.