View Full Version : Got Lapband and want to use the QS dining plan share ideas with me , please

05-15-2010, 03:49 PM
So my thought process is that I do not want DH and DD to curve their ordering for me, and I want to get what I want as well...let's face it I don't get much so I should get what I want!

My thought is that I can get things like soy milk and fruit for snacks (add protien powder to the soy milk to keep my grams in the right range).

There are lots of high protein choices, from burgers removed from the buns to salmon and chicken dishes that are quite wonderfully prepared.

My typical day will be a high protien shake in the room as breakfast, using dessert credits for bottled water when ordering a meal, being ok with tossing half or more of my meal and eating protien first before anything else. I can easily consume a full cup of food but have difficulty with soft breads, rice, pasta, and fibrous veggies (celery, artichokes). I figure the QSDP will meet my needs, give the other members of my family a good freedom of choice as well as the ability to use my snack credits for breakfast and any extra credits I have for breakfast as well.

Does this seem like a reasonable plan? I am open for ideas and suggestions as well.

05-16-2010, 09:12 AM
Congrats on your surgery. My son's childcare provider had it last year and is down 115 pounds, and looks amazing and happy. Hope it's all going well for you too.

You could also split a meal with dh or dd if they wanted. A few times I split a meal with my son when we were there, just because we didn't both want to eat a big meal, and be too full, and that makes the credits go further too. You could also get a kids meal, if you don't want the risk of overdoing it. I think you have a good plan and you should get what you like.