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08-11-2002, 01:20 PM
Ok, now that the CBR 'crisis' is over, and we're set to stay at the Poly - where should I request a room??

I know CBR like the back of my hand. I know all the ins and outs of which village to stay in, which not to stay in, etc. etc.

I know nothing about the Poly. I know they have different buildings, named after polynesian islands, but I'd like to know from the experts what to request, what to avoid, and so on.

With the ressie change from CBR, they booked a garden view room for us.
With that in mind, is there a particular area/building I should request? Anything I should avoid??



08-11-2002, 02:35 PM
I would request Tokelau (formerly Oahu). We stayed there in 1996 and it was a great location. It was midway between the TTC and the Great Ceremonial House. We were on the garden side (the other side is pool view). The second and third floors have balconies, we were on the third close to the elevator. So it was a quick walk to the TTC to catch the Epcot monorail or MK ferryboat or the other way to the GCH. I've heard that the 3 buildings closest to the TTC are newer and the rooms are larger.


08-12-2002, 12:19 AM
We stayed in the Tahiti building last month. I would request that building, with a lagoon view if you want a fabulous view of the castle and fireworks. It is also one of the newer buildings and I think the rooms are a little bit larger and the bathrooms have two sinks. It's closer to the TTC than most buildings and not too far from the GCH either (especially if you take a short cut through the building next to Tahiti). We requested it for our trip and were so pleased they were able to meet that request.

08-12-2002, 12:23 AM
Sorry, I got so excited about the Polynesian that I didn't read your original post carefully and I overlooked the part about the garden view. You know what? Even the garden view rooms at the Polynesian have got to be beautiful because that whole place is paradise.

08-12-2002, 02:42 PM

check out the website created by Tikiman. It is a wonderful and helpful resource for those who want to know more about the Polynesian.

Tikiman's Polynesian Resort (http://tikiman2001.homestead.com/index.html)

Although I have never been to the Poly, I guess I will request for either Tokelau or Tahiti with garden view.

Good luck!


08-12-2002, 04:52 PM
Wow, cool website... thanks for the link!!

If I can't figure it out from all that information, I never will! :)

Thanks guys!