View Full Version : Wii/Playstation fitness

05-14-2010, 02:28 AM
I've taken this up on my brother's PS3(we are roommates). It so far has been my main exercise lately but it has inspired me to get in a little bit better shape so I can keep up better. Plus I want to see if I can get a starter REAL drum kit later in the year. It is similar and a friends husband told me it can be picked up enough to get basics on the real drums going. He is a musicians plays guitar in a local band.

I know they have these Drum Hero or Rock Band drum games for both Wii and PS3 and I'm really LOVING it. I never had an interest in drumming before even though I've always had a love for music of all genres. My musical interests were always in piano and a little bit in guitar. I can play some piano but always had an issue getting my left hand to play. Strangely enough I picked up the drum sticks and have gained sooooo much eye hand coordination in the last week. I can out drum my brother and that is pretty cool. He's been playing the guitar portion for years and I don't do so well on that one. I play on expert and just get right back on track. I play a lot with no fail turned on. It gets me up to a sweat but other times I will turn it off and work in lower levels. Today I managed to get a bit more coordination from my leg/foot.

Anyone else using fitness other that just the Wii Fit??? I know there has been a lot of threads on Wii Fit but was curious if anyone had found this as fill in exercise.