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08-10-2002, 05:17 PM
Hi all, I have been reading on these boards for a while now but have not recently posted. My family and I have just returned from the GF RPC a few days ago and I am so furious I felt I needed to make a post. I'm sorry all but this is going to be very long. I am going to start by telling you all a little history behind this trip. It was not only me who went but my entire family consisting of my two sisters and their spouses and children, my brother and his spouse and children and both my parents as well as me, my significant other and our son. All totalling 16 people and we booked 4 rooms in the main building concierge. Now this was a very special trip for us. The whole family was traveling down there because my father recently retired and sold his business of 30 years, and my mother recently finished going through chemotherapy. It was also my mothers birthday and my parents 40th wedding anniversary. We were all traveling down there because of my mother recovering from cancer and it has always been her dream vacation to go to DW and stay in the GF RPC. We have all been to disney many times and have stay'd in many of their resorts, though never the GF. Money was not an issue for this vacation as it was a special one for the whole family. After reading a few negative posts on the rpc here, my sister and I tried to get my mother to switch to the yacht club, but as I said this was her dream vacation and this is where she wanted to stay. So we decided we would give it a try as we are not hard to please people. Let me just give you a report of what went on during our 8 day stay there.

The resort itself was beautiful. We loved the main building and the pools and the lounge. The rooms were spacious and kept very clean. I only had one complaint here. The air conditioning unit is apparently operated with a motion sensor (no motion no a/c). During the day, when returning from the parks the room was about 78 degrees (very warm when you're sweating). However this isn't what even bothered me as it would cool off quickly. The thing that was troublesome was in the middle of the night when we were sleeping the a/c would shut off because of no motion in the room. We called the concierge to send someone to look at it. They came and looked and said the a/c was operating the way it should be. The thing I really did not like was being told by the concierge upon complaining that if we couldn't sleep because the room was too hot, to get up and move around. Excuse me? this a/c shut off every 3 mins. I'm supposed to get out of bed every 5 mins or so to get it to come back on? Hmmm doesn't sound right to me.

As I said before the room was kept very clean and had no complaints about that. The only complaint I had here was that there were no towel animals left in the room. Now I know that they do this randomly and it is not required. However we did have 7 children with us and they were very disappointed. So we called the concierge desk to see if we could arrange this "surprise" for them. Well I think one day we got two ducks with no eyes..lol.. I also left generous tips and a note each day asking for these towel animals to please be left for my son. Nothing from housekeeping. Nothing from concierge staff.

Now here is where it gets messy. A few complaints here(not all from me but from the four rooms which we occupied). I will start with the buffet. The continental breakfast was great, we enjoyed it almost every morning. The food throughout the rest of the day was good as well although not enough to go around. Now I know that the lounge food is not meant for meals and I never expected it to be. My problem here was that food often ran out prior to the scheduled serving times. My other problem was the buffet attendants sometimes downright rude comments. Let me give you specifics. We returned from the parks in the afternoon to empty trays, when asking an attendant if there were any more cookies available we were told no they are g-o-n-e . Yes no offering of anything else just looked at us and spelled out gone and walked away. So upon returning to the room my sister called the concierge desk and more cookies were brough to the buffet which still had a good hour left to it. Now let me start with the strawberries(yes i know it sounds silly but there is a reason). My mother, prior to going to the GF was reading all these great things about these chocolate covered strawberries which looked like they were wearing tuxedos. (Let me just say that the concierge desk was made well aware of how special this vacation was for my mother). We even asked where we could purchase these strawberries as my mother was really looking forward to them. Ok they have these strawberries in the evening, half my family was there around 7 when they first put them out and was able to enjoy them. Upon return of the rest of my family around 9 or so, there were no more strawberries out. I asked the attendant if there were any left and her exact reply was "no, if you want the good stuff, you'll have to get here earlier".. o.k as i think to myself take a deep breath, you're on vacation. So back to the room we go to put another call into the concierge desk.. pretty good resolution as strawberries were then sent to all four rooms, but never an apology. My mother has a very hard time asking for things ( I don't know why). She had three adults in her room and called the concierge desk to request an extra bathrobe (this is the only thing she asked for the entire vacation) . Well she never got it and also never told anyone she requested it until we were already home (as she knows my sister or I would have called again{I don't know what her issue is with asking for things}). My sisters room housed 2 adults and 2 teenagers when she ask for extra slippers she was told she could not have them as they were only allowed 2 pairs per room!
numerous requests for extra towels and blankets were never met. When we called to complain they sent the manager to the wrong room ( my sister in-law) along with the manager they sent the maid who was said to look like she was in tears and my sil told them don't worry about it due to the maid being so upset. Now don't get me wrong we are very nice people and were not being rude about any of these complaints to anyone. My husband collects those quarter press things, so he went down to the concierge desk to ask about the locations of some of the machines. Nobody knew what he was talking about, after a few phone calls she jotted down about 5 different location. After that he went to the front desk and asked a received a computer print out of about 7 sheets with every location ( hey not bad for the front desk huh..) I thought the concierge were supposed to be very knowledgable(sp) about disney things oh well. On an e-ride night I lost my glasses on space mountain, I asked the ride attendant and was told that all found things go to city hall and to call in the morning to see if they were found. So the next afternoon, I go down to the concierge desk to call city hall. I was told to go back to my room and dial 0 and ask the operater to connect me. (was this the outstanding service I was paying for)? My sister checked out a few days prior to me and left her wallet by mistake in my car.. OK no problem I think I will just go down to the concierge and fed ex it to her.. hmm that went smoothly, or so i thought, this was on a Saturday, on Monday my sister called for the tracking number and was told they had no record of anything being sent out, so now I have to return from the park to straighten this out. ( after I got my bill I found it funny that they had no record of this since it was posted to my room bill on that Saturday of which I sent it). Attendants at the buffet were actually making fun of a guest wearing a g-string bikini in the lounge. ( yes i do think this is inappropriate attire, however I would not have even of noticed if I didn't glance over my shoulder to see what these attendants were laughing and looking at). We decided to stay an extra day after my family left but asked to be moved to the wilderness lodge concierge for the last night as we were not happy with the service we were receiving at the GF. We asked the concierge about adding a night on and were told to that we would have to go back to the room and call cro! After making the wl reservation, I called the concierge desk over there and explained that I knew it was silly but could we possibly arrange for some towel animals to be in the room upon check in as my son was disappointed. When we checked in ( room was ready at 11:00 am), there were 16 animals in our room, Bravo WL! Upon check out of GF I had to call for my bill around 10:30 am and was told they didn't know why it wasn't sent, no apology, just they didn't know why. Then the bill itself was wrong as we were charged for valet parking (we hold a handicapped permit) so there shouldn't have been a charge. So yet one more trip to the desk. Upon leaving a concierge staff member told my sister that she was complaining about insignificant things in order to receive a discount!!!!!!! The service here was absolutely horrible and the staff was down right rude at times. I am posting this to get it off my chest and to see other opinions about our complaints. Yes I know some of them sound insignificant but when it was one after another and you have to keep calling about keycards not working, extra blankets, length of stay passes not being correct ( my brothers room needed 3 child length of stay passes and when he checked in he was given four.. he brought if back down to the concierge desk and was told not to worry about it as he was only charged for 3, well the bill comes and yes there were 4 charges, now that refund is held up in accounting. I would not say that this poor service ruined our vacation, but it certainly took a lot of the magic out of it. I would like to know who to complain to about this and what you all think of our experience.:mad:

08-10-2002, 05:37 PM
Laurie......I have to say (as silly as this may sound)....I had better service from the staff at ASMu last time we were there!!!!

I would (if you have not already) call the GF and ask to speak to the manager....that failing...I would find out who to speak to at Guest Services for all of WDW....

No....you weren't complaining to get a discount.....but NOW....I would expect some type of compensation......

Hope this didn't overshadow your parents trip..........

08-10-2002, 05:42 PM
Goodness...that was awful to read. I am so sorry to learn about your stay there. It is really unexcusable! And I don't understand how they get away with behavior like that since the GF is there "flagship" hotel. Please let the powers that be know everything you shared with us. Compensation or no compensation it should NEVER happen again. I do hope you get some sort of compensation though. Even a sincere apology would help. Congrats on your parents recent good fortune with the sale of a business and most importantly your mother's improved health. Let us know if you decide to write up the chain of command. If I was in charge of guest services I would most certainly want to know if my employees were laughing at guests, ignoring their simple reguests and making my housekeeping staff cry!!!

08-10-2002, 06:33 PM
I think when you pay that kind of money for a vacation, the staff should take care of your EVERY need. I stayed in a garden view room at the GF and our housekeeper kept on giving us extra robes and slippers without us even asking for them and there were only 2 of us in the room. I would except more from the concierge of Disney's most prestigious resort. I guess they didn't go out of their way to do anything special for your mother either. :(

08-10-2002, 07:06 PM
I'm so sorry to hear that you and your family - and especially your mother - were disappointed with GF. I'm curious - did they do "anything" special for your mother, father and family?? I know we are NOT to expect anything - even towel animals. However, with four rooms of paying guests and a double celebration, I'm just curious if they ever sent a flower arrangement, or chocolates...or anything?? (Other than the strawberries after you complained...that's different.)

I found a list of addresses somewhere - and now I don't remember where! I remember reading also in this same section that you should always write a letter, not an e-mail - and send it to the GF Manager, but then CC a couple others that are over this person as well. State what your expectations were and how they fell short, and what you feel should happen - an apology, better training of concierge staff, etc. Write it - let it sit one day - then re-read it and edit as necessary until it reads as professional as possible.

I hope that the other aspects of your trip were enjoyable - and best of luck to your parents - and particularly to your mother as she enjoys her renewed health.

08-10-2002, 07:17 PM
Hi Tesabat
I'm Laurie's sister replying - hey, I'm the older one anyway :)

I thought for sure they would do something special - but they didnt. I've heard of other guests getting flowers, wine, anything, but no. She didnt even get a kind word, congratulations, or anything. I told many, many people of her health, her birthday, and my parents anniversary.

The only "extra" (besides the service requests we had which I believe should be expected anyway) were some towel animals for the children. We requested them many times and left notes with generous tips for housekeeping. I mentioned it to the manager and that night my sister had one washcloth shaped like a duck (ok, we appreciate the effort, but it was a little lame. It had no eye stickers, and the next night she didnt get a new one but someone put stickers on the duck). We werent too upset by that, but laughed at really how lame the service was. By contrast, when she checked in at WL she just happened to mention that her son was disappointed by the lack of towel animals at GF (nothing beats coming back to your room with your child so excited to find a surprise). All she did was mention it and when she checked into WL she had 16 large towel animals made - a sumu wrestler, alligator, etc. (and all had eyes LOL). It just goes to show you what GREAT service is like compared to staff who just dont get it. Also, even though she spent only one night in WL her son was given a gift of a coloring book and crayons. We had 7 children at GF and they werent given anything.

08-10-2002, 07:22 PM
Thank you for responding Tesabat, and to answer your question, no nothing was ever done special for my mother or my father during our stay. This really surprised me as I was expecting it after telling almost everyone there what a special occasion this was. I know you are not supposed to expect things like that, but you would think with the money we paid for the four rooms and the circumstances of our vacation ( of which everyone was made aware), that they could've come up with something special to be in the room. As for now we are waiting for a reply from the gf manager.

08-10-2002, 07:30 PM
I am really horrified to hear of your experience. There were certainly things that were far beyond the pale.

But, and I almost feel bad mentioning this....I am glad it seems to be the same two places that get these reviews and we never get them from the AKL...my first AKL concierge stay, first concierge stay at all, is in October and I am glad every time I read a bad review and its not of AKL,,,, again, sorry to hear of your experience.

08-10-2002, 07:58 PM
Yes Richyamms,
My sister frequently stays at the AKL and has always loved her trips there. As for me I enjoy the WL and opted to stay there for the last night of our vacation (as I would not stay another night at the rpc after my parents checked out) and received far superior service in the twenty hours we were there as opposed to the entire week at the GF. By the end of our 1st day at WL staff members even knew my sons name. It's funny we stayed at the GF for a week and I don't think any staff members knew any of our names(surprising for the number of calls which went to the concierge desk during our stay)

08-10-2002, 08:10 PM
My sister, Laurie is right. We have stayed at AKL 3 other times this year. You will love it! The resort lobby is beautiful and the restaurants are great. I've never stayed concierge there before, but the service in the regular rooms and at the front desk/pool was always great.

The only issue is since it is a bit removed you have to rely on transportation (which unless you time it right can be slow). We always rent a car and drive most places rather than use buses at AKL, but that's just our preference.

I'm sure you'll have a great time!

08-10-2002, 10:59 PM
IMHO they should refund the difference between the concierge rate and the regular room rate . . . I can't believe they told you to get to the lounge sooner for the strawberries; sounds like an attempt to control costs by not replenishing the food! The CMs who told you to call the CRO and city hall yourself should be written up, and the person from housekeeping who wouldn't bring the extra slippers needs extra direction from her manager on how to respond to concierge guest's requests. Please post when they get back to you; I can't wait to see if and how they compensate you.


08-10-2002, 11:31 PM
Are you "WeloveDisney"?? She seems to have identical problems as you do??:confused:

08-10-2002, 11:36 PM
Originally posted by pollyanna
Are you "WeloveDisney"?? She seems to have identical problems as you do??:confused:

Apparently they are related.

08-10-2002, 11:37 PM
No Polly, I am not welovedisney.. We had the same problems because welovedisney is my sister and we were on the same vacation together (different rooms) and slightly different days.. She checked in a few days before me and left a few days earlier.

08-10-2002, 11:49 PM
Laurie & WeLove - this is a dumb question but did they say how sensitive the motion detectors are? I was just wondering if you packed a small fan that moves from side to side and turned it on if it would create enough motion from the fan unit to actually keep the a/c running on a regular basis. (Or maybe pick up a cheapy at WM if you stop there). If that would work it might be a cheap solution for others visiting in the future with this a/c sensor deal.

PS-My next suggestion would be to go to Swan instead! You might not get the towel animals but we had treatment that was 1000% better than that! And even apologies from the maintenance guy because we had to wait for him to come back from the Dolphin when it was my son's fault I was locked out of the room - he's apologizing for something that was our fault to begin with. 10 days and we had only one incident which was funny to me but not my son. I'd call that good service. Disney needs a few lessons.

I'm not asking for what you guys paid, but for anyone out there what is an average or standard rate for GF conc level room? ??$300 nite??.

08-11-2002, 12:03 AM

My husband made numerous attempts to get the air conditioner to stay on over night. He actually tied a sock onto the chain of the ceiling fan in hopes the swinging around would trigger the a/c.. that didn't work, next he moved one of the tall lights between the two beds and clipped a plastic bag on it in hopes the bag waving back and forth would keep it going. Sad to say the most effective thing to get it to come on was waving the bedspread, however the a/c shut off a couple minutes later. What he did do on our second to last night was to pull the thermostat off the wall.. there were instructions on the back of it to bypass the motion sensor.. we did that and then it worked..
Now in the first place when the engineer(or whatever he was) came to see if it was functioning properly when we first complained, he bypassed the system. We asked him if he could leave it bypassed we were told no.
As for the rates, i'm not sure what rack rate is, but I think its upward of $550 a night. I did get it a little cheaper than that. My sister also got it cheaper with a travel agent rate.

08-11-2002, 12:09 AM
I also want to say that we were told the balcony doors had sensors on them. So if it were cracked even just a quarter inch, the a/c would shut off.

I also want to clarify as to why my sister and I would put up with this and not asked to be moved to a different resort. You have to understand we were there with my parents who are not confrontational at all and were even embarassed when we complained about the poor service. We also did not want to upset my mother as this was her dream vacation and did not want her to think we were unhappy. My sister checked out prior to my mother leaving, and the morning my mother left, my husband and I switched over to the wilderness lodge

08-11-2002, 12:11 AM
Laurie was always the good daughter..............

08-11-2002, 12:15 AM
and I still am:p

08-11-2002, 12:20 AM
What did you have to do to bypass the motion sensor?

08-11-2002, 12:27 AM
I'm not quite sure what he did, but the instructions were on the back.. I think it consisted of like turning the power off and pressing the down arrow and power button at same time until it beeped and said bypass.... like I said i'm not quite sure what he did, but I know that the instructions for doing it were printed on the backside of the thermostat ( you actually had to pop it off of the wall)

08-11-2002, 12:29 AM
Sounds to me like you are both the 'good' sisters because I would have been a royal BI**H (when mother wasn't near-I wouldn't have wanted to stress her out). There is one thing my mom says is that you don't want to make me mad. I may only be 4'11" but I WILL win the argument!!!

You should have heard me at the Renaissance in St Augustine when housekeeping left our room open all day. (Came back and privacy bar was flipped over & door ajar). We did get an apology but no compensation. I called at 3:30 pm when we got back (guess that's not all day but 5 or 6 hours!) and they said they would check right away and see why it was left open (duh!) and I said I would really like to know. They kept insisting housekeeping must be on the floor up there and coming back - well you can see the whole floor the way it is set up and it was DESERTED. At 5 pm when I still hadn't received a response I called again and GUESS WHAT! the one that answered the phone knew nothing about it - the first one had just 'blown me off'. So I blew a fuse. Housekeeping manager actually came up to our room to apologize. By that time I was irate about the room and about being ignored with the incident and I did want some comp but didn't really want to make a scene and ask. I said we were on our way to supper and kind of thought they would offer us a meal discount or something to eat there - but nothing. So I figured they would do something on our room bill but no-it was same the next morning when put under our door. So after we packed up I went to the front and politely explained that I wanted a discount on my room and why. We did get $40 off plus tax which took our bill for 2 nites to $192 (including a pizza). Not enough for the risk of having all your stuff stolen and dug through but enough to shut me up for the day.

08-11-2002, 12:34 AM
wow jgates sorry to hear that happened to you. My mother just has issues with complaining for example, if she gets the wrong food at a restaurant, she won't send it back or complain.
It really is a big deal for her to complain, or even ask for something which is why I became so upset when she told me(after we were already back home) that she called for an extra bathrobe and never received it. I didn't want to do anything to upset her as this trip really was "for" her.

08-11-2002, 12:43 AM
It appears that the flagstaff Disney hotel is not what it used to be. Maybe the staff now think they are better than their guests?

I never had a strong desire to stay there, and this only confirms it. Sorry to hear you had such a disappointing experience. But glad that you were able to make the trip. Let us know if you hear from the GM

08-11-2002, 11:28 AM
Just to let you all know, I have e-mailed disney with my complaints and also tried to reach Georgina Sussan, but was only able to speak with her assistant. As for now, I am just waiting for replies

08-11-2002, 11:39 AM
I'm not asking for what you guys paid, but for anyone out there what is an average or standard rate for GF conc level room? ??$300 nite??.

Rack rate, depending on time of year and whether Deluxe/Honeymoon Concierge or regular Main Building Concierge range from $555-$875 (plus tax).

08-11-2002, 12:06 PM
We stayed at the RPC in May for about 2 weeks, and reading your trip report reminded me so much of our vacation. Rude CMs, meager food, problems with the room. etc. We had problems with our thermostat, too. Our room was above 80 degrees at night (a REAL PROBLEM for us with asthma, etc.) and when I went to the RPC CM for help, he told me that if he had engineering come fix it, then I would whine (yes, he said whine) about it being cold. I told him that we are from Minnesota, and that he doesn't know what cold is. We called every 48 hours and spoke directly to engineering, and they came and overrode the thermostat every other day.

We had many other problems, too. The concierge manager and the GM never returned our calls. It finally became a joke. We would not stay there again.

08-11-2002, 12:23 PM
Good for you Laurie!!! (about e-mailing Disney with your complaints)

This story broke my heart! :( I've been planning my vacation for almost a year now, and I could not imagine the feeling of it being less than magical because of rude CMs. There's just no excuse for that! :mad:

Please keep pursuing this issue with Disney. They at the VERY least owe you a sincere apology.

I hope that your vacation otherwise was memorable and very magical!!!

Sending you Pixie Dust!

08-11-2002, 04:12 PM
Thanks, MJS
They have not returned our calls, either. In fact, when I called to get the tracking number for the fed ex that supposedly went out containing my wallet, at first they couldnt find any record of a tracking number of my sister even giving me the wallet. They promised to look and call me back within 30 minutes. Well, almost 2 hours went back so I called and asked for the manager and was told the reason they didnt call me back was that they didnt have anything to tell me. (Mind you, they promised to call in 30 minutes and I was iin a rush because I was leaving on another business trip and needed to know if I had to cancel my credit cards). The GM of the GF, Ms Sussan has not returned any of our calls, although I heard from her assistant, a guy named Nelson Placa. He is nice but not really in a position to help us. Interestingly, they will not tell me who Miss Sussan reports to.

08-11-2002, 04:59 PM
i would imagine that she reports (however indirectly) to some of these people:

Mr. Roy E. Disney
Vice Chairman
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4873

Mr. Michael Eisner
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
The Walt Disney Company
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4873

Mr. Paul Pressler
Chairman & President
Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4873

Mr. Al Weiss
The Walt Disney World Resort
PO Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

The list is over on the Rumors board:

Jen D
08-11-2002, 07:43 PM
But, and I almost feel bad mentioning this....I am glad it seems to be the same two places that get these reviews

Hey, Rich, just curious, what is the other one that you would say consistently gets the bad reviews?

I'm asking in earnest, am trying to pick resorts for my next trip. I too have noticed that AKL service (concierge or not) gets raves, so I want to try them.
Hoping GF will get its act together soon.

08-11-2002, 08:11 PM
The 2 that I hear the best things about are AKL and YC. I've stayed at both these resorts (non-concierge) and had a wonderful time. Laurie528 had nothing but rave reviews to tell about the WL concierge after checking out of the GF to move there.

As soon as she checked in to WL, a CM took her son on a "mini-tour" while she did the paperwork. Her room was filled with large towel animals, (she didnt specifically request it, but she did mention when she made her reservation that her son liked them). The concierge buffet was so full of good food that they werent hungry for dinner (they had minestrone soup, ribs, and more). The next day it was raining and the concierge called them to ask if they needed ponchos or help rearranging their schedule.

That is even above and beyond what I expected to get at the GF, and a whole world apart from the way we were treated there.

08-11-2002, 08:22 PM
Laurie and WeLoveDisney....

I would have flipped out by the end of the trip if I were you. You paid for concierge, you SHOULD have received concierge. I would have been so far down those staff members throats, you would have been able to just see the souls of my shoes.

What they did was completely unacceptable. Did they just expect you to go away quietly, pay for the service and NOT get it? I would want a complete explaination to each and every incident and AN APOLOGY from the conceirge, not just the manager.

They must have a very nice job, just be there at the desk and do nothing??? I would love to have their job. You know how fast I would be fired if I told someone "get here early for the good stuff"? Ohmigod! At least they sent some to your room, but that's NOT the point.

I'm angry for you both and fee so bad for your poor Mom! I hope ol' Roy boy does something and not let those staff members get away with that sort of behavior.

Good luck in getting compensation!!

08-11-2002, 08:24 PM
It is frustrating isn't it? By the way, did you see my post about the real reason why the GF concierge is so bad? I jokingly posted that Disney assumes that the guests who stay at the RPC have some financial resources. Their strategy is to treat them so badly in concierge that they flee the resort. Now here is the catch, the guest (like me) is addicted to Disney and need his/her "fix." Concierge service is out, given poor performance, so the guest goes to a DVC resort. The guest falls in love with the DVC concept and buys a membership, thus providing Disney with even more money that the company would have gotten had the guest stayed elsewhere.;)

If you want REALLY good concierge service, bag Disney and stay at the Four Seasons.

Good luck with Disney management.

A kid at heart
08-11-2002, 08:35 PM
You are not the first to have this happen to you. I have freinds who were there last jan and had pretty much the exact same problem that you did.

08-11-2002, 08:53 PM
I have to say that I received outstanding service at the Courtyard Marriott at Downtown Disney, All Star Movies and Caribbean Beach (I paid $25, $49 , and $84, respectively). Everything was always "Yes, Mrs. Brown". Whether I was requesting extra towels, decaf coffee, an iron, asking a general question, or informing them that I needed to check out extra early.

You have every right to be mad!!! I can't believe they didn't acknowledge your mom's b-day, anniversary, or anything! I know of people who have received numerous "goodies" for a single event!

We also had towel animals at ASMo and at CBR!!! Excellent housekeeping! I always request early room make up and got it every time. Never had a complaint!

I will be at AKL in a few days (at $119) and I all I expect is to be treated like a guest of Disney!

I hope you receive letters of apology and some type of compensation. It doesn't seem like you got what you paid for at all!!!

08-11-2002, 09:06 PM
I have read bad reviews of the Poly. I have read the greatest number of problems at the GF.

I know that starting next month, we will start hearing horror staries about AKL. I hear that they rotate staff and it just my luck to have h i m b e h i n d the counter.

08-11-2002, 09:33 PM
My last GF stay was in a two-bedroom suite. In fairness, please let me start off my post by stating that I had a wonderful vacation in spite of the GF concierge and their mistakes. Now that that has been stated, I should note that my stay was marred by sub-standard service throughout the entire vacation. Sad to say, your post really brought back memories of that stay.

I thought I would post something here that will (hopefully) bring a smile to your face. It has got to be my FAVORITE GF concierge memory (at least it’s one that I will never forget, hee hee!).

During that vacation, our birthday/fireworks cruise was *mysteriously* cancelled. That cruise was to celebrate three of the children’s birthdays and also to begin our glorious WDW vacation. I had pre-ordered a birthday cake, chocolate-covered strawberries, soft drinks, and champagne for us to munch on during our cruise as we celebrated being alive in the Happiest Place On Earth. On the day of our cruise, we received a phone message from the GF Marina stating that our cruise was canceled. No explanation was stated. I asked my husband to contact the concierge to see if they could find out who had cancelled it and why. The concierge promised my husband that they would look into it and get back to him the next day since the Marina was closed at that time. We didn’t hear from the concierge for the next few days, so my husband eventually called them to see what was up. Once again they stated that they would look into things. Another day came and went, and now my sister was phoning them, too, in hopes of finding out what had happened to our cruise. After several days of this, we returned to our suite one evening to find a bottle of champagne in the parlor room. Our assumption was that the champagne was from the concierge and it was their way of apologizing to us for their complete lack of follow-through regarding our cruise (and a few other issues). I thought it was a lovely gesture on their part, until I noticed the Room Service bill sitting alongside the bottle of champagne. And then I noticed that a hefty Room Service delivery fee had been added to the bill, along with a hefty tip. I was flabbergasted when I saw that. My husband picked up the telephone and immediately called the concierge desk. He told them, yes, we got the bottle of champagne, but we found it utterly insulting to receive a bill for it that also included a Room Service delivery fee plus a tip. Of course the concierge promised to immediately get that bill removed from our tab.

Believe it or not, after the initial shock of the situation wore off, I actually found that bottle of champagne and its bill quite poetic. It was the icing on the cake regarding our entire GF stay. The concierge couldn’t even apologize correctly. By the way, I have a photo of the infamous bottle of champagne posted here: click here to view it. (http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/janettwokay/vwp?.dir=/Walt+Disney+World/Walt+Disney+World+Suites/GF+Two-Bedroom+Suite+(Cypress+Suite)/Parlor+Room&.src=ph&.dnm=Balloon+Bouquet.jpg&.view=t&.done=http%3a//photos.yahoo.com/bc/janettwokay/lst%3f%26.dir=/Walt%2bDisney%2bWorld/Walt%2bDisney%2bWorld%2bSuites/GF%2bTwo-Bedroom%2bSuite%2b(Cypress%2bSuite)/Parlor%2bRoom%26.src=ph%26.view=t) As you will see in the picture, the champagne bottle was in a small container of ice that was located to the right of the lovely balloon bouquet that the staff had delivered to our suite earlier that day in honor of my son’s birthday. I am happy to say that the staff did do a few things right.

Oh, yes, I had a wonderful vacation that year in spite of the problems with the concierge staff. The GF is a gorgeous resort, and for some strange reason it is still my husband’s favorite resort (to this day I cannot figure that one out, but it probably has something to do with the fact that our first few GF stays were glorious, even though the last few stays were marred by problems). Of course we have not stayed there since. Will we ever again? That's a tough one to answer, especially after reading threads like this one.

08-11-2002, 09:43 PM
Sorry to hear about your vacation janet2k. As with you we also did not let these things ruin our vacation. We had a wonderful time aside from all the frustration with trying to get things right and the horrible service we received. We also had a couple problems with our bill not being correct also. As for us I do believe we would certainly go back to Disney, and even stay concierge again just not at the GF.

08-11-2002, 09:57 PM
Hi Janet
I understand your husband continuing to want to stay there. It is a gorgeous resort. And, like me, he probably wants to believe it will be better the next time......

There's no excuse for the poor service we all received and hopefully Disney will get the message soon (I'll certainly do my part in giving it to them!)

The GF RPC must be soooo poorly managed. I dont know if these problems extend to the rest of the resort or not. Any CM's outside of concierge were all very friendly (the greeter, security guard, life guard, etc.). My DH and I also stayed one night in a lagoon view room and had no problems. And each time we go to Disney we eat in Narcoosee's or Citricos always with great service.

08-11-2002, 10:39 PM
Laurie and WeLoveDisney, I'm glad to hear that you still had a lovely vacation in spite of the problems with the RPC staff. The turning point for us during our GF vacation was when my niece said to me, "Aunt Janet? What will the concierge screw up for us today?!!!" And it began to become a game. Isn't that ironic?

We tried really hard to laugh about the daily screw-ups, but I tell you, the one that broke my heart was the cancellation of that birthday/fireworks cruise. I was actually in tears over that one as I sat before the RPC staff asking them to find out what had happened to our cruise. When it was *mysteriously* cancelled, we were told that fireworks were also *cancelled* for that night, so the RPC staff booked us a last-minute dinner reservation for Citrico’s instead. We arrived at Citrico’s at the time that our cruise would have begun had it not been cancelled. My party of seven was led to a wonderful table that was located next to the windows of the restaurant. As we were being seated, I heard a distant *BOOM* and my heart stopped. I asked my husband and sister, “Was that the sound of fireworks?” They said that they hadn’t heard anything. Then I heard another *BOOM.* This time they heard it, too. I about died. I excused myself from the table and immediately went up to the RPC lounge. I sat down before a concierge Cast Member as tears streamed down my face. I said that someone had cancelled my birthday/fireworks cruise and that I was also told that the fireworks were cancelled for that evening. I asked the Cast Member if she could hear the fireworks going off across the lagoon because I was certainly hearing them. She said, yes, she could hear them, and that she would definitely look into this issue for me. Silly me, I actually believed her and the other concierge Cast Member that my husband had spoken to earlier that day. As I stated before, no concierge Cast Member took the initiative to contact us regarding this subject during the rest of our vacation. I do know one thing; had I been the Cast Member who had a heartbroken guest asking me to look into what had happened, I would have made sure that I followed through with the request. But I wasn’t the Cast Member, and none of them followed through with the request (and other issues).

Since I’m on the subject of that vacation, I should mention another problem that would have broken my heart had other GF Cast Members (non-concierge) not intervened. Let me preface it by stating that my sister had been going through a horrible divorce and I wanted our vacation to be as close to perfection as it could be. Since the GF concierge staff had burned me during a prior stay, I made a majority of my PS reservations myself. The funny thing is that the GF concierge staff even messed up a few of those PS reservations. Case in point -- I had the Pirates Cruise booked for three of the children in my party. I did not go through the GF concierge for that reservation; I made it by dialing Disney Dining myself. When my GF vacation began, I received a beautifully printed itinerary upon check-in. On that itinerary was the starting time for the Pirates Cruise, along with a note to arrive 15 minutes prior. On the morning of the Pirates Cruise, we arrived at the GF marina 15 minutes prior to the starting time, just like our itinerary had stated. We noticed there weren't any children at the marina, which I found odd since I knew that the Pirates Cruise normally sells out in advance. When I attempted to sign my children in for the cruise, a Cast Member told me that the cruise had already left. I asked when and was told several minutes ago. I asked how could that be since our itinerary stated that the boat wasn’t due to leave for another 15 minutes? One of the marina Cast Members said, “Oh, you’re a concierge guest? The concierge has been messing up with the starting time of the Pirates Cruise for weeks now. We’ve told them time and time again that the starting time that they have is wrong.” I just about died when I heard those words. The Cast Member took one look at me and could see the tears welling up in my eyes. He said, “Put some life jackets on those kids and I’ll personally shuttle them over to the cruise myself!” I couldn’t believe his kindness. So we put life jackets on the kids and they boarded one of the Shore Patrol boats. I have a picture of that posted here: click here to view it. (http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/janettwokay/vwp?.dir=/Walt+Disney+World/GF%27s+Children%27s+Activities/GF+Pirates+Cruise&.src=ph&.dnm=Special+Arrangements.jpg&.view=t&.done=http%3a//photos.yahoo.com/bc/janettwokay/lst%3f%26.dir=/Walt%2bDisney%2bWorld/GF%2527s%2bChildren%2527s%2bActivities/GF%2bPirates%2bCruise%26.src=ph%26.view=t)

If it weren’t for the kindness of the GF marina staff, that day would have been another heartbreaking one for me. I thank my lucky stars that my children were able to attend the Pirates Cruise. They had a wonderful time and my daughter has been hooked on that particular activity ever since. “Yo ho! Yo ho! A pirate’s life for me!” Of course if I had my way, it would be “Off with their heads!” for a few of the GF concierge Cast Members (hee hee)! Arg!

08-12-2002, 06:21 AM
You know after reading this thread I am perfectly content in saving over $400, staying at ASMO, and receiving their excellent service (even though not concierge) again next year! ;)

08-12-2002, 09:20 AM
Janet 2K - Every time I read about what happened to you my blood pressure goes up! Ugh!

08-12-2002, 09:51 AM
Wow I'm amazed at the posts here. We had a lovely stay in RPC in July. The staff new our name and room number before we ever approached the desk. They took care of anything we asked for help with.
We stopped into the lounge after 10:00 pm our first night. The hostess went in the back and brought out an entire tray of desserts and some wine even though we didn't ask and the lounge hours were over. We didn't get towels animals but the housekeeper was especially pleasant and kept the room spotless. I'm sorry you weren't so lucky.

08-12-2002, 10:26 AM
First let me start off that I love the GF. (looks that is) We had a problem there several years ago, and you could call and call till you are purple in the face and the odds of getting Georgina are NONE. She will not return calls, you will always get her assistant and he sounds like a tape recorder. I would agree that writing a letter to the hire ups is the way to get a response. Also, by sending Georgina a copy of the letter with a note stating something to the fact that after repeated tries to speak to you I have sent the following letters to (add all there names) with the hopes that someone who pays over $500 a night with a large family and many rooms in a concierge level does NOT get treated like this again. I did and boy did they respond quickly. I even got a call from Georgina (:earseek: isn't that a shocker!). She was very nice as was I because I am always as curtious as possible with others, but she said that she would address the issues and take care of it. I have a letting in front of me with an nice offer to return. I won't but it was nice of her to offer. Unfortunately, it sounds to me that there is a BIG Management issue and the direction of the Concierge is doing them more harm than good. We found as your husband did that the front desk knew more than the Concierge Desk could ever think of knowing. And yet, there claim to fame is the private, one on one service that beats the "FRONT DESK" service. Give me the front desk any day. I have stayed at the YC Concierge and will be staying at the Poly Concierge in January and these are two resorts that get a big thumbs up from me. The castmembers at BOTH are very INFORMED!
I am so sorry that they could NOT give you the little extra's that many have gotten or even given your mom & dad that little extra for the simple fact that this was a Special Time for your family. Atleast they are both here and it didn't entirely ruin the vaction.
I hope you get some help and understanding from Disney, after all with there stock so low and profits down; they need people like us to keep coming back. One time wonders do them NO good.

08-12-2002, 12:38 PM
I'm another guest who was more than very UNhappy with the GF concierge service. I enjoy the resort (although it's NOT my favorite) but have NO desire to EVER use their concierge DISservice again.

We've stayed concierge in other WDW resorts and they all met or exceeded our expectations. GF concierge had worse service than the AS guest service people (who I've also had my share of issues with).

Want spectacular concierge service? Head over the the AKL.


08-12-2002, 12:53 PM
I just ran out to the post office and all the way there and back I kept thinking about this topic. Isn't it so sad that the Main Hotel at Disney World, that gets your attention and people want to try is so terrible. Most people will do the "Splurge" for Concierge only a few time if not only once. They claim to be "The Best", yet let 90% of the people down and make them feel as if they wasted there money. Concierge is all about service and that "Little Extra". It seems as if the only people getting the "Little Extra" are the castmembers and the Hotel. The maids and turndown service get better tips on Concierge level, you pay 2x+ the average room price to stay in RPC, and yet they act like we are the ones that should do everything for ourselves. If they are there to make reservations, answer questions and help arrange special things, then darn it; they should do it. People spend alot of money to go to DW alone and to add Concierge Service to your stay usually doubles your bill, why does the GF think that they are above helping there guests when it comes to Concierge level? We have stayed both and find the standard lv room does it just fine for us. Boca Chica Building has the nicest housekeepers and the castmembers at "The Main Front Desk" know more than anyone else. If they don't know, they will find out very quickly. That is why I feel it is a Management issue and not really and employee issue. Most castmembers are only going in the direction that the management sends them from my experience. Maybe, we all need to send Disney's Hire ups the message. Whether or not, they take it is another story. I just feel so sad that if you really wanted to splurge and celebrate something, you would have a hard time doing so at the GF. :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
Sorry, I have been having flashbacks to our trip that went sour and had to vent. Any ho...145 days to the POLY.......wahoooooooooo.

TIKIMAN-You are a GOD...........Thank You.

08-12-2002, 02:01 PM
Wow, to the OP and her sister, and all the others who had problems at GF concierge - I am so sorry that they were so awful, I find it truly amazing that this kind of stuff is allowed to continue. I hope you all complain to the higher ups, and just perhaps something will be done. I certainly hope so.

I also am thinking "thank goodness for these boards" as I've been considering the GF for our next trip. I've wanted to stay at a monorail resort again and had already done the Poly, CR doesn't do a lot for me but now - I think I'll stick with an Epcot area resort.

I want to try almost all of the WDW resorts, have stayed in all levels, last trip we stayed at ASMo and CBR and had excellent service, especially CBR. I still can't fathom they did so little for you all.

08-12-2002, 02:35 PM
I?m beginning to wonder whether we?re too easily pleased. We just returned on 10 August from a six-and-a-half-day stay at the Grand Floridian Resort (Sugar Loaf Concierge level), where we had a truly marvelous experience. The concierge staff treated us with the utmost respect and concern, and I know that our stay would have been a much less enjoyable one had we not been able to avail ourselves of their services.
First of all, the staff assisted me in dealing with several health problems that might have turned my Disney stay into a less-than-delightful experience. I am an insulin-dependent diabetic, and my medication would not have held up well during long, 90-plus degree days in the parks; therefore, I carried my insulin pen in a fanny pack equipped with an ice pack. When I discovered that the room refrigerators at the Grand Floridian are not equipped with freezer compartments, I asked the concierge staff if they could freeze the ice packs for me. At first they seemed nonplussed by the request, but within a half hour I heard a knock at the door, and there stood a smiling cast member with a small refrigerator complete with freezer compartment. Problem solved.
Secondly, I recently had foot surgery that compelled me to navigate the parks in a cumbersome knee-high cast boot that makes moving about a considerable challenge. The Sugar Loaf concierge staff put us in a room just inside the main entrance on the ground floor, with immediate access to the lobby, to make my getting around as easy as possible.
Thirdly, as a diabetic, I am on a fairly strict diet that not only restricts my food choices but also requires that I eat at certain times. When one of the wait staff learned of my problem, he made certain that there were always foods available in the lobby that I could eat and went out of his way to tell me how items were prepared so that I could make informed choices, even though I had not asked him. In addition to his concern about my dietary needs, this waiter never failed to inquire how I was managing and to offer whatever services he could. Having the food available throughout the course of the day in the lobby made my stay much more convenient and enjoyable. Particularly on the hotter days we made a point of returning to the hotel after a morning in the parks for a respite in the invitingly cool recesses of the lobby and a selection of foods that included items more nutritious than typical park fare?fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses, small sandwiches, unsweetened ice tea, Perrier, bottled water, etc. More often than not, we ate our breakfasts and often our lunches right there, although my nineteen-year-old son usually found it necessary to supplement the lunchtime offerings with a sandwich from the Gasparilla Grill. Usually there was plenty of food available, although the selection sometimes became a bit sparse when the staff was in the midst of changing from one spread to another. So far as I could discern, there are four different spreads throughout the course of the day: a substantial ?continental? breakfast from 6:30 to approximately 11:00 a.m.; a luncheon spread from about noon to 3:00 p.m.; an afternoon tea from about 3:00 to 5:00; and pre-dinner hors d?oeuvres from about 5:00 p.m. on. Drinks (both hot and cold) are available throughout most of the day until 10:00 p.m., and such items as cookies and brownies are usually offered throughout the course of the evening.
Below I list some of the items available on the Sugar Loaf Concierge tables throughout the day. This list is by no means inclusive, and, with the exception of breakfast, the selection varies from day to day.

Fresh fruit: honeydew, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapefruit, oranges, grapes, pears
Yogurt: strawberry, blueberry, plain
Cold cereal: Frosted Flakes, Cheerios, cornflakes, Froot Loops, Rice Krispies, etc.
Assorted bagels and breads (toasters available)
Assorted pastries: apple danish, cheese danish, blueberry muffins, bran muffins
Jams, jellies, honey, cream cheese (regular and lite), margarine
Coffee, tea (a large selection of Twining?s tea bags), milk, orange juice, apple juice

Finger sandwiches (ham, turkey, roast beef, corned beef, all with cheese)
Cheese assortment and crackers
Crudités with dips
Cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar)
Vegetable chips
Coffee, tea, lemonade (pink and regular), Perrier, bottled water, iced tea (unsweetened)

Afternoon Tea
Warm scones
Cookies (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar)
Strawberry jam tarts
Brownies (very chocolaty and extremely popular with my son!)
Fresh fruit
Chocolate and vanilla mousse
Individual sponge cakes
English trifle
Cheese assortment and crackers
Coffee, tea, lemonade (pink and regular), Perrier, bottled water, iced tea (unsweetened)

Dinner Hors D?oeuvres
Shrimp rolls in wonton wrappers
Chicken breast pinwheels stuffed with a red pepper mixture or pesto
Crudités with dip
Grilled vegetables
Pear slices with basil
Honeydew with prosciutto
Mussels (I can?t tell you how these were prepared; I?m not a mussels aficionado)
Fresh fruit
Cheese assortment with crackers
Coffee, tea, lemonade (pink and regular), Perrier, bottled water, iced tea (unsweetened)

Lest you think that all my family does is eat, let me stray from the food for a moment (although not too far, considering that I?m about to discuss restaurant reservations!). The other main service that the concierge provided for us was making reservations. It seems that the concierge has the ability to get guests into events and restaurants that might be unavailable from the outside. For example, for several years we have been longing to try the Chef?s Table at the Grand Floridian?s Victoria and Albert?s restaurant. When we called for reservations from home, we learned that this much coveted booking must be made six months in advance, and we settled on a reservation in the main dining room (?Settled? is really the wrong word; one does not have to ?settle? on anything when dining at V & A?s! It?s our favorite restaurant, bar none, and I think we say that with some authority in that we?ve dined in a number of the most prestigious establishments in the country.) When we mentioned our disappointment in missing out on the Chef?s Table to the concierge, she went to work and told us that the reservation would be ours if a cancellation occurred. Sure enough, two days later we learned that we were booked for the next evening. Even though by that time we had already enjoyed a meal at V & A?s, we couldn?t resist the opportunity, and we had the dining experience of our lives from our front-row seats on a crowded but very efficient group of nine first-class chefs, all working feverishly on an extremely busy night. I?ll have to write another posting about V & A?s to do justice to that memorable evening. During the course of our stay, the concierge also made reservations for us at the California Grill, Chefs de France, Ackershus, Marrakesh, the Grand Floridian Café, and 1900 Park Fare (although we don?t recommend the last of these unless you have little ones of seven or eight years old and a high tolerance for noise!).
Of course, the concierge also performed the usual duties of checking us in and out, going over our bill and correcting a minor discrepancy, answering questions, providing us with maps and advice, etc. Throughout all these routine duties, the staff always treated us as though we were their number one concern, and we have no complaints whatsoever. It?s true that we didn?t request towel animals or chocolate-covered strawberries (maybe these aren?t offered at all at the lower level of concierge service), but all our other needs were met with promptness, alacrity, and enthusiasm.
So, for our part, vive le concierge!


08-12-2002, 03:39 PM
I am glad that you had a great stay, but I think the focus of this thread is the Royal Palm Club, which is the GF concierge service in the Main Building. It is not the Sugar Loaf concierge, which is less expensive.

To the original poster - sorry about your stay. I hope you get some positive action from Disney.

There are too many bad reports about the RPC now, including this post, Misti's recent visit, other DISers. I think we will avois it for now and stick with the YC!

08-12-2002, 03:49 PM
We stayed at the RPC for about 2 weeks in May. We had many opportunities to sample and view the food in the lounge at various times of the day. Other than breakfast, the offerings were meager, and the list above does not reflect what was served on a day-to-day basis at the RPC. Perhaps that has changed now.

I must add that the RPC did have alcohol - (something that was required to tolerate the service!);)

08-12-2002, 03:55 PM
I have read yours and your sisters report now...I am so sorry for the service that you and most importantly your mom received, as I told her I hope the parks gave you some wonderful memories. I hope that you guys will be able to get some sort of apology from all of this at the least. GF is so beautiful, the pool is wonderful the service that my family received the reason we will never stay at GF again. We received better service at CSR and DXL than we did at GF...In my opion I think AKL is now the premo in my heart and mind.

08-12-2002, 03:59 PM
Thanks, Mario
And I want to say it one more time, so that people who are referencing the strawberries and towel animals dont think we're so difficult to please. These were small examples of things we were promised (not thought we should have), but the real issue is how the situations were handled, the rude comments, etc. I dont want to beat this to death but jaqui2 who stayed at Sugar Loaf (and I am so glad she liked it, from the way it was described I would have loved to be treated that way, too). - anyway, I think she and a few others missed the intention in our original post.

08-12-2002, 05:16 PM
I know that some of us have good and some of us have less than good visits. Grant it, most of us continue to go. But this is just my thought.

EXAMPLE: Everyday when you drive to work, do all the cars around you drive polite, curtious and safely. No, some days go without troubles, but face it some days you just want to scream, hit the steering wheel or feel like (not actually do) pull the driver of a wild driving car out of their car and giving them a what for.
The same thing can apply for vacation. You either luck out or your
fight the traffic.

I know this sounds weird but we have to remember most people VENT LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW (Myself included) when people treat other people badly, yet when the are "NO" problems we go on about our day and rarely make a BIG TADOO about the GREATNESS that had happened. People just want to be treated fairly and when we feel we have been treated badly, especially paying 500+ a night for "The" service; we tend to get hotter.
For those of you that have had Wonderful, Memorable, and just plain ole Good Visits we are greatful that you don't have the memories that we have. But, we do have the bad memories. WE did have the problems and alot of the times it is NOT our faults even though people seem to want to defend Disney and say that NO ONE would do that. Remember, they are a Company and they do goof up. (no pun there) The people that work there can have a bad day and can take it out on guests. We just happen to be the guests in there path or at there desk that day. Please allow us to let each other know what happen to each other and maybe help someone feel better by letting them know that they are NOT alone. We all still LOVE DISNEY and obviously will be going back. We just had a less that memorable event.
Just my two cents..............

Boy am I posting alot today.

08-12-2002, 06:20 PM
Dear Laurie and WeLoveDisney, Wow!!So sorry your trip was filled with sooooo many problems! I'm just wondering if you send a print out of these postings to the right sources at WDW if it would have any effect. Right now WDW knows that you and your family are dissatisfied, but how about if they know that everyone who reads the Dis boards are aware of the terrible service you received? I know that I have been considering staying at a concierge level, but would NEVER stay at the GF and would think twice about staying at any concierge level. We always stay at a deluxe hotel and I think that we will just be happy doing that and skip any concierge services. Hope your parents are both doing well:D

08-12-2002, 07:47 PM

I wrote a letter to Al Weiss and to Ms Sussan but just sent it thsi weekend. I'll keep you all posted on what happens.

What I really want is for them to realize that people spend a lot of money to stay at Disney, and that we all have to work all year for the money and vacation time to stay there. Of course nobody expects perfection, but everyone should be treated with kindness and respect.

Some folks have great service, and others dont. It doesnt mean its all good or bad, just inconsistent and they really understand what is involved for all of us to spend a week there and try harder to make things magical for all :)

Everyone on this board must love or feel some connection to Disney. We all keep going and want it to stay the magical place it is.

08-12-2002, 08:46 PM
I *am* sorry to hear about your negative experiences with the Grand, and RPC especially. I've always had wonderful dealings with them, and this year was exceptional. I do think, however, that you should have demanded to see Georgina, the GM of the Grand, right then and there, while all this was going on. It really is always best to speak to those in charge while you're there, as opposed to waiting 'til you get home. However, I'd still write to her .. heck, call even! .. asap, and do your best to calmly recount what happened.

08-12-2002, 09:23 PM
Neeter -- Like you, I think I will GLADLY be my own concierge. ;)

08-12-2002, 11:10 PM
I had almost forgotten (or tried to forget) our Grand Floridian experience until my wife showed me Laurie's post - deja vu! Let me start by saying my family has been fortunate to have gone to Disney 25 times in the past 7 years (we live in New Jersey). Obviously, we love it there and have always gone back because it has always been a special place for us. We have stayed at almost every resort including the GF. We also recently purchased at the BC DVC. I mention this just to let everyone know that in our eyes, Disney could never do anything wrong. We have been treated to such wonderful times throughout Disney, that we decided for Mother's Day (also my wife's birthday) to say at the RPC. We had been at the concierge at the BC, YC, and Poly and always been treated wonderfully. Although our expectations were high, like Laurie's mom, we don't like to ask for things or be a bother- we're not a high maintenance family.
We stayed at the RPC for 4 nights this past May and came away frustrated, disappointed, and wondering, for the first time, if the bloom was beginning to come off the Disney rose. Because this was such a special trip for us, I called the concierge 2 weeks early to let them know it was Melissa's 40th birthday (on Mother's Day). I remember at other hotels such a mention of a special event would always bring about a memorable Disney kindness of some sort. This is the first time, however, that I was bold enough to call ahead to tell the concierge, hoping that at the RPC, some neat surprise would be in store for Melissa.
Our four days there were punctuated by surprises, but none of them were pleasant. We found the food to be in short supply also after the first hour and were also told that certain items were "finished". We too were sent a package (UPS next day) that we thought had not arrived. I found it sitting on a concierge desk and was told it was "coming down to our room". - the new RPC two day service. My wife's parents sent her flowers during our stay and later called us to see if they had arrived. They hadn't. They called the Disney florist and learned they had been sent over to our hotel. We then called the concierge and amazingly the flowers arived in a few minutes- I assume they had been sitting on a desk waiting to be sent to our room sometime. There were other small annoyances that occured which normally wouldn't bother us, but after all this was the finest building in Disney's finest hotel and we expected more.
Two terrible things stand out above all. We had planned on Mother's Day to go to Narcoosees with our children (ages 9 and 13). That morning, we decided instead to go casual and go again to one our favorites, BOMA (my wife and I had been to V&A the night before). I stopped down at the concierge at 9:00 am to make a reservation and was told that they were totally booked. I told the concierge that we were flexible in times and he told me he would call over and speak with the manager later that morning and leave a message in our room. Sounds good to me.
We returned to our room about 2:30. No message. I stopped down again and saw the gentleman I had spoken to. He told me had left a message but had not gotten a reply yet. He asked me to go back to my room where he woud call me in 30 minutes. My family went to the pool and went to our room to wait. At 3:30, I went back to the concierge (these were valuable Disney hours I was wasting). A new group of staff had arrived. No one had called me and no one apparently knew I was waiting for a call. I spoke with a new concierge who had a surly demeanor who looked at his computer screen after I explained the situation and announced to me that the restaurant was booked. Thanks, I knew that. I told him that one his commrades had been 'calling' the manager to secure us a priority seating - this new concierge looked stunned as if that was highly unusual. I asked to please call the restaurant as it was now getting late and the idea of hungry kids with no dinner reservation was not a relaxing concept to me. He then proceeded to call BOMAs as I waited. He was on hold for a few minutes, said a few words, hung up and told me the restaurant was booked and that we could wait at BOMAs where the wait could be 1-1.5 hours. I had just spent another 45 minutes for this man to tell me the wait at BOMAs could be 1.5 hours. Having been there numerous times, I was already well aware of this. What happened next finally made me lose it. I mentioned to this poorly trained man that I was under the impression that a concierge helped in securing dining reservations, and that especially at this hotel (Disney's finest!?) I was amazed that I had spent most of the afternoon involved in this. I know it was Mother's Day , but all we were asking for was a priority seating at a BUFFET. Didn't staying at the RPC and spending over $500 a day entitle us to this small favor, I asked.
He replied,"Sir, here at Disney we treat everyone the same and what you're asking for is special treatment." I was flabbergasted. I had never felt my blood pressure rise at Disney until then. His look suggested that I had done something comparable to pushing a little old lady out of the way to get a better seat at a parade. It took demanding a supervisor to fix this situation (another 30 minutes) to finally obtain a priority seating. As I told her my story, she didn't seem nearly as shocked as I thought she would be. She quickly obtained a reservation but didn't appear apologetic at all.
Lastly, and what truly put a damper on our trip, the concierge never acknowledged in any fashion that it was my wife's birthday despite having spoken to them prior to our arrival, and again mentioning to them on arrival . Anything- a flower, a card any small acknowledgement would have been enough. Instead- nothing. My wife did not want me to specifically ask or remind the concierge to send something and I understood- its just not the same. My wife is the ultimate Disney lover in our family and I could tell she was quite disappointed.
I'm not sure why the RPC is so far below where it should be. We have had marvelous times at the other hotels and have had courtesies extended to us that are too numerous to mention. We will never stay at the GF again (this was our 3rd visit) because of a feeling we sensed while we were there that these people don't care. Thats not why we've come to Disney so many times and now own a DVC- in fact its just the opposite. Every staff person we've ever come into contact with at Disney has always tried to make us feel at home, almost as if we were family. The staff in the RPC stand out like a sore thumb- an enigma - in an otherwise great place to vacation. Needless to say, when we return later this month we look forward to getting back to the Beach Club.


08-12-2002, 11:22 PM
Thanks for posting, Adam, sounds exactly like my stay. There were so many other small things Laurie and I didnt post about, like unreturned phone calls. My sister (not Laurie, another one) wanted to make an appointment at the spa, and asked me to call for her (she's sort of like my mother, I cant emphasize enough that they are not picky people and they dont like to ask for anything special). So, I called for her and had the same experience you did - they told me they'd call back so I waited in my room for an hour before calling them. Then, of course, no one knew what I was talking about. I just called the spa myself, which was totally fine, I was just trying to give the concierge a chance to do something, anything, for me.

I'm sorry to hear about your experience as well.

Lisa P.
08-13-2002, 01:04 AM
Originally posted by uromac
...Mother's Day ... That morning, we decided... to go... to one our favorites, BOMA... I stopped down at the concierge at 9:00 am to make a reservation and was told that they were totally booked... At 3:30... told me the restaurant was booked...
I mentioned to this poorly trained man that I was under the impression that a concierge helped in securing dining reservations... I know it was Mother's Day , but all we were asking for was a priority seating at a BUFFET. Didn't staying at the RPC and spending over $500 a day entitle us to this small favor, I asked.Is this true? Because concierge level costs more for the room, does that entitle the concierge guest to priority seating at any restaurant in Walt Disney World, on any day of the year, for a same-day request? I realize that this particular request doesn't seem like too much to ask and I realize that their way of handling it could have been better (the lack of follow-up is really regretable). But if the restaurant told the concierge that they are truly fully booked, why is that the concierge's fault?

If a guest suggested to me that their paid room rate entitled them to special favors that I was not authorized to provide, I'm not sure I'd be able to please them. If the concierges are actually authorized to override a restaurant's P.S. policy, then they ought to do so when needed. I'm just asking if that's actually something Disney concierges are able to do.

08-13-2002, 06:58 AM
I am so sad to see this post! I had major problems with RPC way back in 1999. I won't go into the whole, long-version of the story, but our stay was also horrible. I really thought things would be better over there by now. It was Nov. 1999 and my Dh & I were married on the beach (now the new pool) at the GF. On our wedding night, we stayed at RPC. It was awful - too many things to go into now. Suffice it to say I was in tears taking to the manager at the front desk the next morning and he basically gave me the I'm sorry, it will never happen again routine. He then offered to transfer our bags to our next resort - and I told him that I'd take them to our car myself and deliver them, as they would surely lose them! :o

We had almost decided to stay there all week for our honeymoon. But, in the end thought we'd stay (after our wedding night) with all our guests at ASMu, and I am so glad we did! We had such great service there - it beat GF by far. I will never stay at GF again.

I also wrote to Georgina a three page letter about 7 months after the fact since the whole situation was still eating away at me. I got a call from her assitant at the time. She was nice and yessed me to death. Nothing really they could do at that point, I suppose. They did find out that we were returning for our first anniversary and sent a huge gift basket to our room at POFQ - as well as upgrading us to water view. Nice gesture - at least we got something in the form of an apology from them.

I hope Georgina does respond to you and that something finally gets done to overhaul the concierge staff at RPC. It's a shame to spend such outrageous amounts of money and be treated as many of us have been by their staff.


08-13-2002, 08:19 AM
I've never stayed at GF, much less RPC, and the messages here make me want to stay FAR AWAY. What is most distressing is, as others have pointed out, this is supposed to be the flagship resort of WDW! I would think that for the prices per night mentioned here, one would get not just superior, but absolutely excellent service.

My stays at other Disney concierge floors have been fantastic. Our last trip in May was to WL concierge -- for our 25th anniversary. One of the staff there, Randall, literally took care of my DW and I like royalty.

Now I read about how people are treated at GF RPC and I am shocked, saddened and a little angry. Reports indicate this has gone on since 1999?!? What's up with that?

Unless I won the lottery, I don't think I'd be able to afford GF RPC, but if I ever do, I'd vote with my wallet and stay elsewhere. I hope Disney sees these messages and takes some action.

08-13-2002, 08:57 AM
I think that the point is how poorly the RPC CMs handle all of these situations, not that concierge guests are entitled to PS's at any restaurant of their choosing at any time of the day.

The guests are not the problem here and if you read this thread as well as others over the last couple of YEARS you will find that there is a pattern of problems at the RPC.

08-13-2002, 11:12 AM
Kristi...I DO wish you would give more details on how awful the GF could be that you'd rather stay at ASMovies? I really can not believe you'd prefer the Budget Motel over the nicest resort at WDW.:rolleyes:

08-13-2002, 11:21 AM
There is no way you can compare a stay at the GF to one at the AS's. And, yes, I have stayed at both (stayed 5 nights at ASMu last March). I felt that the staff at the hotel was horrible, they did not want to help with anything. We even felt like an inconvience checking-in! The CM treated us like we were making a big request when we spent 1.8 minute(s) checking-in (no, I'm not sure about the exact check-in process time, but all they did was slide our CC thru, and give us our resort id's and we were on our way - no questions, no nothing). The front desk line was the longest I've ever seen at any hotel. We must have waited a good 45-50 minutes in line (10PM).

08-13-2002, 12:53 PM
Originally posted by pollyanna
Kristi...I DO wish you would give more details on how awful the GF could be that you'd rather stay at ASMovies? I really can not believe you'd prefer the Budget Motel over the nicest resort at WDW.:rolleyes:

I wouldn't call the GF the nicest WDW resort. It's nice, and FAR above the All Stars, but the nicest? Nope, not even close in my book.


08-13-2002, 12:58 PM
I also wanted to note that the AKL concierge asked for our birthdays, as well as our anniversary. They called on my birthday to wish me a happy birthday, this was a few months after we stayed there. What a nice gesture! I'll actually be staying AT the AKL ON my birthday next year :) THey've made a guest for life!


08-13-2002, 02:14 PM
uromac, I am appalled that they said you were asking for special treatment and that they treat all guests the same. Isn’t special treatment the whole point of concierge?? Isn’t that what you’re paying for? Sheesh! And I just can't believe that so many people have complained and nothing has changed. This is so sad.

08-13-2002, 02:50 PM
Originally posted by CaliforniaDreaming
There is no way you can compare a stay at the GF to one at the AS's. And, yes, I have stayed at both (stayed 5 nights at ASMu last March). I felt that the staff at the hotel was horrible, they did not want to help with anything. We even felt like an inconvience checking-in! The CM treated us like we were making a big request when we spent 1.8 minute(s) checking-in (no, I'm not sure about the exact check-in process time, but all they did was slide our CC thru, and give us our resort id's and we were on our way - no questions, no nothing). The front desk line was the longest I've ever seen at any hotel. We must have waited a good 45-50 minutes in line (10PM).

You know, I stayed in All Stars music once, and I stayed in Grand Floridian once, and I just realized that for our stays they had something in common that no other wdw resort that we've stayed in has ever done (I think we've stayed in 6 others) - at both of them we had to carry luggage to our rooms by ourselves!


disneyholic family
08-13-2002, 03:15 PM
i think that a/c was installed in their most recent renovations...
we also experienced that (turning off during the night due to lack of movement).......
but besides that, we loved our stay at the GF in early July...
however, we stayed in the sugarloaf concierge, not the RPC....
the staff in sugarloaf was exactly the opposite of what you described....they never stopped smiling.....were friendly.....helpful.....
we were very pleased with our stay there...

08-13-2002, 07:38 PM

just because it's a "Budget Motel" as you call it, does not mean that it can't have better service than the so called Flagship Disney resort! :rolleyes:

I have stayed at a deluxe, moderate and the All Stars and I can tell you I believe the quality of service I received at the All Stars was far superior! If you haven't stayed at an All Stars then it's hard to know what the service is like, IMHO!

It always cracks me up when I read that just cause you pay more for a room it will always mean you get more! That's not always the case, esp when it comes to service! ;)

08-13-2002, 09:22 PM
Originally posted by Lisa P.
Is this true? Because concierge level costs more for the room, does that entitle the concierge guest to priority seating at any restaurant in Walt Disney World, on any day of the year, for a same-day request? I realize that this particular request doesn't seem like too much to ask and I realize that their way of handling it could have been better (the lack of follow-up is really regretable). But if the restaurant told the concierge that they are truly fully booked, why is that the concierge's fault?

If a guest suggested to me that their paid room rate entitled them to special favors that I was not authorized to provide, I'm not sure I'd be able to please them. If the concierges are actually authorized to override a restaurant's P.S. policy, then they ought to do so when needed. I'm just asking if that's actually something Disney concierges are able to do.

I don't know if anyone's answered your question yet, so I will :)

No, staying in *any* concierge room in *any* of the hotels does not *entitle* a guest to PS at the last minute. It CAN be one of the perks, but in no way, shape or form is it *guaranteed*, or advertised or promoted by Disney as a benefit.

I REALLY hope this doesn't come across as sounding too harsh, because I don't mean it that way, but ... I just do not understand why people get SO upset, and downright indignent, when they don't "get things for free". IMHO, yes, of course it would be nice to have gotten a gift/card for a birthday, or anniversary, or whatever, from the concierge ... but if you don't, you don't. Would you expect the concierge of any other hotel, in a big city, in a foreign country, to do that? Probably not!

I realize that Disney is supposed to be "magical", and to me, it IS magical, still, even after all these years! But being magical doesn't necessarily make one a magician~ able to pull non existant ressies out of a hat for dinner at the last minute that's booked on a holiday (should another guest have been bumped for you?? how fair is that?) ~ able to remember to send cards/greetings/gifts to every single guest who *says* it's their bday, anniversary, etc. (not saying YOU lied about that, but I am sure people do) ... I think you get the gist of what I'm saying here. It's not a grant of *entitlement* - you ARE getting what you paid for -- that being a very nice room, food & beverages from 6 am - 10 pm at no cost, and the services of the RPC cm's to do what they can when they can, to make your stay better....

Lisa P.
08-14-2002, 12:00 AM
Originally posted by imbe@aol.com
It's not a grant of *entitlement* - you ARE getting what you paid for -- that being a very nice room, food & beverages from 6 am - 10 pm at no cost, and the services of the RPC cm's to do what they can when they can, to make your stay better....

That's rather what I'd always thought. Just wondered after the previous post mentioning Mother's Day and BOMA. We've never stayed in concierge rooms. Thanks for the info.

08-14-2002, 01:51 AM
First and foremost I must state that I am a WDW fan. However, I must say that I was truly disappointed with the service level of the RPC. As my dh said in another post this was the whole point of our staying there for my 40th birthday this past May. To say that the FLAGSHIP of the Disney resorts is not supposed to represent the ULTIMATE in the whole disney credo which WDW represents is a distortion of the facts. Disney prides itself on being Disney friendly and attentive to every detail and every CM has always been that way in all our encounters except for the Grand Floridian.

It is not that we expect to be treated differently, but rather, because of their supposed Disney training, be assured to receive a certain level of service throughout Disney. We have just stayed at two Four Season resorts(standard room/not a superior or suite level) and received the same excellent (similar, or I hate to even admit it, above the Disney service hallmark) where they treated everyone like royalty with their service (e.g. spelling my dd's name in sponge letters across the bathtub wall along with kid's shampoo and conditioner). From the concierge, to food and room services, and to the bell services, each person was the nicest, and most attentive hotel personnel that we have met other than at Disney. Was this expected no, but it is representative of the service one comes to expect when going to and paying for a resort of that level and quality. Just like remembering someone's birthday, special requests, illnesses, etc. Could people be stating to CRO erroneously that is their birthday. Again, the answer is perhaps yes. But, and it is here is where the big but is, isn't it worth it for Disney to provide a relatively low cost and effort I might add (note, balloon, disney towel animal) in the grand (floridian- lol) scheme of things, for the amount of priceless PR and return visits it will receive for those (albeit insignificant to some) tokens of service. Is it necessary, no, but it is and now to some extent was those differences that had made staying on-site special during a trip to Disney. There is no denying that Disney is cutting back, but I hope it is not going to spread to its hiring practices. I believe it is the training and corporate philosophies (again relatively low cost, but cost effective long term) that drive each business to a certain standard. Disney prides itself on hiring and training the best (many corporations in fact send their employees to learn the Disney difference at their corporate university) and also going the extra mile for their visitors. Therefore, when you stay at a Flagship resort you expect and pay to receive those services. It was mentioned to me at another concierge resort on WDW that they submit the requests for PS's the night before the 60 day time frame for breakfast at the castle, etc. Is that fair? No, but it is when it is assumed that you are PAYING for that level of service. Is it a guarantee? No, nothing is a guarantee but death and taxes. But let's not be naive about what Disney infers when it offers concierge service. A Priority Seating is nothing more than just that a priority seating, they always tell you that when you book any reservation, it is not for a guaranteed time. We were not asking for the moon, the Chef's table at V&A or some other thing which obviously has a limited number per night for reservations, but rather just that a priority seating to a buffet which we all know has cancellations, no shows, partial parties, etc. Do not tell me if a celebrity came through the GF concierge they would not be able to secure a BOMA ps! Not that we are celebrities, but resort guests. The way we were treated I would not treat one of my guests at my home. We did not want a specific time for dinner, but rather a foot in the door for a PS. Would we have waited? - sure! That's all we wanted and finally obtained with a persistence that should not have been necessary. It was more the attitude of the CM's that were the most disturbing. Not given package deliveries for a birthday, and not caring and/or following up on things. These are STANDARD concierge services, not unmanageable expectations. We were not demanding, but perhaps this was just the stray that broke the camel's back for us. Their golden jewel of a WDW resort will always be a little tarnished for us. Do I still love Disney? Of course I do, I think the GF is a beautiful resort but beauty is only skin deep, and it is the character that shines through and leaves a lasting impression. Unfortunately, to me the Disney character is more representative - and many I might add agree with me judging from the postings on these boards - that it is the Y/B, WL, AKL, and Poly (looking its years but none the less great) concierges which truly show and glow in the Disney magic tradition that the GF has lost.

This is IMHO what has always made WDW special for me.

25 plus stays all around the "world"
next stay BCV in 10 days!

No, staying in *any* concierge room in *any* of the hotels does not *entitle* a guest to PS at the last minute. It CAN be one of the perks, but in no way, shape or form is it *guaranteed*, or advertised or promoted by Disney as a benefit.

I REALLY hope this doesn't come across as sounding too harsh, because I don't mean it that way, but ... I just do not understand why people get SO upset, and downright indignent, when they don't "get things for free". IMHO, yes, of course it would be nice to have gotten a gift/card for a birthday, or anniversary, or whatever, from the concierge ... but if you don't, you don't. Would you expect the concierge of any other hotel, in a big city, in a foreign country, to do that? Probably not!

I realize that Disney is supposed to be "magical", and to me, it IS magical, still, even after all these years! But being magical doesn't necessarily make one a magician~ able to pull non existant ressies out of a hat for dinner at the last minute that's booked on a holiday (should another guest have been bumped for you?? how fair is that?) ~ able to remember to send cards/greetings/gifts to every single guest who *says* it's their bday, anniversary, etc. (not saying YOU lied about that, but I am sure people do) ... I think you get the gist of what I'm saying here. It's not a grant of *entitlement* - you ARE getting what you paid for -- that being a very nice room, food & beverages from 6 am - 10 pm at no cost, and the services of the RPC cm's to do what they can when they can, to make your stay better.... [/B][/QUOTE]

08-14-2002, 02:09 AM
You hit the nail on the head. It really comes down to customer retention. Win over a customer once and they'll come back 5 times and tell 10 of their friends (in the age of the Internet that's more like 10,000). But lose a customer and it will cost 10 times the amount to gain them back. And now, in the age of the Internet, they'll tell 100,000 of their friends too.

This is the equation that Disney is dealing with. Right now they're on the losing side. I think everyone who has critiqued the RPC service will agree that it wouldn't have taken much to make them happy at the time. A towel animal here, a robe there. A working thermostat, a strawberry plate, or a PS. That's all it would have taken and these last few hundred posts would never have happend. Instead we'd be reading glowing reports on the trip report board and all booking GF Disney vacations as soon as we could afford them. Now we're all hoping that those vacations we already have planned don't get screwed up as well. If they do, how much money will Disney have to spend to get us all back on board? Much more than a plate of strawberries, that's for sure.

disneyholic family
08-14-2002, 02:27 AM
i'm really wondering about all this.....
perhaps i just have much lower expectations....
has anyone stayed at both the RPC and the Sugarloaf concierges at the GF?
i'd love to hear their comparison...
we absolutely loved the sugarloaf concierge and were very pleased with the service/friendliness/etc....

but as i said, maybe our expectations were much lower....
it's true that the food service is much more limited than at the YC and BC.....despite that, we much prefer the GF....

and we were also very pleased with the non-concierge CMs whom we encountered during our stay......

we really can't wait to go back....

08-14-2002, 09:35 AM
Melissa - Bravo!

Perhaps the RPC CMs could take a field trip to the Four Seasons for some training. We have stayed at many Four Seasons resorts in suites as concierge guests and in regular rooms. Disney does not compare.

IMBE@aol.com - I know you are a big fan of the GF, and I appreciate your remarks. Your experience was vastly different than what others are reporting. There are too many reports of problems, not just high expectations. Service is a problem at the RPC, and it is not the fault of the guests.

We did not expect much from them, but as Janet2K posted, they screwed up reservations that we made on our own, too (SPA, birthday cake delivery - we ordered and paid for the cake ourselves and they changed the arrangements to a different day! The cake was a surprise my DH arranged for me, complete with flowers, balloons, etc. I did not know anything about it until a RPC CM came to our room to tell me that she had changed the arrangements for the surprise I arranged! Surprise!).

Being told by a RPC CM that I would whine about my room being too cold if they fixed the thermostat (it was above 80 degrees in the room, and would not drop) when I have a child with respiratory problems who needed cooler air is a problem.

We were not looking for strawberries, towel animals, etc. We were also not looking for the snotty attitude that many of the RPC CMs displayed. Without Mejay, I think our 2 weeks with them would have been a nightmare.

08-14-2002, 10:18 AM
Wiat, don't tell me they changed the date for a surprise that was prearranged!! Sorry if I missed the post earlier I am a little behind in getting all these posts read.

I am posting this mearly as an experience.....but we had a paid reservation to stay there for a stay over Christmas Day last year. We were staying at the Polynesian Concierge over the 4th of July and I sent my DH over to check out the size of the room and where we could put a tree. I was very nervous about this trip. My DH came back with the strangest look on his face and said we had to change our reservation??? He said he knew he picked the resort but he was met with nothing but rude CM's. and I would not enjoy our stay there. He said he could understand if they could not show him a room in advance and answer a few ?'s but it was how rude they were. He did talk to a manager who was more than able to accomodate the request but should that have been necessary? Anyway after a small panic, he called over to the the BWI Concierge and was taken on a tour of several rooms also told what to request and the CM calls someone at CRO for him to talk to for our reservation. My DH also brings back all of us (me and our 3 children) for another look as per the CM and he offers us the rest of the chocolate covered strawberries from the desserts to take back with us (we declined). This is just to compare the 2 experiences.

We have had great stays at other Concierge levels as well. I read all the good and bad posts when I am deciding on a resort and think about what is important to me. So......thank you everyone for posting even when it is not so easy. Laurie :D

08-14-2002, 10:19 AM
To be fair to Disney, here is a Disney concierge service comparison:

We stayed at the YC concierge on a previous trip. We need milk for our little one. At the GF/RPC several times a day we went to the lounge, found a CM who got us a glass of milk. We finally got tired of doing that over nearly 2 weeks, and we went to the grill and bought milk for the room, so we did not have to ask each time. At the YC, the first time I asked for milk, the CM asked who I needed it for and how long we would be their guest. I explained, and the CM arranged for a refrigerator for the room (no charge) and gave me a gallon of milk. Then the CMs (she must have told her coworkers that we have a little milk drinker) in the lounge always asked if we had enough in our room and could they get us more? Big difference in service!

Yes, the GF CMs changed the date of my birth! Surprise! The biggest problem was that they told me about the surprise when I was to be the recipient. They spoiled all the work that my DH did!

08-14-2002, 10:35 AM
MJS, I'm sorry they spoiled the surprise for you. How disappointing for both you & your DH.

Someone just posted that they got a great deal on the RPC. $470 in October. I think I'll stick with the regular rooms. I don't need to spend an extra $200 per night to have the staff change my birthday! :teeth:

08-14-2002, 07:03 PM
I think you get the gist of what I'm saying here. It's not a grant of *entitlement* - you ARE getting what you paid for -- that being a very nice room, food & beverages from 6 am - 10 pm at no cost, and the services of the RPC cm's to do what they can when they can, to make your stay better....

I think that you missed the point here. The posters that had the problem reported that during these set hours, there WAS NOT food or service.

And, quite frankly, when you stay in the concierge, you do expect more than a regular guest. That is what concierge is all about. They advertise the services available to you and from the posters here, not only did they not get the advertised services, they got so much less..oh except attitude.

If anyone from Disney os reading these posts, I would hope that they would get a clue that there is a problem there and at the VERY LEAST send out a satisfaction survey to their guests and find out what is going on. A few secret 'shoppers' could also be enlightening. The RPC is not living up to Disney standards, much less concierge standards.

08-14-2002, 08:20 PM
I love the secret "shopper" idea! Sign me up! I would love to be a guest and get paid for it. ;)

I agree that blaming guests for the employee's poor performance is wrong. Gee MJS, clearly you blew it. It IS your fault that the RPC CMs messed up your birthday! ;)

08-16-2002, 04:19 PM
We did not get a satisfaction survey from our visit. I am curious, did any RPC guests get one?

08-20-2002, 11:02 PM
Just an update, I received an e-mail from Disney and someone is supposed to call me back in a few days.. I guess I won't hold my breath though...lol

08-22-2002, 03:13 PM
Laurie, please let us know if and when you hear from them. I have friends going soon and staying with RPC and they are very apprehensive after the problems they have read about it.

I read where the GM talked to your sister, but she has not posted the results of the conversation.

If they apologized or offered compensation it would relieve some of the tension my friends are having.

So please let use know the outcome.

08-22-2002, 03:30 PM
I'll post this on my thread, too.
Georgine the GM was very professional and offered many apologies. She said that our experiences were not what they accept from their CM's and that she would take appropriate action. (I really didnt want to get anyone in trouble, to me since our problems were so widespread it is a training or mgmt problem). She also offered me her personal phone number and said to call her before my next trip and whether I stayed at the Grand or not she would make sure I was well taken care of. I was for the most part satisfied after our conversation. (A small part of me was not satisfied because she made a lot of excuses - hotel busy, cant keep track of all employees, etc. I really just wanted an apology).

I also spoke to Georgine's boss (VP of Hotel Operations). That conversation was very positive. He was very reassuring and seemed to take the problems much more seriously than Georgine. Unlike her, he asked what he could do and how I wanted this handled from here. All I asked for was (1) an apology (2) for him to ensure me my next trip would be smoother , (3) someone would return my sister Laurie's calls to discuss her problems separately with her, and (4) that they send a letter to my parents thanking them for choosing the GF to celebrate this special time in their lives. I do think he would have dome more (i.e. credit) but I made it clear in the beginning that was not what I was looking for.