View Full Version : Possible to sign up for a tennis partner at BWV?

03-05-2001, 08:56 PM
We will be going in September with my sister and brother in law. B-I-L is an avid tennis player and none of the rest of us play. I know at other resorts (primarily Hawaii) that we have been to, he was able to sign up on a list to hook up with a partner, does anyone know if BWV offers this or any other of the close proximity WDW resorts?

03-06-2001, 02:51 AM
I'm not sure if BWV (or OKW) have a formal tennis sign-up available. There is no organized program at either resort.
I'm certain that there is such a program at Contemp- since they have a tennis pro and quite a few courts. Also, DI may have this available- they also have tennis lessons available.
I'd ask at the recreation desk at BWV and then send him over to the Contemp. Good Luck!