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08-09-2002, 04:18 PM
Well I am going to keep this basic...

We were at

Old Key West - July 29/August 1

We didn't arrive to early morning on the 30th so the resort was dead obviously. But the moment we drived past the security, we were amazed! The main resort area is so incredible and so are the guest room buildings! The three nights we were at the resort were all perfect and never encountered any problems!

Dolphin - August 1/August 7

We had stayed at this resort last year and absolutely loved it! This year at check-in we were able to use points to upgrade to a Club Level room! Well our first room had a view of front of the hotel (parking lot) so we opted to call front desk and they switched us! We went from the 12th floor CLUB LEVEL to the 17th floor. We still kept Club Level privlages! The rooms were great like usual and seemed to have been updated recently. BUT there was on thing that totally ruined our stay. We had been going to the Club Room to get the nice little breakfest snacks and dinner snacks each night. On our second to last morning we encountered a VERY rude cast member. We had signed in and went to get some of the food. When we sat down we started noticing one of the people who make the food and clean-up talking to the other person who usually sits at the desk to welcome you. Very rudely she came over and asked to see our key. My mom had forgotten the room key so she went upstairs. We told the lady our room number and she went over and checked and said we didn't have Club Level Privleges. We then explained how our room had been switched and gave our old room number.

I know this sounds perfectly normal that they were checking guests, but it's kind of a moment that you have to be there in to actually understand the mood and way she presented herself to us. My parents were very mad that she never even came over to apologize. While my mom was in our room getting the key the lady kept pointing and looking over at us which kind of made us feel embarassed.

Portifino Bay Hotel - August 7/August 9

We had been at this hotel previously two years ago and absolutely loved it. This stay was even better! We had a Deluxe Pool view booked and had almost the same room as two years ago, overlooking the Beach Pool! All I can say about this hotel still is WOW! It is still so stunning. The rooms are huge, the restraunts are great, everything is perfect! This morning on the flight home we talked about how we wished we had booked this hotel for more nights.

.....the parks.....

We won't even go into the WDW parks! The operating hours are pathetic, the rides are in bad condition, the parks are dirty, and overall we had one of our worst times ever!

On the other hand Universal was INCREDIBLE. All the parks were in top condition and having front of the line access on EVERY RIDE since we stayed at an On-Site hotel was the best thing ever. Every single ride we were allowed to go straight onto with the maximum wait for 5 minutes at the most! We were able to get on almost as man rides in 1 FULL DAY and 3 HOURS at Universal than 5 days at Disney!


08-09-2002, 10:19 PM
I have to agree with you about the express access perk for staying at the Universal hotels being the best thing ever.
However, during our stay at WDW (July7-12) the hours weren't too bad and the parks were NEVER dirty. It always amazes me how they keep them so clean with all those people. As for the rides though, WDW should do some updating. IOA/US has better rides, but WDW has all that magic.They are two very different venues and shouldn't really be compared to each other.

08-10-2002, 01:33 AM
I should clarify, it wasn't dirty in the sense of lots of garbage everywhere, etc.....but it wasn't up to the clean look in previous visits.

Universal provides magic in my opinion also, more than Disney this trip. Universal definetly has a good game plan and are really showing how thye are becoming a bigger destination.


08-12-2002, 05:11 PM
pdkcoastrs, I just upgraded to club level at the Dolphin for next week. Would you mind telling me what was offered for food ? Most importantly was bottled water available to take to the parks.

We are also staying at the HRH for two nights before the Dolphin, did you have a chance to check it out while you were at Portifino Bay?
Thanks, Caren

08-12-2002, 05:52 PM
I think I can answer your question about the water. The two mornings we looked for water there wasn't any out. I asked the lady who was watching the food if she had any. She didn't look very happy about it but went in the back and brought out 2 bottles(for 5 of us!). They were NOT cold at all. I wish I had tried insisting on chilled water but I just took them and ran.

My advice would be, if they really won't give out cold water, then get it the night before and chill it in the mini bar or a small cooler with ice. I don't know why they don't just set out water bottles in the ice with the juice and milk! It would be greatly appreciated by the guests, I'm sure.

08-12-2002, 06:18 PM
looks like another troll from radp-land:smooth:

08-12-2002, 07:01 PM
You asked about the HRH. In a word, it's GREAT. We have stayed there twice and wouldn't hesitate to return. Great atmoshpere--they have the most comfortable beds I've ever experienced. The express access for the attractions can't be beat. It's the best perk ever!! For a lot more info, scroll down to the Universal Boards.

08-12-2002, 07:24 PM
Thanks for the replies. I was hoping to get a bottle of water for the four of us before we left for the parks. I'm not real concerned about how cold they are , although of course cold would be better, I just don't want to have to bring my own, and there is no way I would buy them in the park ;)

gschmerl- thanks for the reply on the HRH, I can't wait! comfy beds, FOTL access who could ask for anything more (except water bottles LOL).

Six more days!