View Full Version : Disney Cruise Question

03-06-2001, 03:44 PM
Hi. I am in the process of joining the Disney Vacation Club and thanks to this message board my mind has been put at ease that I am making a good decision. For my first trip I was planning on taking the Disney 7-day Cruise by banking and borrowing my points. My question is, when is a good time to go for 2 adults, friends - not a couple, with no children. I was thinking of May, 2002, but wanted to get some opinions??

p.s. This message board has really helped me get more information and a better understanding of how the Club works - Thanks for all of your insights and tips on being a member!!!

Dennis the WDW Menace
03-06-2001, 04:23 PM
Keep an eye on the DVC Members site for points specials on DCL. They have a special now on fall cruises which has saved as much as 50 points as reported on this board. As far as time of year, basically anytime of the year is good because the temp. in that area is pretty stable. Take a look at the Cruise Line board for great info. on DCL, and alot of great tips.