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04-29-2010, 10:00 AM
We were in WDW from 4/21-4/27. This was our 2nd time on deluxe dining, the first time being in a December trip. Much different experience with all that food and a huge difference in weather!
I took some photos, mostly of things I have't seen here on the Dis.
Our plans were:
Pop dinner
H&V breakfast
50's lunch
MM dinner
1900 PF breakfast
LTT lunch
CP dinner
Pop breakfast
WPC lunch
TH dinner
CM breakfast
Biergarten lunch
GG dinner
CP breakfast
Plaza lunch
CRT dinner
Pop breakfast

We mostly stuck with our plan because we didn't want to give much up :) We did cancel the Mama Melrose dinner and the WPC lunch while there.

Our cast:
My dh who likes simple foods, especially chicken and turkey, potatoes, etc. Not a big sweet eater
dd9 likes almost everything and loves to try new things
dd6 is super picky. dislikes most breakfast foods, prefers grilled cheese and pizza to almost anything else.
me: mostly vegetarian although don't mind if there is bacon or sausage mixed into something (especially in breakfast foods). Not vegetarian on moral grounds, just really dislike the taste of most meats and prefer non meat dishes.
I'll get started more when I have a few pics loaded into photobucket.

04-29-2010, 10:55 AM
I'll do Pop pics at the end since we ate there more than once and there were some things chosen more than once, etc.

Lets' go right to our first full park day. We went to Hollywood Studios. It was a lovely day :) We just missed the 7:15 bus going from Pop to DHS but only had to wait about 10-15 minutes for the next (I think it was closer to 10). We got to DHS in plenty of time. We waiting in line until someone from H&V came out to make sure we had a reservation. Our name was at the top of her list :) We went with a small crowd of people who had ADR's for the 8ish time period. We checking in and were maybe the 3rd family brought in. It was very, very fast. We had a nice, friendly server. He got us juice and chocolate milk (for dd6) and we went up for food. There was not as big a selection as other breakfast buffets we would see later and it looked even smaller since it was only on one side. Still, we found plenty to eat here. I snapped a couple of food pics:
the pineapple was great. Loved the cheesy potatoes and enjoyed the egg dishes. Loved the strawberry sauce for the Mickey waffle too.

one of my girls plates. She liked the eggs and bacon, loved the cheesy potatoes, enjoyed the yogurt, disliked the raisin bread (I don't think she'd ever had it before).

It was all fresh and tasted good :) dh was surprised they only had one toaster and double checked. The guy behind the line (cook, food runner? I don't know) confirmed there was only one and dh said he was surprised since a lot of people liked to toast things and one didn't seem to be enough. The guy said he'd get out another and he apparently did, dh was able to have a toasted bagel and was pleased :) I had sucked up my oj and really wanted a water (too much oj in the morning is too sweet for me) and was starting to get annoyed that the server hadn't been back to ask if we wanted refills when he appeared with two new full glasses of oj. I stopped being annoyed quickly, since he did notice we were empty, although both dh and I said we couldn't drink more oj (before he placed it on the table) and didn't want to waste it and we asked for water. He brought it right out.
We saw all of the characters a couple of times. They were all friendly and excellent as they were our last visit. A couple of character pics:

next up: a couple of snacks and 50's PT lunch

04-29-2010, 11:36 AM
Yay, can't wait to read more!

04-29-2010, 11:47 AM
Sounds like you had a lot of great meals! Count me in :)

04-30-2010, 08:48 PM
In! In! In! Since we're also booked with the deluxe dining plan and have two kids, I love to read DxDP reports, especially from those with kids!

I keep reading that 3 table meals per day is too much, but my kids eat small portions and do eat 3 meals a day, so definitely looking forward to your reviews since I see that you vventured into the world of 3 TS meals on multiple days! :thumbsup2

edit: I must have been so excited about report, because my previous sentence made no sense, so I'm editing.

04-30-2010, 09:41 PM
In! In! In! Since we're also booked with the deluxe dining plan and have two kids, I love to read DxDP reports, especially from those with kids!

I keep reading that 3 table meals per day is too much, but my kids eat small portions and do eat 3 meals a day, so definitely looking forward to your reviews since I see that you vventured into the world of 3 TS meals on multiple days! :thumbsup2

edit: I must have been so excited about report, because my previous sentence made no sense, so I'm editing.

It was more a problem (the too much food) for dh and me. The girls didn't care how much they left, lol. I know we would do 3 meals a day, no matter how we paid. I loved going to all of the restaurants. But I guess I am getting ahead of myself here :) I should save that until the end!

04-30-2010, 10:06 PM
We went to 50's PT for lunch. This was mostly my dh's request and the girls were in favor since last time even they were allowed to order milkshakes as their beverages.
We had a 12:35 ADR. We walked in about a minute early and my heart sank. The waiting area was wall to wall people and many looked like they had been waiting awhile (just basing this opinion on their body language and bored looking facial expressions). I thought for sure we were in for a long wait. But that was not so! Just a couple of minutes after checking in, our name was called! We were seated at a table with a tv, which we liked :) There was a birthday being celebrated in our room (Happy Birthday Rufus!). Our waited intriduced himself (I forget his name, I am terrible with those) and explained that the adults could get milkshakes, malts or floats as their beverage on the dining plan, but the kids could only get milk, juice or pop. Rats. I had been planning on a float, but knew the girls wanted milkshakes, so dh and I each got a chocolate milkshake and asked for an extra glass so we could share with them. He was kind of surprised we didn't also want to order something else for them since it was included, but it seemed a waste since we knew they only wanted the milkshakes anyway. After he left to get our shakes and as we contemplated our menus, we were handed a birthday card to sign for Rufus. I signed for all of us, that was a neat little thing :)
Our waited came back and the milkshakes were huge. We each had a full glass and there was enough in the metal mixer thingies for us each to have another fill. Yes, we drank every drop, they were yummy! I like them much better than the PB&J that everyone else loves so much.
For appetizers, dh and I ordered onion rings. dd9 definitely wanted us to get them and they are one of the few things on the menu dh likes. I like them too, but if it had been my choice and I wasn't sharing, I'd have ordered the crab cake. It's better I didn't though because no one would have shared and I'd have tried to eat the whole thing myself :O
For entrees, dh got the chicken sandwich and fries. He asked for no cheese and later it was brought out with cheese. He spoke right up and the waiter called him a brat, lol. Still, he took it back and fixed it and when he came back he admitted it was his mistake. We enjoyed the name calling ;)
I got the new vegetarian dish. Uncle Dana's Artichoke and Ricotta Agnolotti. It was excellent. I ate every bite. The tomoto broth had nice flavor (not bland or anything) and there was little pasta bits kind of pasta and what tasted like cheese ravioli. A bit of squash and mushrooms... I loved it. I was completely happy with my choice :)
dd9 got salad (it was ok), macaroni and cheese (she said it was good) and I think fruit salad (she enjoyed it, melon and grapes).
dd6... looked at the menu and declared there was nothing she'd eat. :sad2: I said how about a hot dog? She said I could order it if I wanted but she wasn't going to eat it. I asked what she'd been hoping for and she said grilled cheese. So when the waiter came back I asked it if was possible for her to have grilled cheese and fries? He said it was. She could also have had an appetizer, but she wouldn't have eaten one so we skipped it. She ended up skipping dessert too since she was too full. She enjoyed her lunch, I was grateful they were willing to make her something that wasn't on the menu.
Oh, and I forgot to mention mine and dh's desserts. He didn't get one. :sad2: He was too full from everything else and the milkshake was already plenty dessert like for him. I got the smores because the girls had absolutely insisted they wanted to try them. Ariel ate one bite, Audret ate one marshmellow. I ate a few more bites but I couldn't finish it.
We left 50's about an hour after checking in. We were stuffed to the gills and ended up cancelling our Mama Melrose dinner. I know I could have made it, but no one else was willing. drat. They are such wimps ;)
Instead of MM, about 6:30 dh got a powerade, dd9 got a Itzakadoozie and dd6 got an ice cream bar. I looked around hoping someone offered a float, but no one did so I skipped that snack. Later, after DHS closed and we went back to our hotel, we each got a snack from the foodcourt. dh got apple clices, I got carrots and celery with dip (and shared, it was yummy and refreshing!), dd9 got an orange and dd6 got... a chocolate cake. It was all we needed until the next day.
A few photos...

05-01-2010, 09:27 PM
popcorn:: Loving the reviews so far!

05-01-2010, 11:51 PM
We had done dinner here before and while we enjoyed the characters, I disliked our seat (this little room on the side and out of the action) and the food was just ok. My dd9 desperately wanted to see Mary Poppins, so we decided to give breakfast a try.
Our ADR was for 8 am. We got there about 15 minutes early and there was a massive line. I had assumed, like Chef Mickey and Cape May Cafe, that it opened at 7:30, but I was wrong. Guess I should have looked ahead of time! Anyway, first we got in line to check in. After that, we could have gotten in line to have our photo taken in front of a wall with a painted scenery, but we knew we wouldn't buy it so we said we'd skip that. We then got into another line to wait to be seated. Once they did the opening ceremony with the 1st family of the day, we got in very quickly. As they began walking us through the room, my heart dropped because we seemed to be heading for the same little room off to the side. I closed my eyes tightly and whispered a couple of times "not that side room, not that side room" and it must have worked! lol. We were seated in the main room, a couple of tables away from the dreaded side room. Whew! There were no characters coming around yet, so we had time to get food. Dh took off for the buffet tables befor ethe waitress even made it over to take our drink orders, he must have been hungry. I ordered drinks for all of us and told the waitress none of us would be drinking coffee. This part is important only because the carafe and 4 cups/saucers were not removed from the table. The table was a bit small, so it was actually kind of annoying. I did eventually ask for them to be removed, but I was surprised that I had to. My dh and I never drink coffee and those things are always removed right away in restaurants. Anyway, just a little thing, but that's what a review is for, right?
The food was just ok, IMO. I tried the lobster eggs benedict and it was just ok. Kind of dry. The bisuits and eggs were very dry and the sauce wasn't enough to undry them, if that makes sense. Also, I didn't notice any lobster chunks or anything. I've never had it before though, so maybe it was just what it's supposed to taste like? :confused3
The little potatoes looked so good. You could see the spices and I expected to really enjoy them because I love anything potatoey (or, let's be honest, almost any carb, lol). Unfortunately, they seemed a bit under done and overly spicey. bummer. The fruits were great. The bread pudding was nice. The strawberry soup remains the best part of any 1900 Park Fare meal. Soooo good.
dd6 had a piece of french toast, bacon, sauce and some toppings that were supposed to have gone on yogurt (she only likes vanilla yogurt and no one had it all week). She tried and disliked the potatoes as well. She swiped a few grapes from one of us.
I don't remember all that dd9 had, but there is a pic of the breakfast pizza. She said it was ok but not as good as the breakfast pizza at Pop (which she loves).
The characters were great. dd9 loved meeting Mary Poppins and was completely happy. First Pooh and Tigger came out, then when they were done or about done with the room, Mary Poppins and then Alice and the Mad Hatter came out.
Would we go back? I don't know. If we did deluxe again and if one of the girls desperately wanted to see Mary Poppins again, probably. Otherwise, we'd skip 1900 Park Fare altogether. It wasn't horribly inedible or anything, just ok. For character breakfast buffets, IMO Crystal Palace and Cape May Cafe are both much, much better... and they are cheaper than this one.
Some pics:

05-02-2010, 09:01 AM
I would love to try that strawberry soup. I have the recipe to make it, just don't want a whole batch of it.

05-02-2010, 02:14 PM
I got the new vegetarian dish. Uncle Dana's Artichoke and Ricotta Agnolotti. It was excellent. I ate every bite. The tomoto broth had nice flavor (not bland or anything) and there was little pasta bits kind of pasta and what tasted like cheese ravioli. A bit of squash and mushrooms... I loved it.

That sounds delish! I booked an ADR at 50's at my DH's request. I'm not sure how my kids will react to the 'activities.'

We also have ADRs at 1900 at 8 am. I had been reading good reviews about this breakfast, but recently they have been very lukewarm - dry/stale breads, etc. Seems it has slipped up a bit. I was pretty sure I was keeping this ADR, but now I'm not so sure.

Finally, we also have ADRs at H&V for 8:05. My kids like the einsteins. I am close to cancelling this one, but the reviews recently have been good and Manny's now coming. So, maybe I'll keep it!

05-02-2010, 02:47 PM
We'll be doing the deluxe plan in November with our 7, 5 and almost 3 year old. Can't wait to read more!


05-03-2010, 05:32 PM
Danielle those are great pics. We had dinner last Dec at 1900 park fair and really enjoyed every minute of it. I'll keep checking back for reviews.


dancin Disney style
05-03-2010, 08:54 PM
I'm in.....keep the review comin' popcorn::

05-03-2010, 09:59 PM
This one I was really looking forward to. We had eaten there for dinner when it was a character dinner and it was just ok to me, only worth it for the characters really. I like more options than the fixed menu presented.
Our ADR was for 12:00 and we got there just before it. It wasn't super crowded inside, but not empty either. I was disappointed that the outside was being refurbished and had a big screen covering everything except the door. Still, once we got inside it wasn't noticeable. It was dark and cool and I enjoy the atmosphere. While dh checked us in and dd9 colored at a table in the foyer area, dd6 and I ran up to the bathroom. I was shocked when we walked out a couple minutes later and got downstairs just in time to hear our name called. I had been sure it would take awhile!
We ordered drinks first. dd9 and I got the pomegranete lemonade. It was ok, I don't think I'm a huge pomegranete fan. I didn't hate it though. dh tried mine and thought it tasted like cold medicine, lol. dd6 got either chocolate milk or soda, I just can't remember. Whatever she got was eclipsed by my poor dh just trying to order a water. Perrier or Evian? Like we are fancy people and know? lol dh said, just water! The waiter said one has bubbles and the other does not, dh ended up with the one with no bubbles. It was just so funny because it really showed how unsophisticaed we are.
dh skipped an appetizer. He'd have gotten salad but he only really likes Thousand Island or Italian dressings and neither are offered. I got the Tavern Fried Cheese and it was really good. At least the little I got to have of it. The girls ate most of it, lol.
For entrees, dd9 got the kids turkey dinner. It was really good, she enjoyed it. dd6 got the kids pizza. She enjoed it, but I didn't think it looked very good. Pop's pizza looked way better. She also had carrots and celery with dressing, which I knew she wouldn't eat. I figured dd9 and I would snack on it but the dressing was horrid. Neither of us are picky about dressings, but this was yucky.
dh got the adult turkey dinner meal and liked it. I got the vegetarian pot pie and thought it was really good. Just they gave way, way too much. I ate most of the bisuity thing on top but could only eat about 1/3 of the bean part. Maybe if I hadn't been saving room for dessert I would have eaten more.
For dessert, I know dd6 and dh skipped, dd9 got the fruit cup since she planned on sharing with me. They had a few bites of my brownie sundae. It was really good. I'd have gone for the ooey gooey toffee cake, but it sounded too sweet when I was so full and I knew dd6 and dh wouldn't have helped with it.
I would definitely go back here. The only drawbacks were that it was a slightly longer meal than many (about 1hr 10 minutes, if I remember right) and dd6's pizza with carrots/celery wasn't as good as the other items on the menu.

05-03-2010, 10:13 PM
thx for sharing!:goodvibes

05-03-2010, 10:14 PM
Danielle those are great pics. We had dinner last Dec at 1900 park fair and really enjoyed every minute of it. I'll keep checking back for reviews.


We probably would have liked dinner more if we'd been in the main dining room. Where we were at dinner, we couldn't see any of the dancing or anything. We liked our breakfast location better and it wasn't horrible food, just not as good as I was hoping for.

05-03-2010, 10:20 PM
Looks great - can't wait for more!
And tell your DH I can understand only wanting Thousand Island dressing - it's the best!:rotfl:

05-04-2010, 02:42 PM
We had a hard time deciding between trying the Crystal Palace dinner and just staying with the breakfast we already knew we loved. So we decided to go to CP for both during the trip!
Our dinner ADR was for 4:40, which was a little too early after a huge lunch but I had tried and tried to move it to a later time over the last 6 months and it wasn't happening. We went and checked in on time and I figured we'd have to wait a bit longer than we had been (as CP is more popular than many we went to already). I was right, it did take about 15 minutes :) We had fun taking a few pics from the porch with Cinderella's Castle behind us while we waited.
We went in and were seated and our waitress came over to take drink orders. My dh noticed she was from Rochester, NY (we are from that area too!) and commented. She told us her story of coming to Disney. She said 17 years ago she came for vacation and told her family they were moving here, and they did! lol. She said over the years she worked in other areas, specifically mentioning resorts. Her dh used to work for Disney too, and at least one (maybe both? can't remember) of her kids worked there at various times as teens. She then mentioned that one of the other servers was from Buffalo (like my dh) and then they started chatting about hockey. They lost me there and I went up for food. It was excellent. I don't remember everything I ate and unfortunately, realized that my camera memory was almost out so I was afraid to use it too much and not have any left for characters. I do remember loving the fresh veggies (the tomatos were sooooo good) and all of the pastas were excellent. I'm pretty sure there were fruits. I know I had desserts, dd9 and I tried a little bit of every one, lol.
I have one food pic and a few characters and ambiance ones as well.
This was a place I would definitely come back to again for dinner.

05-05-2010, 01:23 PM
Our plan this day was Pop for breakfast, WPC for lunch and then Tusker House for dinner.
After breakfast, we went to DTD, spent our souvenier money, and then decided to avoid the DTD crowd that was building and go back to Pop for lunch before heading to AK. I'll describe the Pop meals all in one post with other Pop meals later in the review (not this post).
So dinner at Tusker House. We had eaten there for breakfast and enjoyed it last time. This time, the kids were very disappointed that there were no characters (even though I told them over and over there would not be... they didn't believe me until they saw for themselves, lol). Our ADR was for 5:45 and we checked in and were immediately seated. The park closed at 6pm that day, but the food was still yummy! There were not a lot of people in there at that time, so getting to eat was easy, peasy. I remember having a lot of pasta type dishes. Orzo, cous cous, pasta salad, hummus, plus fresh fruits. It was great! I also hit the dessert area pretty hard. The only one I remember well was a little chocolate thing with a chocolatey straw piece on top. Unfortunately, I don't have pics because I didn't have my own camera and frankly, just felt like eating without messing with the girls cameras :) Sorry!
My only slight disappointment was when the waiter asked for our drink orders, my dh specifically asked what juice choices there were and there was no Jungle juice or whatever it was called listed. I didn't think to ask about it, but noticed someone at another table had it a few minutes later. Rats, I liked that stuff at breakfast before! Oh, well. My diet coke was good too :)

I'd go back for lunch or dinner again if we weren't going to be there at park opening. I did like eating breakfast there with the kids more, just because they love the characters so much. But AK isn't my favorite park so I like spending only a 1/2 day there.

05-05-2010, 01:42 PM
This one was all for the girls. We'd eaten there for dinner last time and thought it ok, but the girls begged to go back. We gave in. Oh, and last time I remember we did not see Minnie because it just was taking so long and we couldn't wait any longer, and I think she had gone on break as she'd disappeared. After this visit, I really think the characters are more poorly managed (as far as pacing and everything) than any of the other character meals.
We had an 8:05 ADR but we checked in early because I was hoping we could get in a bit earlier as we were going to Epcot that day and I wanted to get there as close to rope drop as possible. We checked in a little before 8 and skipped the photo. We were seated pretty quickly, which was nice. We got juice and chocolate milk and then hit the buffet as there were no characters in the room. I remember there being some good foods. Potatoes and eggs dishes... I especially remember a vegetable quiche and a frittata that were interesting. A bit heavy on the zucchini in one and the broccoli in the other, but they were different than the rest of the typical breakfast things and I appreciated that. My dh had cereal and again had to ask for milk as it's not available to get yourself. He had a bagel and there is no toaster out there either, he had to ask the waitress to get it toasted in the kitchen. That was a bit annoying as it took extra time to get her attention, ask, then wait to get it back, etc.
We finished eating in about 20ish minutes and still hadn't seen one character. That was a surprise! We sipped on beverages for another 10 minutes until we finally saw the first character. A total of 30 minutes before one came in our area. After that, we saw them all in the next 20 minutes. So we ended up only being in there for about 50 minutes, but it felt like forever since we had waited so long to see anyone. The characters were fun as usual. Pluto would sign their books and then place them on his nose to "hand" them back, which the girls' thought funny. I didn't care for the artwork that was blocking the huge windows, I prefer the view out the windows. I don't remember them from our previous visit. But when I look back I see it then too. Our last visit was a dinner and it was dark outside, so it wasn't as apparent that a view was blocked. I wonder why they do that?
Anyway, this meal was ok. I would probably only do it again on a MK day, rather than an Epcot day. It's so convenient for MK that it's worth it when there, but for an Epcot day, I'd rather do Beach Club Cafe for breakfast.
I don't have food pics for here, but do have some character pics. Maybe you'll see some food in the background? :rotfl:

05-05-2010, 01:43 PM
Great reviews and photos.

05-05-2010, 02:24 PM
Great reviews so far! :thumbsup2

05-05-2010, 07:38 PM
Enjoying your reviews! Thanks a bunch!

05-11-2010, 12:56 PM
I have really fallen behind. I am going to try to finish up today or maybe tomorrow. Life's not getting any less busy, so it would be best to finish what I want to share before I forget it!
So I left off with Chef Mickey's breakfast. We took the monorail to Epcot and got there about 9:10. One of my few regrets from the trip is that on the way in, we didn't stop to greet Daisy Duck and rushed for Soarin' FPs. My youngest really wanted to see her, there was no real line... but dh and dd9 were already about 1/2 a mile ahead of us and I told her we'd try to find Daisy later.
Anyway, we had a fun Epcot morning. The youngest was a bit ornery because we A. did not stop for Daisy and B. all she cared about doing the whole day was Pick a Pearl in Japan. I told her that would be after lunch and she about drove me nuts all morning asking if it was time yet.
We had a 12:45 ADR for Germany. I knew the music wouldn't start until 1:15. We had done dinner there last time though, and it took awhile to get seated, so I figured if I did a 12:45, we'd get in and get our first plates before the music. We're not really dancers, but enjoy the performance. We had a great time the last time at a table with 4 other people. Anyway, this time we checked in and were seated almost immediately. It was very, very quiet and not very busy in there at all. The good part was it was easy to get food (sorry, no pics of that). I loved anything potatoey. The soup, the potato salads, etc. All were excellent. I adored the cheesy spaetzle with onions, it was so, so good. They had some without onions too, but it wasn't nearly as good. I even had a little hot dog (I was trying to convince my youngest that they tasted just like a regular hot dog and the rolls were perfect hot dog buns) and it was really good for a hot dog. I remember yummy cucumbers and tomatos in salads too. Loved the desserts, I remember a fruit compote and a cheesecake, and some sort of chocolate cake. All were good.
My youngest liked the soup and a prestxel roll and didn't eat much else. She insisted she ate enough though. I tried to get her to eat some of the schnitzle but she took one teeny bite and screwed up her face in digust. I think she just wasn't going to like it no matter how it tasted, mostly because she was so done with Germany and just wanted to go to Japan.
My oldest dd and my dh ate a couple of plates of food, enjoyed some desserts (vanilla pudding and the fruit compote were winners for them).
I did feel bad that we weren't that social. My youngest had stressed me out all morning and I wasn't my usual talkative self. Plus it was so quiet in there, I think it made me less likely to be louder. Also, When we were brought to our table with another couple, there were already a couple of glasses (full) there. We were a bit confused for a minute, thinking it was the other couples, but it was actually yet another couple. It just felt more awkward being at the table with 2 other parties for some reason. I think we'd have felt more talkative with only one other party, KWIM? It didn't ruin the experience or anything, but I feel bad for the couple in the middle of us and the couple at the other end because I think they (especially the woman) wanted to be more chatty.
We'd do Biergarten again, but I vastly prefer the atmosphere at dinner. It's more crowded then, but feels more like a party. People who enjoy a quieter, more relaxed meal would probably like lunch. We left about 1:25, we were done eating (we ate a lot) and decided we might as well go to Japan and give ourselve s abreak from the relentless "Can we do the pearl yet?".
I do have some inside pics of the restaurant and band.

05-11-2010, 01:10 PM
So we ended the day at Epcot with a Garden Grill dinner. Literally ended the day because we had planned to stay for fireworks but when we came out from dinner it was thundering and looked terrible so we went back to Pop and just missed a terrible thunderstorm that went on until 2-3 am. Anyway, back to dinner. We had a 5:35 ADR and checked in on time. I mentioned that I would like a vegetarian plate for 1 and it was no problem, they noted it right away. They daid it might take 15 minutes, but we went to sit down and were paged befor we even got all of the way seated, lol. Unfortunately, we were seated upstairs. :( I had read here that it's not as nice on the upper level and have to agree. We were at a table and chairs, instead of booth and the chairs were pretty uncomfortable. Also, the kids need to see on the open side to greet characters, which meant they were futher from the neat view. They wouldn't have been able to see it well anyway because of the dividing wall. I think I;d have liked a booth seat on the lower level much, much more. We did like the rotating aspect, it was a neat little feature. The characters were nice and we saw them all (pics and autographs) and most walked by and at least gave a wave another time or two.
As for the food, dh asked, when the waiter took drink orders, that for meats he only bring the turkey (none of us eat the fish or other meat and dh didn't want to waste it). The CM also verified my vegetarian platter request and mentioned the girls get macaroni and cheese and nuggets. He said there is usually bacon in the salad (mixed in the dressing) and asked i I wanted that done differently, but I didn't want much, if any salad, so said not to worry about that.
I tried a little salad (picked out the bacon) and it was nice and fresh. The rolss were good. Dh seemed to like his turkey dinner, except he's not a squash fan and left that behind. He'd have enjoyed green beans a lot more. The girls ate enough to be happy, they enjoyed the rolls the most. They loved the characters.
I wanted to love my vegetarian platter. It looked nice enough. But all I could taste was pumpkin. It wasn't seasoned really, just tasted really pumpkiny. I liked the girls mac and cheese better. If we went back, instead of the vegetarian platter, I'd just ask for the mac and cheese.
I liked the dessert, it was a fruity thing, from what I remember.
Anyway, I do have a couple of food pics and some characters.

05-11-2010, 01:24 PM
This was our final park day. Our plan was to do our 8:05 ADR and then spend the entore day, culminating in Spectro and Wishes at 9pm.
Yeah, that was too long a day. And the park was very crowded. Oh, well. It sounded like a great plan!
BTW, when we got back from our trip we talked to some neighbors who had gone about the same week. They mentioned that they hadn't known ahead of time that the buses don't take you to the 8am breakfasts if the park only opens at 9am. They were told by the CMs at their resort (one of the All Stars) that they couldn't get a bus for an 8am CRT breakfast since the park didn't open until 9am and buses start an hour before park opening. grr. I was annoyed on their behalf that they got false information. I told them, next time only ask the drivers about transportation questions. Our bus was loaded with people going to 8ish am breakfasts at CP and CRT, not to mention CM and 1900 Park Fare. My neighbors said it ended fine because they took a cab and got there early, where they were chosen to open the restaurant. Still, it is so wrong, IMO, that employees are giving wrong info about this.
Anyway, back on track. We checked in right away and were one of the first families seated. We were next to the windows, which I like. I love the food here. Lots of fruits, everything bright and fresh. So, so good :)
I didn't take food pics. The food was really typical breakfast stuff, just done well :) We especially loved the mixed berries and ate plenty :) This was the only place I remember seeing those on the buffet all week. It was blueberries, strawberries and I think blackberries. Excellent! We saw all of the characters and were at the rope outside at 8:50am, so it was a quick meal. We'd absolutely go there again!

05-12-2010, 01:44 PM
We had a 12:50 ADR for lunch at The Plaza. We checked in on time and were seated within a couple of munites. Like our last trip, we were seated right next to the windows. It would have been lovely... if they weren't refurbing the outside :( The screen thing was covering everything on the outside, except the door. From the inside, there were closed blinds on all of the wondows. It was very, very disappointing. It made the small room feel closed up. We'd have had a beautiful Castle view otherwise. I know they have to refurb things sometimes, it just really got to me at that point because it seemed like everywhere I looked at MK, there were screens or walls for refurbing.
Anyway, onto the food. It took quite awhile (I didn't time it, it just seemed long) to get our beverages. Because we were on the deluxe plan, we could get soup or salad as an appetizer. I had the tomato bisque and it was really, really good. Very flavorful. Dh was going to skip the appy, but then asked if they had Thousand Island dressing and they did! He was so excited as this was the first place all week that had it. I really don't remember what sandwich dh ordered. I had planned on a vegetarian sandwich, but decided that tuna salad would go much better with the tomato bisque, and it was just different than anything else I'd had all week. It was good, very satisfying and went great withthe soup. I decided to try the chips, and they were just ok. I guess I'm not a huge fan of homemade chips, next time I'll get either fries or the broccoli slaw. I had a sundae for dessert and enjoyed it. I managed to roll myself out of there. This meal was one of our longer ones, taking about an hour and 10 minutes. It seems a bit long considering it's a sandwich place, but it's a nice break when you need it. I'd go back again.
(I don't remember much of what the girls ate. I know dd6 had grapes and I remember dd9 getting a mickey sundae... I can see from the edge of my pic that she also had a cheeseburger. I don't remember complaints from either of them)

05-12-2010, 02:01 PM
We had a 5:15 dinner ADR for CRT. We got there right on time, then got in line for our photo, then sat to wait to be called. I can't remember how long it took, a good 20 minutes, I think. When we went up, our CM came over shortly and took our drink orders. I also asked for swords for both girls instead of wands (their preference). dh skipped his appetizer, I ordered the Castle Salad. It was really, really good. I ate every bite. We had rolls that dh and the girls munched on while we waited for our food. It took awhile. Actually, I think there might have been some sort of a problem because people around us who were seated later and ordered after us got their way before us. We eventually got the food and I was very happy with mine. It was the vegetarian pasta dish and it was excellent. I ate every bite, again :) It was cooked nicely and had a lot of flavor. dh hated his meal. He ordered the chicken and he just didn't like it at all.
The girls were disappointed in the appetizer choices. I think dd6 skipped it and dd9 got the fruit cup (mostly melon, as it was at all of the other TS places all week). They'd have liked the fruit and cheese plate that used to be on the menu (I've seen pics). dd9 got checken nuggets and they were fine. dd6 said she didn't want anything on the menu. I managed to come up with a solution though and ordered her the pasta without sauce (they buttered the noodles and there was mozz cheese on it). It also came with grilled chicken which she just wouldn't eat, but she was very happy with her buttered, cheesy noodles. For dessert, dh skipped, I got the chocolate cream cheese buckle, dd6 got the ice cream (dh ended up eating it) and dd9 got the sorbet (our CM put a crown on it for her).
This was our longest meal of the whole week. We left at about 6:45. I liked my food a lot, but I am pretty sure I don't remember lunch last time taking that long, and the others were happier with the lunch menu last time. We would probably try lunch again if we went on the dxddp, but otherwise I think we'd probably just go to Akershus if we wanted to see Princesses. At least there, I know everyone liked the salads, cheese and deli meats on the cold board.

05-14-2010, 12:25 AM
Great reviews Danielle!!! And great pics of the girls! They are so pretty and getting so big!!

05-16-2010, 08:18 PM
Great reviews - glad you had a good time!

05-16-2010, 08:22 PM
Thanks! I have a couple of more photos of some Pop food. I've just been procrastinating. And wishing I was back :) I could be on vacation all of the time and not miss real life. Unfortunately, my family doesn't agree.

05-16-2010, 10:31 PM
Great reviews. Just got back from a May 2-14 trip myself (7 days basic, 5 days deluxe); great time of year to visit!

05-31-2010, 12:33 PM
Sorry I haven't finished this, life gets so busy!
Anyway, all that is left to mention are some Pop food court meals. We enjoyed them (well, mostly)

SOme things we tried:
Pizza-- we liked both the pepperoni and the cheese pizzas. No complaints (individual size, I can't comment on others)
Nachos supreme- We had these before and really liked them. This time, we were disappointed to have mostly broken, stale chips :( They were terrible, but hard to eat and not as good as before.
Vegetable Lo Mein-- we didn't really like. I should say, we aren't really familiar with lo mein, so maybe it was just us. It was way too hot (spicy hot) like too much sauce was used. Also, it was almost all noodles, I'd have liked more vegetables in it. It's the only thing I tried there that I wouldn't order again.
Vegetarian calzone- this was really, really good. I absolutely get this again, loved it!
Moms night out turkey dinner- dh had it and seemed to like it.
Kids nuggets and Kids hot dog- the girls liked
ice cream- always good, they give you way too much!
breakfast pizza-- really great and better than what we had at many buffets!
breakfast burrito- ok but not as good as the pizza!
french toast - was a hit
chocolate chips pancakes- enjoyed by those who ordered them!
when we left, we used snack credits to get Goofy's cotton candy and Minnie's cookies to bring home. They were all very, very good even a week or so after we got home :)

chocolate cake- my youngest got a couple of times, I don't know how it was, she just ate the fristing, lol
tie dye cheescake- was terrible. I think we just got an old slice. It was sort of gummy tasting like it wasn't frech, KWIM? The velvet cake at the bottom was the only good part.
worms and dirt was good! I didn't eat the worms part but enjoyed the rest!


05-31-2010, 12:44 PM
These cookies were all really good! I don't think we'd have appreciated them enough while at WDW. Once we got home and weren't eating so much at every meal, they really hit the spot!

I did a rough calculation of what we spent (not included in here were all of the drinks and other snacks) and we would have spent about $300 more if we had paid OOP. That is even when you take into account that we skipped desserts and didn't even order all of the apps we could have and ate at a few CS places.
Does that mean we needed all of the food we ordered? I don't know. If we go again, our girls will be considered adults so we'd have to really look hard at what TS places we would give up and what we would be ordering to see whether it would be worth deluxe again.
Honestly, had I realized we definitely had our money's worth from the plan, I'd probably have considered skipping a couple of other TS places and doing a bit more CS. Maybe 3 TS and one CS a day would be better for us. I'm really not sure. After 2 trips in a year and a half, after having no vacations for 8 years at all, my dh isn't willing to even consider going again for a long time. At this point, I'm trying to figure out what other vacations I can talk him into trying ;)
Oh, and with the glaring exception of CRT dinner, we didn't feel we had wasted a great deal of time with TS vs CS. We were almost always seated right away. We enjoyed the peacefulness of most of the TS places, and even the chaotic character meals were infinitely less stressful (to me) than any CS is during peak times. We love seeing characters at the character meals and we love the atmospheres of the noncharacter TS places (although I am still bummed about the windows being covered at The Plaza because of the refurb)

06-01-2010, 11:01 PM
Thanks for the awesome reviews and pictures! We leave next week. Thanks to your reviews, my mouth is watering! I am soooooo looking forward to Mickey rice krispie treats with dipped chocolate ears! :love:

06-01-2010, 11:49 PM
Thank you for your reviews & photos. I really appreciate your details & honest opinions. We are going for our first trip soon, also on the deluxe dining, and are planning 3 TS for most days. My dh and kids will just really need the air conditioning!!

06-02-2010, 05:45 AM
Loved the reviews and thanks for all the helpful info!

06-02-2010, 10:15 AM
Thanks for reading!!!

06-02-2010, 11:33 AM
Great Reviews! I was there May5-12 on the regular dining plan with my wife and 2 boys (6 and 2). We did the regular dining plan and that worked really well for us. I liked the flexibility of only having one res. time to worry about per day. We stayed at Pop as well, you should try the Sci Fi Cafe next time you go, we really liked it.

06-02-2010, 08:50 PM
Great Reviews! I was there May5-12 on the regular dining plan with my wife and 2 boys (6 and 2). We did the regular dining plan and that worked really well for us. I liked the flexibility of only having one res. time to worry about per day. We stayed at Pop as well, you should try the Sci Fi Cafe next time you go, we really liked it.

We did Sci Fi for lunch on our Dec 08 trip. The girls and I liked it, but my dh wasn't fond of it. He really disliked how dark it was and that we didn't feel all together (even thoug hthe cars are cute).
I loved the spinach-cheese dip thingy with the chips and my shrimp pasta though, oh and also my chocoalte PB cake. Yum :)
dh vastly preferred 50's PT and Mama Melrose for sit down lunch and dinners.

06-02-2010, 09:09 PM
thank you so much for the review and photos. I have enjoyed reading your reviews. We are going to try our first Deluxe dinning. We will also do CP for breakfast and dinner (we have also went to CP for lunch but never tried breakfast and can't wait).

06-03-2010, 09:30 AM
We did Sci Fi for lunch on our Dec 08 trip. The girls and I liked it, but my dh wasn't fond of it. He really disliked how dark it was and that we didn't feel all together (even thoug hthe cars are cute).
I loved the spinach-cheese dip thingy with the chips and my shrimp pasta though, oh and also my chocoalte PB cake. Yum :)
dh vastly preferred 50's PT and Mama Melrose for sit down lunch and dinners.

I want to try Mama Melrose on our next trip, looks good. It was so hot and crowded the day were were at Hollywood Studios it was nice to get in a cool dark place! I'd have settled for a cave at that point :)

06-03-2010, 02:28 PM
great reviews, fabulous pics of your kids with the characters...what a couple of cuties! Great to get in all those character meals while the kids are young enough to enjoy them (although have to say my 21 yr old DD still loves characters, lol.)