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04-28-2010, 03:53 PM
Dining Plan 16 days - pre trip


We will be going to the world from June 19th - July 4th. We will be on the deluxe plan for the first 4 nights and the basic for the 11 following nights. I finally finished my ADR's after changing at least 15 times. I am done now. LOL. I will be posting reviews and pics.There will be 8 of us going to eat together so it will be very diverse. Everyone wants to participate in the reviews.
Here is the plan:

06/19 - Olivias for Dinner

06/20 - Ohanas for breakfast
Planet Hollywood for dinner

06/21 - Coral Reef for lunch
San Angel Inn for dinner

06/22 - Sci Fi Dine In for lunch
Hollywood Brown Derby for dinner

06/23 - Boma Breakfast
Boma lunch
Jiko dinner

06/24 - Flametree BBQ for lunch
Yak and Yeti for dinner

06/25 - Lottowa Lodge for lunch
Sanaa for dinner

06/26 - Columbia house for lunch
Crystal Palace for dinner

06/27 - Cape May Cafe for breakfast
Foodquest for lunch

06/28 - Cosmic Rays for lunch
Chef Mickeys for dinner

06/29 - Pizza Planet for lunch
50's Prime Time Cafe for dinner

06/30 - Le Cellier for lunch
Chefs de France for dinner

07/01 - Tusker House for breakfast
Wolfgang Puck Express for lunch

07/02 - Leaning Palms for lunch
Kona Cafe for dessert
Teppan Edo for dinner

07/03 - WWoS Grill for lunch
Ohanas for dinner

07/04 - Earl of Sandwich for lunch
Cookes of Dublin for dinner

04-28-2010, 05:17 PM
Yummy! We are going to some of the same places and will be there at the same time as you but only shorter. June 23rd - 29th.


05-21-2010, 12:53 PM
We ended up changing it again. It will be deluxe from 6/19-23rd and then basic from 6/23-6/29 and then deluxe from 6/29 - 7/4

19th - Olivias - dinner

20th - Ohanas - breakfast
Planet Hollywood - dinner

21st - Coral Reef - lunch
San Angel inn - dinner

22nd - Sci Fi Dine In - lunch
Brown Derby - dinner

23rd - Olivias - breakfast
Sanaa - lunch
Mara - dinner kids
Jiko - dinner adults

24th - Pizzafari - lunch
Yak and Yeti - dinner

25th - Lottowa Lodge - lunch
Boma - dinner

26th - Columbia House - lunch
Crystal Palace - dinner

27th - Cape May Cafe - breakfast
Leaning Palms - lunch

27th - Mara - dinner

28th - Cosmic Rays - lunch
Chef Mickeys - dinner

29th - Mama Mlrose - lunch


29th - 50's Prime Time Cafe - dinner

30th - Le Cellier - lunch
Chefs De France - dinner

1st - Tusker House - breakfast
Big River Grille - lunch
Boardwalk Bakery - dinner kids
ESPN Club - dinner adults

2nd - Kona Kafe - lunch
Teppan Edo - dinner

3rd - 1900 Park Fare - breakfast
Ohanas - dinner

4th - Boma - breakfast
CRT - lunch

05-21-2010, 12:54 PM
Yummy! We are going to some of the same places and will be there at the same time as you but only shorter. June 23rd - 29th.


Are you staying on Disney Property? Which restaurants are you trying??

05-21-2010, 07:29 PM
Im excited to hear your reviews of the water parks CS locations not many of those reviews except for the big sand pale sundaes lots of reviews of those:)

05-21-2010, 08:34 PM
Yummy! We will be there from June 21-28th. We're eating at some of the same places, but not on the same days. Enjoy!