View Full Version : Questions - December and dining plan

04-27-2010, 09:02 AM
1) I know there are a couple of promos out right now (40% off rooms, and 5 for 3 promo). Have there been promos for the holiday season (Nov-Dec) in the past? If so when do they typically come out?

2) I see on the Disneyland website that there is a new dining plan called "dine in the magic." I have tried to do some searches to find out what the vouchers include - is it right that these are just vouchers for dollar amounts? The description on the Disneyland site makes it sound like you get $15 vouchers, snack vouchers, and "resort dining" vouchers so I am not sure if the snack and resort dining ones are "meal" vouchers or "dollar amount" vouchers. Anyone done this plan?