View Full Version : What's the best rate for an EPCOT resort during value season?

08-08-2002, 02:16 PM
DH and I are looking to stay at an EPCOT resort next year during value season. I'm wondering what kinds of discounted rates are usually available.

We are:

DC members
AP holders
FL residents

We are not:

military personnel

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!! We've never stayed at any of the EPCOT resorts so the price will probably dictate this trip (not any particular hotel as they all look great for one reason or another, therefore, we will probably eventually try them all!!!)

Thanks for your help!!!

Mom of 5
08-08-2002, 03:32 PM
We're staying at the YC this November in at standard view room for $169 a night (AP rate).

08-09-2002, 06:40 AM
We've got a standard at BW for $169 too (AP rate)!!!

Honestly, we've stayed at a lot of different areas, but the EPCOT area is our absolute favorite!!! There is NOTHING like walking in the back entrance to EPCOT and avoiding all of the crowds at the main entrance. It is such a great place!

08-09-2002, 07:30 AM
Got a Florida Resident deal for Sept at the YC:
$160.00 for Standard including all taxes
$200.00 for Water View including all taxes

08-09-2002, 07:51 AM
The Swan & Dolphin seem to offer lower rates than the true Disney resorts but these seem to be more spotty - you really have to watch for them.

08-11-2002, 02:38 AM
Do you know what your code was for the YC? I have never seen YC for 160 including tax, even with AP rate. I would probably snap that one up, if I knew for sure how to get it...