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03-08-2001, 09:21 AM
My husband and I are going to HH in mid September and were wondering what there is to do there during the day (besides golf) and at night. We have no kids (yet).

Also - has anyone been there in September? How was the weather - is it warm enough to swim- and what about the no-see-ums - are they out and about that month? THANKS!!

03-08-2001, 10:43 AM
Depending on your personal likes, HH offers a wide variety of activities for all age groups.

There are many water activities- sailing, fishing, crabbing, canoeing, kayaking, Dolphin watching, swimming, etc. Sept will still be warm and the ocean very comfortable to enjoy.

Besides golf, there are many tennis courts available (both hard court and clay), miles of paved bike trails, historical sites, shopping, varied dining opportunities, sightseeing, exploring the island, museums and the ever-popular....relaxing.

There are theaters and has been a dinner theater (not sure of the season for that.) A side trip into Savannah provides another list of options.
There are several nice restaurants within walking distance of the resort, plus many nearby for access by driving.

I'm sure there are more activities I could come up with if I really think about it, but that should get you started. Enjoy!


03-08-2001, 10:46 AM
Bike ride
Walk the beaches
Take a dolphin cruise
Take a cruise on the schooner "Welcome"
Go on a nature walk
Go shopping
Visit the two Civil War Forts
Play tennis
Take a daytrip to Savannah
Minature golf
Visit Harbourtown and climb up the lighthouse
Hunt alligators (to see, not to kill)
Swim in the heater pool
Sit in the hottub
Sit on the porch and feed the birds
Go to the library and read a book
Visit the Museum

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03-08-2001, 10:53 AM
Nothing! (just kidding) - we do not have kids and we found lots to do...we enjoyed the horseback riding (arranged through Disney) one day - you go in a van about 20 minutes away and then ride through some woods, along the beach (kinda behind the ankle on a "shoe" map of HH) and back. The dolphin encounter is also fun (or any boat excursion, to get out on the water) - we rented bikes one day and rode out to the beach house and then along the beach - lots of stores on HH to look around in, but they are spread out in different little areas - harbor town is worth the $5 to drive into and then park and walk around the stores and climb the lighthouse....I also enjoyed just hanging out at the resort, walking out on the pier, taking photographs, and also sitting on the porch looking over the marsh and sipping red wine. As the sun goes down, the light on the marsh is beautiful, especially to the eye of a painter (or photographer)....(ok, maybe it was the red wine!