View Full Version : Have you or would you do Tusker House for breakfast and dinner in the same day?

04-19-2010, 12:53 PM
We have an 8:20am ADR for the Donald Safari Breakfast at Tusker House in May on our AK day which we are excited about because dd loves Donald.

DH and I have gone back and forth about what to do for late lunch/early dinner- currently we are deciding between-

2:45pm Sanaa
4:30pm Boma

or Tusker House- anytime

With 2 little ones (4yo, 1.5yo) traveling to and from AKL doesn't sound all that appealing to me, but I would do it for a great meal if need be, plus I heard the resort is amazing to look at.

I am leaning towards Tusker for late lunch, even though we are already eating breakfast there since we won't have to leave the park (giving us more time to enjoy AK) and I have heard the food is good, and comparable to Boma.

If we do Sanaa it will take away from park time for sure, and after we would more than likely head straight back to POR (after hopping a bus from AKL to AK first)

If we do Boma, park time wont suffer as much as Sanaa, but we would more than likely take a taxi, or two buses to get back to POR with the kids.

The menus at all of these restaurants appeal to us. DH is leaning towards Sanaa.

04-19-2010, 01:02 PM
whoops- forgot that I asked a pretty similiar question a few weeks ago- people overwhelmingly said Boma!