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04-14-2010, 04:03 PM
Let me start this post by saying I am a hamburger & fry and general junk food loving kind of girl. And I have ZERO judgment on anyoneís food choices.

That said, Iíve read and watched several things recently that have given me an increased interest in understanding where my food is coming from.

For example, I know that many vegetables are grown in ďThe LandĒ (one of my favorite rides!) but Iím not sure what restaurants they make their way into? And I know Iíve seen some menus that either specify organic ingredients, no hormones, free-range etc. but canít remember where Iíve seen them.

Anyone have any tips on where I can find this info, who I could talk to to get it or what restaurants are in the practice of providing it?

Thanks in advance! :flower3:

04-14-2010, 04:04 PM
The only place that really comes to mind at WDW is The Wave. There are fruit stands in the parks, but I don't know anything about the origins of the fruit. I thikn most of it is standard producers: Dole, Sunkist.

As far as the Land. Here's what I remember from taking the tour several years ago. The Land in Epcot does not produce all that much food. Second, some of the folks who work there -I think - can get some of it.(but don't hold me to that claim.) Third, they used to use the veggies specifically in the dining establishments in the Land itself, but I don't think they make that claim any more. It may be that some stuff that's the case, but I think they go through far too much produce. They do sell little plants produced from cultures there, but they aren't food.

They do now sell soy milk on property in juice box size.

If you drive up to 192, the Kissimmee side of WDW, there is a place up that way that looks like a giant orange. That place is not WDW, but they DO sell Florida citrus fruit. The famous Indian River is just a short drive from WDW. Also, Florida is a big farming state. I forget the stats, but they produce quite a bit of beef, of all things. SO i imagine that quite a bit of the food WDw does sell is produced inthe state. I think mostly Disney goes with a limited number of vendors, and tries to simply get the least expensive option. (One of Eisner's late changes was reducing the number of wholesale vendors that WDW uses, which partially explains the homogenization of menus all over WDW.)

Otherwise, some of the higher end restaurants DO have some claims on their menus, as to where say, the fish comes from. That doesn't tell much about how organic or local it is. Supposedly, much of teh food in LE Cellier is imported from Canada (per the DIsney website). I'm guessing Prince Edward Island mussels really do come from PEI, for example.

For some reason Sanaa is also coming to mind as aplace that may have organics, but I don't recall any specifics . (Perhaps it would also be worth checking at Kouzzina)

What you may also be thinking of is that some time ago DIsney said it would no longer make Kids' junk food with the Disney characters. They now only allow relatively healthy products. I recently saw a line of Disney dried fruit treats, for example. And I've seen Disney tangerines in MY local grocery store.

Also in that time frame, they tried to get DIsney chefs to offer reduced fat items , but I think there was some backlash against taking away some items. What can I say, folks want their fried cheese danish when they go to the Cindy's Castle breakfast. Thay have made many kids' meals healthier - as in they come with a veggie now or a choice of fruit, jello, cookie, carrots, or french fries - not JUST fries as the only option. Again, they tried to take away the fries and too many parents protested. For a time, fries were an option, but were not listed on the menu. Now they are listed onthe kid's menu, but the pictures are of veggies and yogurt. I think Juice and milk have alwasy ben beverage choices for kids, but I'm not that familiar withthe history of kids' menus.

04-14-2010, 04:18 PM
I've seen a few places. The menus that spring to mind that use *some* organic or ethically raised food are The Wave and Wolfgang Puck Express, plus most of the signature restaurants use at least some fresh-caught fish and/or Tanglewood Farms chicken and/or Niman Ranch beef/pork.

I just sent a request to Special Diets today for another reason, and they sent me a FAQ as part of their response that had a question about organic foods, specifically that organc foods are "in very limited supply" but they hope you will find the other products acceptable, yadda yadda.

04-14-2010, 05:53 PM
I eat organic at home but at Disney I have to scrap that plan. I try to stick to seafood and veggie options mostly but then I do give into desserts and such. Using organic foods on a broad scale would be soooo expensive that I doubt we will see it used in any major way.

04-15-2010, 06:45 AM
Thanks very much for the info, everyone! :)