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04-02-2010, 02:04 PM
Just wanted to let everyone know about a travel guide book that should be avoided. It titled "Disney World: The 2010 Travel Guide" by Mikayla Brielle.

I picked it up at Amazon because there were around eight straight 5 Star Reviews. I should have looked more closely. Turns out the reviewers are all connected to the small publisher. They post glowing 5 Star Reviews for each of the publisher's books. And then bump their reviews up to the top.

Amazon caught on and removed a couple of the reviews, but they've come back and reposted. Very dishonest.

Anyways, it's a lousy guide book. Don't be deceived by the bogus "reviews" at Amazon. Here's my review:

Awful WDW Guide Book, March 31, 2010
By TBDave (Virginia)

I collect WDW guide books. Have an entire bookshelf full of them. So when I saw all the 5 Star reviews, I rushed to place my order. Now I feel like I've been suckered.

I'm guessing these 5 Star reviewers are the author's friends. It looks like none of them actually purchased the book at Amazon. Or maybe these people have never seen a real WDW guide book. The good reviews are just baffling. This is probably one of the most useless travel planning books I've ever seen.

Let's start with the Hotels. The only thing listed for each hotel is an address and phone number. I'm not joking. No information on rooms, prices or amenities. Not even a small blurb on the unique theming or various quality levels. There's nothing here to differentiate the Grand Floridian from the All Star Resorts.

Now on to the Theme Parks. The only information provided for the Rides and Shows is the name of the attraction. Seriously, that's it. Just a list of attraction names. Is the Pirates Of The Caribbean a show? Is the Hall Of Presidents a roller coaster? You wouldn't know by reading this guide.

Strangely, there's actually some information provided for the Restaurants. So at least you know what type of food is served. I'm not sure why the author gave more attention to the Frontierland Fries stand than the Haunted Mansion.

And calling this the "most up to date guide" is bogus. There are listings for Pleasure Island clubs that closed in 2008.

The only part I found useful were some insider tips. The type of tips that are passed down from one traveler to another. Each of the Disney Theme Parks get about one and a half pages of tips. But it's just not worth the price of the book. You can easily get the same information browsing WDW fan sites or reading the DisBoards forum.

I feel sorry for the WDW traveler that uses this book to plan their vacation. There is so much information missing. I can't imagine this guide book helping anyone plan a good vacation.

If you're looking for useful WDW guides, check out The Unofficial Guide Walt Disney World and The Complete Walt Disney World. Those are the two best WDW guide books.

04-03-2010, 12:37 AM
I just looked it up on Amazon. It looks like they took down the 5 star reviews. Now there is only yours and one other person who also gave it a one star review. Isn't in amazing the garbage that gets published these days? I'm a librarian and it never ceases to amaze the stuff that gets published including incorrect and poorly written guidebooks. I just checked out Fodors 2010 Disneyland with Kids and I've caught so many mistakes and it's not stuff that just changed either, it's things that have been gone or were changed years ago. Hello?? Do any of these travel book writers ever actually visit the places they're writing about?