View Full Version : Opinions on my dining schedule? :)

03-22-2010, 07:52 PM
Here's what I have for our dining schedule! We have never been, so if I have something completely awful please tell me why you didn't like it! :) If there is something a million times better in the same price range & the same park, please tell me so I can look into it. :) :) (We are not doing the DDP)

Sunday 6/6: T-Rex at 7pm
Monday 6/7: Crystal Palace at 11:40am
Tuesday 6/8: Donald's Safari Breakfast at 9:10am & Yak and Yeti at 5:30pm
Wednesday 6/9: Akershus lunch at 12:05pm
Thursday 6/10: Sci-Fi lunch at 1pm
Friday 6/11: Play 'n Dine at Hollywood and Vine at 10am (we are going to MK in the afternoon, so would be willing to switch this breakfast for a MK lunch if there's something good other than CP :))
Saturday 6/12: 1900 Park Fare at 8:25pm (we won't be at a park this day)
Sunday 6/13: Nothing, our flight leaves at 2 :(

03-22-2010, 07:57 PM
For Friday, if you're looking for a nice lunch in MK or the MK area, I'd recommend Liberty Tree Tavern or the Plaza inside MK. Both are very reasonable and good. Also, we like Kona for lunch over at the Poly.